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E bike Nakamura : Intersport facing our test and opinion


The electric car market is currently booming. It wins more and more the heart of the French, who do not know any more where to turn in order to choose the means of transport the most adapted to their daily life. The big brands like Intersport offer you a whole panel of electric bikes. That’s why we propose you to discover the range of e bike Nakamura and our detailed opinion.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Nakamura electric bikes.

Drive French: about the brand Nakamura

Nakamura is an exclusive brand of the Intersport group which was created almost 25 years ago. Their research and development office is based in Longjumeau (91) and the majority of the bikes are assembled in France.

The brand now has a factory in Machecoul (44) where all models for adults are produced. Mountain bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and electric bikes. A wide range of cycling equipment (helmets, textiles, shoes, accessories) is also offered to practice in the best conditions.

The geometries are specifically designed for men and women, for sport or for occasional use. The Nakamura brand also collaborates with the biggest brands of equipment to offer quality services. And for your safety, their products are tested and approved in France according to the European standards in force by approved laboratories.

The Intersport electric bike range in detail

The electric bike produced by Intersport is available in many versions. Most of them are similar at first glance, but are nevertheless quite different.

Many references have unfortunately disappeared from the brand’s catalog. It is therefore difficult to keep up to date as the electric bike sector is in continuous movement.

That’s why we found it interesting to select the references currently available by the giant. You will have no trouble comparing these products with each other.


The Nakamura e bike and our opinion

The Nakamura bikes is well known by the general public since several years. First of all, you should know that Nakamura is to Intersport what Btwin is to Decathlon. It is thus with its range of Nakamura bicycle that Intersport tries to make a place in the world of the bicycle of the great distribution.

No high-end performance oriented bike here. This is the goodwill of the group. To satisfy the customers of the large distribution, amateur of stroll in any kind without hoping to carry out crossing or pushed excursion.

The electric bicycle Nakamura follows this directive imposed by Intersport, to propose affordable electric assisted bicycles. This with the aim of being suitable for the majority of the purses.

The bet is successful! And the Nakamura e bike answers in our opinion to the strong demand of the amateur cyclists.

Black point : Only black point, Intersport is a reseller of the Nakamura brand and does not offer the best customer service that it should! Let’s take the example of Decathlon which, by selling its own brand, has developed the skills of its employees. That’s how Decathlon can now offer better quality bikes and an after sales service worthy of the name.

Do you know the Decathlon range of electric bike ?

Decathlon is now one of the French leaders in the consumer bike sector. Bikes of great quality and very good finish, Decathlon has now converted to electric bikes and offers a range with many references.

Accessible for all budgets, the Decathlon electric bikes will meet the needs of many cyclists, just like the Nakamura e bike.

In direct competition with the e bike Nakamura, the Decathlon Elops and Riverside bikes will appeal to a wide audience.

Elops electric or the versatile electric bike in town


Riverside electric or the electric mountain bike


Nakamura’s e bike challenged by its competition

Intersport is facing fierce competition in the field of electric bike. The competitors of the sports sector are all omnipresent. Decathlon, Go Sport are besides the two biggest signs of the big distribution having pignon sur rue. But there are of course many other brands or even re-sellers.

The e bike Nakamura is in our opinion a good bike for anyone who wants to take advantage of this new technology at a low price. It will meet the needs of many French people who need an Intersport electric bike for their daily commute.

We advise you to take the time to compare the products of the competitors. Decathlon is one of the pioneers of the sector and has been for many years. Its products are recognized as very good bikes with a good design and finish. That’s why we can only advise you to take a look at the Decathlon electric bike range through our tests and reviews.

Technical comparison of e bike Nakamura

Let’s now go further in the analysis of the range. In the following we will go into the technical details of each of the references proposed by Intersport.

The final goal is to give you the best possible analysis as well as a quality technical opinion. For this comparison, we have selected the following e bike Nakamura references:

The Nakamura E City Ltd (electric city bike)
The Nakamura E City 50 (electric city bike)
The Nakamura E City 110 (electric city bike)
The Nakamura E Fit 150 (electric cross-country)
The Nakamura E Fit 300 (electric cross-country)

These references are brought to be modified in view of the evolution of the catalog of the giant Intersport.

Nakamura E City Ltd: review

This electric city bike with a neo-retro look is the entry level of the Nakamura range. It offers interesting characteristics for a mini price. The Nakamura E City Ltd electric bike will satisfy the novices in the field who only need an electric bike punctually.

Engine power and range

Side performance this electric bicycle Intersport is equipped with a motor on the hub of the back wheel. With a power of 250W and a torque of 43Nm. In our opinion this electric Nakamura bikes will not be a war lightning. Its torque being weak you could quickly meet the limits.

Its battery as for it, integrated according to us disgracefully on the frame of the bicycle, proposes a rather good autonomy for the category of this electric bike. Indeed, of a capacity of 375Wh for 36V it will be able to propose an autonomy until 60 kilometers.

The Equipments

This e bike Nakamura is equipped with an LED headlight, an LCD meter offering up to 5 different levels of assistance, a bell, a mudguard and a kickstand. In short, the perfect equipment for the urban bike. This Intersport electric bike is in our opinion the competitor of the Elops 500e from Decathlon.

To summarize

This electric bike is an entry-level bike and it fulfills its task as it should. We would have liked the design to be more refined like what we can find in the competition, in particular with the Elops range from Decathlon. Indeed, the battery as well as the led headlight are very different. They could have been integrated to the frame.

Nakamura E City 50: review

Still in the entry-level range we find the E City 50. This electric bike of city is according to us of better invoice than the E City LCD. Its much more worked design will seduce a maximum of urban cyclists.

We talked about it before. The integration of the battery is a crucial issue when designing an electric bike. Intersport has revised the copy by finally proposing an elegant electric city bike.

You only have to take a first look at this bike to appreciate the integration of the battery under the rear luggage rack. Making it difficult to identify among other traditional bikes.

Engine power and range

As for the motor, battery and autonomy, the E City 50 electric bike has the same characteristics as the E City Ltd. This electric bike is neither more nor less than an E City Ltd with a revisited design.

Its motor always installed in the hub delivers a power of 250W and a torque of 43Nm. And as we said before, the weak characteristics of the motor will make you quickly meet its limits.

The battery, which is very well integrated under the rear luggage rack, has not been changed and still delivers a capacity of 375Wh.

The equipment

On this Nakamura e bike one finds there almost the same equipment as proposes the Ltd. Only the levels of assistances revised to 3 only instead of 5 in the preceding one. This decision is surely due to a good reason. Anyway its equipment is of very good quality and especially much better finished than the previous version.

To summarize

In our opinion, the Nakamura E City 50 electric bike is a very good entry-level bike for any type of person who doesn’t see this electric bike as useful in everyday life. It is elegant and well finished, only its weak power will pose problem to certain cyclist.

Nakamura E City 110: review

With the E City 110 Intersport offers a top of the range electric city bike. With a finish, equipment and technical characteristics much higher than the previous ones.

The bike has been designed in the same line as the other urban Nakamura bikes of the urban range. The neo-retro style suits it like a glove and its finish is very appreciable.

Engine power and range

In terms of power, its central motor with power sensor still delivers 250W of power but much more torque. Indeed, the 60Nm of torque will allow drivers to satisfy most of their daily needs.

A torque sensor is the big plus of this electric city bike. Indeed, it is not the first time that we hear about electric bikes equipped with this high-end system. Decathlon was one of the first to equip these bikes with this system. As a proof, the direct competitor of the electric Nakamura bikes E City 110, the Btwin Elops 940e.

The torque sensor allows the motor to adapt the power to be delivered according to the force exerted by the driver on the pedals. This feature will naturalize the electric assistance.

The battery is identical to the other versions. Certainly equipped with a more powerful engine this electric bicycle does not undergo a loss of autonomy since it posts all the same 70 kilometers complete load.

The equipment

The equipment of this Nakamura E Fit 150 is in our opinion complete for a cross-country at this price. The control screen installed on the handlebars will allow you to manage the 5 levels of assistance generated by the engine. On the lighting side, LED lights provide the necessary and effective lighting to transport you safely.

To summarize

The E City 110 city bike is without a doubt the best of the brand. Its price is of course much higher than the entry-level bikes, which makes this Intersport electric bike a major budget item. But we strongly advise our readers to consider buying a high-end electric bike to satisfy your daily needs.

Nakamura E Fit 150: review

The e bike Nakamura E Fit 150 is an electric bicycle Intersport of type cross-country. This one will be as much at ease in town as in the country thanks to its design and its ideal versatility.

The E Fit range from Intersport is made up of comfortable and safe equipment. Thus you will find on these cross-country suspensions in order to increase the comfort of the user.

Side design the cross-country strongly approaches a bicycle of city. Here the electric bike E Fit 150 to find the right balance between the urban bike and the Nakamura mountain bike.

Engine power and range

As far as the power of the Nakamura e bike is concerned, no big surprise! We are still in an entry-level version and this is immediately felt from the first kilometers. Indeed, the torque of 60Nm lacks a little bit of fishing when you want to attack a little more.

For a more torquey cross-country, consider the higher end of the range which will offer the necessary power in all circumstances. Its autonomy of 70 kilometers remains correct for a bike of this kind.

The equipment

In terms of equipment, the Nakamura E Fit 15 à electric bike is, in our opinion, very well equipped. Its LED lighting at the front and rear, its disc brakes, its mudguards and its control screen make it stand out.

From the display on the handlebars you will be able to read the state of the battery but especially to take control on the 5 levels of assistances proposed by this electric bike.

To summarize

This entry-level model meets most of the cyclists’ needs. In term of power it is even above many competitors. Its good finishing and its good design make in our opinion an electric bike Intersport of very good invoice.

Nakamura E Fit 300: review

The Nakamura E Fit 300 is the top of the range electric mountain bike of the brand. Offering high performance and finish, this electric bike also seduces by its versatility. Because a mountain bike is at ease in many situations.

In the city as well as in the countryside, this Nakamura mountain bike will be ideal for many of you. This reference is for some time unavailable at Intersport and it’s a pity. Only the Nakamura E Fit 150 will meet the high demand.

Engine power and range

Once again, this Nakamura E Fit 300 is a top of the range cross-country because of the power delivered by its engine. 250W for a torque of 90Nm! This is much more than all the other electric bikes sold by Intersport.

Its autonomy is ensured by a battery with a capacity of 375Wh. Bringing this last to 70kms. Integrated on the frame of the bike, the battery this time again is of the most discrete.

The equipment

A key element of this electric bike is the comfort it provides. The group that produces it offers you for that a fork with spring suspension and adjustable in compression. For an effective and stress-free braking, the electric bike of Intersport is assembled with hydraulic brakes of 160 mm of diameter in front as in the back.

Moreover, in terms of safety, in our opinion the Nakamura E Fit 300 bike pushes things to the limit thanks to the installation of Michelin tires including reflective strips!

Once again for your comfort, this one has a sport type saddle but comfort in gel. Needless to say that the featherweight of this cross-country is undoubtedly part of the comfort elements!

Let’s move on to another big positive point of this electric bike: the box installed on the handlebars. It is quite simply a controller with an LCD screen and a Bluetooth connection allowing you to manage the different levels of assistance.

In addition, you will be able to check the battery charge level, the instantaneous speed, connect your smartphone directly via the USB port and many other options from the HTA 3.6 application.

In terms of lighting, in our opinion, the Nakamura E Fit 300 is not to be outdone. Indeed, it offers its users the best possible vision thanks to LED lights at the front and rear. Thus, other users also perceive us in an optimal way.

To summarize

This electric cross-country is among the best in its category. Its price remains very competitive for the features it offers. The Nakamura E Fit 300 electric bike is in our opinion a strong competitor to the cross-country sold by Decathlon such as the Riverside 500e or the Riverside 900e.

Nakamura e bike price

The prices of e bike Nakamura vary from simple to triple. Depending on the range chosen, the budget of the electric bikes can quickly soar. Nothing really surprising ! The Nakamura e bike is very competitively priced and can easily be compared to those of Decathlon.

From 599 to 1499 euros.

Advantageous purchase aids

There is no shortage of aid for the purchase of an electric bike. In some countries of the European Union they can easily reach the amount of 500 euros. This amount is to be deducted from the total price including VAT of your next electric bike.

But for that you will have to respect certain conditions. To find out if you can benefit from this aid, we advise you to contact your local authorities.

To conclude

In terms of performance but also in terms of manufacturing quality, the Nakamura e bike perfectly meets the demands of different users. This electric bike Intersport knew how to propose very interesting characteristics for an advantageous price. Neither the safety, nor the comfort were put aside. The e bike Nakamura whatever it is is in our opinion a good urban bike and all road.

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