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All about the Bergamont bikes


You are a cycling enthusiast. Or you need a bike for your daily commute to work, home, the store, the grocery store, etc. You are a simple fan of two wheels and speed. Or rather, a bike touring enthusiast. You define yourself more as a competition and performance bike enthusiast. You need a bike that meets your needs. In this article, we will focus on the brand Bergamont bikes. Bergamont has managed to hold its own against the competition. For cyclists of all profiles and all levels of practice. The brand offers a range of bikes that are as attractive as the others.

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The context

You have certainly noticed it already, especially in cities. Alternative means of transportation are taking up more and more of our roads and infrastructures. This is due to a number of reasons. One of them is the desire and ambition for everyone to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

And this thanks to the use of green energy or non-motorized travel companions. Moreover, in France for example, aids have been put in place. In order to facilitate the access to these new vehicles. Indeed, premiums exist and it is essential to find out about the possibilities and conditions of accessibility.

Bergamont bikes: discovering the German brand

The story of Bergamont, the German bicycle brand, began in 1993. It was in the lively St. Paul district of Hamburg.  Bergamont was just a modest store dedicated to bicycle repair. The first Bergamont bike prototypes appeared and the humble beginnings did not last long.

A few German engineers with a particular passion for bicycles helped the brand to make a strong name for itself on the German market and then on the international bicycle manufacturing market. Since then, the product range of this company belonging to the Scott group, is constantly growing. And always with an impeccable quality of manufacture.

Even if the brand is not yet very popular in France, Bergamont bikes have everything it takes to seduce a cyclist, as much on the question of detail, quality of manufacture as on the quality/price ratio. The brand offers bikes for all mountain bike disciplines. Discover the whole of its ranges in the following section.

Presentation of the different ranges of Bergamont bikes

Bergamont’s rich and varied product range includes mechanical bikes, Bergamont e bike, mountain bikes and urban bikes for all tastes. The components used in the manufacturing of these bikes come from the most famous brands. You will find Shimano, Bosch, Deutsche Qualitat, etc.

Clearly, the brand has made itself known as an unavoidable and reliable reference. Focusing its efforts in the optimization of driving performance, safety and reliability. Its product range includes, among others:

Bergamont E-Urban bikes

With their attractive design, aluminium frame, weight of over 20 kg and maximum speed of over 25 km/h, Bergamont e bikes E-Urban are suitable for a variety of uses.

In urban traffic, for bicycle touring and for daily commuting in town (supermarket, work, store, etc.). This range is composed of models such as the E-ville and the Paul-E.

E-Cargo bikes

Ergonomic and powered by a Bosch engine, e bike Bergamont E-Cargo is popular with independent delivery people and families alike, designed for transporting goods, running errands and even carrying children.

They can carry up to 195 kg or more. The category consists of models such as the E-Cargoville LJ, E-Cargoville LT and E-Cargoville Bakery.

Bergamont E-Trekking bikes

Equipped with the latest Bosch motor technology and a PowerTube battery, the E-Trekking bikes are electric mountain bikes. Very versatile, this range of bikes designed for adventure is intended for true sportsmen and trekking enthusiasts.

They are suitable for all types of routes, all types of terrain, including mountainous terrain, can travel long distances in remote areas. The range includes other sub-ranges E-Horizon FS and E-Horizon.

E-Performance bikes

Even more powerful and stronger than the previous range, the E-Performance bikes are specially designed to conquer the most difficult routes and trails. These are e bike Bergamont made for the electric mountain bike and are able of handling all roads, both uphill and downhill.

The E-Performance range is composed of other sub-ranges such as E-Grandurance bikes, E-Contrail bikes, E-Trailster bikes, E-Revox bikes, etc.

Bergamont Urban bikes

Specially built to meet the needs of urban mobility, Urban bikes are Bergamont’s solution for the dynamic commuter. Their construction and technology make them one of the most practical ranges for commuting to work, to the supermarket, to the store and for daily shopping. This range of bikes is composed of three sub-ranges: the Sweep, the Belami and the Summerville.

Trekking bikes

With their perfect balance and dynamic ride, the Trekking bikes are Bergamont’s solution for light endurance needs. They are optimized for optimal comfort and are therefore excellent allies for daily touring.

The Trekking range is composed of the Vitess and Horizon sub-ranges. Several models, such as the Horizon Lady, are specially designed for women who are passionate about hiking.

Bergamont Performance bikes

The Performance line are Bergamont’s multi-functional mountain bikes. With their attractive design and mechanical power, these bikes are practical for dynamic commuters, explorers and hikers. The range consists of Grandurance and Revox bikes that fit every need.

Bikes for children

Bergamont has not only thought about adults. Children who love cycling will also find models adapted to them. The range of Kids Bikes offered by the German brand is composed of the Revox and Bergamonster bikes.

The latter are Bergamont 24-inch mountain bikes with a low straddle height and a lowered bottom bracket optimized for ergonomic pedaling for children.

Bergamont bikes share the market with many competitors. There are dozens of brands and thousands of models. That said, with such a wide range of products, finding the model that best suits your needs is not easy, unless you are a true connoisseur.

To help you find your way more easily, here is a mini-file that will show you exactly how to choose the right bike.

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What are the criteria for buying a good bike ?

Before we begin, let’s note that there is no such thing as a perfect bike. It all depends on the user and how they intend to use their bike. The needs of a seasoned cyclist and those of a bikepacker who only uses his bike for commuting are not identical. Likewise, a bike that is practical for riding on asphalt may not be suitable for country trails or single tracks.

The parameters to define before choosing a good bike

The choice of a good Bergamont bikes will depend on a number of parameters, including:

  • The type of practice envisioned
  • The planned driving terrain
  • The intensity of sport activity required
  • The frequency of use
  • These parameters should guide you in choosing your bike. It is thus according to these parameters that you will establish your list of selection criteria. Thus, you will choose your model of bicycle according to :

  • The model: city bike, mountain bike, mountain bike, folding bike
  • The frame material: aluminum, alloy, carbon
  • The size of the frame: 0.66 times the length of your leg or between 51 and 61 cm for men, between 54 and 66 cm for women)
  • The quality and technology of the motor and battery
  • Power and driving force
  • Maximum speed
  • Battery autonomy
  • The braking mode: hand brakes or back-pedaling
  • The braking mode: hand brakes or back-pedaling
  • The type of brakes: disc brakes, shoe brakes
  • Gear changes: number of gears
  • The type of suspension: front in the fork, rear involving the frame, with the saddle
  • The size of the wheels: 26, 27,5 to 29 inches
  • The type of tires: tubetype, tubeless, tubular
  • The level of comfort in sitting position: width and material of the saddle, the shape and length of the handlebars
  • Criteria to consider when choosing the right Bergamont bikes

    In this section, we will be more descriptive about the criteria for selecting a good bike. We will tell you how to choose your Bergamont bike according to your practical needs.

    Which bike to choose to go to work ?

    If you’re going to be biking, you’ll want to choose a city bike that can handle the daily commute. In any case, it all depends on the trip in question. For short urban trips, choose a bike with a highly efficient and easy-to-handle brake system. Choose models with straight handlebars and a frame with a crossbar.

    They are more dynamic. Open-frame models are more suitable for women, casual riders and those who are less experienced and need a more secure position. For relatively long, long-distance trips, you’ll need a sturdy, versatile cross-country with a suspension fork that allows you to attach a baby carrier, basket or other accessory.

    A short handlebar will do. You can also look for a folding model that you can take to the office, in the elevator and on the subway. And if you want to get to your destination quickly without breaking a sweat, the Bergamont e bike is the perfect solution.

    Which bike to choose for hiking and cycling touring ?

    If you are planning to ride and tour, you need either a steel or aluminum frame. The former is more resistant to deformation while the latter is lighter. As for the wheels, you can choose between 26 or 29 inch models.

    The former are more stable, solid and provide a better grip, which reduces the risk of breakage, due to their small spokes. The 29-inch wheels, on the other hand, are more efficient on roads and on damaged tracks.

    As for the fork, it is preferable that it be rigid. Maintenance would then be easier. If you are looking for more comfort and if your ride is made of rough roads, a full suspension fork will be necessary to preserve your arms, even if the Bergamont bike will be heavier and its maintenance more demanding.

    Moreover, in order to face all the unevenness, you will need a classic triple chainring transmission. Brakes can be either pad brakes or disc brakes. Brake pads are simpler and spare parts are hard to come by.

    Disc brakes, on the other hand, provide excellent braking in all road and weather conditions. In addition, their pads are easier to change than the pads.

    Which bike to choose for road cycling ?

    To ride a Bergamont bike on the road, an alloy frame will be perfect if you are an occasional sports cyclist. The bike will be light, more comfortable and less rigid. You will choose a model with a triple chainring or a compact transmission to face downhill, uphill and long flat roads with peace of mind.

    If you are a regular cyclist and if long rides and hill climbs are your thing, you need a stiff and responsive bike for dynamic relaunching. Even if a carbon frame will be a more practical choice, you can also opt for a mid-range alloy frame.

    As far as speed is concerned, your level of experience will determine whether you should choose between the double and the light compact with those 2×11 speeds.

    If you’re a seasoned cyclist, if racing knows you, choose an edgy carbon frame. A carbon frame will offer you excellent stiffness, strong corrosion resistance and excessive lightness.

    Please note that, depending on your level of riding, the wheels will greatly affect the behavior of your Bergamont bike. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between tubeless tires (with preventive fluid), tubetype tires (with inner tube) and tubular tires.

    Prefer compact or dual drivetrains with 36 x 52 teeth chainrings. Ideally, if your budget allows it, you choose a high-end Bergamont e bike with an electric transmission. This will save you precious seconds on the road.

    Which bike to ride on the roads and trails

    Your ideal mount for unpaved paths and country roads is the cross-country. They will allow you to leave the asphalt to take shortcuts in all serenity. Of course, you will need big wheels which have the particularity of being more rolling.

    For rough roads, choose a semi-rigid Bergamont mountain bike with a 100 mm front suspension fork to get more speed. 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels will give you better safety and climbing ability. All while guaranteeing excellent performance.

    As for the transmission system of the Bergamont mountain bike, you can choose the 3×7, 3×8, 3×9 or 3×10 gears. This is the traditional one, although it is not really in vogue anymore. However, for a better gear management, to reduce the risk of derailment and for an easier maintenance of your Bergamont bike, you can choose :

  • The 2×10 and 2×11 speeds, which are very versatile, have been the most common transmission system for a number of years
  • The 1×11 or 1×12 speed mono-plate which, although expensive, is a perfect choice for competitors and for the most hardened and reckless cyclists.
  • For all those who decide to buy an e bike Bergamont, you should know that you can benefit from national or local aid. Some of them can be combined to encourage efforts to reduce the ecological impact of transport.

    What assistance is available for the purchase of a bicycle ?

    If you are considering replacing your vehicle with a Bergamont e bike, it is possible to receive assistance. A national subsidy, a municipal subsidy and a one-time territorial subsidy. To benefit from this aid, the bicycle must be new and must not be sold by its purchaser in the year following its acquisition.

    It must not be equipped with a lead battery and must be equipped with electric assistance. Also, you must be of age. But also domiciled in France with a reference tax income per unit below 13,489 euros.

    To receive national assistance, you must first have received the same assistance from your local government. For each of the aids, an upper limit is set. It varies from one commune to another.

    In some regions, such as Île-de-France, Occitanie, Corsica and Pays-de-la-Loire, the aid ranges from 150 euros to 600 euros and cannot exceed 50% of the cost of the bike, including tax.

    In the big cities too, the aid granted varies from one municipality to another. For example, Paris grants 600 euros for the purchase of a cargo bike and 400 euros for the Bergamont e bike.

    While Strasbourg offers the buyer a reimbursement of 2 euros per day for a maximum of 3 years. Visit the website of your region or municipality to find out which scheme applies to you and what you need to do to benefit from it.


    The Bergamont brand of bicycles offers a wide range of products. Whether you’re a city biker or a touring biker, you’ll find the right product for your needs. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our experts or advisors to answer all your questions.

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