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Riverside 900 E review : the Decathlon electric cross-country

The best electric cross-country bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

The Riverside 900 electric bike is the latest addition to the range of electric bikes from the French company Decathlon. Recently, it has been surfing on the wave of green mobility and that’s why we propose you to discover our opinion on the electric bike Riverside 900 E from Decathlon.

The electric Riverside of Decathlon

The Decathlon range of electric cross-country bike has only two references. Quality all-terrain electric bikes, equipped with good quality materials and offering an exceptional finish.

The Riverside electric, whatever it is, has an exceptional manufacturing quality and a very elegant finish and design. Judge for yourself !


Presentation of the Riverside 900 E

The Riverside 900 electric bike is a product offered by the French group Decathlon. With the success of its range of “traditional” cross-country, the French group has simply decided to develop an electric version of the Riverside 900.

Through the creation of electric bicycles DECATHLON wanted to take part in this great revolution of clean motorized vehicles. We invite you to discover the Riverside 900 E.

First of all, you have to know that this is an electric bike specially designed for your rides on roads or paths. Clearly, this electric bike falls into the category of mountain bikes (cross-country) from Decathlon.

Our opinion on the Riverside 900 E

At first glance

The Riverside 900 E, the electric bicycle from Decathlon for all roads, will adapt to all types of rides (roads or paths). The electric battery will bring you a motricity help up to 70km. You will appreciate its riding comfort, especially due to its front and rear suspensions, its adjustable stem, its ergonomic grips and its gel saddle.

As with other Decathlon models, Decathlon offers a lifetime warranty on certain parts, namely the stem and handlebars. The spare parts and the battery are guaranteed for 2 years.

As with most of the electric bikes in the group, this one has a torque sensor. Do not neglect this point if you were to compare it to others. This sensor has a great importance in the comfort of driving. We will talk about it in more detail in the following article.

This Riverside 900 electric is a high quality cross-country for the general public. Lovers of big rides in extreme conditions this cross-country will not satisfy you 100% and will find its limits very quickly.

The Riverside against its competition

Giving an opinion on the Riverside 900 E is nothing if we don’t compare it to the competition. As we said in other reviews, the electric cross-country are good compromises for all those who want to join the long rides on the road without wanting to play the big baroudeurs.

Riverside 900 E Technical Specifications

Power and operation

The Riverside 900 electric bike offered by Decathlon is equipped with a 250 watt brushless motor with a torque of 30 Nm. Thanks to this motor, you will be able to take full advantage of several electric assistance modes, 3 in all plus walking assistance.

Autonomy of the Riverside 900 E

In terms of autonomy, Decathlon announces for this electric bike an autonomy of up to 70 kms in optimal conditions. This may vary depending on several parameters such as the user’s weight, weather conditions or the difficulty of the terrain.

These performances are possible because the Riverside 900 E is equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 36V / 11,6Ah or 418Wh. The latter can be recharged in about 6h30. As previously announced, it is guaranteed for 2 years.

Weight and size

For this Decathlon electric bike, expect to have to support its weight of 25.5kg for size M. This is an important element to take into account, especially in daily use.

And as with all Decathlon bikes, this one can’t support a total weight of more than 120kg (user + accessories). You should also know that it is available in several sizes in order to adapt to the users :

  • Size S/M: for people from 1,45m to 1,74m
  • Size L/XL: for people from 1.75m to 1.95m

Equipment and lighting

With the Decathlon Riverside 900 electric bike, you’ll have a backlit control screen on the handlebars for better visibility at any time of day. The display will allow you to view and manage a number of things: instant speed, time, distance traveled, battery level and the selected assistance level.

This means of transportation comes with various accessories such as a bell, front and rear lights and wheel reflectors.

Comfort and safety

The Riverside 900 is equipped with 2 V-Brake pads operated by 2 aluminum brake levers located at the handlebar. Then, it is equipped with versatile road and trail tires to accompany you on all your journeys!

In addition, you can enjoy an all-suspended aluminum frame. It has been designed and engineered so that you can straddle it more easily. For your comfort as well, this electric bicycle offered by Decathlon is equipped with a suspended front fork, a rear suspension and an exclusive Btwin Ergofit gel saddle.

The price of the Riverside 900 E

Expect to pay 999€ for the Riverside 900 E. It’s an electric bike at a very reasonable price when you consider the skyrocketing prices on the market today. This is a product within the reach of everyone.

Consumers’ opinions

Many users have already left positive reviews on the Riverside 900 E. A cross-country electric bike that gets good reviews.

Very pleasant for canal side and road walks. A little less on the footpaths.

The Riverside 900 E perfectly fulfills its mission for the price. For 999€ you get a lot for your money. Very comfortable autonomy, comfort neither too soft nor too firm, enough engine power for a ride and a few kilometers off the beaten track (dirt roads and gravel roads). It seems relatively well built. The control screen is complete. To see in the duration but for the moment it is a purchase which gives whole satisfaction.

Interesting purchase aids

Too few consumers know it, but some states, for several years now, have been offering a reduction in the total purchase price of an electric bicycle. Thanks to variable aid depending on the location of the buyer. Indeed, the state represents only a small part of this aid.

It is the local authorities who put the most hand to the wallet. These aids of the communities cumulated with that of the state propose reductions of the total price of the electric bike going until 500 euros. In order to know the conditions of these aids, we advise you to approach your local authorities.

To conclude

In our opinion, the Decathlon Riverside 900 E electric bicycle is an affordable product with multiple qualities. It will support you in case of hard knocks, obstacles or unevenness during your rides on roads and paths.

However, its weight remains a really negative element. Indeed, it remains quite heavy, almost 26kg! The weight of the product is crucial depending on the use you want to make of it.

Check our selection of the best electric cross-country on the market, our team took the time to analyze the cross-country market and the Riverside is not the best in its category.

To make the right purchase the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on traditional and electric bikes


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