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electric bike

Find in this page all the news concerning the electric bike. We discuss the latest news, new products and all our opinions on many VAE (electrically assisted bicycle).

It's in the news! Riding an electric bike has become a real trend but also a need that many of our fellow citizens have, the electric assistance is a real plus in their daily life. Electric bikes are invading our daily life and we will talk about it in our articles.

We are convinced that electric mobility is the future of our society, at least until other means of locomotion are born or democratized.

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But also, our team realizes technical analysis of the products flooding the market that is why we advise you to follow also our tests and reviews of electric bikes.

Nothing is forgotten. The controversies due to these new uses, as well as the new regulations are for us paramount. We aim at a fast and fundamental change area. The news on these new domains are rich, and we strive every day to make them known to you.

The future is also a subject that we deal with regularly. So, let yourself be carried away by our articles, and discover what the news is made of when it comes to riding a clean electric bike.

Questions and answers

How does an electric bike work?

The electric bike is nothing more or less than a traditional bike equipped with a motor and a battery. Of course some details change but here are the main differences.

The motor is present to facilitate pedaling and starts automatically when you pedal. Recharging the battery is done in a simple way by plugging it in at home on a standard power outlet.

The electric bikes allow to reach without effort a cruising speed of 25km/h (maximum speed normed in France), to climb easily the most difficult slopes or to make trips which would be traditionally too long to cover with a traditional bike.

What is the budget for an electric bike?

This type of bike can be a daily means of transportation. It is then necessary to reason in annual budget in order to compare at best the various means of transport. This is how we can determine that an electric bike worth 1500 to 2000 euros can pay for itself after one to two years. This calculation will of course depend on the transfer from the car to the EAB* (Electrically Assisted Bicycle).

Why choose an electric bike?

The electric bike is on the rise. In fact, it is attracting more and more interest from city dwellers. It is practical, comfortable and above all it respects the environment. Thus, the users of these means of locomotion are delighted. They can move without worrying about traffic conditions. They can use it for a multitude of trips: going to work, shopping, walking or just going home. Many cities are taking the matter in hand by proposing infrastructures specially designed for the circulation of classic or electric bikes. In addition, some municipalities support the purchase of electrically-assisted bicycles, or EABs, by offering subsidies for their purchase.
This type of transportation is now even more efficient than before. Indeed, the systems implemented allow for greater power and autonomy. Moreover, the batteries are, most of the time, removable. Thus, it is easier to recharge them by plugging them into the mains, both at home and at work for example.


Two main types of motorization exist on the electric bicycle market:

- The "all or nothing" motor. It is generally placed either in the front wheel or in the rear wheel. It allows to assist you at 100% from the first pedal stroke thanks to a pedaling sensor.
- The pedal motor, on the other hand, takes into account the intensity with which you force the pedal and assists you according to this intensity. This type of motor makes the riding experience more fluid and natural. This avoids the user feeling any jerks.

Electric bikes are equipped with lithium batteries. It is true that the weight of these batteries varies from model to model. However, this will be totally transparent to you when you use the electric bike. Nevertheless, if you have to climb a few steps to get home, if you use the bike in multimodal mode or if you lack space, you can go for a folding bike. More practical, lighter and above all just as easy to ride, it is perfect for cyclists.

Much more than a simple means of transportation, the electric bike is a real ally in everyday life. Whether you're a city dweller, a hiker or a sportsman, the electric bike will meet all your needs. There is inevitably a model that corresponds to you and your needs in terms of mobility. So, if you are fond of small trails, we can offer you electric mountain bikes! Do you prefer long bike rides? Very well, because you will also find electric touring and gravel bikes!

Battery Power:

The power of the battery is a central element of the electric bicycle. Indeed, it will have a direct impact on the price of the latter. To give you an idea in terms of autonomy, a battery of 300 to 500 Wh can allow you to ride between 40 and 80 km. However, this range can vary, increase or even be divided by 2 depending on your use (assistance mode chosen, condition of the terrain on which you ride, additional accessories).

Avoiding the theft of your ebike is possible

The purchase of an electric bicycle must be thought through because it is a real investment. That's why one of the first concerns of the user is theft. Here are some tips to secure your means of transportation and ride more serenely:

- To discourage possible thieves, be sure to remove the battery and the console if it is removable when you have to hang your bike outside.
- You must always attach your bike to a fixed point, even for a few minutes stop.
- Buy 2 locks, one that is proportional to the price of the bike (5-10%) in order to benefit from a high level of protection (preferably a U lock) and a second lock for the frame for example.

Bikes for everyone

No matter what type of cycling you do, there is bound to be a range of electric bikes made for you. Indeed, this type of transport being strongly democratized, there are now VTC, VTT, city bikes and folding bikes with electric assistance. Moreover, many accessories are available on the market in order to personalize your electric bike according to your tastes and your practice.

Bicycle motors are becoming more and more efficient and also have sensor systems. This makes it possible to optimize the pedaling force brought. This way, your efforts are measured in order to get the most out of the battery.

People wishing to integrate a cycling routine in order to get out of the modern sedentary lifestyle will be able to count on the VAE to help them benefit from a progressive fitness. It makes family cycling within reach of everyone (for the transport of important loads, for the elderly). Thanks to these means of locomotion nothing is impossible. Discover the rural paths and the coasts that were once impassable!

Much more than a simple fashion, the VAE is a real revolution in the world of cycling. If you want to take the plunge, don't hesitate to find out more about the incentives for buying one, and also about the mileage allowance for bikes!