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Orbea bikes: are they of good quality ?


The bicycle market is booming in the world and particularly in France. In developed countries, professional bikes for cyclo sport are flooding the market. However, in developing countries, it is the mountain bikes and free-riders that are popular with bike lovers. A bike from Orbea allows you to make trips or races properly. In this article, you will find out what you need to know about the Orbea bikes.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Orbea bikes.

The context

The bicycle market is experiencing a real craze. This is notably to 2 main factors. The first, first of all is intimately linked to the population. And more precisely to the will of the latter to reduce its impact on the environment.

That by using less energy consuming means of transport and thus better for our planet. Then, governments like France for example have set up aids in order to allow French households to acquire cleaner means of transportation and therefore better for our environment.

All this is aimed at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and therefore pollute as little as possible in order to preserve the nature that surrounds us.

The Orbea brand bikes

Here we will see Orbea road bikes and Orbea mountain bikes, Orbea electric bikes and Orbea urban bikes.

Orbea road bike

The manufacturer offers models for 5 disciplines.

The Orbea racing bike: Orca

Orca is one of the first models of the brand. As such, it practically represents the history of the company. Moreover, it is a machine designed for racing. It is light, powerful, responsive and above all fast.

Orbea has also done an impressive job on the aerodynamics of this model by making the components lighter. They also integrated cables and hoses in the stem. Note that the seatpost clamp is hidden in the frame for an ideal finish. The Orca is the ideal carbon bike for your competitions.

In addition to this model, the manufacturer has thought of a car capable of winning competitions. It is the Orca Aero.

The bike triathlon : Ordu

The Orbea Ordu mountain bike is the perfect machine for time trials or triathlons. This model is easy to fly and light. So you can easily plot your course during a competition.

The Alu endurance model: Orbea front

The Orbea front cycle is suitable for long distances. It also allows the beginner to start riding timidly. The Orbea front end has a carbon fork with high clearance. For added comfort, you can install mudguards on your bike.

The versatile Gravel : Terra

The road range ends with this model. It is a hybrid road and gravel bike. It will be useful for your daily trips and cyclo-cross.

Orbea mountain bikes

This range is represented by all-suspended and semi-rigid. The range of all-suspended Orbea mountain bikes.

The Rallon (enduro bike)

The rallon is ideal for downhill enduro events.  Thanks to its top tube and long wheelbase, it has a good stability at high speed. In addition, it allows a good pedaling thanks to the position of its box and the angle of the saddle.

The Occam

This is a fairly versatile Orbea mountain bike. In fact, it has two options of travel that favors the climbs. In addition, it has an aluminum model and a second one in carbon.

The Oiz (mountain bike cross-country race)

This model has a World Cup geometry with a shortened rear triangle.

The Alma

This bike is quite popular among cyclists, as it has been winning Olympic games since 2008. It is equipped with a rigid fork that promotes the efficiency of this bike.

The Laufey (mountain bike that is versatile and all-terrain)

Orbea urban bike

Here, this range is summarized in two models: the carp and the vector. They are versatile, reliable and solid.

Orbea electric bike

In this range, you will find urban Orbea electric bike and electric road bikes. These machines are both discreet and light.

What makes Orbea bikes different from other brands ?

The first point to highlight is Orbea’s commitment to the creation of these bikes.

Orbea’s goal is to design the best bikes, the best service and the best technical assistance so that nothing stands in the way of you achieving your goals. So, your only concern should be the ideal weather to get out and ride.

To achieve its goals, Orbea has many years of expertise and listening to its customers. Thus, Orbea stores and distributors are there to help you on your way to victory.

Orbea also gives you the opportunity to imagine and design the bike of your dreams. The brand makes your wishes come true by offering you twelve colors and numerous assembly options.

You can also personalize your bike with your name. This way, you get a bike that you have imagined and created yourself.

Who is the new Orbea Orca bikes designed for ?

The Orca bike is designed for competitions. Made with carbon, it demonstrates its efficiency on the Protoure day after day.

This bike benefits from Orbea’s innovation, technology and know-how in choosing the right materials. Orca is ideal for professional cyclists. But it is not only used by experts.

Orbea has customers who put on their equipment (jersey, helmet, shoes) to complete a personal challenge. This often consists of long rides and races. Thanks to Orca, they can benefit from a bike that combines maximum performance with power.

History of the Orbea bikes

The Orbea brand is of Basque origin. It has existed since 1840. It is impossible to talk about cycling without talking about Orbea. The company belongs to a family that has made its name in this field when nothing predestined it to do so.

Orbea has made its mark on the roads and has contributed to writing some great pages in world cycling.

A family history

The history of this illustrious family begins in the village of EIbar with the trade of three brothers: Juan Manuel, Mateo and Casimiro. Initially, the family business sold handguns to the government. Therefore, this activity is very far from the two-wheeled bikes.

The different crises and world conflicts such as the First World War and the economic crises, pushed the Basque company to change its sectors of activity. Thus, the Orbea family went from selling pistols to baby carriages and from solex bikes to bicycles.

A conversion to Orbea cycles

This conversion was necessary because the high demand for weapons that existed during the war gave way to a drastic decrease in this demand. Thus, the transition to the production and sale of bicycles seemed more logical. At that time, the company “Orbea Brothers” changed its name to “Orbea Brothers and Company”.

In addition, the Orbea brothers have valuable knowledge of steel tubing. They use this expertise to produce new products. Thus, they managed to conquer other markets such as the production of steel bicycles.

In 1930, Orbea stopped trading in weapons and turned to the production of Orbea cycles. Four years after this entry into the world of cycling, Mariano Canardo formed the basis of the first Orbea road bike team.

This team would make a mark and bring the brand name to the forefront of the international scene with a victory in the 1937 Tour de France.

In 1946, Orbea employed almost 1,000 people and had an estimated production capacity of 50,000 Orbea cycles per year. At that time, Orbea produced every single component that went into its bikes.

Reversal and bankruptcy

The year 1969 was marked by the poor economic situation in Spain, which led to the bankruptcy of Orbea, among other things. The Orbea workers mobilized and saved the company, turning it into a cooperative.

As a result, the company got a new lease on life and was able to re-launch itself in the market. This situation also led to the company moving to the city of Mallabia, where new products were created.

The 1980s marked the return of the Orbea brand to the forefront of competitive cycling. In 1984, Orbea participated in road races with a team led by Jokin Mujika and Peio Cabestany. In 1985, Pedro Delgado won the Vuelta with the Gin MG-Orbea team. Later on, the same rider won the Tour de France in the SEAT-Orbea colors.

After these victories, an alliance between Orbea and the Euskadi Foundation was formed. This alliance will contribute to the victory of many cyclists. Thus, Iban Mayo, Samuel Sanchez and Roberte Laiseka were able to conquer the Pyrenean mountain pass with Orbea bikes, mainly with the Orca.

The Orca was named road bike of the year by Cycle magazine. Nowadays, the Orca is aligned with the era of versatile bikes with taut lines. The old model has been transformed and replaced by a model with less original lines in the seatpost-bracket-horizontal tube junction and down tube-head tube. 

Today, the brand is present on the cycling market and occupies a very important place. We can see it by its presence in a large number of retailers.

Why should I choose the Orbea electric mountain bike ?

The electric mountain bike is in full expansion and it makes the happiness of the bicycle lovers. This range of bikes allows you to live a unique experience with a fast and powerful machine.

The electric mountain bike is different from the others because of its motor and its battery that allow you to travel a long distance with complete peace of mind.

With Orbea, you will have exceptional and unique electric mountain bikes. These bikes have powerful and reliable motors. In addition, a 400 Wh battery ensures comfort and a pleasant ride. The quality/price ratio of these models is also ideal.

In addition, they have durable wheels and forks that allow you to safely negotiate many obstacles.

How to choose your own bike ?

In order to make an informed choice, you will need to ask yourself a number of questions. Here are a few keys that we can provide you with in order to make the right choice according to your expectations.

Define your needs

First, you will need to define your needs. This may seem abstract as well as perfectly obvious. However, it is the first thing to do in order to find the right companion.

You’ll need to determine what kind of travel you’ll need a bike for. Your needs will be different whether you want to hike in the mountains or ride in the city to work or to your children’s school, for example.

There are several categories of Orbea mountain bikes. So, to choose the right one for you, you need to define the use you want to make of it.

This means determining whether the Orbea bikes will help you win a race or whether it will be your companion for a ride or a hike. The Orca is the ideal bike if you are looking for a racing bike that will be able to provide you with comfort and power.

Comfort and safety features

Then, you will have to determine the elements of comfort and safety that you wish to have on your means of transport. These will vary according to your practice but not only. Indeed, some brands will offer you different options for the same activity.

Let’s take a simple example, the mountain bike. Some may have a suspension fork and suspension at the back of the bike. While others could simply be equipped with a suspension fork. This will have an impact on the comfort of use.

The full suspension model will better absorb the shocks related to the use while the semi-rigid will be lighter and thus more manageable. Everything will depend on what the user is looking for.

Orbea bikes: the price

The price is also a determining factor. Even if it is obvious at first sight, it is necessary to specify it. Indeed, many people rush into a search for the best means of transportation without defining a budget beforehand. But this should not happen.

This will make you lose a lot of time. You will then focus on products reaching unattainable amounts for you. Avoid jumping in headlong, you risk being disappointed. If you don’t determine the budget you want to invest in your Orbea bikes or another brand, you could get discouraged.

Orbea offers you quality products that last over time. Investing in an Orbea cycles is a safe investment. In order to make a purchase, you should consult the different prices offered by Orbea. You can then make a choice based on your budget and financial capacity.

The size of the Orbea bikes

For optimal use and comfort, the future user must choose the right size. If the latter has a size within a wide range, then the problem does not arise. On the other hand, the question arises if the consumer’s size is between 2 sizes of the desired model. So how do you make your choice?

In reality, this can sometimes be complicated to determine. Our experts advise you to choose between performance and comfort. Indeed, a more upright position will increase your comfort during use. For this reason, you should choose a smaller model.

On the other hand, to increase your performance thanks to a more elongated position, you should choose the larger model.

Orbea produces bikes that are suitable for everyone. When you buy an Orbea bikes, you can adjust the fork to suit your taste. Orbea thinks of everyone with its bikes.

However, before making a purchase, you should check the height of the frame and the height of the saddle. This way, you make a wise purchase that will allow you to enjoy your property comfortably.

The advantages of the Orbea bikes brand

Orbea produces bikes that are quite special and unique. With an Orbea bikes, you will be seduced by cycling.

State of the art technology

Orbea bikes are equipped with the latest technology using carbon. As a result, the bikes are equipped with a sophisticated frame. The carbon used in each Orbea mountain bike promotes lightness, but also contributes to the sophistication and refinement of the brand’s products.

Orbea cycles are also light, which makes riding much easier. In fact, the optimized layout of the fibers and the reduction in the number of parts on the frame contribute fully to weight savings. What’s more, the compacting of the carbon eliminates the need to use a lot of materials.

With Orbea bikes, you can enjoy an outstanding riding experience. This is made possible by the uniform and simplified structures that the bikes have to effectively resist bending.

In addition, Orbea cycles are reliable due to the elimination of joint areas. As a result, the strength of your bike is greatly increased.

Cooperation with specialists

Orbea offers you quality and reliable bicycles. Thanks to a collaboration with specialists from Mondragon University in the Basque Country, it explores and tests aerodynamic concepts to produce unique and high-performance products.

This cooperation allows for many feats such as the down tube, seat tube, stem sections. These elements are subtly flattened to help achieve a 10% reduction in resistance.

Orbea also has aerodynamic forks that work like aerodynamic frame tubes, ideal for directional movement in windy conditions.

Suitable for all

Orbea bikes are designed for people of all sizes and shapes. This way, both men and women can find the right bike for them at Orbea. Orbea bikes have a fork that can be shifted according to the height of the cyclist. This way, the rider has better control over the bike.

Everything is designed to help you win your races. You get an Orbea mountain bike that allows you to cover long distances in a comfortable position. This is possible thanks to a shorter top tube and higher handlebars.

Non-standard executives

All these elements (carbon structure, tube shapes) make for a comfortable frame that reduces muscle fatigue. With the Orbea bikes, you can enjoy a dynamic and fluid ride. The natural flexibility and low volume of the top tube and seatstays make the bike easier to handle.

Orbea makes it easy to win races with its subtle feel. In addition, Orbea has expertise in bike racing, which allows it to find the perfect balance between responsiveness and stability.

With Orbea, every detail is taken into account. For example, angles and dimensions are carefully calculated for a range of sizes. So every pedal stroke you make gives you more power. And more power equals higher speed.

Finally, Orbea produces quality bikes that give you the comfort you need to win races. For example, with Orca you get the benefits of larger tires on the road. A wider tire inflated to lower pressures can reduce rolling resistance. Also, the extra air volume promotes comfort and traction.


The Orbea bikes have a lot to offer. The company has taken every opportunity to work with specialists in cycling and aerodynamics. This way, the user experience is unique and optimal. The elements integrated in each model are perfectly adapted to the practice which is intended for it.

If you still have questions about any of the Orbea mountain bikes offered by the company, don’t hesitate to contact our advisors and experts in the field to clarify any unclear points.

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