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Moustache Samedi 27: a purely French mountain bike

moustache-samedi-27-photo principale

The electric bike is by far the most practical way to get around town. It is also an excellent solution to go hiking in the countryside. Among the most popular electric bikes on the market, we find the products of the French brand Moustache. Discover all the essential points to know about the Moustache Samedi 27 by browsing this article until the end.

The Moustache brand

Before talking to you about the electric bike itself, it seems appropriate to tell you about the brand and the products it offers.

Creation and history

Moustache Bikes is a Vosges-based brand particularly famous in the world of electric bikes. It is a new entrant in the market, since this manufacturing company was only created in 2011. The name “Moustache”, both original and intriguing, was thought to honor the shape of the handlebars of the bikes from the brand.

This brand has been able to impose itself on its competitors by imposing a real signature in terms of design. Moreover, the creations of the brand are easily recognizable among many others.

Whether you are looking for a city bike, an electric mountain bike or a model specially designed for hiking, Moustache Bikes has what you need.

The brand never stops innovating, not only to anticipate users’ needs, but also to challenge the competition with models that are efficient, ergonomic, reliable, stylish and above all comfortable. Each Moustache is endowed with atypical features that create a true identity.

Partnership and range

In order to offer you the best, the Vosges-based brand has developed a close collaboration with the Bosch company. This partnership has allowed us to reinforce the quality and reliability of the equipment of the bikes designed by Moustache Bikes. This includes batteries and motors.

The Moustache Bikes brand has developed a wide range of bikes, with rather atypical names: Lundi, Friday, Samedi, Dimanche.

You will inevitably find an electrically assisted bicycle adapted to your practice in this sign. Indeed, you will be able to choose among a broad range for all the types of practices namely: city bike, cross-country, road bike, mountain bike and children.

If you want to learn more about the brand and the products it offers, you can always refer to our dedicated article.

Presentation of the Moustache Samedi 27

The electric bike Moustache Samedi 27 Wide 4 is the ideal model to explore new horizons and exceed your limits. This model of electric bike will allow you to leave your comfort zone and the beaten tracks.

You will be able to ride on forest trails, from the most basic to the most technical. No matter how complex the terrain, you’ll always feel confident with this mustachio electric bike. This one is equipped with a particularly reliable motorization and a powerful battery.

The Moustache Samedi Wide 4 electric bike is undoubtedly one of the best models for setting off on new mountain biking adventures with complete peace of mind. The design of this model has also been thought to offer you a pleasant riding experience.

Features of the Moustache Samedi 27

How works Moustache Samedi 27

The Moustache Samedi Wide 24 takes advantage of all the benefits offered by the new Bosch Perfromance Line CX motor. It is particularly well known for its compactness and lightness. In addition to its unmatched performance, this new motor is especially known for its considerable reduction in friction.

It takes up much less space than previous engine models. This can be seen in the overall look and weight of the bike. This motor has a power rating of 250W, with optimized dynamism and agility. In any case, this little gem from Moustache Bikes is powerful enough for off-road use.


This time Moustache Bikes has opted for the integration of a 625 Wh battery that is not very complex, but has interesting aesthetic characteristics. This battery is particularly efficient in terms of mass centering. It is also appreciated for its long autonomy. This is a parameter that is true to the image of the Moustache Bikes brand.

Of course, the autonomy of the bike will depend on a number of criteria. Indeed, the weather conditions, the type of terrain encountered, the weight of the user and the accessories on board have a significant impact on the autonomy of the electric bike Moustache Samedi 27.

This “truly integrated” battery also stands out because of its reduced weight, in addition to its long life and exceptional performance. On average, it takes only 4 hours to recharge, depending on the capacity of the battery and the charger used.

Moustache Samedi 27 equipment

The Moustache Samedi 27 Wide 4 electric bike is equipped with a variety of features to give you the best riding experience. It is equipped with an aluminum frame, a RockShox Recon TK fork, a Magic Grip Control 120 shock absorber, a Sram SX Eagle 34 tooth chainring and a Sram SX Eagle 12 speed shifter.

But also an aluminum crankset, Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc brakes, 28 holes aluminum rims and double wall as well as aluminum platform pedals with reflectors. This electric bike is also equipped with a Bosch Purion display with 5 modes: Eco, Tour, eMTB, Turbo and Off. It has the “Walk assist” functionality.

Safety and comfort

This electric bike model from the famous brand Moustache Bikes offers all the comfort you need for your exploits in the great outdoors. The notion of comfort is specific to each one. Indeed, some will prefer elements of comfort while others will evaluate as secondary and vice versa.

Nevertheless, the Moustache Samedi 27 electric bicycle is a means of locomotion rich in equipment in favor of this criterion. That’s why it is equipped with Maxxis Rekon tires with soft beads, guaranteeing optimal comfort on secondary terrain.

The seat is also designed to keep you comfortable during your rides. In addition, the SB3 Race One Lock grips ensure great maneuverability.

Big positive point for this product, the brand offers guarantees. Indeed, they are 5 years for the aluminum frame and the fork, and 2 years for the motor, the battery and all the accessories.

Weight and size

The Moustache Samedi 27 Wide 4 electric bike is available in several sizes: S, M, L and XL. However, in order not to make a mistake on the perfect size for you, do not hesitate to consult the size guide. This one is conditioned by many parameters.

These include seat tube, top tube, chainstay length, head tube, head angle, seat tube angle, wheelbase, stack and reach. It is an electric bike suitable for both men and women. Its weight is 23.5 kilos, which is relatively light for an electric bike.

The weight is an important variable to take into account. It is true that the heavier an electric bicycle is, the more difficult it is for the user to handle. This is the strength of this means of transportation: its weight. It allows it to be more manageable and therefore easier to handle by the cyclist.

In order to realize this aspect, it seems appropriate to visit a retailer to test the product directly in the store. Or simply rely on the opinions of consumers on exchange platforms or forums.

The Price

The price of a means of transport of this type is one of the most important criteria. Indeed, it is one of the points determining the purchase or not of a product. The electric bike Moustache Samedi 27 Wide 4 is today proposed at the price of 4 599 euros. We are aware that this amount may seem excessive or even dissuasive.

Nevertheless, you have to see the product as a whole and understand that the embedded technologies, accessories and equipments also have a price.

If this is a real obstacle for you, you should know that the government, the regions and the communes have set up a number of aids. And this with the aim of helping the French to switch to green energy in all circumstances and thus to move away from modes of transport running on fossil fuels. We suggest you learn more in the following section.

Purchase aids

Because the purchase of an electric bicycle is not a straw. Moreover, for some households, it is a real investment that requires more thought. As for the Moustache Samedi 27 the price is quite consequent, 4 599€, it is important to know if there is any help for the purchase.

Well, you should know that in some countries of the European Union there is financial aid. As in France for example, subsidies were set up by the State and by the communities in order to help the French to acquire a means of locomotion with electric assistance. There are conditions to have access to these precious aids.

Nevertheless, they remain quite general and therefore allow a good part of the French population to have access to them. Here are the conditions that your means of transportation must respect in order to be eligible for the aid.

It must be new and its battery must not be made of lead. It must be considered as a pedal-assisted bicycle as defined by the highway code and cannot be sold or transferred by the purchaser within one year of its acquisition. To give you an idea, here are the different aids available in France:

  • National aid: 20% of the amount including tax or 200€.
  • Regional aid: from 150€ to 600€, never more than half the price of the bike
  • Municipal aid: the amounts vary according to the cities, 400€ for a electric bike in Paris for example

To know if you are eligible or simply to have more information about these aids, you can go to the government website or even better, go directly to the town hall. The latter will be able to advise you on the steps to be taken, eligibility and the time required to process applications.

The competition

The competitive context is really particular in the field of the electric bike. Indeed, this market is becoming more and more important and many brands, more or less known, wish to take part in this great revolution. It is therefore all the more difficult for the consumer to find his way.

It is true that brands are fighting a merciless war. They offer products of all kinds, more or less qualitative and whose prices vary enormously. Thus, it is no longer simply a market but an ocean or even a real jungle for the future buyer.

How do I know if this brand is good or not. Or even if this product really corresponds to me or not. That’s why, we realize for you articles in order to provide you the necessary details before launching you in the purchase of an electric bike Moustache for example. Finally, you should know that some groups such as Decathlon are trusted brands whose product quality is no longer to be proven.

The advantages of electric bike

It is an accessible bike that can adapt to all types of terrain. It has a Sram SK Eagle 12 speed transmission, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for powerful braking, a compact and modern geometry.

Finally, the user can enjoy a modern and ergonomic design. Indeed its trapezoidal frame, makes it easier “to access”. It is therefore easier to get on and off the electric bike Moustache Samedi 27.

To conclude

In short, the electric bike Moustache Samedi 27 Wide is undoubtedly an essential ally. It will offer you all the pleasures of adventures in natural environment. It will not leave out the comfort of the user. On the contrary, it will make his experience even better.

Moreover, you will be able to ride it to explore different types of terrain, from flat trails to the roughest slopes. You will enjoy a sensational experience on this modern electric bike. Last but not least, you can count on an ultra complete product, with significant features and high quality materials.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily tests and reviews of various traditional and electric bikes.


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