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Elops 900e : a very affordable mid-range

The best electric city bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

The Btwin Elops 900e is an electrically assisted bike that will get you around with minimal effort. Available with a gooseneck or high frame, the electric bike is the right partner for your urban and extra-urban travel. It is not equipped with the most powerful engine, which makes it not the best choice for hilly terrain.

Discover the electric Elops from Decathlon

The Decathlon electric city bike is available in many versions. Different ranges that aim to satisfy a large number of urban cyclists. The prices defying all competition do not make less bikes of great quality.

The electric Elops, whatever it is, has an exceptional manufacturing quality and a very elegant finish and design.

Presentation of the Btwin Elops 900e

The Elops has been Decathlon’s city bike line for several years, with bikes starting at 220€ for the Elops 500 (non-electric).

The electric bikes use the same basic design with the addition of electric assist; the steel-framed Elops 500e, worth €699, and this bike use a hub motor (the cheaper bike uses a 24V system, compared to a 36V motor for the one shown here) and the €1900 Elops 940e uses Shimano’s more powerful STEPS mid-motor system.

It’s the middle of Decathlon’s range, with a lighter frame and a more powerful motor system. At 1200€, this is not an expensive electric bike for a bike with this kind of features. Equipped with a 7 speed Shimano Altus transmission, mechanical disc brakes and a rather cheap non-adjustable suspension fork.

The motor is in the rear hub, with a 418Wh battery located under the rear rack. The handlebar-mounted LCD screen gives you access to three levels of assistance (plus a walking aid function) and also functions as a basic bike computer.

The headlights are integrated, with the front light in the head tube and the rear light in the fender. The design of the bike is not left out, it displays a 6061 aluminum frame, it comes in two colors: navy blue or brick red.

Technical specifications of the Elops 900e

Power and operation

The rear hub motor is a great companion on the flat, with the three assist modes well distributed. The Elops 900 e is firmware has the lowest assist modes kicking in at slower speeds.

Not an approach I would have chosen, but I can understand the logic behind it, with less assist for slower, quieter rides. But for me, it just means I’ve always used it at full throttle, as I don’t really want to stagnate at 19 km/h.

It’s not the most powerful engine, and it’s fair to say that it struggled for the route we took, which included a mile-long hill at an average of 5%, with the steepest part at 12%. Getting over the steepest part took a lot of effort on my part, so if you’re going to be taking steep climbs on a regular basis, this probably isn’t the ideal solution.

In terms of power, it’s rated at 30 Nm and is similar to other cheaper hub-equipped bikes I’ve tried, but it’s not as powerful as some of the models available on bikes in this price range. It doesn’t help that the Elops 900e is a bit oversized, with gears that are much better for flat riding than for climbing.

The engine is well made, although a bit limited !


The Elops 900e bike is equipped with a lithium battery 36V/11,6Ah (capacity 418Wh) with a 2 years warranty. It allows an autonomy of the bicycle, of base of 70km according to the use which you make of it! Indeed it depends on the weight of the person, the difference in altitude, the outside temperature, etc…

The battery will be exhausted less quickly thanks to the use of the 7 speed Shimano derailleur, controlled by a handlebar grip, as for the standard bikes. The cyclist is free to change gears to ease the use of the electric assistance. Be careful to check the pressure of the tires, indeed a deflated tire reduces the autonomy of the battery, because you will have to pedal more!

Safety and comfort

From a safety point of view, the Btwin Elops 900 e is not left out. Indeed, with its LED lighting, it provides better visibility to road users. This allows it to see and be seen easily by other users.

Its brakes have been optimized to allow the use of this bike even in rainy weather while keeping an optimal safety, thanks in particular to its Tektro mechanical disc brakes in aluminum and mechanical disc brake calipers on both wheels. Finally, safety has been emphasized, once again, with the addition of reflective strips on each wheel.

For comfort, the brand has opted for a telescopic suspension fork. This suspension absorbs vibrations and road deformations. It is coupled with 28-inch wheels that allow you to ride on more or less uneven terrain.

The choice of an aluminum frame for more solidity and lightness, coupled with a low straddle for an easier access improves the comfort of use of this bicycle. Finally, particular care was taken in the choice of the saddle which is wide and very comfortable.

Suspension system

Cheap electric city bikes usually come with suspension forks, and these suspension forks tend to be average at best. This one is no exception: it’s bulky and poorly damped, and doesn’t have much lateral stiffness, which can make it feel fuzzy, especially if you’re trying to brake and steer at the same time.

As usual, the upright position means your weight isn’t on the front of the bike, and as usual, the bike would probably be better off with a stiff fork. But that doesn’t detract from the seriousness of this electric bike.

Equipment and lighting

Let’s talk about the equipment with the LCD dashboard fixed on the handlebars of the bike, it is simple to use, it allows to control easily the 3 modes of use as well as the Walk mode. In addition, the lighting control is located on the handlebars.

Underneath this control box there is a USB socket which allows you to charge your cell phone for example. And all this thanks to the electric battery. Even the luggage rack has been optimized, it can support up to 27kg, with the possibility to add

  • A specific baby carrier to screw on (either the Groovy from Polisport, or the 100 Btwin baby seat to screw on, two models available in store or by ordering on the website)
  • A basket (two types are available, the bicycle basket 100 (ref: 8396335) and the bicycle basket 500 (ref: 8365778) which is the most adapted to the product)
  • Storage bag for the trip

As for the lighting, powered by the battery, the bike has 20 lux LED lights integrated into the bike frame. The range of the lighting is 45m in front of the bike and 150m at the back.

The integrated lights are also good. You might think that the headlight, which is attached to the frame and not the handlebars, spends a lot of time pointing in the wrong direction, but that’s actually not the case at all.

It’s rare that there’s no light where you need it, and the light is strong enough to handle a little darkness on the track. The fact that they’re built-in means you never have to adjust it, which is convenient as long as it’s pointed in the right place. Which it is.

Weight and size of the Elops 900 e

Like the Decathlon 940e, the maximum weight allowed on this bike is 125kg, rider weight and equipment. The buyer has the choice between a Elops 900e size M and L :

  • Size M : For a height between 1,55m and 1,75m. Bike weight 23.83kg
  • Size L : For a height between 1,75m and 1,95m. Bike weight 24.3kg.

The price

Decathlon offers this city bike at a price of 1200€. This price justifies the quality of the equipment chosen, while preserving the safety and comfort of the cyclist. When buying this type of bike, it is important to analyze the market. But beware of products that turn out to be much more expensive than what Decathlon offers, or products of lower quality!

Maintenance of the Elops 900e

The pressure of the tires as for a standard bicycle must be checked regularly. Moreover for this bike, it is preferable to put at least 4 bars in each of the tires. Moreover, at the time of the great cleanings it will be necessary to remove the battery in order to put the Elops 900 e off. A revision must be performed within 6 months of purchase.

Should I insure my bike ?

Decathlon limits all of its electric bike to 25km/h, so they are not considered as mopeds. It is not necessary to insure your Elops 900e.

The warranty

The warranty offered by Decathlon is not the least since the group offers a lifetime warranty on frame, handlebars and 2 years on electrical components and spare parts. The battery is guaranteed for 2 years (from 350 to 500 cycles of charge at 100%).

The advantages of the Elops 900e

It is easy to use, 7 speeds and a luggage rack, mudguards against splashes. Many parts are made of aluminum on this electric bike, for more lightness and robustness.

The possibility of installing a basket at the front of the bike brings more versatility to this city bike. It is also possible to purchase an additional battery by contacting your nearest Decathlon store.

Consumers’ opinions

Many users have already left their positive opinions about the Elops. For a mid-range bike, it gets a high rating.

I use the Elops 900 e to go to work in good weather and for family rides (with a child seat on the mudguard). I am globally satisfied with it. The challenge was to replace my scooter by a bike, and it is successful!

I bought the Elops 900 e for a 14 km ride per day. The assistance plays its role very well and one does not feel at all the weight of the bicycle which culminates nevertheless at 24kg. Ideal with a baby seat, it allows to avoid taking the car.

Who is the Elops 900e for ?

Well, for anyone who needs a bike that is comfortable in the city, but especially on “flat” cities. The engine in this case offers sufficient power, and the bike is well suited for sustained daily use. If not, you may find that the motor is not powerful enough and you may want to consider an electric city bike, or the big brother, the Elops 940e.

This doesn’t make it a bad bike, but it does limit its appeal a bit. There are more powerful bikes than this one for a similar price. The Elops 900e is good value and fun to ride, and if it fits your local terrain, it’s an ideal and solid buy.

Elops 900e Technical Specifications

Our summary of the characteristics of this electric city bike :

  • Brushless motor 250W 30Nm
  • Battery 36V/11,6Ah (capacity 418 Wh), 2,6 kg
  • Control screen on the handlebars (LCD)
  • 3 operating modes + 1 “walk” mode to walk beside your bike
  • 40 and 70km according to your weight, your use, the difference in altitude…
  • 2 sizes available M – L
  • Telescopic fork (with suspensions) with unique adjustment
  • Available in low frame and high frame versions
  • Shimano 7 speed transmission
  • 28 inch wheels
  • 20 lux LED lighting integrated to the frame
  • Average weight of 24kg, max load 125kg
  • 100% aluminum frame 6061

Purchase aids

Some states and their local authorities propose subsidy plans for the purchase of cars. In order to help but also to push citizens to use green means of transportation. These subsidies are not to be taken lightly.

They can represent a big part of the total price of the bike. Let’s take a simple example. In Fact, depending on the type of bike purchased, buyers can benefit from up to 500 euros of aid on the total price of the bike.

To conclude

The Elops 900e is a very good electric city bike. Thanks to its technical characteristics, its design and especially its price. Decathlon has managed to place its bike among the most attractive on the market. The purchase subsidies are a plus. They will make this bike a reasonable purchase and its daily use will be quickly profitable for its user.

The OnMyBike team writes daily articles on classic and electric bikes to guide you in your choice