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Peugeot eLC01 : all about the e-Legend electric bike

Because alternative means of transportation are becoming more and more popular, we think it is important to talk about this subject with you. And what better way than to exchange on this subject by presenting you a brand and especially a product resulting from this new wave of mobility. We suggest you to discover the Peugeot eLC01 e bike.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Peugeot electric bikes.

Competitive environment

The electric bicycle market is experiencing a growing interest. Indeed, this change is mainly due to the various devices set up at the level of the government, the regions and the communes.

Thus, for any purchase of an electric bike, you can count on financial aid in order to allow you to reduce the final amount of the invoice. These amounts are not negligible. This is why so many people have already taken the plunge and embarked on the adventure of green energy transportation.

To find your way among all the offers on the market, you will have to be patient. A lot of companies and brands have launched the marketing of electric bike. Thus, you will have to ask yourself a set of questions and take stock of your needs in terms of mobility. Do not hesitate to consult the reviews of the products and the groups that market them.

The more information you have, the more obvious it will be to make the right choice according to your expectations. You should not hesitate to contact professionals in the field to get advice on the product you want. You must have all the keys in hand in order to make a reasonable purchase.

Peugeot eLC01 e bike

Are you hesitating between modern and well-equipped bikes and the charm of old-fashioned bikes? Discover the Peugeot e bike. These bikes are designed for the city, specifically for vintage bike lovers who want to benefit from modern equipment. Comfort and elegance guaranteed!

The Peugeot eLC01 e bike is part of the manufacturer’s Legend range. It pays homage to the brand’s historical bikes in terms of design but with the latest technological refinements.

The Peugeot eLC01 e-Legend Eggplant electric city bike has a unique frame and a Peugeot Lions crank kit to enjoy the elegant atmosphere. Its timeless design is combined with the most practical equipment for the city: comfortable spring saddles, Racktime luggage rack and mudguards.

Designed specifically for the city, its low frame features footwells, allowing you to easily get on and off your electric bike without having to tilt it.

Characteristics of the Peugeot eLC01

In order to help you understand why choosing an electric bike like this Peugeot eLC01 is a very good choice, let us show you all its features.

Power and operation

The location of the motor of the Peugeot eLC01 e bike is on the front wheel so as not to disturb the cyclist during use. You will be able to change your gears directly from your levers located at the handlebar. Moreover, the level of assistance will be directly controllable from a small LCD box located on the handlebars as well.

The autonomy of the Peugeot eLC01

With the Peugeot eLC01 e bike, you can count on a 400 Wh battery. In terms of autonomy, the French manufacturer announces between 30 and 70 km for the electric bike according to the chosen assistance mode. The various tests of this bike confirm that we are rather in the high range of this estimate.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep in mind that these data remain estimates and that a certain number of other elements must be taken into account.

Thus, some factors can play a role on the autonomy of your means of locomotion, namely the weight of the user, the accessories that he embarks but also the weather conditions or the type of ground on which you ride. The return via the bicycle paths and bus lanes is done very serenely and practically without too much effort on the part of the user.

After the tests of various customers, in general, the feeling which follows, is that to have discovered an electric bicycle as ludic and pretty as comfortable and practical daily.


The aluminum frame ensures robustness and lightness to the Peugeot eLC01 e bike. You will be able to use the integrated lighting on the front and back. No more worries related to the use of your new means of locomotion.

Indeed, you will be able to arrive at your destination without having to change in case of bad weather. The bike is equipped with front and rear mudguards. This way, no splashes will come and stain your clothes before an important work appointment for example.

Your riding companion is equipped with a Shimano Tourney 8-speed derailleur. Thus, you will be able to adjust the pedaling force easily. Depending on the model you choose, you will be able to enjoy 24-inch or 26-inch tires. In terms of practicality, we are pleased with the presence of a sturdy luggage rack located at the rear that can support up to 20 kg. You can also count on a painted metal chain guard, a bell and a kickstand.

The battery can be easily inserted and removed. It is compact and light despite its large capacity of 400 Wh, and does not hinder the loading of the luggage rack. Another element has been put in place to maximize the feeling of comfort in use, the presence of a brown comfort saddle with spring.

Weight and size

Depending on the model you choose, the weight will vary. However, on average, you should expect your travel companion to weigh around 22.30 kg. For your comfort, you should know that the tricolored Peugeot group offers models of different sizes in order to adapt to all sizes of users. Indeed to choose the model which is appropriate to you best.

Safety and comfort

The Peugeot e bike is very comfortable. The large white sidewall tires and the spring-mounted saddle are no strangers to this. Potholes and other pavements are perfectly filtered. Position is straight and natural. The adjustable stem allows you to position the handlebars exactly where you want them.

The controls fall perfectly under the hands. As with other front-wheel drive bikes, the assistance provided by the e-going motor is well felt and the 25km/h are reached without effort.

Maintaining this pace is easy thanks to the 8 gears available on the Peugeot eLC01 e bike. The gears shift naturally and smoothly. The Shimano shifter responds to the finger and eye. Disc brakes of the Peugeot eLC01 e bike are made by Tektro Auriga M290, a guarantee of quality.

They ensure a progressive and powerful braking responding in all circumstances to avoid dangerous elements.

The price of the Peugeot eLC01

Depending on whether you opt for a model with 24-inch or 26-inch tires, the price will differ accordingly. Indeed, they are respectively displayed at the prices of 1849€ and 1549€. If the financing of a means of transport of this type is a real obstacle, you should know that in certain countries of the European Union, aids have been set up by the government, the regions and the communes.

Thus, if you wish and under certain conditions, you could see your final bill reduced. To learn more about this subject, we can suggest you either to go directly to the town hall in order to know all the details or to go on the government website.

The advantages of this Peugeot eLC01

Peugeot Cycle gives the first pedal strokes of its eLC01 Legend. This electric bike does not show off. It is simple and accessible. Its design evokes the “biclounes” of the 70s. Those on whose saddle the more than 40 springs wore out their pants…

Its steel frame known as “swan neck” is symptomatic of a whole era. It is especially easy to straddle. But at a time when vintage is more than ever in fashion, this Peugeot e bike seems to be definitely in tune with its time.

Presentation of the Peugeot brand

The Peugeot brand of bicycles is recognized by many people, especially in the automotive field. But what about the cycling world? Well, much less widespread but present for a great number of years. So we are going to present it to you in a brief way so that you understand why it is a brand of confidence and quality.

Renowned today for its age, experience and authentic models, the Peugeot Cycles brand of bicycles has undergone a remarkable evolution. Let’s review the most important dates in its history in order to understand the importance of its presence in the electric bicycle market.

From 1886 to 1982

  • 1886: Mass production of the Grands-Bi, characterized by a wheel of 1,36 m in front and a small one of 40 cm in the back
  • 1900: At the Beaulieu factory, production, which also included bicycles and tricycles, reached 20,000 units
  • 1905: Trousselier won the first of ten Peugeot victories in the Tour de France bicycle race.
  • 1926: Creation of the Nouvelle société des cycles Peugeot, intended to separate the production of two-wheelers from that of automobiles.
  • 1982: Peugeot Cycles introduced the brazing technique for the manufacture of frames, with no visible joints or weld seams

From 1984 to today

  • 1984: Peugeot is the first French brand to market a mountain bike
  • 2009: First electrically assisted bicycle (electric bike) of the brand integrated into a global mobility concept
  • 2010: Presentation at the Paris Motor Show of the first concept bike designed by Peugeot stylists
  • 2013: Peugeot launches the Hybrid Bike AE21. Urban, compact, electric, smart with its intelligent frame for battery, computer bag, anti-theft storage and USB port

Since their creation in 1886, Peugeot bikes have had a rich history of innovation and competition. Today, the brand offers a wide range of electrically assisted bicycles. Peugeot Bikes offers top-of-the-range bicycles through its primary universes, touring, road, city and mountain bikes. These different worlds are the crystallization of a century of expertise and technology.

They meet the needs of cyclists from all walks of life. So no one is left on the sidelines. Indeed, all the practices are gathered in the various ranges proposed by the tricolored group. This way you are sure to find the Peugeot e bike that suits you.

To conclude

Peugeot eLC01 e bike has all the essential equipment for the city, lights directly connected to the battery, a rear rack allowing the installation of luggage or a baby carrier, a spring saddle for more comfort and a hydraulic disc brake for optimal safety.

The frame has a low footprint for added convenience. The presence of a superb crankset with Lions combined with the mythical and timeless colors and markings of the brand, will make of it a superb electric bicycle perfectly dimensioned for the city and its hazards.

To help you make the right purchase, our OnMyBike team works daily to write articles on electric bikes and traditional bikes


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