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Xiaomi M365 and Pro our opinion on the leading scooters of the market


How to talk about electric scooters without highlighting those developed by the Chinese firm Xiaomi? Txhe Chinese company strikes again a great blow with its range of electric scooters with high-end finishes and innovative technical features. That’s why we decided to present you the Original and Pro versions of the Xiaomi 365 and to give you our Xiaomi M365 review.

Xiaomi who is it, what is it ?

It is a Chinese brand that has made a lot of noise thanks to its range of cheap and powerful smartphones. You don’t know this company? You doubt the know-how of this Chinese company? Get your doubts out of your head, forget the prejudices associated with Asian companies.

Here we are facing a giant of new technologies. Let’s just take the example of the best selling smartphones. In March 2020, the company placed in the top 10 best sellers with two of its smartphones, one of them in 4th position (the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro).

Presentation of the electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Original

As presented in our previous article on the M365 Pro electric scooter, Xiaomi is a Chinese company known and recognized worldwide for the technological products it sells, especially its smartphones. However, today, what we propose is to discover another type of product at the cutting edge of technology, the Xiaomi M365 Essential electric scooter.

Xiaomi M365 : our opinion

The Xiaomi M365 is the most popular electric scooter of the Chinese brand. It is recognizable by its sleek and efficient design and especially by its black color. It is undoubtedly an electric scooter that fits without any problem in a market in full expansion.

This scooter has what it takes to give its competitors a hard time! Don’t hesitate to read more about the Xiaomi M365 Original electric scooter to learn more!

OnMyBike’s selection

Our team analyzes the numerous references that flood the market in order to select and offer you the best electric scooters. This selection has for simple goal to guide you in the best choice.

The 3 best electric scooters on the market

The Xiaomi M365 Pro, by its many advantages is placed in the top 3 of the best electric scooters on the market. No doubt, by choosing this product you will make an excellent purchase! Find below the 3 best electric scooters of the market selected by our team:


Technical specifications of the Xiaomi M365 original

Power and operation

This black means of locomotion is equipped with a 250W brushless motor and can deploy a nominal power of 500W. It has nothing to envy to a bike or a scooter!

All this is possible thanks to a management system of the latter, which allows you to juggle between 2 modes of operation. Moreover, this last one has another system allowing him to recover energy in braking!


The autonomy of this scooter amounts to 30 kms on flat ground. This is quite appropriate for daily trips in the city, ensuring your journey between your home, public transport and work without any problem! Moreover, the top speed announced by the manufacturer for this Chinese technological jewel is 25km/h!

In terms of practicality, we are at the maximum, both compact and fast, it is a real asset in everyday life. No need to take your bike out of the garage, your car or your scooter.

The Xiaomi M365 scooter is equipped with a 42V / 6.4 Ah LG Lithium-ion battery offering a relatively fast recharge, since it is possible between 4 and 5 hours. You might as well say that you will not have finished your day’s work yet that your companion will already be 100% recharged.

Its weight

In terms of weight, the Xiaomi M365 Essential electric scooter has what it takes to make its competitors shudder. Indeed, it weighs only 12kg! Its size and its lightness make it very practical for its users.

It is also, very easily foldable and therefore transportable in public transport such as buses, trains, subways or in the trunk of your car. Moreover, you should know that the latter can support up to 120kg.

Equipment and lighting

With the latter, users are not left out. Indeed, the brand wanted to emphasize quality. It offers a lighting system of the highest performance. Thus, the Xiaomi M365 Essential electric scooter is equipped with a front LED light as well as a brake light at the back. There is nothing better than this system to see and be seen by other road users!

Then, the group offers us to monitor the status of the battery from your smartphone. The use is done via an application both on Iphone and Android. The latter is called: Xiaomi Mijia.

Comfort and safety

In terms of comfort and safety, in our opinion, the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter will make everyone agree. Indeed, it is equipped with an electromagnetic front brake with an ABS locking system. At the rear, it is a classic mechanical emergency brake. All these elements are taken to heart by the company to ensure your protection.

To reach the maximum speed offered by this transport, you will just have to pull the trigger located on the handlebars. Then, this little jewel is equipped with soft rubber tires of 8,5 inches. In addition, you can count on front and rear mudguards to avoid splashes due to its use and the rolling of the wheel.

Finally, for comfort but also to reassure you, know that Xiaomi offers a warranty directly included 2 years on parts and labor. The battery is guaranteed for 1 year. And this no matter where you buy your companion of road, whether it is at Amazon or on Alltricks or directly in store. Whether you use a delivery service or pick it up in store.

Presentation of the electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Pro

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that has made a lot of noise thanks to its range of cheap and powerful smartphones. You don’t know this company? You doubt the quality of this Chinese company? Get your doubts out of your head, forget the prejudices associated with Asian companies.

Here we are facing a giant of new technologies. Let’s just take the example of the best selling smartphones. In March 2020, Xiaomi placed in the top 10 best sellers with two of its smartphones, one of them in 4th position (the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro).

This new electric scooter has many of the same features as the original M365, but with some minor adjustments and improvements.


Xiaomi M365 Pro : our opinion

The electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Pro is the reference of the Chinese brand! Indeed, it is much more powerful and more advanced than its big sister the M365 Original.

Thus, it offers its users more comfort in driving and equipment including protection! With this electric scooter, you will have in your hands a real little jewel in terms of the latest means of locomotion and connected.

Technical characteristics of the Xiaomi M365 Pro

With a power rating of 300W, the motor of the new Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter will take you to a maximum speed of 25km/h in sport mode for a cruising speed of 18km/h when the economy mode is selected.

Power and operation

In order to go further in our technical comparison we decided to compare the two versions of the M365 electric scooter. The Xiaomi M365 is still the best selling electric scooter on the market but for how long?

Only its much more attractive price places it among the best sellers on the market. On the other hand, and this is quite normal, its technical characteristics are surpassed by the new one.


The autonomy is the strong point of this electric scooter which will make the Xiaomi M365 pro, the electric scooter of the moment! This point will weigh heavily in the balance of our test and opinion of the Xiaomi M365 Pro even if, of course, we will take into account all the technical aspects that offers this new electric scooter for adults.

Indeed, the manufacturer announces to the user that it will be able to carry out until 45kms! This thanks to its lithium battery with a capacity of 12800mAh / 474Wh. But also with a system of recovery of kinetic energy during acceleration and braking of the device.

You might as well say that it will leave on the side all its competitors when it will have spent only a quarter of its battery. As you can see, this device has nothing to envy to the traditional bicycle, scooter or even thermal vehicles.

It will adapt perfectly to the hazards of the city. Daily use will convince you that you made the right choice. Because of its large capacity, you will need no less than 4 to 5 hours to recharge your Xiaomi M365 Pro (the time of a short working day).

Xiaomi M365 : its weight

As for the weight, it is not the best friend of this Xiaomi M365 Pro scooter. Indeed, largely due to a more powerful battery but also heavier the Xiaomi M365 Pro displays 1.7kg more than its big sister the electric scooter Xiaomi M365, a total of 14.2kg. This is not a featherweight. This specific note is to be taken into account in a daily use.

Equipment and lighting

Let’s continue our test and review of the Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter. The manufacturer offers a complete equipment on its M365 Pro! Indeed, it is equipped with front and rear LED lights to ensure a high visibility. The little extras are in its LED screen integrated into the handlebars.

This provides a quality feel by the good finish of its integration. This electric scooter offers the connection to your smartphone.

Thus it will be possible for you to opt for the use of the application to block the wheels of the latter during your absences. Or to consult the state of charge of your battery and many other functions …

Comfort and safety

We can mention, on the pro version, its side stand that will facilitate your stops during your various daily errands. But also and above all its quick folding system that will allow you to store it in a fraction of a second.

For your comfort, you can count on front and rear aluminum mudguards to avoid water projections linked to its use.

Supporting a maximum load of 120kg, this electric scooter is directly in the top of the list of adult electric scooters. Note that the performance and autonomy of this vehicle will vary depending on the load supported.

No suspension for this new aluminum electric scooter but it is equipped with inflated tires and not rubber tires. This gives it a pleasant driving comfort on the asphalt.

The rear brake has been upgraded, and this electric scooter is now equipped with a 120mm disc. Another major asset for this Xiaomi M365 Pro scooter, the Chinese manufacturer has made it benefit from an electric braking system, E-ABS, for it to be optimal!

Xiaomi M365 : let’s analyze the two bestsellers together

The Pro version, being the last born of the Xiaomi group, is of course a much more interesting product than the old model presented in this article. Many technical features and technologies come to equip the last born. It will be up to you to differentiate them according to your real needs.

Many forums talk about these scooters. A large community has been created behind the Chinese brand and it will be easy for you to make your own idea. This community also present on social networks will bring you also, the necessary help but also the insurance of the reliability of the products.

Maximum load120kg120kg
Load time4-5h4-5h
LED displayYES
Bluetooth applicationYESYES

From the Xiaomi M365 to the M365 Pro : major improvements

With the success of its previous version, Xiaomi has not neglected notable improvements. Thus, this new electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Pro offers the following technical points to say the least:

  • New motor with a power of 300W offering a clear improvement in performance (increased acceleration and better performance when climbing).
  • An LCD screen integrated into the handlebars with which you can set 3 different driving modes. You will find the display of the battery level, speedometer, maintenance indicator and light.
  • More braking! Larger discs are used on the M365 Pro compared to the M365.
  • Autonomy up! This new battery offers an increase of over 50% compared to the Xiaomi M365.

We have only mentioned the most important points but it goes without saying that the new electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Pro offers much more! Whether aesthetic or technical.

Some parts of the M365 will be compatible with the new M365 Pro scooter

Why Xiaomi and not another one ?

This question resonates in our heads today with a certain bitterness. The latest developments during the year 2020 have made China the little dark horse. So why, we French, should choose the Asian brand when other European and even French brands are very good competitors (Cf. Beeper with the Max FX10).

Moreover, you might ask where to find the models of the brand. Well, actually you can either go to the store or directly on sites such as Amazon for example (and why not make a wishlist). By going through online sales platforms, you could do the shopping directly from your armchair and only have to wait for the delivery of your electric companion.


A company with global roots in new technologies

Our article does not serve to place the brand Xiaomi. But rather serves to give you good reasons to choose one brand over another.

If we were to compare the Xiaomi Pro or Original to the Beeper, we could say that the Asian brand is, against all expectations, much better finished than the French one. Yes, for once a Chinese brand does better than a European one…

Xiaomi is first of all a company that is well known all over the world and that we could easily compare to the Korean firm Samsung. It is present in the field of High Tech among the top of the world’s major companies.

It has the solid backbone to release high quality products with the latest technical features both in terms of performance and protection.

Xiaomi: master of High-Tech products

As we said above, Xiaomi has established itself in the field of High-Tech with many products sold and recognized around the world.

From high-end smartphones to robot vacuums to electric scooters. The brand never stops creating successful products. For proof, just type a few keywords on Google to find a lot of comments and feedback from customers. You will find that the rating given to this company is extremely positive.

A product that can be customized at will

Social networks such as Facebook are full of groups where the Xiaomi community exchanges on the maintenance and customization of their scooters. You will find many tips on the subject. And you’ll find that many Xiaomi M365 users have modified their scooters to optimize performance.

A reliability without name

In addition to the advice of the community, you will find that many have traveled several thousand miles with their electric scooter. Some reviews even indicate nearly 10,000 km on this little two-wheeler without encountering any major breakdown.

The reviews on the Xiaomi M365 are numerous but the observation is the same, this product in Pro or Original version meets a real success and that is noticed by many starred comments.

To conclude

To conclude, the Xiaomi M365 is in our opinion with the Xiaomi M365 Pro a real competitor on the market of green mobility and more precisely of electric scooters! They offer quality services and have many assets that they are not afraid to display.

They are two means of transportation specially designed for the city that will perfectly meet the needs of users. Their low prices will seduce many of you. When you order a product from this brand, you will receive a real technological jewel!

If you would like to receive them as a gift, don’t hesitate to make a wishlist so that your friends and family don’t get the wrong model.

To help you in your research, the OnMyBike team regularly offers articles on electric scooters