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Husqvarna bikes, at the service of your practice


The love affair between bicycles and human beings is not new. In fact, this means of transportation has undergone many transformations over the years. From year to year, manufacturers have made huge improvements in order to meet customers’ expectations. The Husqvarna bikes brand has set itself apart from its competitors by offering high quality Husqvarna bikes. The 122-year-old brand offers bikes that combine comfort, convenience and quality.

Husqvarna bikes for a better world

Change the world ! This is the great and noble ambition of the Husqvarna bike brand. Aware that the world is constantly changing, Husqvarna is not going to do it without. To this end, the brand’s primary objective is to seize the opportunity offered by electric mobility to write a new chapter in its history.

The brand is already offering products that are accessible to a large number of people, starting with its Husqvarna electric power bikes. In addition, the quality of Husqvarna’s two-wheeled products has made the company stand out in its more than 100 years of existence.

Husqvarna is well known to the public thanks to its ingenuity, and it intends to take a definitive position in the electrically assisted bicycle market. Its main strength is quality, and it is undoubtedly conquering the world. What Husqvarna also wants is to open up new perspectives for its customers.

It is therefore breathing new life into electric mobility. To this end, it communicates its enthusiasm, creativity and innovative spirit to the public through its Husqvarna bikes.

Also, because it plans to do better and go further than its competitors, the Husqvarna brand is working hard to achieve its goals. It gives everyone the means to discover the joys and pleasures of cycling.

The best electric bike on the market

Our team of experts has selected just for you the best electrically assisted bikes on the market today. So you have to discover the direct competitors of the Husqvarna bike brand.

And discover other electric bikes :


The different ranges of Husqvarna bikes

Husqvarna is impressing the world of two-wheelers like never before. The Husqvarna brand is very popular with the public, as it is constantly innovating to offer top of the line products.

The different ranges of Husqvarna bikes available on the market. There are several product lines of the Husqvarna brand when it comes to bikes.

The Husqvarna All Mountain Electric Bike

This Husqvarna e bike is designed to meet the needs of nature lovers. Indeed, those who want to ride in the mountains can opt for the Mountain Cross.

For a ride in the woods or any other hike, the Husqvarna mountain bike is what you need, as it’s built to handle the trails that lead to the heart of nature with ease.

It’s versatile and powerful, and provides comfort and peace of mind. Thanks to its capacity, you can safely climb any mountain or hill. Also, it is also resistant to the steepest trails. There are several types of Mountain Cross on the market. It’s up to you to make a choice that meets your aspirations.


The Husqvarna Enduro electric mountain bike

The Husqvarna Enduro mountain bike offers many alternatives for riders who want to take on terrain never before possible. Strong and durable, the Husqvarna Hard Cross is the perfect way to master and develop new skills.

With it, you can conquer terrain once thought impossible. Like the Husqvarna All Mountain bike, it’s also available in a variety of forms. So, to choose the right electric mountain bike for you, it is important to consider a few things.

The Husqvarna downhill electric mountain bike

Downhill bikes are perfect for those who want to defy the laws of gravity. With incredible power, these Husqvarna bikes will get you up and down the slopes with equal ease.


The Husqvarna hardtail electric mountain bike

Adventure riders will appreciate this Husqvarna mountain bike. The bikes in this line are powerful, versatile and durable. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned rider or a professional, the Husqvarna hardtail mountain bike is the right choice for you, because it has all the essentials to get you out on your adventure.


The Husqvarna Gravel electric bike

The Husqvarna Gravel will be your perfect ally on any trail. It gives you the flexibility and ability to change your riding preferences without compromising the fun of the experience.


The Husqvarna trekking electric bike

The electric cross-country bike is ideal for your movements in town. It will accompany you to make beautiful strolls on the country roads. Thanks to the electric assistance integrated into this bicycle, you will be able to free yourself from the relief for long excursions without tiring you.


The Husqvarna e bike of city

With the Husqvarna Urban bike, you’ll be able to enjoy your daily commute with complete peace of mind. Its light weight allows you to weave through traffic and congested streets. Its power and comfort make it easy to explore new neighborhoods.


From the history to the creation of the Husqvarna bikes brand

Husqvarna was originally a Swedish company founded in 1689 and took its name from its home town. It manufactured muskets until 1757 when some owners bought it and expanded it to other areas. Only then did Husqvarna begin to manufacture motorcycles, household appliances, chainsaws and more.

Little by little, the history of mobility was rewritten by Husqvarna through the reproduction of the wheel. Since then, Husqvarna Bicycles has never remained static, it has evolved over time and is considered to this day one of the oldest bicycle brands.

Whether it’s design, finesse, features or performance, Husqvarna Bicycles are made with great care and attention.

They are easily recognizable, as they have a high recognition value and high quality. Moreover, the Husqvarna brand is known for the quality of the products it offers in the market. In addition to quality, this company also offers items that perform well, are stable and last over time.

Thanks to its many years of experience, Husqvarna has accumulated success after success, especially when it comes to motorcycles. Husqvarna sells its bikes to both private and professional customers. The company works hard to meet the needs and requirements of its customers.

How to choose your Husqvarna e bike ?

Choosing the right bike shouldn’t be done on a whim. In fact, there are many things you will need to consider in order to choose a bike that is right for you. Also, you need to ask yourself the right questions in order to make a wise choice.

Why do I need an e bike Husqvarna ? What size ? What price ? Answering these questions will help you make a good investment.

Make a good choice of Husqvarna bikes according to its use

If you don’t determine in advance what you’re buying a bike for, you may make the wrong choice. You’ll be tempted to choose a multi-purpose bike, in other words, a bike that does everything. This may not be the right choice.

If you can figure out why you need a bike, then you’ll know which one to choose from the many models available. However, there are other criteria that you will need to take into account to narrow down your choice in terms of an electric bike.

The frame, handlebars and saddle

It is recommended to choose steel for your bike. Aluminum is a light material. Thus, choose a handlebar slightly curved upwards and backwards to allow you to have a good control. In addition, adjusting the height of the handlebars as well as its inclination will allow you to find an excellent adjustment.

Also, for a comfortable position once you are on your bike, please choose an appropriate saddle. For women, a wide saddle will ensure comfort and safety. On the other hand, it is preferable for men to choose a saddle with a good longitudinal groove.


Other Husqvarna bikes components

The next thing to consider is:

The characteristics of the bike and the type of route it will be able to cover (distance, relief)
Comfort (posture, position)
Design and brand

These points will help you make the right choice in terms of motorization, motor and battery capacity, etc. Buying an electric bike should not be done lightly and it has never been easy for a cyclist to choose the right Husqvarna e bike.


The choice of the motorization for a good electric bike

The engine plays a rather important role. It represents the essence of the proper functioning of the electric bike. To this end, when choosing your electric bicycle, the first element to consider is the location of the motor.

Nevertheless, it is not always easy to choose between the different types of motors that exist on the market. To this end, make sure that the electric motor is located at the level :

The front wheel of the bicycle (front wheel motor)
The rear wheel of the electric bicycle
The crankset

The pedal motor has multiple sensors such as :

Torque sensors
Cadence sensors
Speed sensors

In addition, the motors of electric bikes offer cyclists different sensations. These include the sensation of pushing, progressive or fluid pedaling, and many others.

It is therefore important to make a comparison before proceeding with the final purchase of your bike. The second parameter to take into account is the battery. The vast majority of electric bikes now use lithium technology.

To this end, the choice of the battery must be made according to its technology, its capacity, its autonomy, its speed of load. You must also consider the robustness, reliability, weight and location of the battery before buying your electric bike. These different elements are not to be neglected to make a good choice of electric bike.


What size should I choose when choosing an electric bike ?

The size of the electric bike is usually expressed in numbers or letters such as XL, L, M and S. Here, the advice of your salesman will be very useful, as he will be able to give you the necessary information to choose the right size.

If you are in a quandary, it will help you choose the size of the bike that will suit you best and that will allow you to ride safely without feeling any pain. Also, depending on the model, the height can be high or low. You will then need to adjust the bike to the height that suits you.

The price allocated to the purchase of an electric bicycle

It is important to set a budget for the purchase of your e bike Husqvarna. It’s important to set a budget for your Husqvarna e bike, because there’s no doubt that high-quality products are timeless and sometimes even timeless.

To provide soothing and persuasive answers regarding the cost of an electric bike, then know that there are plenty of solutions today. In reality, these are the financing solutions that will allow you to buy the electric bike you want. These are for example:

Consumer credit
Long-term rental solutions
Local subsidies
National subsidies

What financial aid is available for the purchase of a Husqvarna bikes ?

Reducing gas emissions in cities as much as possible is one of the government’s objectives. Thus, the government and certain communities have decided to encourage the population to take eco-responsible actions by granting them aid.

Anyone wishing to purchase an electrically assisted bicycle will receive financial assistance from either the government or the local authorities. Let’s take the example of France


The different aids available

The state is taking some valuable steps to get the population to adopt life-saving gestures and opt for healthy behaviors. Implemented since February 19, 2017 and still valid until today, the State grants electric bike bonuses to people who want to buy an electric bike.

To this end, it encourages the use of mobilities that do not emit harmful or polluting gases, electrically assisted bicycles. Thus, the aid granted by the State is in fact a bonus electric bike. This bonus, regardless of your geographical location on French territory, does not exceed 200 euros.

In addition, there are also subsidies that are granted by local authorities and municipalities. The subsidies allocated to a cyclist for the purchase of his or her electric bike can be paid by the commune, the department or the region.

Conditions of eligibility to receive the electric bike bonus from the State

To benefit from the bonus offered by the State for the purchase of an electrically-assisted bicycle, you must of course meet certain conditions. Indeed, you must reside in France, be of age (over 18 years old at the time of purchase).

Then, you must have already received a subsidy from a local or regional authority. And finally, you must have a reference tax income per unit that does not exceed 13,489 euros. Please note that the electric bike bonus will only be awarded to you when the bike meets certain criteria.

The characteristics of the Husqvarna bikes purchased

The electric bicycle must meet certain criteria before you can benefit from the bonus granted by the State. Indeed, the bike must be new and must not have a lead battery.

Then, it must meet the description given by the article R311-1 of the Code of the road to the cycle assisted pedaling. Moreover, you will only benefit once from the government’s financial aid to buy your electric bike.

And even if you buy more than one mountain bike later, you will not be eligible for any subsidy. It is also important to note that if you are eligible, you will only really receive the government’s electric bikebonus when you retain ownership of the Husqvarna electric mountain bike for at least one year. Thus, you must make a commitment not to resell the bike for at least three years.

The amount of the electric bike premium allocated by the government

First of all, the amount of the electric bike bonus from the government complements the one that the community grants. This means that you can cumulate these two aids. And as we have already notified you, the amount of aid allocated by the State is strictly 200 euros.

The steps to follow to receive assistance in the purchase of a Husqvarna bikes

The application for financial aid is made online via the website of the Agency of Services and Payment (ASP). This must be done within 6 months after the date of the bike’s invoice.

Once the form is filled in, it is sent to the regional office of the ASP with some attachments. These are supporting documents such as:

A copy of the identity card, passport, residence permit, etc.
A copy of a document proving the existence of a residence and which is less than 3 months old
Proof of the purchase invoice for the electric bicycle

Choosing your electrically assisted bicycle should not be done lightly. It is a long-term investment, because an excellent, high-end electric bike will still be useful to you even after years of use. It is therefore important to make a good choice and to take advantage of government financial aid if necessary.


It is imperative that you define your needs and your budget before you start looking for your ideal travel companion. Then, you will be able to start the search. It will be possible for you to target the products on which to linger and those to avoid. We are convinced that you will find the right product for you at Husqvarna.

To help you make the right purchase, the OnMyBike team regularly publishes articles on electric and traditional bikes