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Globber scooter: for children and adults


If you’re a bit observant, you’ve probably noticed these people weaving in and out of traffic, standing on their electric scooters. This sight may have brought a smile to your face and some childhood memories. Well, you’re not the only one who has noticed! Today, scooters are a popular way to get around for people who live in urban areas. But what about children? Well, check out the Globber scooter models.

The context

Light, fast and pleasant, the scooter offers a new driving experience. Thanks to it, one can easily cross traffic jams to avoid arriving late. On the other hand, this machine is very economical, since it runs on electricity. These are the reasons why people buy scooters.

Globber is one of the most famous French brands in the world of scooters. For several years, this company has been marketing ergonomic, easy-to-handle and, above all, pleasant models for the enjoyment of young and old alike.

The company stands out from its competitors because of the healthy and fulfilling lifestyle it advocates. The Globber scooter brand is a reference for all those who want to buy a scooter for themselves or their children.

In this article we take you on a journey of discovery of the Globber scooter. We are sure you will fall in love with it too!


The best electric scooters on the market

Our team of experts has selected just for you the best scooters currently on the market. Find out which scooters are the direct competitors of the Globber scooter.


Choosing the Globber scooter means opting for a safe value

The scooter is a rather particular means of locomotion. Okay, compared to a motorcycle, it may not look like much. However, it compensates for this defect by very interesting advantages. This is why many people choose to buy one for their urban travel.

If you are also considering buying a scooter, you should know that the Globber scooter models are by far the most competitive on the market. They will make you discover an incredible pleasure of driving. We’ll show you some of their advantages.


A design that meets your exact needs

The Globber scooter is an excellent alternative for getting around. It has been designed to meet the exact needs of consumers. The design of the Globber scooters offers maximum safety, comfort and balance. Thus, these little wonders are a great way to get around.

After electric cars and electric bikes, electric scooters are becoming more and more popular these days. In France, their use has become a real trend. Globber scooter is one of the brands that started it.

For a long time now, Globber has been offering 100% electric scooters that make your journeys less tiring and more pleasant. Say goodbye to the tedious task of pushing the scooter with one foot!


Globber scooter, for “a world that rolls”!

The Globber company was created in 2014 by experienced experts, in love with urban gliding and happiness. Very quickly, it has established itself in this market as a key player. Its products and accessories combine quality, safety and comfort with the pleasure of riding. They are intended for children, teenagers and adults.

Globber has not only democratized the use of scooters. The famous brand has also revolutionized the conventional scooter with reliable concepts, attractive design and new features. That’s why Globber scooters have received numerous awards, such as the 2020 Toy Award in the Outdoor category.

Users of Globber scooters especially appreciate their excellent handling and versatility. Such comments are proof of the know-how and expertise of this brand. In short, life becomes easier, more pleasant and healthier when you have your Globber scooter!


Models for the whole family and all uses

Riding a scooter is an exhilarating experience. And so that everyone can enjoy this pleasure, Globber Scooter has made an effort to design models for all ages. In this respect, it is a real achievement. Very few brands can boast such a complete range.

So the advantage of choosing Globber scooters is that you have a variety of choices. For example, you can buy a small scooter to entertain your little girl or to take her for a ride in the park. Teenagers also appreciate this way of getting around. It saves them from having to walk to class every day.

As for you, even if you are an adult, nothing prevents you from enjoying this pleasure as well. As we mentioned, the brand develops electric scooters. They will be very practical to avoid traffic jams and get to work on time. Not to mention the fact that it looks very stylish!

An economical and ecological solution

The last advantage of Globber scooters is probably the most significant. Unlike a car, a scooter will not require you to fill up with fuel every day. This means that you don’t have to pay the exorbitant costs of a car. Plus, if the scooter is electrically powered, it will allow you to get around at a good pace without spending as much.

Apart from this economic advantage, Globber scooters are also environmentally friendly. As mentioned above, the French brand is developing a large number of electric models. These products do not emit gases, pollutants or particles. It contributes to limit air pollution so that you can enjoy a healthy environment.

The Globber scooter is very practical to help you get around freely. It also offers a remarkable eco-friendly ride. These are the qualities that explain the success of the brand. Now let’s take a look at the range of products it develops.

The impressive Globber scooter catalog

Globber’s catalog is one of the most diversified on the market. It is divided into three main categories: the Go-Up range, the Elite range and the One NL range. We will briefly introduce you to the content of each of them.

The Go-Up range

Created for children aged 15 to 36 months, the Go-Up range accompanies these little angels in their development. It offers not only scooters, but also draisiennes and tricycles. This set allows the child to get used to walking and helps him to develop a sense of balance.

Go-Up products are evolutionary. They can be modified with the right accessories as your child grows and progresses. In addition, these products offer impeccable comfort and safety conditions.

For example, they are equipped with the patented direction lock button, which locks the handlebars of the scooter in one direction to teach the child to keep his balance. Thus, the Go-Up range prepares your children to explore the world.


The Elite range

Elite is a group of scooter models designed for children aged 3 to 9 years and older. Most of them are three-wheel models.

These scooters are very sturdy and can be adjusted to four height positions, depending on the size of the child. In addition, they have the widest footboard in the Globber scooter line, which gives them excellent balance.

Interestingly, the scooters in this line have a button that allows the handlebars to fold up. This makes them easier for a child to store or drag behind. On the other hand, the designs and colors of the products in the Elite line are incredible. There are even lighted scooters that children love.


The One NL range

Globber’s reputation is largely based on its children’s scooters. However, the brand has also thought about adults and teenagers. It has developed the One NL line, a category of minimalist, intuitive scooters that are especially suited to urban life.

Made of aluminum, these machines can easily support a weight of up to 100 kg! Curved T-bar handlebars, braking system, adjustable height, the creators have really thought of everything on this one.

These scooters easily seduce adults, especially since their design is sober and attractive. They can even be folded. This makes them much less bulky and easier to store. And it also prevents them from being stolen! Now we are going to talk about one of the best releases of the Globber brand: the Globber One K E-Motion scooter.


The Globber One K E-Motion Scooter, an electric scooter as we like it

Electric scooters are different from other means of transportation. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are more adapted to urban life. They are quickly tamed and let themselves go at the pace of our busy lives. So, we were interested in one of the leading electric models of the Globber brand: the One K E-Motion scooter.

An appreciable level of security

The first interesting point is that the Globber One K E-Motion scooter can reach a speed of 25 km/h. Even if it is not very high, this speed is still appreciable.

It has an excellent safety system. Its manual brake is connected to the drum brake on the rear wheel. Thus, the scooter manages to brake smoothly. No more stunt arrivals and bad falls that ruin your outfit.

Easy and controllable handling

The Globber K E-Motion electric scooter is easy to control and maneuver. It has a display on which the driver can monitor speed, distance traveled and battery level. But that’s not all. The machine offers two speed modes, Slow and Speed.

This allows you to regulate your speed depending on the train you want to go to. For example, the Slow mode is suitable for relaxed rides around town, while the Speed mode is suitable for going to work.

A practical scooter with good autonomy

Like all models in the One NL category, this scooter is equipped with the “fold-in-1 system”. With a simple push of the foot, the deck mechanically folds up to be parallel to the fork. The driver only has to hold the handlebars to take the scooter wherever he wants.

The battery autonomy varies between 20 and 25 km, depending on the user’s weight. With that, you can still ride for a long time! For the cases where you will be flat, the recharging takes only 4 hours on a classic sector plug. So you won’t have to wait too long.

Practical, balanced and responsive, the Globber K E-Motion electric scooter glides easily on urban roads. Its innovative and sober design gives it a certain style.

Moreover, it is equipped with rubber wheels at the front and at the back. This allows it to have an excellent road holding and to avoid shocks and punctures due to the quality of the roads or sidewalks.

Like this model, Globber electric scooters have a lot to offer. But in order to enjoy them, it’s important to know how to choose your machine. Let’s take a look at the criteria you should consider.

Criteria to consider when buying an electric Globber scooter

Ecological and discreet, the electric scooter is a revolutionary means of transportation. It helps you to move smoothly in the arteries of your city. Thus, to choose your electric scooter, you must consider three important criteria. They can be summarized as follows.

The intended use of your Globber scooter

First of all, it is important to define the use you will make of the scooter. For example, how often do you intend to use your scooter? Should you wear it when using public transportation such as the bus or subway?

Answering these questions will allow you to define the characteristics of the ideal scooter for you. For example, for a trip of less than 6 km, an entry-level scooter will do. For longer distances, you’ll need to look at more powerful models.


The characteristics of the battery

The battery is an essential part of an electric scooter. So, to make the right choice, you need to make sure that the one of the model you are interested in offers good performance.

Indeed, even with a good motor, a scooter will be very limited if it does not have a good battery. To appreciate the capabilities of the battery, you should consider the following:

The capacity
Recharge time

The budget for your electric scooter

The price of a scooter varies according to the embedded technology. Thus, a model of entry of range will be clearly less expensive than another more sophisticated model. In general, prices range from 120 € to 3 000 € for the most expensive models.

It is possible to find a Globber scooter that fulfills all the criteria that you consider important. And in terms of price, this brand is still a surprise. Their prices are very competitive. Their products are an excellent balance between quality and price.

To finance the purchase of the Globber K E-Motion scooter, you can get financial aid. There are many grants available for this type of purchase. We talk about this in the last part of this article.

Financial aid available for the purchase of an electric Globber scooter

Because of its many environmental benefits, some European Union countries have introduced subsidies to encourage the purchase of electric scooters and similar devices.

With these grants you can finance the purchase of your Globber scooter and reduce the cost. All you have to do is meet the necessary requirements. Let’s take France as an example.

The electric bike subsidy granted by the State is the most well-known subsidy. It covers 20% of the purchase cost of the electric scooter, excluding taxes and all options. It should also be noted that the aid is paid only once for an adult and physical person. To qualify, you must meet the following conditions:

Buy a new electric scooter that is not equipped with a lead battery
Not be taxable in the year n-1
Reside in France
Not to have benefited from a subsidy given by a local authority to which you belong

A second alternative would be to take advantage of your community’s own assistance. However, unlike government assistance, this type of grant does not have a fixed amount. Ideally, we advise you to find out the value of this funding in order to choose the most interesting formula for you.


With almost a decade of experience, the Globber brand has established itself on the French and European market as a reliable reference. They offer high quality products designed to provide comfort, safety and pleasure to their users.

Their catalog is very rich and open to children, teenagers and adults. If you are planning to buy an electric scooter from Globber, we strongly recommend you to get an electric model. This type of scooter is suitable for city life and promises an unforgettable riding experience.

In order to finalize your choice, the OnMyBike team regularly posts articles on electric scooters


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