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Elops 940e : Our opinion on the Decathlon electric bicycle

The best electric city bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

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Electric bikes are now part of our daily landscape. Indeed, there is a whole range of them and different types that are perfectly adapted to our lifestyle or to the type of practice we want to do. The French brand Decathlon has understood this and offers bikes adapted to each of the possible practices. Today, we are going to present you one of them, the Btwin Elops 940e electric bike and give you our opinion about it.

The electric Elops from Decathlon

Varied but of quality, the range of Decathlon city bikes offers several quality bikes for any budget. For this, the first prices defy all competition! The Decathlon electric bike offer the same quality as the ordinary Elops. The latter have been very successful with the French public.

The Elops 940e electric, whatever it is, has an exceptional quality of manufacture and a very elegant finish and design. Judge for yourself !

Presentation of the Btwin Elops 940e

Btwin is a brand of bicycles offered by the French company Decathlon. Today, it is offered in electric versions! In view of the craze for clean vehicles, the group has decided to enter the market! It offers us today an electric bicycle of city, the Btwin Elops 940 e.

The key words of the Elops 940e are comfort and safety! Thus, it will be ideal as well for the short trips in town as for the long rides. Indeed, it combines 2 essential criteria.

Our opinion on the Btwin Elops 940e

At first glance

The Decathlon Btwin Elops 940e electric bicycle is an urban type of transportation. Thanks to its electric assistance, you can boost your long distance or steep routes. As for the electric bike Elops 500 E from Decathlon, it is not more bulky than a classic bike!

So there is no need to store it. For your comfort, you should also know that it has a lifetime warranty on the frame, stem and handlebars !

Technical specifications of the Elops 940e

Power and operation

With the Elops 940e, Decathlon offers an electric bicycle with a comfortable and powerful Shimano Steps 250W central motor that meets the European standard. The torque of the latter is about 50Nm. You can choose between 3 operating modes and a “walk” function that allows you to avoid having to support the weight of your Decathlon electric bicycle.


As far as autonomy is concerned, with the assistance of this Decathlon electric bike you can ride up to 90km! All this is only possible thanks to the battery that it embarks. Indeed, the Btwin Elops 940e is equipped with a Shimano battery of 36 volts/11,6Ah which is guaranteed 2 years.

Please note that the autonomy of this means of transportation is variable. Indeed, several external elements can reduce it, such as the user’s weight, the use of the Decathlon electric bicycle, the difference in altitude, the assistance mode chosen or the weather conditions.

Weight and size of the Elops 940e

As for its colleague the electric bike Btwin Elops 500e of Decathlon, the maximum weight allowed on this electric bike is 125kg (with user, luggage, baby carrier, basket,…). As for the weight of the bike itself, you can also expect a product of about 26kg. Regarding the sizes, the Elops 940e electric bike is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL:

  • Size S/M: For cyclists between 5’5″ and 5’7″ tall
  • Size L/XL: For cyclists between 5’10” and 5’10” tall

In size S/M, the bike weighs 25.9 kg, compared to 26.1 kg for the L/XL version.

Equipment and lighting

In terms of equipment and lighting, in our opinion the Btwin Elops 940 e electric bike from Decathlon is a phenomenon. It offers its users an LCD screen directly implanted at the handlebars allowing them to consult the instantaneous speed, the level of charge of the battery or the chosen electric assistance mode.

The tricolor group provides this electric bike with several accessories such as a rear luggage rack, mudguards, a chain guard, an aluminum stand and a bell. As for the lighting, you can count on the 20 LUX LED integrated into the frame of the Elops 940 e.

This allows you to be visible from the back at a height of 150m and to see in front on 45m. You can also control the lighting directly from your handlebars. This companion of road is declined in 2 sizes, a size M for cyclists from 1m55 to 1m75 and a size L for cyclists from 1m75 to 1m95.

Comfort and safety

As far as safety is concerned, this Btwin Elops 940e does wonders. Indeed, it is equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear. These will allow for better braking, requiring less effort for the user! The most important thing is to be seen by other users, and the brand has understood this.

Decathlon has therefore decided to add reflective strips to this electric bicycle. For your comfort, the company has equipped this Elops 940 e electric bike with a suspension fork to limit vibrations related to the roughness of the road, an ultra comfortable saddle and large section tires.

The price of the Elops 940e

The Elops 940 e is an electric city bike offered by Decathlon at a price of €. This is quite a high price and even a real investment. However, the quality of the on-board equipment and the elements integrated into it counterbalance this tendency a little.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that the purchase of such a means of transportation represents a real budget. And the products on the market are sometimes much more expensive than the electric bike offered by Decathlon.

Consumers’ opinions

Many users have already left positive reviews of the Elops 940e. An electric city bike that gets good reviews.

I recommend this Elops 940 e electric bike which for me is complete. I use it for a journey from home to work, an average of 12 km per day. It is very nice and comfortable. The battery lasts an average of 65 km, noting that I have hills to climb and I use it in speed mode often. The seat is quite comfortable, I plan to add a rear view mirror and a basket at the back. I find it convenient to have the same key for the battery and the lock. Its only drawback would be the engine which is a little bit noisy but nothing bad we get used to it. A very satisfying purchase.

Assistance for the purchase of an electric bicycle

The purchase aid is a current topic since the state has been proposing for several years now premiums allowing to benefit from a discounted price. A bit like the subsidies for electric cars, the state is pushing citizens to go electric on two wheels.

This is an important environmental issue at a time when standards for polluting vehicles are being tightened. These subsidies can be combined with those set up by local authorities and allow significant discounts on certain electric bikes. To find out more, we advise you to contact your local authorities.

To conclude

This electric bike offered by Decathlon, offers a number of features that will undoubtedly seduce you. Indeed, the Btwin Elops 940e is a product made for the city and made to follow you during your rides. It is equipped with essential elements related to safety but also and especially to comfort.

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