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Fuji bikes: models from another continent


Choosing a bike is a crucial step that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, choosing a model rather than another is not necessarily an easy thing. There are many choices, many opportunities, but the prices are sometimes astronomical. That’s why we suggest you discover the Fuji bikes brand

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Why is there a renewed interest in cycling ?

The bicycle is one of the first means of travel that were designed. But over time, people have abandoned this solution for a more comfortable, it is the car. If the practice of cycling has been completely discarded, only enthusiasts continued to travel on this means of transport.

But with the pollution and traffic jams that cars create in city centers, it was time to return to good old habits. That’s why more and more of you are buying a bike. The majority of urban cyclists admit that travelling by bicycle has many advantages. Indeed, they are able to :

Taking care of their health: Indeed, using a bicycle every day to get around allows more than 60% of cyclists to practice a daily physical activity
Having fun: Outside of the rainy seasons and winter, getting out on a bike is a real pleasure for many people
Do something for the environment: When you want to preserve nature, riding a bicycle is an obvious choice, because the impact of carbon monoxide on the environment is disastrous
Save time: During rush hour, driving in large cities is impossible. However, with a bicycle, you won’t have this problem, because your bike is small enough to make its way through even when traffic is congested

For these many reasons, the use of bicycles for commuting has become very popular. But before choosing the ideal model, it is important that you have an idea of the types of bicycles that are available on the market.

What types of bikes are available on the market ?

Contrary to what you may think, the bikes that are available in the market are diverse and varied. Indeed, you have several kinds.

City bikes 

These models are designed with a frame that gives you a tall, upright seat. Not only do you feel comfortable, but you also have a clear view of the traffic. It is important to note that the width of the tires on city bikes is smaller than that of a Fuji mountain bike and larger than that of a road bike.

Note that this type of bike has a minimum of 6 speeds. This allows the cyclist to move forward, regardless of the circumstances.


Electric bikes

These models of bikes are the most popular on the market. They have a small motor and a battery to power it. The motor is activated when the cyclist pedals. Its function is to help the cyclist produce less effort to move forward.

The advantage of the electric bike is that it will allow you to carry heavy loads without difficulty. Moreover, it combines sportiness and comfort, which makes it the perfect machine.

The cross-country bike

This is a very special bike model, combining the comfort of a city bike with the sportiness and flexibility of a bike made for riding on trails.

Commonly known as a “trekking bike”, this model is distinguished from others by its nearly 20 gears, rigid aluminum frame, as well as accessories such as a luggage rack, mudguard and a lighting system.


The road bike

If you’re a cyclist and you love endurance, this is the bike for you. Road bikes are designed to help you put in the miles in unprecedented comfort. When you ride this type of bike, your posture is carried forward to relieve your back.

These models are sturdy and lightweight. However, they are only suitable for asphalt roads. If all these categories of bikes exist, you should know that some brands offer all these models. This is the case of Fuji which has more than 120 years in the field of bicycle manufacturing.

The mountain bike

The mountain bike is a model that is very popular with sportsmen. It is made for competition. Note that you can also use it to ride on rough trails. It is important to know that mountain bikes are among the most popular bicycles in the leisure cycling industry.

The mountain bike is equipped with knobby tires that are wide enough to provide maximum grip for the rider, but also with suspensions that help reduce shocks.


What can we say about the Fuji bikes brand ?

Fuji is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Indeed, this long-established brand is well known in the United States, but goes unnoticed in Europe.

Nevertheless, Fuji bikes have serious assets. Indeed, the brand is one of those that produce the lightest bikes on the market.

Despite the fact that Fuji offers machines that are truly impeccable, the brand makes it a point of honor to keep its bikes within a price range that could be described as reasonable.

Note that the majority of the sport models that are produced have a hydraulic disc brake system and 12 speeds.


History of the Fuji bikes brand

Founded in 1899, Fuji is a bicycle brand that is now known all over the world. In fact, the full name of the brand is “Nichibei Fuji”. The word “Nichibei” can be translated as “Japanese-American”, because Fuji was originally specialized in importing American and English bicycles.

It was not until 20 years later that the company began to manufacture its own bikes. In 1919, the company became more and more famous, which allowed “Nichibei Fuji” to start exporting its own bicycles throughout Asia.

In 1920, Fuji was the most popular bicycle brand in Japan. It was also at this time that Fuji began to win races in various cycling competitions in Japan. In 1971, Fuji became the first Japanese brand to market its products internationally, specifically in the United States.

Fuji’s reputation reached new heights with spectacular innovations to its machines. The same year, Fuji presents the Sports 10 model. This 10-speed bike was a real commercial success, as it was one of the best selling bikes in the United States.

In 1973, Fuji launched a new bike, the Ace model. It was the first production bike to be equipped with the Shimano Dura-Ace groupset. A few years later, in 1977 to be precise, Fuji presented the first 12-speed bike with a 6-speed freewheel. The S12-2 model will be part of the bikes that changed the industry.

That same year, the brand organized a successful road Grand Prix. From then on, Fuji won many victories by offering bikes to big names in cycling such as Mark Gorski, Judith Arndt, Regina Schleicher, Anika Langvad, Omar Fraile or Amy Morrison.


What are the different categories of Fuji bikes ?

As a bicycle manufacturer, Fuji has been working to produce different models of bicycles so that anyone who wants to ride one can find the right machine for them. Today, the categories of Fuji bikes are diverse and varied.

The Fuji road bikes

The Fuji road bike offered by the brand include all models that are made for competition, endurance, adventure and touring. The range is really extensive, especially with machines that are radical. Among them, you have the transonic which is considered one of the flagships of the brand, the female Supreme or the SL bikes.

In the endurance category, the Grand Fondo and the sporty model will have everything to please you. And if you want to go on an adventure, the Jari and Tournée models are made for you.


The Fuji mountain bikes

In the category of Fuji mountain bike, you have the trail bikes like the Aurique model which is equipped with a central shock, the Rakan, the Outreterre or the Grosse Corne. Note that if you plan to ride off-road, it would be better to look at the Rakan LT or Aurique LT models.

And if you are the type of person who likes to experience different kinds of sensations during your bike rides, sport models like the Wendigo, the Nevada or the Adventure will be just perfect.


Electric bikes

Among the models of the Fuji bikes brand, you also have Fuji e bike models. These are versatile enough to be used on the road or off-road. Among the Fuji e bike, you have the E-jari model, the Conductor, the E-Traverse, the E-Crosstown and the Sanibel model.

There are two other categories of Fuji bicycles, they are the bicycles that are made for pavement and the bicycles for children. Fuji has only one model for Fuji road bike, the Absolute. And if you have children, they will have to make do with the Dynamiter model, which is also a very interesting machine.

Fuji is now a bicycle brand that is internationally known. However, it is important to know that these specialists also offer a number of related products, such as cycling clothes and cycling suits.

Note that you can also choose from a number of accessories such as caps, hats, cycling caps, canvas bags, stickers, water bottles and retro posters.

What are the advantages of the Fuji bikes ?

With 120 years of experience, Fuji has managed to stand out from the competition by offering bicycles that are simply out of this world. But what are the points on which this brand remains the undisputed market leader?

The first advantage you get when you buy a Fuji bikes is the price. Indeed, these bicycles are sold at very affordable prices. The price of Fuji bicycles is as low as that of the Canyon or Cube models.

Handling the bike

One of the special features of the Fuji brand is that it is able to make bikes that are very easy to handle. In case you’re wondering why, you should know that despite the fact that most bikes are rigid, Fuji has made sure that its models remain comfortable and provide excellent performance.

This more than admirable performance is possible thanks to the front fork that is sufficiently flexible, which will offer you more nervousness during the revival phases.

The comfort

For Fuji, comfort is an essential point when you are on a bike. For this reason, the brand offers bicycles that will allow you to travel long distances without feeling the slightest discomfort, whether it is in your back, lumbar region or perineum.

With saddles that are sufficiently oval, you will feel like you are on a magic carpet. Note that on Fuji bikes, the position is advanced so that you are as close as possible to the crankset, which will offer you maximum power.


If you can go very fast with a Fuji bikes, it is also important that you know how to stop it. For this, the engineers of the brand have equipped all their models with a braking system that is at the cutting edge of technology.

What guarantees do you have when you buy a Fuji bikes ?

Today, most bike manufacturers offer their equipment with a warranty. Fuji is no exception to this rule, which means that when you are the first user of one of their bikes, you benefit from a warranty that covers the following items:

Rigid frames are guaranteed for 5 years
Fixed forks are guaranteed for 5 years
Full suspension frames are guaranteed for 5 years
The suspension fork is guaranteed for 1 year
Shock absorbers and pivots are guaranteed for 1 year
Painted finishes are guaranteed for 1 year
Components are guaranteed for 1 year
Electric bike components are guaranteed for 1 year

Before your warranty is effective and your claims are processed, you must present proof of purchase. And also be registered on this site.

One last important point to know is that items used in poor weather conditions, poor assembly of the bike or questionable maintenance will not be covered by the warranty. This will also be the case if you are involved in an accident. Whether you are racing or abusing your bike.

What kind of aid can you benefit from when buying your Fuji bikes ?

Whether they come from the State or local authorities, there are various aids that you can take advantage of when you want to buy a bike. However, it is important to specify that the aids concern much more the Fuji e bike.

Aid from local authorities

These aids are diverse and varied. In fact, they depend on each community. To take advantage of it, you will have to meet the required conditions. On average, the amount of aid from local authorities ranges from 200 to over 400 euros, depending on the region in which you live.

The ecological bonus

It is an aid that is granted by the State. Its amount is 200 euros. However, the ecological bonus can only be granted to you if you already benefit from a subsidy from your local authority for the said bicycle.

These subsidies are designed to be combined. You can only benefit from the ecological bonus once. Please note that the bicycle you purchase must meet certain conditions.

The conversion premium

This bonus is only for electric bikes. It can reach 1500 euros. However, the amount paid to you can in no case exceed 40% of the total price of the bike. To benefit from it, you must scrap your old gasoline or diesel vehicle.

The conversion bonus is a complement to the ecological bonus. Very few people know this, but it is possible to benefit from a bonus if you live or work in a low-emission zone and you already receive aid from your local authority. The amount of the bonus will be the same as the amount your local authority will pay you.


The Fuji bikes brand is an essential group and has been established for years in the cycling world. Indeed, since the first day of its creation, the latter is specialized in the field of the two wheels with pedals.

So what better than a brand that since the beginning has placed itself as a key player in this specific market. The products of the latter are of quality. And they will bring you all the elements you need to enjoy an optimal driving experience.

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