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Haibike e bike : Is it a must ?


More than a brand, the Haibike e bike manufacturing company has a philosophy: performance and power at the service of innovation. In figures, the group already has 26 long and happy years of professional pleasure and immeasurable joy for the satisfaction of customers with revolutionary ranges of Haibike electric mountain bikes. Indeed, and it is still necessary to remind it, the electric bike remains a means of displacement of first choice.

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Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Haibike electric bikes.

The competitive environment

There was a time, not so long ago, when bicycles were seen as an unoriginal and unimportant means of transportation. However, the situation has changed in recent years with the electrically assisted mountain bikes (electric bike).

Indeed, technological developments have brought a new wind to the design of these bikes. They have gone from being old-fashioned bicycles to real electric machines designed to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and passionate customers.

This trend is exacerbated by the rise of several brands that are taking steps to even attempt to dominate the bicycle sales market. In addition, the rate of growth of the global bicycle market (annual growth of 2.4%) between 2020 and 2027 only confirms the good health of the sector.

France is also not on the sidelines of this dynamic. Indeed, the turnover for the demand of electrically assisted bicycles has almost exploded by 10.1%.

And if the trend has experienced a slight setback due to the health crisis, it has quickly recovered with an ever increasing demand for electric bikes. A dynamic supported by government policies on the one hand, and on the other, fueled by the public’s passion for these new ranges of bikes, both attractive and powerful.

The place of the Haibike e bike on the market

It is in this context that the Haibike bicycle brand has established itself for many years as an unavoidable reference on the market. As a precursor of high-performance bikes and manufacturer of exceptional quality electric mountain bikes, Haibike has been able to convince with a succession of models with aesthetic and technological prowess well above the rest.

So, in a very competitive environment, how can we explain the stature of the German brand? And what about its bike models?   

If the integration of technological advances has favored the multiplication of actors (assembly plants, producers, stores, etc.), this has had no impact on the visibility enjoyed by Haibike mountain bikes.

In fact, the German brand remains ahead of the competition, because it has been a forerunner of new mountain e bike Haibike for generations. Gradually, Haibike mountain bikes have been able to win over the general public and maintain this mutual love over the years, and we tell you why.

The Haibike e bike 

Haibike is proud of its professional distribution network that provides the public with high-performance and innovative ebike Haibike in every sense of the word. Models that meet the different needs and desires of customers.

The Haibike e bike in the mountains

With a fearless and reassuring look, Haibike’s electric mountain bikes reveal themselves with power and performance that are equally remarkable. This makes riding on the mountain much more fun and exciting with this category of electric mountain bikes. Indeed, these machines are powered by renowned performance engines like Yamaha, Bosch and TQ.

Here, the cyclist takes great pleasure in overcoming the winding and steep mountain slopes. The powerful engine of Haibike mountain bikes reassures him and propels him higher and higher, with maximum safety. The ordeal of a difficult ride no longer exists, replaced by the joy of making your way to the top.

Also on the way back, e bike Haibike mountain is reassuring and provide incomparable ease of braking control. The descents are then fully mastered by the rider and he easily takes over the driving.

The support or balance of these models make him comfortable and allow him to ride down the mountains and dominate the steep descents with a pleasant pace and ease.

A series of models adapted to mountain biking are waiting for you at Haibike. Like the XDURO ALLMtn 8.0 (new Haibike FLYON system, 29” front wheel, 27.5” rear wheel, 120Nm for motor propulsion, 630 Wh overpowered battery with 12 speeds gearing). 

The Haibike XDURO ALLMtn electric mountain bikes are also available in several other models (ALLMtn 5.0, ALLMtn 10.0, ALLMtnSE), and thus offer a wide range of choices of electric mountain bikes with unique performances.

Haibike e bike trekking

The brand also offers a series of Haibike e bike trekking suitable for any adventure. On your versatile Haibike electric mountain bike, nothing is impossible, whether it’s going to the service, running daily errands or taking a walk in the woods.

The Haibike e bike trekking is ideally designed as a versatile means of transportation to meet your varied needs and expectations.

The category Haibike e bike trekking also includes models designed to take you further and further into the forest. Everything is taken into account to make your trip a success.

For example, these are mountain bikes equipped with luggage racks or a modular rail system that can easily accommodate personal belongings, travel bags or classic water bottles.

In addition, integrated lights or mudguards accompany these high-performance ebike Haibike and ideally enhance serenity and confidence for a pleasant ride.

So, whether it’s a model from the XDURO Adventre 6.0 family or a Haibike e bike trekking (9 Lowstep, 9 Lowstandover, etc.), these jewels come with remarkable and very appealing specifications or features.

  • All-wheel suspension with the revolutionary new Flyon eperformance system (XDURO Adventre)
  • 4th generation Bosch Performance CX engine (Trekking)
  • Ultra high performance Shimano brakes
  • Carbon frame
  • Tires 27,5 or 29
  • Powerful engines (Bosh, Yamaha or TQ)
  • Solid features that make Haibike e bike trekking mountain bikes a must-have collection for a perfect ride or bike trip.

    Haibike e bike and the passion of the trail

    Besides the haibike e bike trekking models, the German brand also has a complete series of ebike Haibike for trail riding. Here, the power of the motors is emphasized and the solidity of the bike remains an important point to underline.

    The powerful Yamaha PW-ST motor (integrated 630Wh battery) on board the Haibike HardSeven 8 semi-rigid mountain bike is proof of this. Power that goes hand in hand with the reliability offered by its telescopic seatpost.

    Its multi-piston disc brakes (4 in total), its RockShox suspension fork (120 mm) or its Shimano Deore XT 12-speed derailleur are all assets that will enhance your ride, once you ride your e bike Haibike. Other powerful models are available from Haibike such as the XDURO AllTrail 6.0 and 5.0 or the HardSeven 9, 7, 6, 5 and 4. A collection that is waiting for you!

    Haibike electric mountain bike for children

    The brand also thinks of the younger ones and offers for this purpose, powerful ebike Haibike for junior cyclists. Because the passion for cycling is rooted in adolescence or childhood. The German brand has thought of everything and offers solid Haibike mountain bikes for children.

    The bike rides will no longer be without our princes and princesses thanks to the racing cars. From 16” for the little ones to 24” for the big ones. As an example, the HardFour 1.0 mountain bike will meet the expectations of ambitious young athletes.

    With a wheel size of 24″, this e bike Haibike is also characterized by a suspension fork that prevents various incidents in our youngest. Steep descents or very steep hills will not be a problem either.

    Thanks to the derailleur (21 speeds Shimano) that this model embarks. Other specimens like the SEET Greedy 16″ or the SEET Gredddy 20″ SF will please your children. They will ignite the passion of cycling in them.

    However, choosing a Haibike mountain bike model for a third party or for yourself requires taking into account some important criteria.

    How to buy a quality bike ?

    Given the specifications and the different series, it is easy to get lost in the choice of your Haibike e bike or another brand. Size, type of ebike Haibike, price (semi-rigid mountain bike, full-suspension). We tell you everything about how to choose your Haibike ebike.

    First of all, you will have to define your needs in terms of mobility. What does that mean? Well, you’ll need to know what kind of riding you’ll need a new companion for. Then, everything will follow automatically.

    The hike

    Haibike semi-rigid mountain bikes are the most qualified for touring enthusiasts. They are much lighter and have the power needed for recreational use. An all-suspension is not a bad choice either, as it offers much more comfort.

    A motor with a torque of 40 to 50 Nm will suffice if accompanied by a 400 Watt battery. On the wheel side, versatility and stability are the order of the day with a 27.5″ or 29″ wheel being the preferred choice.

    The Trail

    Here, the Haibike semi-rigid mountain bike with 29-inch wheels is the order of the day. A suspension fork (80-120mm) will allow the bike to go fast on flat surfaces and to stay just as fast on steep paths. The engine should be powerful for fast acceleration.

    The All Mountain

    A Haibike all-suspension mountain bike with a large travel (at least 130 mm) will be preferred for mountain rides. The 27,5+ wheels will bring a comfort and a stability of quality to the bike. To avoid charge failures, a consistent battery should be on board. This power of the motor is also an aspect not to be neglected for a pleasant race in mountain.

    The Enduro

    The carbon frames of Haibike bikes will make the amateurs of this practice happy. This choice of the wheel will depend mainly on certain aspects. 27,5” for an optimal speed and precision and 27,5+ for a stability and a reinforced versatility. Here, the motor will have to form a powerful torque allowing the cyclist to accelerate adequately.

    Other important criteria to consider when choosing the best electrically assisted mountain bike are the weight of the ebike Haibike. Indeed, the weight of the motor and the battery are not negligible. So, an Haibike ebike with a limited battery life will pose a problem if it runs out of power in the middle of a ride.

    As far as the price of the bike is concerned, it depends on the quality of your bike. Obviously, an entry-level e bike Haibike will have components of too low quality for an equally affordable price.

    A “medium” electric mountain bike will be even better in terms of equipment and you’ll have to pay the price for a “top of the range”, which certainly equals full enjoyment during the race.

    Considering these criteria and before making your final choice, keep in mind that the government provides its citizens with subsidies to facilitate the purchase of ebike Haibike.


    Buying a Haibike e bike: price and available aid

    The price is a central element when you want to start your search for your means of transportation. Indeed, your envelope will determine the models to which you will be able to return or not. This is a crucial step that you should not neglect. It will allow you to focus on the products that are within your reach and those that you should not pay attention to.

    Despite everything, in parallel, it seems appropriate to consult your city hall about available aid (government, regions and municipalities). Because, according to the decree n°2017-1851 of December 29, 2017, modified since February 1, 2018.

    The French state grants aid for the purchase of electric bicycles. This step of the public power is part of the promotion of ecological attitudes for the preservation of the environment. So, what are the aids available when you decide to buy an e bike Haibike or another brand?

    Local premium

    Let’s take France as an example. Some large French cities have introduced a so-called local bonus to support and encourage the purchase of Haibike ebike. This local bonus is also a way for the public authorities to reduce the use of polluting means of transport in the cities.

    Also, there is a special additional aid (50% of the purchase price of the bike including VAT). It is granted in some regions as it is the case in Ile de France for example.

    National premium

    This is a subsidy available to any individual who purchases a new electrically assisted mountain bike. The buyer is eligible for this favor only when he meets certain conditions:

  • Be a natural person of legal age
  • Have proof of residence in France
  • Have a fiscal income per unit lower than 13489 euros
  • Finally, it should be noted that only those who are eligible for local assistance can be granted the national bonus.

    Haibike: more than just a brand

    Freedom, the feeling of discovery or the need to surpass oneself. These are all emotions that fuel the cyclist’s passion for cycling. For nearly three decades, Haibike has been designing ebike Haibike that bring all these sensations to the rider.

    With its extraordinary performance bikes, the objective has always remained the same for the gigantic German brand. To offer a ride that pushes the limits and a movement free of all constraints, whether they are temporal (riding day or night) or spatial (riding your bike, whatever the environment).

    At Haibike, making the ideal Haibike ebike according to the customer’s abilities, preferences or riding style has always been the brand’s credo. Everyone can find the ideal bike for even more enjoyable and fulfilling rides.

    Haibike e bike : a performance story

    The Haibike brand was born in 1995 in a small town in Bavaria called Schweinfurt. Since then, it has continued to grow and maintain its place among the leaders in the race to produce high-performance bikes.

    In just a few years, Haibike has expanded its range of bikes. The brand is riding the wave of technological advances to design a e bike Haibike that will revolutionize the sector. The Haibike eQ XDURO. It was a complete success and the ancestor of the all-terrain electric mountain bike quickly put Haibike in pole position.

    The successes followed and the company became known for its prowess and inventiveness. This inventiveness is fueled by a constant desire to integrate cutting-edge technology into its Haibike mountain bike models.

    Reverse motor concept (eQ XDURO), gravity molding (XDURO), long travel e bike haibike (Haibike ebike AllMoutain, XDURO Trekking S), eperformance (XDURO2), motor shoe (electric mountain bikes sport), are some of the technological prowess embarked on the brand’s bikes. They will make climb the echelons of the notoriety to this last one and will place it all in top of the pyramid.

    The values of the brand

    Behind this success is the concept of the perpetual search for a balance between human power and the technical assistance that Haibike bikes can provide. E-performance becomes the brand’s trademark. A foundation reinforced by the manufacturers’ desire to always offer the public bikes with optimal performance.

    The design of Haibike bikes is not a quality that should be relegated to second place. Indeed, Haibike has always been able to offer bikes that look good and shine with their posture, presence, balance and support.

    Bikes that satisfy the passion of enthusiasts to go further and further, the quest for riding pleasure of the general public, and the impetuosity of professional riders. Haibike’s “heroes” have achieved numerous successes on both German and international cycling courses with various e bike Haibike.

    Well-deserved distinctions

    Haibike is also the recipient of various renowned awards that recognize the brand’s excellent work. The German Chancellor visited the stands at the Eurobike. Haibike won a record five iF Awards and the “Electric Bike of the Year” award in the USA, etc.

    So the planets are aligned for Haibike, and they are not going to stop satisfying their customers. So, what are the most popular bike models offered by the brand?

    To conclude

    To conclude this great presentation of the Haibike e bike brand. We can say that this brand offers and sells quality products. It will be necessary that you make the point on your needs in order to target the model which will be able to suit you.

    In any case, we are convinced that whether you are looking for a model for one practice or another. A product from this group could satisfy you and meet your mobility needs.

    To guide you in your purchase, our OnMyBike team writes daily articles on electric and traditional bikes