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Rocky Mountain bikes for adventure !

"Love the ride". That's the motto of the international bicycle company Rocky Mountain. Their specialty ? Rocky Mountain bikes that get you to the top in no time. Bikes that make it possible to ride fast, faster, and over obstacles without any difficulty. From the moment they are designed to the moment they are sold,…

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All about the Bergamont bikes

You are a cycling enthusiast. Or you need a bike for your daily commute to work, home, the store, the grocery store, etc. You are a simple fan of two wheels and speed. Or rather, a bike touring enthusiast. You define yourself more as a competition and performance bike enthusiast. You need a bike that…

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Orbea bikes: are they of good quality ?

The bicycle market is booming in the world and particularly in France. In developed countries, professional bikes for cyclo sport are flooding the market. However, in developing countries, it is the mountain bikes and free-riders that are popular with bike lovers. A bike from Orbea allows you to make trips or races properly. In this…

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Haibike e bike : Is it a must ?

More than a brand, the Haibike e bike manufacturing company has a philosophy: performance and power at the service of innovation. In figures, the group already has 26 long and happy years of professional pleasure and immeasurable joy for the satisfaction of customers with revolutionary ranges of Haibike electric mountain bikes. Indeed, and it is…

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Giant Talon E+: an all-terrain ally

The Giant brand was born in Taiwan in 1972. It began by producing products and materials for other major bicycle brands. Until the day it started producing its own bikes. It has always been recognized for the quality of the products it sells and manufactures. Always looking for new innovative technologies, it starts to produce…

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