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Opinions on the Inokim Light 2 scooter

The streets of our cities are more and more animated by this new mode of transport that is the electric scooter. And the market is now more and more flooded with different brands and models. It is therefore difficult to make the right choice … By its design and its reliability, the electric scooter adult is now the most popular range of scooter. That’s why, by this article, we are going to put forward our test and give you our opinion on the Inokim Light 2.

Presentation of the Inokim Light 2

Inokim is one of the pioneer companies in the electric scooter market and offers today high-end equipment for all urban and rural conditions. The Inokim Light 2 is, as its name indicates, the second generation of the Light range. Taking the best of the previous version, this electric scooter has everything to seduce.

Our opinion on the electric scooter Inokim Light 2

At first glance

The Inokim Light 2 is first of all an elegant electric scooter, with a modern design and highlighted by its different colors. With an excellent finish, the Inokim Light 2 immediately makes you feel its high quality of manufacture.

Safe and comfortable, this adult electric scooter will meet the most demanding requirements of its users. Quick and easy to fold, its owner will only need a few seconds to store it.


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Technical characteristics of the Inokim Light 2

Power and operation

This electric scooter is equipped with a Brushless motor of 250 Watts. Thanks to this motor, you can enjoy several driving modes – Eco, Medium and Sport. They will allow you to reach the maximum speed of 25km/h easily and without forcing!



You can count, with the Inokim Light 2, on a battery of 36 V/10.4 Ah certified CE. The manufacturer announces a range of about 35 kms in optimal conditions. As previously indicated the maximum speed that it will be possible to reach is 25km/h – regulation in force.

The autonomy of your means of transport depends on a certain number of factors which it is important to take into account. Indeed, it depends on the weight of the user, the roughness of the road and the weather conditions.

To recharge the battery of the electric scooter Inokim Light 2, you will have to count about 4 hours. This is quite honourable since it is less than the duration of a typical working day. Thus, once arrived at the office, you can put it to load quietly and you know that the evening at the time of departure, the battery will be full.


Inokim Light 2 : its weight

This means of locomotion weighs 13kg which is 500g more than its big sister. Despite this, the weight remains quite reasonable and does not make this electric scooter untransportable, quite the contrary.

It remains practical and light enough to meet a real need for mobility in town. The maximum load that can be carried by this scooter is 100kg (user and equipment).

Equipment and lighting

In our opinion, the Inokim Light 2 electric scooter will convince you thanks to its equipment! Indeed, it is equipped with an LCD screen directly integrated into the handlebars.

The latter will allow you to consult a multitude of data and information necessary for the proper use of this means of transportation.

Thus, you will be able to see your instantaneous speed, but also the number of kilometers traveled, the level of charge of your battery or the chosen operating mode.

With this last one, you will have a mini pump of inflation for a better maintenance of your means of locomotion. It also has a stand to park it without having to systematically fold it.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of LED lights at the front and rear, which is the best way to see and be seen by other users.

Comfort and safety

It evolves in terms of safety and is now equipped with a Tektro brake handle coupled with disc brakes at the front and rear! New 8.5 x 2 inch tires from CST offer more comfort, better grip and more stability to its user.

The electric scooter Inokim Light 2 turns off after 5 minutes of non-use. Know that the braking is signaled by a flashing stop light at the rear. Finally, you can integrate an anti-theft device directly into the frame or a space is specially dedicated to that.

The price

This electric scooter Inokim Light 2 is proposed at the price of 659€. It is a rather important amount but when we look at the details, the equipment and the finish of the latter, we understand very quickly that the price is in total adequacy with the benefits.


To conclude

The electric scooter Inokim Light 2 is in our opinion a little wonder. Indeed, it perfectly combines driving comfort and safety while not neglecting compactness and practicality. It will undoubtedly convince and seduce you. Moreover, it will perfectly meet your needs and problems related to urban mobility.

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