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Trek Powerfly 5: a mountain electric bike rich in technology

Need an electrically assisted mountain bike but don’t know where to turn? Then learn more about the Trek Powerfly 5. It’s a high quality product, combining robustness, technology and comfort. Take the time to discover this extraordinary means of locomotion.

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Trek’s electric bikes

The Trek electric bicycle brand is established in a highly competitive market. However, in spite of a discreet insertion on this last one, it imposes itself today as a reference in the field of the cycling. So, whether you prefer road or city bikes, there is bound to be a bike from the American group that suits you.

Electrically assisted bicycles are a means of transportation that is often confused with conventional electric bicycles. However, there are profound differences between these machines. For example, the electric bike has an intelligent motor, which is not the case with other electric bikes.

On the other hand, the electric motor starts as soon as you turn the pedals, while on electric bikes, the motor can start without the driver touching the pedals. This “start and stop” function, with which electric bikes are equipped, means that they can cover a longer distance. That said, at peak speeds, the electric bike will go faster because of its motor.

To learn more about Trek’s electric bikes, we invite you to consult our dedicated article.

Presentation of the Trek Powerfly 5

The Trek Powerfly 5 electrically assisted bike is durable and can be used on all terrains. In fact, this mountain electric bike is the perfect mix between a regular electric bike and a mountain bike.

Unlike other models available on the market, Trek’s batteries are housed in the frame, which allows for a good weight distribution. In addition, its high-end transmission will help you get around easily in all circumstances.

At first glance, the Trek electric bike looks like a simple mountain bike. But once you start riding it, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to ride. The pedals have an assistance that is due to the presence of the electric motor, the seat offers you a seat that is incomparable and the position of the handlebars is perfect for traveling long distances.

You are qualified to ride a Trek electric bicycle if you want to expand your horizons in complete peace of mind. We assume that we are all looking for freedom without limits. Thus, we can go on an adventure with complete peace of mind! It doesn’t matter if it hides eternal coasts, challenging mountains or even Hawaiian beaches.

Trek Powerfly 5 guarantees an unbelievable experience! We’ve done this with the goal of offering the world a new generation of electric bikes. And it certainly comes with technology that is as efficient as it is comfortable.

Technical characteristics of the Trek Powerfly 5

Power and operation

The Trek Powerfly 5 electric bicycle surpasses anything the competition has to offer. The Bosch Performance CX motor delivers power that easily reaches 25 km/h. The brand’s experts have outdone themselves by making the Bosch motor much smaller and lighter than ever, but also much more powerful!

This way, you’ll hardly feel it anymore, as pedaling has become more pleasant and smooth. Not to mention its drag is constantly reduced.

On the other hand, the single plate transmission provides 12 SRAM speeds. You always want more gears! The SRAM Eagle transmission makes up for this feeling with increased acceleration and more gears. With so much power, you can set the right pace for your needs and get the most out of it when you need it.

With so many high-performance parts, you’ll feel an incomparable difference on and off the road. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the air spring fork adjusting to your weight for unparalleled flexibility. If that’s not enough! The 4-piston brakes and special wheels provide precise traction and a considerable reduction in punctures.

Electric mountain bike intelligent mode: is your new companion if you want to get the Trek Powerfly 5. In addition to an automatic mode that adjusts to the road, you can choose from 4 distinct assistance modes:

  • Eco: 60% support on pedal power
  • Tour: 140% support on pedal power
  • Sport: 240% pedal power support
  • Turbo: 340% pedal power support


The presence of a highly advanced assistance system on your Trek Powerfly 5 will give you the power you need as well as other riding aids. The frame of this bike houses a 625 Wh battery. With it, you’ll be able to reach speeds of up to 25 km/h.

The autonomy of your means of locomotion is bound to vary according to a certain number of external elements such as the weather conditions, the weight of the user, that of the accessories but also according to the difficulty of the borrowed ground.

Weight and size

If you want to buy your Trek electric bike, you should know that you can get it in any size you like. In fact, the seatpost, handlebars and stem are available in S, M, L and XL. To make the best choice, we have made a listing of these according to the size of the rider:

  • XS : 137 – 155 cm; inseam: 64 – 73 cm
  • S : 153 – 166 cm; inseam: 72 – 79 cm
  • M : 161 – 175 cm; inseam: 76 – 82 cm
  • L : 174 – 188 cm; inseam: 82 – 88 cm
  • XL : 186 – 196 cm; inseam: 87 – 92 cm

The Trek Powerfly 5 was designed with the idea of achieving the perfect balance between lightness and strength. Therefore, it is relative to your size! However, to give you an idea, for example, the size M weighs only 23 kg. Better yet, it can support up to 136 kg (including luggage).

Equipment of the Trek Powerfly 5

You now have the possibility to integrate a mudguard, luggage rack, or to insert front or rear lights. These lights will be powered by the engine and can be installed without difficulty.

In addition, there is a user-friendly Purion Bosch control system. This allows you to consult all the information related to your driving and the assistance of your means of locomotion.

Comfort and safety

The engine armor is an exclusive shield because it is both light and strong. In this way, the motor remains inaccessible to the trunks, stones and various debris that it meets on the road.

The Trek electric bicycle already contains an internal cable ready to use for the addition of additional lights. To benefit from them, you just have to buy them from a dealer, then attach them to the bike and plug them in. To improve the practical aspects of the Trek electric bicycle, the manufacturer has reinforced several elements.

In order to achieve absolute flexibility and control of the bike, the brand went through a series of tests until it found the right diameter for the right frame size. Each sophisticated tube is made by hydroforming.

This is how the American group obtained a minimal weight for a maximum of solidity. Moreover, the RockShox Recon RL fork allows a 120 mm travel.

Prices and aids

Buying a Trek electric bike means getting out of the low-end category. Indeed, on this bike, each part has been thought to make your mountain electric bike more efficient while keeping a really unique style. To buy your Trek Powerfly 5, you should budget around 3999,00 euros.

However, the price of your bike can be reduced thanks to financial aid. In some European Union countries, like France for example, the state grants a subsidy of 200 euros, if you already benefit from a subsidy at the local level. To be eligible, you must meet certain conditions:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Reside in France
  • Have an income less than or equal to 13,479 euros per year
  • Receive similar assistance in your locality

The insurance

For this means of locomotion, no specific insurance is required. Indeed, the electric assistance stops as soon as the speed of 25 km/h is reached. However, in order to avoid paying costs in case of damage to a third party, we advise you to take out a civil liability insurance.

Maintain your bike

In order for your bike to be usable everywhere, you must take care of it. To do this, it is best to leave its maintenance to professionals. By opting for the maintenance program offered by Trek, your equipment will always be operational. At Trek, you can choose from several maintenance programs. Choose according to your preferences:

  • The 25 hour program where your bike is cleaned and lubricated
  • The 50 hour program which includes washing the bike, adjusting and aligning the parts
  • The 100 hour maintenance program which is a refurbishment of the bike

If you don’t want to take advantage of Trek’s maintenance service, you can take care of your Trek electric bicycle yourself.

In this case, visit the manufacturer’s website to find out how to wash your bike, clean it, lubricate the chain or learn what checks to make before each ride. In any case, with the Trek Powerfly 5 bike, you will benefit from optimal comfort.

The advantages of the Trek Powerfly 5

Its slightly futuristic look comes from Trek’s new integrated removable battery and its easy-to-use system. The battery is completely hidden in the frame and requires no tools to disconnect. This initiative protects the battery completely and offers more space for the addition of a bottle cage.

You can enjoy a perfect experience with the Purion control mechanism. It has an intelligent eMTB mode and a walking assistance system that constantly offers appropriate assistance to the terrain you are walking on. Like an artificial intelligence that instantly adapts to its environment.


With the Trek Powerfly 5 you can count on a high performance mountain electric bike. Its onboard equipment and accessories make it an outstanding partner. It will adapt perfectly to your practice by not neglecting comfort and performance.

To guide you in your purchase, the OnMyBike team writes daily tests and reviews of many traditional and electric bikes.


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