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Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 Allroad : The German cross-country pro

Safe, flexible and elegant, the Cube Cross Hybrid electric bikes are the benchmark in electrically assisted bicycles ! A powerful motor, a tireless battery, reliable brakes and a sleek look… that’s what the CUBE brand has to offer for riding in the city or on the trails. If you are interested in this menu and want to know more, then discover the complete presentation of the Cube cross hybrid pro 625 allroad !

The Cube brand

Created 30 years ago in Germany, the Cube brand is today one of the world leaders in the world of bicycles. Indeed, the models of the German firm are different from other products on the market, thanks to their unique designs and the latest equipment they have. Meeting all safety and quality standards, Cube bikes are powerful, easy to handle and reliable.

The brand is exported to more than 35 countries and meets the expectations of professionals and amateurs alike. To learn more about the brand and the products it markets, we invite you to read our article dedicated to the Cube electric bike.

The Cube bike ranges

Whether you ride your bike for competitions, for a ride or to go to work, you are sure to find the model you need at Cube! Indeed, its catalog is impressive and it includes road bikes, mountain bikes, mountain bikes or all kinds of electric bikes. Moreover, this brand is not exclusively reserved for men, since women and children are also entitled to perfectly adapted prototypes.

Presentation of the Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 Allroad

At first glance, this means of locomotion looks like a classic bike. However, as soon as you start pedaling, you feel the pleasure of riding a mountain bike but with electric assistance to relieve you in the most difficult moments.

Technical specifications of the Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 Allroad


This Cube Cross Hybrid electric bike is both an excellent mountain bike and a high-performance EV. Indeed, it has the powerful fourth generation Bosch Performance CX engine, which provides an impressive 85 Nm of torque.

On the off-road side, the Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 Allroad is a dream for all cross-country enthusiasts. Indeed, its 12-speed transmission is ultra smooth and gear changes are made without constraint. Moreover, its design is perfect.

Indeed, it is equipped with a conical head tube and a 100 mm suspension fork, which confer an unequalled precision of piloting and an optimal control. The Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 Allroad is very robust. All this thanks to its two carbon and aluminum triangles. They bring lightness, flexibility and resistance in all circumstances..


The Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh lithium-ion battery makes the CROSS HYBRID bike ideal for long and sporty rides. It guarantees you a long range, since you can ride for about 150 km at full power. In addition, it is fully integrated into the cross tube of the bike, making it completely invisible.

Weight and size

This electric cross-crountry bike weighs 24.5 kg which is slightly high. But we can say that its design and handling make it very pleasant and easy to ride, wherever you go. The maximum weight supported by this means of locomotion is 135 kg.

It includes the weight of the user, but also the weight of the accessories and the electric bike. For even more comfort, you can choose between different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

Comfort and safety

Now let’s talk about safety and comfort. We can say that the Shimano XT/SLX 12 speed transmission and the Shimano M400 hydraulic disc brakes make the riding of this cross-country electric bike as smooth as reliable.

Whatever the weather conditions, you will be able to tackle even the roughest trails. It’s very smooth, and in case of emergency, the braking quality will be optimal! Finally, its SR Suntour XCR 32 suspension fork and wide tires will offer you incredible comfort. You will enjoy it all along your outings in town or in the countryside.


The Allroad version of the Cube cross also features a Bosch Kiox display. This screen will allow you to manage the level of assistance and it will display the instantaneous, average and total speeds, the daily and total mileage but also the time, the travel time and the engine power. A Micro-USB plug allows you to recharge your smartphone or your GPS. It is removable to keep it with you when you park your bike in a public place.

2.4 inch Maxxis tires, and Newmen wheels that offer perfect grip. On top of that, this Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 Allroad bike comes with a lighting system, a mudguard and a kickstand.


The maintenance of this electric bike is very simple. Indeed, we advise you to clean it with soapy water. After each ride and store the battery in a dry and temperate place.

Prices and purchase aids

Admittedly, the Cube cross hybrid pro electric bike is available from 3,355 euros, but that’s not surprising, as it’s a very high-quality product.

Its quality-price ratio is therefore excellent because of the quality of its equipment. Like many electric bikes, the purchase of this model allows you to take advantage of a bonus offered by the state and by your city.

Indeed, several European Union countries offer financial aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle. As in France, for example, these aids can rise to 500 €. We advise you to check with your city hall to verify this.

The advantages of the Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 Allroad

To summarize, here is the list of advantages of this electric bike:

  • The Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX engine with its very sporty behavior
  • Fully integrated, long-life battery
  • Easy to ride and comfortable frame
  • Shimano 12-speed transmission
  • Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes
  • Practical accessories: mudguards, lights and kickstand

To conclude

The Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 Allroad is a versatile, durable and easy to ride electric bike. Its sleek and sporty look sets it apart from other electric bikes, which are much larger and less maneuverable. With this electric bike Cube Cross Hybrid pro, you can ride fast and long, in a relaxed and serene way.

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