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Our opinion on the Rockrider 520: such a good compromise?

The best mountain bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

The Rockrider 520 is one of Decathlon’s best-sellers. An entry-level bike with interesting qualities for any novice in the world of mountain biking. Our team took the time to analyze this Decathlon mountain bike in order to determine the positive points but also the negative ones. Comparing it to other bikes of the same range but also put it in front of new technologies, among others the electric mountain bike allowed us to draw up our opinion on the Btwin Rockrider 520.

The electric Rockrider st 520 from Decathlon

Decathlon is very present on the sector of the electric bike proposes a broad range of electric mountain bike. These bikes have all the positive characteristics that make the Rockrider st 520 a reliable and good quality mountain bike. Add an electric assistance and you get these new electric bikes.

Beware, the bicycle sector is currently experiencing an exceptional craze. Sellers of electric and non-electric bikes are in high demand and their stocks are very limited. Take the time to check the availability of each of these bikes by clicking on the links above.

What is Rockrider ?

Rockrider is since very recently, the year 2019, the new signature of the mountain bike range sold by Decathlon.

New signatures

For many years Decathlon has been selling its bikes under the Btwin signature. It is thanks to these bikes that Decathlon has been very successful with the French and European public. Rockrider was already present but was discreetly appearing as a second name on the mountain bikes.

That’s why some mountain bikes on the second hand market can carry the name Rockrider in addition to the Btwin signature. As we said before, it was in 2019 that Decathlon decided to change the signatures of all its models to improve the identification and attribution of each of them to their range.

A range of different products

Rockrider is now a signature and offers entry-level products but also a much higher range. Decathlon’s goal is to satisfy a wide range of customers by reaching out to mountain bike enthusiasts as well as the most demanding customers.

Racing bike : Triban
City bike : Elops
Cross-country bike : Riverside
Mountain bike : Rockrider

We will talk about Rockrider st 520 when we talk about the mountain bikes sold by Decathlon.

Presentation of the Rockrider st 520

First of all, many people still make this misnomer. It is not the Rockrider 520 but the Rockrider ST 520 V2. In the light of this article it doesn’t really matter what you call it, but it could be confusing if you were to look for it on the Decathlon website itself.

The Btwin Rockrider 520 st is the entry level mountain bike sold by Decathlon. It remains for all that a good one with correct characteristics for its price. This mountain bike is a simple evolution, an improvement of its predecessor the Btwin Rockrider 500.

It will answer perfectly to the needs and demands of the small adventurer, perfect for small walks on paths and trails without big crossings.

Technical specifications

Talking about the technical characteristics of a so-called “traditional” bike may seem to be of little use, but this Rockrider 520 st despite being an entry-level bike, is equipped with quality features.

Available in different sizes

The mountain bike is offered in several sizes. Thus allowing an accessibility to a large clientele. These sizes correspond to the size of the user as follows:

  • S : between 1.50 m and 1.64 m
  • M : between 1.65 m and 1.74 m
  • L : between 1.75 m and 1.84 m
  • XL : between 1.85 m and 2.00 m

Mixed and light frame

Its 100% aluminum frame allows it to claim a light weight of more or less 14kg for a maximum load capacity of 120kg. Its top tube with a marked inclination allows both male and female users to use this mountain bike with ease.

A woman oriented version is also available, offering somewhat different equipment such as a comfort seat adapted to the female morphology, shorter stem, fork with softer springs and closer brake levers.


Equipped with a front suspension of 80 mm. This Rockrider will allow you to cross small obstacles without any problem on slightly uneven trails.

The U-FIT (WEIGHT ADJUSTER) technology allows you to easily adjust the hardness of the suspension. As with the previous model, the adjustment is made by a simple knob adjustment on the fork by adjusting the number corresponding to the weight of the user.

Derailleur and transmission

This mountain bike is equipped with a SHIMANO ALTUS front derailleur and a MICROSHIFT RD-M46-L rear derailleur. Its transmission is made with a ROCKRIDER FC ATB 500 24 speed triple chainring.

Mechanical disc brakes

Dual 160mm mechanical TEKTRO TKD 68 disc brakes provide powerful braking at the front and rear of the ATV. All controlled by TEKTRO aluminum brake levers.

27.5″ wheels and tires for dry land

The wheels of the Btwin Rockrider 520 st, with 19 mm 27,5 inches rim, remain correct wheels and will answer a punctual use. In the case of a more advanced use, and this for many mountain bikes equipped with their basic equipment, it will then be advised to consider the installation of lighter and more powerful wheels.

Maintenance and warranty

Before talking about the warranty of the bike, it is important to underline that Decathlon allows for any purchase of a new bike a free revision in the 6 months following the purchase. This is due to an adjustment of the equipment such as the chain, the derailleur, the brakes… from the first uses. The guarantee is for life concerning the frame, the stem and the handlebars.

The Rockrider st 520 against the competition

As with any opinion, it is necessary to talk about the competition of this Rockrider. The mountain bike represents a large part of the bike market and many manufacturers offer today a multitude of mountain bikes in direct competition with the Decathlon one. Sold by the European leader Alltricks, these mountain bikes are more upmarket than the Rockrider 520 st.

The Btwin Rockrider 520 is in our opinion a bad compromise

With the list of technical characteristics done, we wonder if buying this Rockrider is a good compromise or not. In this new section we will review the consumer reviews and explain why we think the Rockrider st 520 is not the best choice.

Quality bike but

The Btwin Rockrider 520 is in our opinion a bad choice in terms of mountain bike. Indeed, following consumer reviews is an important thing, especially when you don’t know the brand, the distributor or the seller. We are talking about a Decathlon mountain bike.

A brand that, as we said at the beginning of this article, has been able to seduce and make a name for itself through the quality of the bikes sold over the last ten years. The Rockrider mountain bikes remain in the same line as the old references sold by Decathlon. That is to say, good bikes for the general public.

Trends offering new technologies

But we are now in 2021. At a time when the government is putting in place cycling infrastructures but especially subsidies for the purchase of electric bikes (depending of where you live, like in France for example). These subsidies can often be combined with those from your local authorities.

And all these aids together allow savings or rather price reductions on the total price of the electric bike. You just have to go to the website of your government to have the information and to know if there are subsidies in your country.

We suggest you continue reading this article to access our presentation of the Rockrider E ST500 which is none other than the electric version of the 520. This electric bike is placed, in term of quality, above that of the traditional version for a price with premium to the purchase somewhat higher.We think that it is now more interesting to consider the purchase of a electric bike.

Our team already offers many reviews of electric bikes that are subject to these purchase subsidies. The article on the Rockrider E ST 500 is one of these many reviews.

Adding the maximum purchase aid of 500 euros makes this electric Rockrider the best compromise quality/price. Its price is then reduced by half to get closer to the Btwin Rockrider 520 st.

The Rockrider E ST 500 – The electric version

This electric bike is in our opinion the best compromise quality/price. Like the Rockrider st 520, it is the entry-level electric bike from Decathlon. Due to this new technology that is the electric assistance, its purchase price is certainly more important than a traditional mountain bike.

However, this electric bike can be very cheap if there is, as in France, cumulative financial aid from your local communities and the government.

Riding an electric mountain bike is first of all being able to enjoy a sport activity longer. Indeed, it is not an electric scooter! The bike does not move without physical effort on your part. The electric assistance does not derogate from the muscular motricity but will allow you to reach paths or ways which would have been impracticable before.

Intelligent assistance

Decathlon offers, through its electric bikes, to control the power of the assistance. Thus, several operating modes are available, in order to take advantage of electric motricity in all circumstances.

This motricity will decouple the effort of the user, from +50% to +300%! All this thanks to a torque sensor integrated into the pedal assembly. Thus the assistance will adapt to your way of pedaling.

A great autonomy

This electric mountain bike allows the user to extend his capabilities. The Rockrider E ST 500 will allow a sporty electric assistance during more than 2h30.

Or an autonomy of the electric assistance of 100kms in economic mode. As you can see, the sport mode corresponds to an increase in torque of +300% while the economic mode is +50%. Where the Btwin Rockrider 520 will have its limitations, the electric version will amaze you with its capabilities.

This new technology, developed by the group’s engineers, places the electric Rockrider in a much higher product range than the traditional version. For a price, as said above, very interesting if we deduct the purchase subsidies.

An attractive discounted price

Offered at a price of 1199 euros at Decathlon (price can vary and have to be verified). This electric bike becomes interesting if you take advantage of the purchase subsidies available in some countries. To know the amount and to have this information, you have to go to the website of your government.

This new mountain bike offers a neat design and a high quality of manufacture. Its removable battery will allow to find a real use that a traditional mountain bike can provide without any assistance whatsoever.

The electric Rockrider has many more advantages than the Rockrider 520 st. We suggest you read our review of this electric bike. There, the technical characteristics will be detailed and we will compare it to the direct competition.

An important point to remember

Riding an electric mountain bike is still a sport, since it is impossible to ride without physical effort. The Decathlon electric bike only decouples the strength of the user. Without this effort, the bike gives no assistance. This electric mountain bike is among the best in its range and category.


If we had to summarize the key points of this article, we could list the reliability of the bikes sold by Decathlon. The Rockrider st 520 remains in our opinion a good entry-level mountain bike.

But considering the price of this mountain bike, it is not necessarily the best choice to buy. That’s why we encourage you to read our reviews of the best electric bikes on the market.

To help you make the right choice, our OnMyBike team regularly posts articles on traditional and electric bikes