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Canyon bikes : products to discover !


The German brand Canyon is one of the most forward-thinking bicycle manufacturers. Its founder is Roman Arnold, CEO of Canyon Bicycles GmbH. It all started with Radsport Arnold GmbH. Founded as a specialist trading company, the first Canyon bike appeared in 1996. Five years later, Arnold became active as Canyon Bicycles GmbH, an independent German manufacturer of mountain bikes, racing bikes and triathlon bikes. In June 2016, U.S. private equity firm TSG Consumer Partners GmbH acquired a minority stake in Canyon bike. Canyon bikes can now be purchased directly over the Internet thanks to a quick and easy setup.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Canyon bikes.

Canyon and the competitive sector 

Whether in the forest, in the mountains or on the road, the Canyon bike is on its way to becoming the number one in the high-end segment in Europe. These little gems divide the cycling world in Western countries into two parts of almost equal value. 

A volume market for low-priced bikes on the one hand and expensive bikes sold in small numbers to enthusiasts on the other. It is the latter half of the pie that Canyon has been attacking. And it’s taking a big chunk of it with a strong argument: it breaks the price of high-end bikes. And it does so with a quality comparable to that of its competitors.

Canyon, which uses German manufacturing as a massive seduction weapon, is almost 30% cheaper. To achieve this feat, Canyon relies on a simple idea, executed with skill: it sells its bikes directly over the Internet, bypassing traditional distribution.

Thanks to this network, Canyon can ship about 100,000 bikes a year via UPS, giving back to its customers the profits that its competitors pay to distributors.

Sponsorship at the professional level

From day one, Canyon has supported the racing community and equipped its original team for the UCI ProTour since 2007.

In 2014, the latest Canyon participated in its most publicized victories. Canyon bikes have also seen riders on the podium at the Pro Road Race World Championships, Tour de France stages, Ironman World Championships and, most recently, the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country World Championships.

Canyon now equips not only the Movistar WorldTour team, but also the Topeak-Ergon team. The brand Canyon also sponsors a number of triathletes and freeriders through the company’s Canyon Triathletes and Canyon Factory Freeride Team applications.

The Canyon bikes according to the use 

As you can imagine, Canyon bikes are available in a wide range of categories.

Multipurpose road bikes

If you are looking for a lightweight, aerodynamic and comfortable road bike, you will find the ultimate version at Canyon. The result is 3 versions that can be adapted to the rider’s needs.

The ultimate CFR (Canyon Factory racing)

It is the lightest disc bike in Japanese Ultra High Modulus (UHM) and Ultra High Tension (UHT) carbon materials. Its CP20 one-piece cockpit is also the lightest in the Canyon range.

The Ultimate CF SLX

It offers a good compromise between stiffness and weight to ensure good climbing performance and power on the road. Its tubes have an aerodynamic profile and to measure your wattage, Canyon equips most CF SLXs with a power sensor.

The Ultimate CF SL

It is an entry-level bike, light, solid and responsive. It is one of the comfortable road bikes that allows you to perform on very good materials. Both the Ultimate CF SL 8 Disc Aero for men and the Canyon Ultimate CF SL 8 Women are equipped with the Ultegra Di2 system with integrated speed sensor.

The endurance Canyon bikes

Endurace bikes are available with pad or disc brakes. The Canyon Endurace is available in several models. For example, you have carbon fiber, with the Endurace CF SLX. It’s the lightweight, powerful and comfortable winner of 2019. You’ll maintain the perfect stance for long-distance or mountain rides with professional gear.

Aerodynamic bikes

The Canyon Aeroad is a racing bike designed to be the fastest: it’s all about capturing a thousandth of a second. It should be noted that Canyon has designed its a road bikes with geometry to suit all profiles.

Triathlon and time trial bikes

The Canyon Speedmax invites you to send out the watts. You can set your riding position from aggressive to comfortable, adjusting your riding position to suit your situation and your ride.

Now you’re ready to kick up your heels on your fast, aerodynamic bike. The engineering team claims that at 45 km/h, the Canyon Speedmax CFR and CF SLX bikes are 9 watts faster than their predecessors.

And for women’s racing, the German bike manufacturer has developed a range of ergonomic and powerful Canyon Speedmax triathlon bikes for women.

The Canyon bikes inflite 

The lightweight carbon frame of these bikes (940 grams) is convenient to carry on the shoulder and its top tube is easy to grip. The seat tube is made of high quality carbon and reacts to uneven terrain, reducing discomfort and fatigue.

But the best part is the special geometry of the Canyon Inflite cyclocross bike: whatever your size, whatever your position, it is designed to win.  

Canyon mountain bikes 

Fully rigid or semi-rigid? Ultimate sport, all-terrain or Canyon dirt bike ? There are Canyon bikes for all types of activities.

The all-suspended Canyon mountain bikes collection

Canyon has a wide range of full-suspension mountain bikes

The cross-country bike: the Lux CF

The Lux CF Canyon mountain bikes are the perfect companion for fast XC rides. This Lux carbon mountain bike is designed for racing and doesn’t skimp on the means: smooth shifting thanks to its single sprocket and integrated chain guide. The Lux CF XC mountain bike is more suited for marathons, while the CF SLX is designed for touring.

The downhill bike: the Sender Canyon

The Canyon Sender CFR FMD mountain bike is ready to take on the World Cup downhill trails in search of performance. It’s a customizable bike in the sense that you can set it to the level you want.

  1. Headset cups allow for a smooth ride with a long wheelbase or a more dynamic and agile ride by shortening the wheelbase.
  2. There is a clearance of plus or minus 10 mm at the through axis. The shorter the position, the greater the maneuverability. On the other hand, a longer position stabilizes your machine.

You have the choice of settings according to your convenience.

The competition enduro: the strive

Because of the need to adapt to all types of gradients, both positive and negative, in endurance races, the bike manufacturer Canyon has invented the Shapeshifter technology. With this system, it is possible to adjust the geometry of the bike at the touch of a button while riding!

You can choose to have more stability on the downhill or more efficiency when you need to pedal. You play with :

  • Post-trip
  • Wheelbase
  • Base frame height
  • Seat angle
  • The Strive Canyon mountain bikes are available in CF carbon fiber, as well as the CFR version of the Canyon 2021 series.

    The jumping bike: the all-suspended Stitched

    In this type of Canyon dirt bike, you need a solid piece of equipment that can take the shock when you land and, above all, precision. This is the case with the Jump Stitched Canyon mountain bikes, which is equipped with RockShox suspension and is a guarantee of reliability. This model is used in races such as the FMB World Tour.

    Enduro leisure mountain bike: the Spectral

    Another model with modular geometry: the Spectral Canyon mountain bikes. This all-terrain bike adapts quickly to your route. Thanks to its state-of-the-art three-phase suspension, you can tackle any terrain, from small bumps to big obstacles, and have fun while riding.

    It is available in mountain Canyon e bike version with a 29″ front and 27.5″ rear wheel, 150 mm of travel and a Shimano E8000 motor.

    The All Mountain: the Neuron Canyon

    If you like to bike and occasionally ride at high altitude, choose the Neuron trail bike and its 130mm of front travel. Made of carbon and starting in 2021 of aluminum, the Neuron is comfortable and powerful. The Canyon e bike version of the Canyon Neuron:ON provides you with electric assistance when your legs can’t go any higher.

    The all-rounder: the Torque 

    The Canyon Torque CF is a multi-tasker. It performs well as an enduro, freeride or bike park bike. Jumps, turns and speed are no problem for it, it is stable and responsive.

    The Torque CF version follows the carbon hierarchy, while the Canyon Torque is an aluminum mountain bikes. Both models have 180 mm of front wheel travel and therefore respond well to downhill riding.

    The semi-rigid mountain bike collection

    Canyon puts its collection of semi-rigid mountain bikes at your disposal 

    The cross-country Canyon mountain bikes: the Exceed

    Among cross-country bikes, the Echidna shines in the semi-rigid category. It’s lighter than a full-suspension bike, but still powerful and fast. The 3 different materials influence the performance and price, while keeping the same geometry.

    • The Exceed CFR, made of Toray M40X carbon fiber, is much stiffer than regular fiber, but very strong. It is the lightest frame in the semi-rigid XC category.
    • The slightly heavier carbon fiber Exceed CF SLX weighs only 1,015 grams in size M.
    • The Exceed CF, with its M frame, weighs in at 1,312 grams, which is still pretty good.

    These are very durable and high performance bikes.

    The Canyon dirt bike: the Stitched semi-rigid 

    It is the twin of the full suspension. In Dirt, the aluminum frame is light enough for acrobatic performance. In the 2021 catalog, you will find 2 models in the semi-rigid category.

    • Stitched 360 sewn with Manitou Circus Sport fork.
    • Stitched 360 Pro avec fourche RockShox.

    These bikes remain maneuverable on the ground or precise when jumping.

    The versatile trail bike: the stoic

    The Stoic All Terrain Bike is a fun and versatile bike that can be used in mountain or off-road mode and can also be used to jump on bouncy trails. With its long travel (125mm to 145mm) and aggressive geometry, it will be a great choice. 

    The Mountain Bike Trail: the Grand Canyon 

    If you’re looking for single track and adventure trails, the Grand Canyon aluminum trail bike can help you get over the hurdles. It’s a comfortable bike at a reasonable price.

    If you need a boost, the Grand Canyon:ON electric mountain bikes are there to provide e bike Canyon when you need it. The battery and motor are hidden in the frame.

    The fatbike Canyon: the Dude

    This fat bike can be used on all terrains, snow, sand, singles, etc. We are talking about the stability of 3.8 inch tires mounted on 27.5 inch wheels. The Canyon Dude fat bike is designed with a carbon fiber frame. You will find 2 models available.

    • Buddy CF8 with rigid carbon fiber fork (Rude CF).
    • The CF9 guy with a 120mm Mastodon suspension fork.

    It is a very durable Canyon mountain bikes thanks to the stability of the tires.

    Which Canyon bikes to choose according to your practice ?

    We will talk here about Canyon bikes for daily cycling, for sporty rides or for urban travel.

    City bikes

    The Pathlite trekking bike is a sport bike with flat handlebars. The Pathlite Canyon has a lightweight aluminum frame and 40mm wide off-road tires. It is suitable for weekend rides or long hikes. It is also suitable for urban travel. 

    It is also very comfortable thanks to the road geometry of the Pathlite ON cross-country e bike Canyon. This Canyon e bike is equipped with 2 removable batteries capable of covering long distances. As an added bonus, this bike can be towed with a trailer to take your kids or pets along.

    Sports bikes

    The Canyon Roadlite sport bike offers an agile and responsive ride in the forest or in the wilderness. The Canyon Roadlite cross-country is available in carbon and aluminum versions. The advantage of this bike is that the carbon version is very light (8,26 kg for the Roadlite CF 9 LTD).

    The Canyon e bike version is still a lightweight model with only 15 kg. The Canyon Roadlite ON retains the feeling of pedaling. The e bike Canyon only works at the right moment and saves battery energy.

    The urban Canyon bikes with a sporty look

    If you’re a cyclist and want to get around town in a sporty way, this is the bike for you: the Canyon Commuter. It has a simple design with no unsightly welds or gears in the frame.

    This model has a nice touch: no more bike chains that get your clothes dirty. The Commuter Canyon bike is equipped with a carbon belt and is easy to maintain without lubricant.

    The Commuter can be used as an urban EV. The weight of the Commuter ON e-bike allows it to be carried on public transport or stored upstairs. It can even be converted into a conventional bicycle by removing the “training pack”.

    Canyon e bike for the city

    Finally, here is a stylish all-carbon e bike Canyon. This is the city Precede:ON Canyon e bike, ideal for urban commuting on bike paths. It has a very powerful Bosch Performance motor and is perfect for quick starts. The Precede is available in 2 models, with a low frame or a horizontal tube.

    The 3 best ebikes of the market

    Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Canyon electric bikes.

    Buying a Canyon e bike: what financial aid is available ?

    The purchase of a Canyon e bike is a good idea, as it allows you to travel long distances without getting tired. Subsidies, bonuses and other “eco-cheques” are a valuable financial support for the purchase, because these models are expensive.

    There are a number of local subsidies to help you get the most out of your Canyon e bike. In particular, residents of the Ile-de-France and Lyon regions can benefit from a €500 grant for the purchase of an Canyon e bike.

    There are a number of local subsidies to help you get the most out of your Canyon e bike. In particular, residents of the Ile-de-France and Lyon regions can benefit from a €500 grant for the purchase of an Canyon e bike.

    It is only available if you have already received assistance from the local authority. Also, the amount cannot exceed the amount provided for the community concerned.

    It is only granted to purchasers whose income tax assessment for the year preceding the acquisition is zero. These aids are another reason to rediscover cycling on your commute, in your spare time or just to keep fit.

    Looking for a product for all your travels should not be an obstacle course. That’s why some brands have taken the problem head on by offering all-round road companions. If you have trouble finding the right product, experts are there to advise you on the best product for your needs.

    In order to accompany you in your purchase, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on electric and traditional bikes