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Tesla Model 3 in Europe: the electric car of all records


The Tesla Model 3 is designed to offer excellent electric performance. Since the first deliveries in France and Europe in early 2019, orders are multiplying and setting new records. Thus, it becomes the best-selling electric car in Europe. Discover the characteristics, the price, as well as the performances.

Classy and comfortable

Revealed in March 2016, the design of the Model 3 is inspired by the Model S. Apart from that, it is a family sedan with coupe-like lines, which, from the front, looks like a Porsche.

It marks its difference with specific characteristics. Indeed, its lines are both elegant and pure, less aggressive and more rounded. Its large tinted glass roof is made in one piece. From the windshield to the rear of the car.

Beyond the aesthetics, this roof brings a better aerodynamics. It offers more space, ensures good luminosity in the passenger compartment, and protection against UV rays. As for the side mirrors, they are heated.

The interior of the Model 3, with its minimalist aesthetic, breaks the codes and is completely different from other vehicles in the automotive industry.

Indeed, the interior of the Tesla Model 3 is spacious and offers enough room for 5 passengers, without being cramped. All Model 3s have five seats. In the front, they are heated, electric, and adjustable in twelve positions. There are several driver profiles available.

The advanced dashboard, features a steering wheel, and a huge 15-inch central touchscreen. It’s designed to improve over time. In addition, remote software updates bring new features and improved performance.

Finally, the Model 3 stands out thanks to its technological advances. It is a truly connected vehicle. Indeed, it can be controlled via the Tesla manufacturer’s application. And this, from any smartphone or tablet iOS and Android. Thus, everything or almost everything is automated and provides a driving comfort resolutely high-end.

Which Tesla Model 3 to choose ?

In Europe, the Model 3 was first offered in its most expensive versions. But Tesla quickly added a less expensive version. Today, the Model 3 is available in three versions:

Model 3 formerly known as “Standard Plus”

Tesla’s Model 3 is configured in rear-wheel drive, for a range of 491km in WLTP cycle. (510 km with the standard 18″ wheels). It reaches 0 to 100k/h in 6.1 seconds. Its maximum top speed is 225km/h.

Tesla Model 3 ” Long Range “

This model is equipped with a Dual Motor all-wheel drive system. It sends approximately 350 horsepower, for a 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 233 km/h.

On the range side, the Model 3 “Long Range” can now travel 602 kilometers on a charge according to the WLTP certification cycle. (638 km with the standard 18″ wheels).

Tesla Model 3 “Performance”

As for the unbridled “Performance” version, it is the most extreme of the range. Based on the same battery as the “Long Range” version, it offers a range of 547km (WLTP). The “Performance” version boasts 450 horsepower, for an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, and a top speed of 261 km/h.

Tesla Model 3 «Standard Plus»Tesla Model 3 «Long Range»Tesla Model 3 «Performance»
Autonomy491 km WLTP602 km WLTP547 km WLTP
0-100 km/h6,1 s4,4 s3,3 s
Top speed225 km/h233 km/h261 km/h
TransmissionPropulsionIntegral Dual MotorIntegral Dual Motor

Unlimited travel : the autonomy of the Model 3

As you know, Tesla’s Model 3 is 100% electric. No more stops at gas stations. Plug your car in at home overnight, so you can leave each morning with a full charge.

What more could you want? But beware, not all versions have the same capacities, nor the same autonomy. The values have been approved according to the WLTP mixed approval cycle.

Indeed, for the base version “Model 3” formerly called “Standard Plus” with 19″ rims, its range is 491km (510km with 18″ rims). For the “Long Range” version with 19″ rims, 602km of autonomy (638 km with 18″ rims). Finally, 547km of autonomy for the Tesla Model 3 Performance with 20″ rims.

The good surprise comes from the fuel consumption. Thanks to its sedan-like profile and careful aerodynamics, the Model 3 “Long Range” easily stays under 19 kWh/100 km on the highway.

In normal driving, and without hard acceleration, at a speed of 130 km/h. In urban/country driving, without exceeding 100km/h, the consumption is actually lower than announced, around 128/130 kWh/km. Nevertheless, when the temperatures are lower, the consumption increases.

Tesla Model 3 491 km (in 19″)
Tesla Model « Long Range »602 km (in 19″)
Tesla Model 3 « Performance »567 km (in 20″)

The lithium-ion battery

Tesla has designed the entire structure of its vehicles around the batteries. Indeed, they are installed under the floor, in the center, and help the car to handle well. The company does not officially communicate on the capacity of the Model 3’s batteries.

In 2021, the announced figures were 55kWh, against 60 kWh for the Model 3 in 2022, and up to 82 kWh for the latest versions of the “Long Range” and “Performance” models.

The batteries are optimized to create one of the most energy-efficient vehicles. In fact, Tesla offers an energy recovery system. That is to say, each time you slow down or brake, the energy recovered is sent to the battery.

It may not seem like much, but the energy gain is still interesting for everyday use. Finally, for a 15-minute quick charge on the Supercharger network, recharge up to 275 km.

Autopilot: autonomous driving

There are many features and options available in the Tesla Model 3. The “Autopilot Standard” option is one of them and offers a few extra features. Indeed, the Autopilot allows your vehicle to maintain a trajectory, accelerate, and brake automatically in its lane. This option is charged at €3800.

However, this feature requires active monitoring by the driver, and does not make the vehicle autonomous. Finally, at a price of 7500 €, you can add the recognition and reaction to traffic signs and stop lights. Note that Autopilot may in the future be offered in the city.

How to recharge your Tesla ?

The Model 3 wants to be the electric car for the general public. For that, a Long Range and an attractive price are not enough. You also need to be able to charge your vehicle wherever you are.

That’s why there are several possibilities. At home, at the office or at a friend’s house, you can use the Tesla mobile connector. This plugs directly into a standard or industrial outlet.

Also, during a journey, if you need to plug in your vehicle, you can direct yourself to the most suitable charging point. For this, the Model 3 has a GPS referencing the charging stations.

Many smartphone applications exist to help you find publicly accessible charging points. This way, you can plan your journey according to your departure and arrival points.

Finally, the Tesla Model 3 can now be plugged in anywhere, thanks to the 30,000 Superchargers available along major roads around the world. Six new sites are opening every week. This is the case with the Ionity charging stations. So the Model 3 will take you anywhere you want to go.

Dimensions of the Model 3

A vehicle is an imposing object. That’s why it’s important to know the size of the car you’re buying, whether it’s new or used. Discover the dimensions of the Tesla Model 3 electric car.

Exterior dimensions

The dimensions of the Model 3 put it in the sedan family. It has a five-door body, shorter than its big sister, the Model S (4.98 meters). Its length is 4.67 meters, its width is 1.93 meters (1.82 folded mirrors), while the height peaks at 1.42 meters.

If we were to compare it to the competition, it would be close to a Mercedes C-Class. Due to its heavy batteries (more than 500 kg), the Model 3 weighs about 1,847 kilograms on the scale.

Trunk volume

In the absence of an engine, the Model 3 has two trunks and a total of 545 liters distributed in different ways. Indeed, in the rear, there are 425 liters of trunk space and 70 liters of underfloor storage. In the front, there is an additional 50 liters in the hood.

How much does a Tesla Model 3 car cost ?

As previously mentioned, the Model 3 is available in Europe in several versions. In March 2022, the Tesla Model 3 has undergone several successive price increases. The Model 3 is sold from 49,990 euros, the “Long Range” version from 58,990 euros. The top-of-the-range model, “Performance” climbs to 62,990 euros.

Please note that these rates do not take into account the ecological bonus, whose scales have changed since July 1, 2021. While 100% electric vehicles used to receive a bonus of 6,000 euros, this is now capped. If the purchase price exceeds 45,000 euros including tax, the bonus drops to 3,000 euros. Finally, above 60 000 euros, it is simply removed.

Model 3From 49 990 euros
Model « Long Range »From 58 990 euros
Model 3 « Performance »From 62 990 euros

What is the price of the cheapest Tesla ?

Tesla is used to constantly adjusting the price of its vehicles, but it triggered a small tidal wave at the end of last year. Indeed, the decrease, all over the world, of the Tesla Model 3 price, had a more beneficial consequence in France, but of short duration!

Indeed, it has gone under the threshold of 45,000 euros, and immediately became eligible for the full ecological bonus.

Unfortunately, Tesla has revised its prices upwards in March 2022. Despite this increase, the most affordable of all Tesla cars is still the Model 3. At less than 50,000 euros, it seems to offer the best quality/price ratio of the moment.

How to pay less for a tesla ?

You want to change your car for a less polluting one? Know that for the purchase of a new electric car, but also rechargeable hybrid, the scales of the ecological bonus have changed since July 1, 2021. They will remain in effect until July 1, 2022. Finally, the possibility to buy a used or second-hand Tesla is also possible.


The Model 3 on the used car market

The Model 3 is a hit in Europe, it is one of the best selling electric cars of the last few years. Why ? Because it offers a very interesting price/performance ratio, especially in its entry-level range. What if its biggest competitor was actually a second-hand Tesla Model 3?

First of all, a used Tesla is not like any other car. First of all, it’s important to look at the things you need to watch out for. If you were planning to invest in a used Tesla on a relatively small budget, you’ll be disappointed.

On the used car market, Tesla electric cars are still relatively expensive, even the oldest ones. Under 40 000 €, they are quite rare, and this is the price of a new electric car already properly equipped.

But then again, the battery, which is the most important part of an electric car, requires special monitoring. Indeed, as the Model 3’s lithium-ion battery is used and recharged, it deteriorates. It loses capacity, which obviously has an impact on range.

What’s more, changing it can be very expensive, and if the warranty is no longer valid, the purchase of a new battery can cost several tens of thousands of euros.

Also, before you go ahead and buy a used car, you should always think about checking the general condition of the car. Both inside and outside.

It is important to check the bodywork, some of the first models marketed would suffer from a problem of paint peeling off. Also take a look at the rims, but also at the condition of the tires.

How to buy a used Tesla ?

As mentioned above, buying a Tesla second hand, like any other vehicle for that matter, requires a thorough check of the general condition of the vehicle and whether its registration can be done in the best conditions.

Faced with this situation, you can be accompanied by a professional, such as a car dealer. Indeed, he can help you find the vehicle that ticks all the required boxes, and follow you through the purchasing process. Let them advise you on which model to choose, according to your requirements and budget.

A car dealer can also check the complete ad of the vehicle and its history. You will get the best price thanks to his negotiating power.

In case the Tesla electric car is located in another EU country. In Germany, for example, where the used car market has a good reputation. The car agent can then take care of the administrative procedures as well as the repatriation of the vehicle. In short, a turnkey application to find your used Tesla!

Our opinion on the Tesla Model 3

To conclude, the Tesla Model 3 is for us an excellent electric car. The interior is sober and allows you to concentrate on the road without distraction. Very comfortable, powerful, economical and reliable, it improves regularly thanks to updates.

Moreover, the manufacturer regularly evolves its offer and some information may change over time. That’s why we update this article regularly.

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