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Decathlon road bikes: at the service of performance


Today, the bicycle, whether classic or electric, represents one of the most coveted means of locomotion. Indeed, we are witnessing a real democratization of these alternative means of locomotion. These companions of road are the opportunity for the users of the road to move in all freedom while preserving the environment. It is thus quite naturally that the Decathlon road bikes brand has established itself on this very appreciated and competitive market.

Competitive environment

Today, bicycles are literally flooding the roads and paths. The objective is for the users of these travel companions to move freely without constraints related to the consumption of fossil energy, especially when we see the price that this last one reaches since several weeks.

It is therefore totally legitimate at the present time to ask ourselves if moving by car is really relevant. Many households are now trying to reduce their impact on the environment by using cleaner means of transportation.

The number of brands offering quality road companions at an affordable price is not short. Indeed, many will offer you quality and/or robust and resistant materials. But this is sometimes at the expense of the price.

Decathlon has understood this. That’s why it offers a whole range of equipped and complete articles at a reasonable price in order to address the whole population.

The best bikes on the market

Our team of experts has selected for you the best electrically assisted bicycles currently on the market. Discover the products directly competing with the Decathlon road bike and the other ranges of the brand.

Decathlon : what is it ?

Decathlon is a pioneer in the field of mass distribution of sports equipment. What differs from the groups initially present on this market is above all the target. Indeed, the brand stands out because it directly addresses the general public. It offers products from all horizons.

So, whether you want to practice outdoor sports or indoor sports, you should be able to find the equipment that will suit you and that will allow you to do your practice in an optimal way and at a lower cost.  

You certainly know this brand thanks to the multitude of references it markets. Both in the clothing field (from leggings to ski pants to soccer shoes for example) or in the sports equipment (weights or bodybuilding and fitness machines).

Nevertheless, the field where the group is naturally established is cycling and green mobility. The latter has become known for its range of bicycles formerly known as Btwin.

In 2019, the tricolored sign wanted to simplify the distinction between each of its models. It has therefore decided to change the name of its models. No radical change since some of it still remains in place. Take an example, formerly the Btwin Riverside 500 is now known as Riverside 500

Future users can rest assured that the price and quality will not be altered in any way. Indeed, the target audience is still the same. The prices announced beforehand have not fundamentally changed. They must remain reasonable in order to be accessible to all people and households.

A change of name does not necessarily mean a change of production and design quality. Thus, you can still enjoy quality materials such as aluminum frames for example, ensuring robustness and lightness. 

The different ranges of Decathlon bikes

At present, the tricolor group offers a wide range of means of locomotion. The latter can thus be applied to a rather broad and varied set of practices. You should therefore be able to find the ideal road companion, whatever your use.

Thus, you will find a whole set of products available for sale in a store of this brand. You will find models specially designed for the city, for the road, for practice on any path or for any terrain. Special models for children are also available.

Last but not least, if cycling, whether in the city or in the mountains, can sometimes be complicated or too physical for you and that is not necessarily what you are looking for, you should know that some models are equipped with an electric assistance. 

These different groups of bikes are now recognizable by their own names. This will make it easier for the future consumer to find his way among all the possible options: 

  • City bike : Elops
  • Decathlon road bikes : Triban, Marin, Van Rysel, Felt
  • Cross-country bike : Riverside
  • Mountain bike : Rockrider

Decathlon road bikes: several options

Because choosing a bike is above all a matter of taste, it is nice to see that a brand is looking at the quality, reliability and cost of such a purchase. If you visit one of the brand’s many stores, you will have the opportunity to see the number of references available.

You will be able to choose the product that suits you best. The one that best meets your needs in terms of mobility, comfort and safety. Let’s take a look at the different models offered by the Tricolor company.

Indeed, the solutions in terms of mobility are multiple. You will just have to see for yourself either by going to the store or on the group’s website which includes all the references sold by the brand.

As announced in one of the previous sections, the decathlon road bikes range is composed of a multitude of products known as Triban, Felt, Marin or Van Rysel. According to the group, some models are aimed at men, others at women or even children.

Decathlon road bikes: Triban

In the sub-category of Decathlon road bikes called Triban, we can count no less than 21 references for adults and only one for children. What you will notice is that each product is very different from its counterpart.

Indeed, they have the same main name, but not exactly the same characteristics. For example, some models have an aluminum or carbon frame, while others are made of titanium.

You can get this kind of model at very different prices. The entry level product will be available from 350€ to 2500€ for the top of the range product. The one adapted to children is available at a price of 330€. There are 2 types of Triban bikes.

The one adapted to a gravel practice (not only road use) and the one created for cyclo-tourism. Depending on the item you choose, you will be able to change gears easily thanks to a very particular transmission. Some have 7, sometimes 8, 9, 10 or 11 gears.

For your safety, you can count on a different braking system depending on the model you buy. Some have brake pads while others are equipped with disc brakes. These different types of equipment allow you to have progressive and powerful braking.

You can therefore rely on them to ensure a strong stop or slow down while respecting the user’s comfort. As far as comfort is concerned, you should know that for your practice, not all products are equipped with the same handles. Some will have classic straight handles while others will have rounded handles towards the front.

Van Rysel, a Decathlon road bikes

The road bike range of the Tricolor group does not stop with the Triban. Indeed, the company also offers several models including those known as Van Rysel. In this sub-category, we can count a good ten models all included in very particular categories.

Some of them are specially designed for cyclo-sport, others for gravel or even for cyclo-tourism. All of them have frames made of carbon or aluminum. These materials will give you all the strength you need for this type of riding.

Most of the road companions under this name are equipped with skid brakes. However, others have disc brakes. Whether it is the first or the second braking system, both will allow you to brake smoothly and strongly. All the decathlon road bikes models in this category have an 11-speed transmission.

Thus, the gear change will allow you to fully enjoy your environment without worrying about the difficulty of the terrain on which you venture (climb, descent, more complex path for example).

The handles of these fellow travelers are all the same. They are, in fact, the handles you know well by now. You can recognize them among many others because they have a particular shape.

A circular arc down and forward so that the user can rest on them with confidence. In terms of price, you should expect to pay between 1000€ and 3900€ for your Decathlon road bike.

Road bike Marin

This is certainly the most balanced range of road bikes in terms of price. Indeed, the “first price” model is at 999€ while the most expensive one is at 1499€. The handles of the different available models are quite distinct.

You can see it for yourself. Some have “classic” handles while others are equipped with more ergonomic or typical racing bike handles. This ensures that there is something to rest your hands on reliably.

All the models in this category will have robust, high-performance frames. They are made entirely of aluminum. The practice of a gravel activity is totally adapted to this type of means of locomotion. By opting for these items, you can count on the unfailing support of 11-speed, 10-speed or 9-speed transmissions.

These will be at the service of the user in order to facilitate the task of shifting gears and during the practice in order to overcome more or less complex obstacles.

For your safety, you can count on a particular type of braking. The presence of disc brakes is an important element to take into consideration. These provide powerful and at the same time very progressive braking.

No difficulty encountered by the user at the time of release of the device. A set of elements can be supported for each of the models offered by the brand. Nevertheless, it will be appropriate for you to take stock of the elements necessary for your practice.

Felt, bikes for the road

It is in all and for all 2 models proposed by the tricolored sign in this category. They are specifically cut for a practice known as gravel. The companions of road of which we are going to speak from now on are provided both with frames out of aluminium.

This gives them a significant lightness. It is an important element especially for a practice where the performances are of stake. Moreover, this type of material is also appreciable especially for its robustness.

One of these 2 items has an 8 speed transmission while the other one has 11 speeds. The latter will allow you to face a more or less complex obstacle without much difficulty. Each model is available in several sizes. This is in order to adapt perfectly to its future user.

Of course, you will have to choose the size that best suits your situation. Indeed, if you are in the middle of a range then the question of the size to choose does not arise.

However, if you are between two distinct sizes then you will have to choose between comfort or performance. If comfort is more important to you, then you should certainly opt for the smaller frame size and adopt a more upright posture.

Conversely, if you want to improve your performance then the larger frame and a more reclined position is more suitable. Finally, you can count on progressive and efficient braking thanks to disc brakes. To afford one of these items, you will have to spend between 1129€ and 1999€.

Decathlon Windee road bike

This is a model offered by the company, but this time in a version with electric assistance. Unlike the other items in this category, the Windee has a carbon frame. This frame is much more qualitative, robust and even more adapted to a gravel practice.

This means of locomotion is equipped with a transmission of 11 speeds. For the safety of its user, this road companion is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. They will ensure a powerful and progressive braking.

This decathlon road bike will allow you to enjoy a range of 120 kilometers. Moreover, you will be able to choose the mode of assistance which corresponds best to the situation which you meet. Thus, you will have the possibility of opting for one of the 3 electric assistance modes.

This model is still reasonable in terms of weight, since it weighs 15 kg on the scale. Of course, this may seem like a lot, but you have to keep in mind that the battery is removable and therefore takes away some weight.

Finally, this means of locomotion is totally adjustable and therefore customizable. You will be able to adapt it perfectly to your situation and your size. It is thus quite naturally and very easily that you will be able to personalize the adjustments of your companion of road.

Choosing the right bike model: some keys to remember

In order to choose the right bike for you, you will need to keep a few keys in mind. Let’s take a look at these elements below.

Adapt to the practice and your needs

To choose one model rather than another, it is necessary to first determine the type of activity you want to do. Indeed, your needs will not be the same if you want to ride in the city or if you want to ride in the mountains.

For a city ride, many will want accessories like lights, fenders or a bell. But if you’re going to ride, a suspension fork, rear suspension or frame material is more appropriate.

Therefore, you will have to take stock of your needs in terms of mobility. You will have to determine for which type of activity you will need a means of locomotion of this type.

Then, if you don’t think about it or even if you think about it regularly, why not consider switching to electric. Mobility is a major concern today. And going electric can be a solution.

Comfort and safety

The safety and comfort of your riding companion are important elements to consider. You must be able to count on the unfailing support of your brakes for example.

Thus, for road cycling, where speeds can sometimes be high, it is all the more necessary to be able to count on the flawless support of a high quality braking system.

Then, comfort is an aspect not to be neglected either. Even if it is a matter of taste. Depending on the model you choose, you could benefit from a comfortable saddle, ergonomic handles, non-slip pedals and many other accessories and equipment that will not leave you indifferent.


Whether you are looking for a top of the line model for a more experienced rider or a mid-range model for a more leisurely ride, you should find what you are looking for among the different categories of Decathlon road bikes.

You will be able to choose between a classic model or one with electric assistance. You will have to ask yourself questions about your practice and your needs in terms of mobility.

If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact experts in the field, either in a store or on the company’s website. If you wish, you should know that the group also offers some of its models on the well-known Alltricks website.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team regularly offers articles on electric and classic bikes