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Moustache Lundi 27: an atypical city bike

Bicycles in general and electrically assisted bicycles in particular are booming. Indeed, they represent an efficient solution to get around and fight against the harmful effects of pollution. If you wish to acquire a robust and comfortable companion, the ideal choice remains the Moustache Lundi 27 bike. This article reveals the essentials about it.

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The context

In today’s society, we are witnessing a real craze for alternative modes of transportation. These are cleaner, less polluting and therefore by definition better for our environment. Thus, many households have decided to take part in this change.

The objective is to protect our planet by reducing the production of greenhouse gases and at the same time reduce the negative impact of man. This approach is supported by some institutions such as the French government for example.

Indeed, the latter has put in place aids to allow an easier transition towards the use and acquisition of alternative means of transport.Many brands are taking advantage of this growing interest to enter this market. Their objective is to propose efficient products, adapted to all situations.

However, it is becoming more and more difficult for future users to find their way through the current range of products. This is why it seems appropriate to go to a store or to online sales sites in order to be advised by experts in the field.

Presentation of the Moustache Lundi 27

The Moustache Lundi 27 is a bike produced and marketed by Moustache Bikes. It should be noted that it has existed for 9 years, but has undergone some modifications to make it more user-friendly. Let us also note that the Lundi 27 is the very first model built by Moustache.

Who is Moustache Lundi 27 for ?

The Lundi 27 is a bike that has ideal features for any cyclist. It has an open frame, robust construction and solid support.

The Lundi 27 has a very classic overall look, however it is equipped with an aluminum frame that contains an integrated and removable Bosch Power Tube battery. Its power varies between 400 and 500 Wh.

This improvement to the Lundi 27 is more elegant and safe for the bike’s center of gravity. On the old model, the battery is located at the level of the luggage rack, which disturbed the balance of the bike. 

In addition, the Moustache Lundi 27 is also a reference in terms of tires. Indeed, this range is equipped with balloon tires (Schawlbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.4). These are valid reinforcements against punctures. In addition, they contribute greatly to the aesthetics of the Lundi 27.

In addition, the Bosch motor is discreetly hidden in the bike frame. This motor is different depending on the bike model. Thus, with the 27.1, 27.3 or 27.5 versions, the battery is chosen from the Active Line Plus or Performance Line, with 50 or 65 Nm.

Look of the Moustache Lundi 27

The other feature of the Moustache Lundi 27 is its typical handlebars that integrate cables and a removable Bosch Intuvia central meter with remote control. The latter is located at the base of the left handlebar. Note that this system is not connected and therefore does not offer navigation like other Bosch models.

However, the Moustache Lundi 27 is equipped with a USB socket that allows you to recharge your smartphone placed on a support designed to facilitate navigation. Note that the Moustache Lundi 27 does not have an option to locate it remotely. In addition, to date, no application allows to see its level of charge.

Moreover, the Moustache Lundi 27 is equipped with luggage racks to help you in your travels. Indeed, the rear rack is designed to receive up to 27 kg with the possibility of mounting a baby seat, a basket or panniers. In addition, the front of the bike can accommodate an optional luggage rack. Both devices are removable.

Concerning the lighting of this road companion, it is equipped with a fixed headlight that does not turn at the same time as the handlebars.

Moustache Speeds Lundi 27

Depending on the version of the Lundi 27, the transmission can vary between Shimano Deore with 10 speeds for the 27.5 model and a variable transmission Enviolo TR at 380%.

These two transmissions work of course with a Bosch motor that recharges after 4.5 hours. However, before deciding, it is necessary to carry out a test in order to see the ideal system according to your habits and your tastes.

Note that the 10-speed model is easy and efficient, especially when negotiating steep slopes. It is important to note that the various gear shifts can be a bit abrupt, which detracts a bit from the overall smooth feel of the Lundi 27.

On the other hand, the Enviolo variator is disturbing at first. Because of this, you have to act on the rotating ring located near the handle to have an effect on the transmission’s gearing. Nevertheless, with time the system adapts and becomes efficient and operational.

Remember that 5 modes of electric assistance are available. They are: Eco, Tour, Sport and Off.  These different modes combined with a battery of 500wh allow you to travel up to 80 km.

Let’s not forget to mention that the Moustache Lundi 27 is equipped with a mode that helps you push the bike while walking, which is useful in pedestrian areas or in case of breakdown.  


Regarding the autonomy, it differs depending on the model of the Moustache Lundi 27. Thus, for the Lundi 27.5, you have a range of 51 km in turbo mode and 165 km in eco mode. As for the Lundi 27.3, you have a range of 53 km in turbo mode and 172 km in eco mode.

Finally, the Active Line Plus engine and the 400 Wh battery will allow the Lundi 27.1 model to have 44 km of autonomy in turbo mode and 169 km in eco mode.

Moustache Comfort Lundi 27

The Moustache Lundi 27 is not equipped with suspension. Therefore, the damping is provided by the large air volume of the large tires and the 40 mm suspended seatpost. This choice was made because of the weight, riding precision and reliability that we want to give the Lundi 27 Moustache.

Moreover, this option does not harm the comfort conferred by the Moustache Lundi 27 to its occupants. Indeed, the test carried out on degraded pavements, paved roads proved satisfactory. Even when passing through a hole, the Lundi 27 mustache is still comfortable.

Its weight

This bike was designed without really paying attention to its weight. Indeed, the first motivations of the brand were comfort, robustness and carrying capacity. Thus, the Lundi 27 has a weight of around 24 kilos. Note that this weight is the same as the previous generation. However, this weight does not disturb the grip of the bike favored by the balance of the whole.

Size and colors of the mustache Lundi 27

The Lundi 27 mustache is only available in one size. Therefore, it is designed for cyclists who are between 1.57 and 1.90 m tall. In addition, there are 5 colors to choose from: glossy black, glossy curry, glossy terra cotta, matte night blue and matte mint.


On the security side, you have a small anti-theft device to lock the rear wheel of your moustache on Lundi 27. Nevertheless you must take other measures such as the use of the optional AXA chain to secure your bike effectively.

In addition, the braking of the Lundi 27 is provided by two Shimano MT200 hydraulic discs. With these discs, you are sure to ride safely. However, some regret that the brand did not turn by the bike ABS solutions that are widespread on the market. Also, the integrated LED lighting is ideal to ensure your safety and that of other passers-by.

The price of the Moustache Lundi 27

This high-end bike has several models. Thus, its price varies according to its model. For the 27.1 access model, you need to budget 2,799 euros. The 27.3 model has a large 500 Wh battery, which increases its cost to 3199 euros. Regarding the 27.5 model and without variable transmission, it is 3 699 euros.

Buying a moustache bike on Lundi is a big investment, but it’s worth it because it’s durable and reliable. Plus, it’s designed for everyday use.

Presentation of the Moustache brand

The first Moustache bikes were created by Emmanuel Antonot and Gregory. These two Frenchmen had the goal to use the bicycle instead of the car. Thus, they created a first model which is a utility bike. It was tested in mountain bike trails.

In the beginning

Based on the success of this first experience, the two friends decided to start their own company. Emmanuel will be in charge of product development and Gregory will be in charge of marketing and sales.

The goal of the new company is to design bicycles for the cyclist, but also to provide a model for those who do not ride a bicycle. So they thought of the electric bike.

In addition, moustache bikes are dedicated to electrically assisted models that combine ergonomics, comfort and design.

With this in mind, the young company starts its actual production when the manufacturing workshop moves from the garage to a small factory in Golbey, in the Vosges region of France. Thus, during 2013, 14 employees actively contribute to the production of 3,000 bikes each year.

As of 2014

The following year was marked by the company’s meeting with the French designer Phillip Stark. The latter will give a new impulse to the whole company, which will bring it to the forefront of the world scene.

Moreover, this collaboration will lead to the birth of a collection M.A.S.S. (Mud, Asphalt, Sand, Snow). Moreover, the association of the French designer offers a great notoriety to the small French company of production of electric bikes.

This collection of electric bikes is adapted to the different elements of our environment. The bikes in this range are high performance and in particular the Snow which has a fur that covers the frame.

This notoriety enjoyed by the electric bicycle company contributes to its visibility in the specialized media and various bicycle shows. The young company’s models are unanimously acclaimed. For example, the Samedi FS27/9 Gold mountain bike inspires respect because of its quality materials, design, and excellent rear suspension.

Over time, the company evolves and in 2015, the Moustache range now includes 7 models such as the Samedi 27 Xroad. The latter is designed for weekday utility trips and this is actually what motivated its Samedi name.

In addition, the company’s staff has grown from 13 in 2013 to 30 employees 2016 who achieve an annual production of 11,000 bikes.

Start of the competitions in 2017 and recognition

Also of note, Moustache is launching a series of 5 mountain electric bike competitions in 2017. These competitions are aimed at the 4 corners of France and they highlight urban courses, cross-country, downhill and endurance. In addition, they also aimed to push the limits of the electric bike and prove its value in sport despite its motor.

With a view to enhancing the value of electric bicycles, the company ranks as a leading player in this constantly evolving market. As a result, Moustache is expanding its staff to 50 employees. They are aiming for annual sales of 19,000 bikes.

In addition, the various efforts and initiatives of the Moustache brand are rewarded through its managers. Indeed, Emmanuel Antonot and Gregory Sand received the “Start-up of the year” and “Born global” awards from the EY entrepreneurship contest for eastern France.

The years 2017 and 2018 were prolific for the brand, which saw its sales of Moustache electric bikes explode by 30%. As a result, the French company sold more than 27,000 bikes in 18 countries. It should be noted that 40% of these sales were made outside of France.

In addition, the electric mountain bike Samedi 27 Race 9 receives an honorary distinction at the Design & Innovation Awards 2017.

A new plant

This growth inevitably leads to the start of construction work on a new assembly plant in the Vosges. This construction site starts in the fall of 2018. At this time, the production team has 80 people and the production capacity increases from 100 bikes to 180 machines per day.

The work on the new factory obviously requires funds and the notoriety of Moustache attracts many investors. Thus, to accompany the new dynamics of the company, some of these shares change investment funds.

However, these changes did not lead to the departure of the management team. The two co-founders are still at the helm and actively participate in the creation of new models.

Moreover, the arrival of a new investor will allow the French company to surpass itself and reach another level of production. In addition, Moustache will be able to properly explore other markets outside of France. Today, Moustache has 55 models of electric bikes equipped with Bosch motors in 5 different categories.

Criteria for buying the right bike

Before buying a bicycle, it is important to follow certain criteria.

Buy your bike according to its use

It is important to determine the use of an asset before making a purchase. This rule also applies to the purchase of an electric bicycle.

Thus, in a bike store, the salesman must inquire about your aspirations and he must determine your profile at the risk of missing essential elements. Before making your choice, you must answer several questions such as : what is my main use ? In addition, you should make your choice based on certain criteria :

  • The type of course and its characteristics
  • Your posture preferences
  • Equipment needs according to your loads
  • Your tastes or affinities
  • All these aspects can help you make a wise choice. However, if the electric bike is to be your main means of transportation, it is advisable to test it on your usual route. This way you can check the bike’s performance and its limits.

    Buy your bike based on cost

    Generally, electric bikes have a high cost. However, it is a profitable investment because of the different options it offers you. Thus, you need to make a final choice that guarantees you safety and comfort.

    Moreover, you have to make a choice according to your budget. To facilitate the purchase of electric bicycles, financing solutions have been put in place. These include:

  • Consumer Credit
  • Long-term rental solutions
  • Local and national subsidies
  • Leasing
  • Buy your bike according to the motorization and the autonomy

    Electric bikes are designed with a motor, which is what makes them special. However, it is important to make a choice by checking the location of the motor. Indeed, the engine is located in different places :

  • At the front wheel
  • Or at the rear wheel
  • And finally at the level of the crankset.
  • Thus, each motor will give you different results depending on where it is placed. It is therefore recommended to perform a test in order to choose the ideal bike.

    However, it should be noted that the current trend is for the pedal motor to be equipped with multiple sensors such as the speed or cadence sensor.

    Concerning the autonomy, it is a rather important criterion in the choice of your electric bicycle. Indeed, the bike must be able to bring you to your destination without difficulty. You must therefore check the autonomy of the bike before any purchase.


    The electric bike Moustache Lundi 27 is an essential ally in everyday life. It will convince you that it is the ideal partner to face the urban environment on a daily basis. At the same time design, practical, manageable and especially qualitative, it will not leave you indifferent.

    Take the time to discover it, it will reveal all its qualities to you with the use and especially its comfort. It is equipped with a considerable number of accessories allowing you to fully enjoy your experience while forgetting the constraints related to a use in town.

    To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on classy and electric bikes