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Renault Captur Hybrid: discover the model

Renault is innovating and is now offering a rechargeable hybrid version of its emblematic SUV, the Renault Captur Hybrid. To launch this new E-Tech hybrid version, Renault and Publicis Groupe have launched a film directed by Katia Lewkowicz (Grand Bazar). The film focuses on the brand's historical links with cycling between 1978 and 1985. It…

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Peugeot 3008 hybrid: what should we remember ?

The French car manufacturer Peugeot produces high quality vehicles. These are appreciated throughout Europe and the world. However, with the challenge of green transportation, the French company is turning to the production of hybrid models with a significantly low CO2 emission rate. This includes the Peugeot 3008 plug in hybrid model. Discover in this article…

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Fuji bikes: models from another continent

Choosing a bike is a crucial step that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, choosing a model rather than another is not necessarily an easy thing. There are many choices, many opportunities, but the prices are sometimes astronomical. That's why we suggest you discover the Fuji bikes brand The 3 best bikes of the market…

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Gitane E zumba, an electric city bike

Before discovering and understanding how a product works, you have to get to know the group that makes it. What if today you were to get to know the company Gitane ? It is a French company specialized in the realization of means of transport using green energy. We would like to give you our…

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Review E vision Folda electric bicycle

At a time when French citizens are facing major transportation problems due to numerous public transport strikes, many of them have turned to electric bikes. Getting around in urban traffic, avoiding fatigue thanks to the electric assistance, the electric bike brings many advantages already mentioned in our numerous reviews. But have you ever thought about…

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E vision Prelude electric bike review

The problems related to mobility are more and more palpable by the French! Many are looking for alternative solutions to the public transport they usually use. And for good reason, they no longer wish to be dependent on the strikes carried out by the transport companies. This is why, today, many have found in the…

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Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bike review

The market of green mobility is nowadays not to be presented anymore. Indeed, you certainly hear about it all the time with electric cars or electric bikes. You must certainly get lost among all the offers that a multitude of retailers propose to you. That's why we thought it was important to bring you the…

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