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Riverside 500E : The cross-country electric bike from Decathlon

The best electric cross-country bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

Electric bikes are becoming more and more important on the French market. And this, the Decathlon group has understood it well. Indeed, it has been able to put forward products that meet this new trend. Thus, it offers city bikes, Decathlon mountain bikes but also cross-country in their electric versions. That’s why we decided to share with you our opinion about the Riverside 500 electric bike offered by Decathlon.

The electric Riverside of Decathlon

The Decathlon range of electric bike cross-country has only two references. Quality all-terrain electric bikes, equipped with good quality materials and offering an exceptional finish.

The Riverside electric, whatever it is, has an exceptional manufacturing quality and a very elegant finish and design. Judge for yourself

Presentation of the Riverside 500E electric bike from Decacthlon

The Riverside, new name given by Decathlon since it decided to rename all its bike ranges. Previously under the general name B’twin, Decathlon wanted to distinguish its ranges by making them easier to distinguish.

Distinction of the ranges

As we said above, Decathlon has renamed their bikes and their cross-country range is no exception to the rule! B’twin was too general a name and that’s why Decathlon’s cross-country are now called “Riverside”.

The mountain bikes have been renamed “Rockrider“, the urban bikes “Elops” and the racing bikes “Titan”. You can of course find the reviews of these different ranges on our platform.

Each of its ranges is proposed in electric version since recently. You will find the reviews of these electric bikes on our platform. Select “review” and the type of bike you are looking for in the menu.

Focus on the Riverside 500E

The Btwin Riverside 500 electric cross-country is the mid-range electric cross-country from Decathlon. Little brother of the Riverside 900 e, it is with the latter among the best electric cross-country bikes of Decathlon.

The cross-country is above all a bike between two ranges. The mountain bike and the urban bike. Indeed, it will suit people who want to ride on paths and combine roads and urban streets at the same time.

This new electric version is nothing more and nothing less than a new version of the traditional Riverside bike. After its success, it was important for Decathlon to transmit to this bike all the DNA of the Riverside 500.

That’s why only a few small changes differ from the Riverside 500 like the battery integrated to the frame, the LCD meter (technical aspects that we will list later in this article)… But all in all, this new Btwin Riverside 500 electric cross-country is still a Riverside 500 cross-country.

At first glance

This is a electric bike that is perfectly suited to your rides and hikes on roads and paths. Indeed, the Riverside 500e has been specially designed by the French group Decathlon for this purpose. It offers an electric help up to 90km, depending on the chosen mode of operation! It will also perfectly combine driving comfort and safety!

Moreover, in case of problem with the frame, the stem or the handlebars, know that these parts are guaranteed for life! But is it really one of the best electric bikes on the market ?

Carrying the name Decathlon does not necessarily mean being the best bike in its category. The company offers very good bikes for the general public and therefore will not be suitable for demanding cyclists. It is important to keep in mind that each person is different and therefore each need is even more so.

The purchase of an electric bicycle is an important purchase because of its price. It is up to you to determine your needs before choosing the best electric bike. Following the Circuler Propre guide and buying the right electric bike will make it easier for you.

The Decathlon Riverside 500 electric bike is a variation of the traditional Btwin Riverside 500. Decathlon has developed in its offices an ingenious electric assistance system. This system will allow the owners of the Riverside bike to appreciate its assistance according to the force provided.

The Btwin Riverside 500 is not the only one with this technology. Almost every bike is equipped with this technology.

The Btwin Riverside 500 and the competition

The electric cross-country are good compromises for all those who want to join the long rides on the road without wanting to play the big baroudeurs. Decathlon has placed itself on this market but there are many other brands as good or better than the Riverside 500.

Alltricks, recently bought by Decathlon offers many references and we have selected the best ones.

Technical Specifications

Overview of the Decathlon Riverside 500 electric cross-country. What are the technical points to remember ?

Power and operation

His engine

Important point that is the engine when we talk about electric bike. An electric bike without a good motor will have no interest that is why it is important to take the time to choose your electric cross-country according to this first point. This will avoid you to change your electric bike quickly believe me! Save time and money!

The Decathlon Riverside 500 electric is equipped with a 250 watt brushless motor directly on the rear wheel with a torque of 42Nm. These performances should indeed be sufficient but everything depends on several factors and especially your needs. We will come back to these different factors when we deal with the autonomy.

Its modes of operation

In addition, you can choose between different levels of electric assistance or operating modes: 4 in all! Like all its competitors, the Decathlon Riverside 500 electric offers several operating modes, one of which is more interesting than the others: walking assistance.

This is a well known operating mode that allows you to walk beside your bike, while holding it, but without having to push it.

Autonomy of this Riverside 500

This electric bike proposed by Decathlon is equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 36V / 11.6Ah or 418Wh. It also has a clamping system to avoid any vibrations when using the electric bike.

The Decathlon Riverside 500e bike’s autonomy will vary according to the assistance mode chosen and the external conditions (user’s weight, temperature, weather, difficulty of the terrain…). Thus, in optimal conditions and using the soft assistance mode, you could have a range of up to 90km.

Size and weight

The Riverside 500 electric is available in 3 sizes (S, M, L). Weighing between 21.8kg and 22.08kg for the L size, the Riverside 500 electric is one of the lightest electric bikes in its class, 4kg lighter than its big brother the Riverside 900 E.

Equipment and lighting

In terms of equipment, the Decathlon Riverside 500e electric bicycle has nothing to fear from its competitors.

Indeed, it has an LCD screen allowing the user to consult at any time its instantaneous speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the level of battery charge or the level of electric assistance selected: Walking Assistance, Disabled, Soft Assistance, Moderate or Boost. You can even recharge your smartphone because it is equipped with a USB plug.

To complete this means of transportation, the French brand has equipped it with a bell, front and rear lights and wheel reflectors. Decathlon informs us that additional accessories are available, such as mudguards and a rear luggage rack.

Comfort and safety

When it comes to safety, you can count on the TEKTRO TKD 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes mounted on the front and rear. They will ensure a clean and precise braking in all weather conditions.

This Decathlon bike also features an assistance sensor. What is this? Well, it’s an intelligent system that works with the pedals of the Riverside 500e electric bike.

So, the harder you push, the more assistance will be maintained. Conversely, the less you push, the less assistance you get. It is important to know that this system is directly integrated into the pedal box.

For your comfort, you will enjoy an exclusive Btwin Ergofit Trekking 500 saddle, comfortable and versatile all-terrain tires with anti-puncture reinforcements, as well as a SUNTOUR NCX SF17 suspension fork with adjustable and lockable spring, 1 inch 1/8 aluminum steerer tube, with a magnesium fork offering a 63mm travel.

This bike is like its predecessor a semi-rigid cross-country. This means that the bike does not have a rear suspension but only a front one. It is an important point of precision for the novices in the matter who will often meet this term at the majority of the merchants.

In addition, and in order to accentuate the comfort of this electric cross-country, the Riverside electric is equipped with 28″ double-wall wheels and CST TIRENT all-purpose reinforced tires. The latter are equipped with anti-puncture reinforcements rod to rod.


The Riverside electric bike from Decathlon is relatively reasonably priced. Indeed, it has a number of basic equipment to which the user can include other elements. The French firm offers it at a price of 1 250€.

Nevertheless, this represents a real investment for the future buyer. If you want to know more about other models, take the time to read the articles on the best electric mountain bikes on the market listed below. Taking advantage of promotional prices as well as buying aids, you could find the electric bike you need.


Lifetime warranty on frame, stem and handlebars. The rest of the Decathlon Riverside 500 electric cross-country benefits from the usual 2 years warranty.

Consumers’ opinions

As with any bike, consumer opinions differ, and it will be difficult for you to know if this is the right electric bike for you. That’s why we suggest you follow our opinion which remains neutral and very objective.

An electric bike is an important purchase and is not for everyone. Choosing the right electric bike by defining your needs is essential.

Nice to ride a bike in these conditions

I hardly force myself on the climbs
I am very satisfied with this

What we liked about this Btwin Riverside 500

This Riverside 500 in electric version made us very happy as it was so easy to use and just as intuitive as a traditional bike. If we were to compare it to its non-electric cross-country version bearing almost the same name, the Decathlon Riverside 500, we could see strong similarities.

Indeed, the design and the complete conception have been taken from its big brother. Why re-invent the powder if the latter has been a great success ?

We were surprised by its torque sensor that makes pedaling electrically assisted natural. Decathlon knows how to make quality bikes for the general public and we have the proof again with this electric cross-country.

Where to buy a Riverside 500 ?

You can of course buy a Riverside electric in store. Many Decathlon stores are flooding the territory. But stock shortages are becoming more and more common at the latter. We advise you to order it on the internet.

Decathlon is a trusted brand and the warranty conditions do not change if you bought it from their website. Delivered at home, you will also save time and money.

Take advantage of aid for the purchase of a electric bike

Did you know ? The government and local authorities have made purchasing aids available. In order to promote a greener world, the state has decided to give a little help to citizens. Riding an electric bike will allow a significant decrease in air pollution and in this case everyone benefits.

These financial aids are already present in some countries of the European Union. We advise you to contact your local authorities to see if you can benefit from this aid.

How to take advantage of it?

For that nothing simpler ! For example, in France you must first buy an electric bike called electric bike (whatever it is). The Riverside is one of them. Once you have received the bike with its invoice, you will just have to fill in the form provided by your local authority in order to apply for it.

As you can see, applying without having purchased the electric bike beforehand is useless. You will be asked for the invoice and without proof of purchase no help.

To conclude

The Decathlon Riverside 500 electric bicycle from Decathlon is a product adapted to the general public. It is available in different sizes. It has interesting basic equipment and even offers its users other complementary elements to improve the comfort of riding. But there are better electric bikes for less money.

Take into account the purchase aids, promotions etc… You will surely find the best electric bike among those that our team has selected for you. In this case those sold by Alltricks, which is a subsidiary of Decathlon, which offers many references of very high quality.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team regularly publishes articles on classic and electric bikes.


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