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Rocky Mountain bikes for adventure !


“Love the ride”. That’s the motto of the international bicycle company Rocky Mountain. Their specialty ? Rocky Mountain bikes that get you to the top in no time. Bikes that make it possible to ride fast, faster, and over obstacles without any difficulty. From the moment they are designed to the moment they are sold, the bikes offered by this company help all riders to enjoy mountain sports. Not to mention that it is the best way to contribute favorably to the growth of the body and the development of this wonderful activity. 

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Rocky Mountain bikes.

Competitive environment

In a constant commitment and attention to the needs and desires of riders or cyclists, the brands of mountain bikes are becoming more and more numerous. Whether in Canada or in other countries, these brands are unveiling their products in order to attract as many enthusiasts as possible. There is no doubt that Rocky bike has many competitors who are looking to satisfy the cycling public.

Direct competition

In the market, most competitors design and sell mountain bike models similar to those produced by Rocky Mountain. For example, Gotrax is a Canadian mountain bike brand that specializes in the design of electric bikes. It is one of the largest bike design factories in Canada.

In fact, since 2017, it has been committed to offering very powerful and excellent quality electric bike models. Its bikes defy all competition. This is especially true of the folding electric bike, whose features are surprisingly well thought out.

Another competitor whose products are well known in Canada and around the world is TREK. Since 1976, they have been designing bikes that are perfect for all types of riding. In other words, the brand existed long before the advent of Rocky Mountain bikes.

From enduro racing to trail riding, everything they produce has one goal: to satisfy as many Canadian mountain bikers as possible. So TREK offers bikes such as: the Trail Mountain Bike, the Fate Bike, the Powerfly or the Cross Country Mountain Bike.

While the bikes designed by these competing brands may not have the same character, they are nonetheless more effective. In fact, a Canadian will rely on the dynamics of his bike to come alive, while a Californian will focus on the steering of the machine. In any case, the goal is to satisfy everyone.

Indirect competition

Most companies also offer models that differ from Rocky Mountain bikes. However, the goal remains the same: to meet the needs of cyclists. This is the case of Rockrider. Launched by Decathlon in 1992, this company has chosen to focus on mountain bikers of all kinds (men, women and children).

The objective is simple! Indeed, it is necessary to make the practice of mountain biking accessible to each passionate person. This is why economic models, such as the semi-rigid RockRider or the full-suspension RockRider, are designed.

The Cannondale brand is also a great mountain bike specialist. For many years, this company has continued to revolutionize the products it offers. The Cannondale mountain bike is an example of this revolution. The company is only looking to offer new sensations to get off the beaten track.

Clearly, the Rocky mountains bike knows an impressive number of competitors. In either case, these companies offer a wide range of mountain bikes to provide mountain bikers with absolute pleasure and comfort. Still, Rocky bike continues its race to reach new heights. But with so many models to choose from, how do you choose the right bike ?

Rocky Mountain bikes: discovering the brand

Specializing in the design and sale of mountain bikes, Rocky Mountain is a group of professionals. Its main mission is to build great bikes with exceptional design.

The goal is to make them available to a maximum number of people. That’s why the team is made up of specialists such as: marketing professionals, engineers, skilled athletes, strategists and riders.

Since 1981

Indeed, since 1981, every effort has been made to ensure the quality of the bikes. And the history is a testament to the passion that drives Rocky bike to evolve. A sincere passion for cycling and an unwavering, unshakeable commitment.

What’s the result ? The result is that the company is able to design and build better bikes for the trails and paths in the mountains. And this, with the sole purpose of offering physical benefits to athletes.

Despite its humble beginnings, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. From the first to the last bike designed, the idea is to allow the sportsman to go beyond his limits and reach new horizons.

That’s why everything is meticulously calculated for the design of all types of Rocky Mountain bikes. For example, the engineers create, test and improve the bikes available. Thanks to this, it is easy to understand that freedom of design is allowed.

A growing community

In addition, the company is helping to create an ever-growing community. Its bikes bring together a wide range of riders, trail builders, newbies and novice warriors, specialized racers and more.

So the company’s obsession with and dedication to the Rocky mountains bike is a huge part of its success in selling more bikes. This explains the seriousness and unique expertise of the company.

Rocky bike also offers specific shock settings for their bikes. These settings allow you to configure the bike (regardless of size). This way, if it is ready to use, it becomes an ideal companion for any cyclist. That’s why the bikes available are suitable for everyone (young or professional).

Presentation of the different ranges of Rocky Mountain bikes

Inspired by the mountains of Vancouver’s North Shore in Canada, the Rocky Mountain brand designs special high-performance bikes. The company offers Rocky Mountain bikes through their various offices around the world.

These are located in British Columbia, Saint-Georges, Quebec, etc. These mountain bikes generally ride on some of the most diverse and rugged trails in the world.

Redesigned frames, new high quality motors, larger bacteria in combination with handlebar remotes ready for any challenge, a high level of assistance… All these means are used to ensure the quality of the work.

The bikes then offer the possibility to get to the top in no time and to get down even faster. Therefore, the models offered by Rocky Mountain are suitable for all practices.

The Rocky Mountain Free-Ride

Designed to dominate in the bike park, it makes pedaling downhill easier. Among the models available is the Slayer, a Rocky mountains bike that gives you a lot of confidence when you’re riding on difficult trails. The exploits to be achieved will not stop. In a word, with this bike, nothing stops the ride.

Trail bikes

Versatility incarnate, this bike can do a bit of everything. It’s made to climb, descend and ride different trails. With this advantage, the power is there. In fact, it is this side that explains its popularity. We distinguish among others :

  • The Instinct: which allows you to conquer technical trails and to push hard when climbing
  • The Growler: known for its traditional profile, it offers an amazing traction
  • The Instinct Powerplay: it adapts to all types of terrain and motivates the athlete to go further and faster
  • The Growler Powerplay: to go further without worrying about steep hills
  • The Rocky Mountain Cross-Country bike

    The goal of this Rocky Mountains bike is to keep a good speed in all circumstances. Whether it’s uphill, on the flat or on the slopes, everything is calculated to allow the rider to ride as fast as possible.

    As an example, “Element” model is a cross-country bike that allows you to achieve perfect balance when climbing on the trails. It offers an exceptional opportunity: a perfect balance to ride better.

    Enduro bikes

    In case the riders are timed, enduro is a great way to save time. These Rocky Mountain bikes climb easily. They are so perfect that they can be used as “downhill bikes”. The advantage ? The sportsman climbs quietly and goes for it downhill. So, we distinguish :


    Designed to deliver a crazy ride, this bike is called the “perfect enduro weapon”. It’s a great companion for demolishing steep trails and accelerating at breakneck speed at every stage.

    Altitude Powerplay

    This rocky mountain electric mountain bike is known for riding aggressive trails. Its punchy power adds more adrenaline to a race. Simply put, it allows you to hurtle down steep, rough or difficult trails at full speed.

    Choosing this enduro bike gives you the ability to go full throttle on the downhills or at the Bike Park. No matter how tough a mountain is, the Altitude Powerplay won’t stop racing.

    The Rocky Mountain Gravel bike

    This is a unique set of high performance bikes. These bikes drastically increase handling on slow or technical trails. For big rides, Rocky bike recommends this model. Better yet, it’s a high-performance Rocky Mountains bike for all high difficulty races (gravel runs, bike camping, long rides, etc.).

    This is the case with the “Solo” model. It’s a foolproof solution for all roads, and can be used on dry land as well as on water-rich land.

    Fate Bike

    Very famous among professional riders, this model of Rocky mountains bike is solid, durable and versatile. In addition to being a fairly simple mount, they are very useful in winter. With it, riding during this time of the year becomes a real pleasure.

    Because of the advantages it offers, Rocky Mountain offers snow (or ice) racing enthusiasts the “Blizzard” model. Cold, snow, ice… nothing stops this aggressive looking bike! It stands out perfectly because it was designed that way. Blizzard makes you want to ride.

    Rocky Mountain Adventure bikes

    There’s nothing like a good hike in the mountains to get those spirits back. Riding, too, can give a similar feeling. For a sportsman who loves adventure, Rocky Mountain offers a few adventure bikes. These include:


    If you want to enjoy a great adventure, this is the bike for you. In fact, this Rocky Moutain mountain bike is a perfect combination of efficiency, power and reliability. Not only is it easy to handle, but it’s the best companion for any trail or low difficulty level.


    “Take it easy”. Yes, with Soul, going on an adventure becomes a real pleasure. With it, a family camping trip takes on a whole new dimension. This bike is so practical, it allows riders to ride in style.

    Rocky Mountain e bike

    One of the main goals of the Rocky Mountain brand is to create an electric mountain bike that behaves as naturally as possible. So, with a new generation of models, the dream is to give the bikes designed an unusual design.

    Faster, the Rocky Mountain electric makes a race more electrifying. These are the Powerplay Rocky mountain e bike such as:

  • Altitude Powerplay Alloy 30
  • Altitude Powerplay Alloy 50
  • Altitude Powerplay Carbon 70
  • Instinct Powerplay Carbon 70
  • Growler Powerplay 30
  • Rocky Mountain bikes for kids

    This list of Rocky Mountain bikes closes with the models available for children. Indeed, the company has thought of everything to meet the needs of all its customers. Thus, we have bikes like: Initier, Edge, Vertex Jr, Reaper, etc. A set of Rocky Mountain bikes to awaken the passion of a child.

    Criteria for choosing the right bike ?

    Representing more than one in four bicycles sold, the mountain bike is the king of the little queens. Its success is no longer in doubt. However, a mountain bike is never chosen at random.

    Since there is a wide range of models at different prices, you have to know how to choose. Therefore, here are the criteria to take into account.

    Identify your needs

    It is important to answer a number of questions to determine why buying a mountain bike is worthwhile. Among other things, a good cyclist needs to know what he or she intends to do with the bike.

    Is it for a ride ? A trip ? To help with a particular job ? Or to tackle the winter giant ? To ride on accidental trails ? To enjoy your passion ?

    Asking yourself these kinds of questions will help you determine what you want to do with your bike and what equipment you need. It is therefore a very useful step. Based on these parameters, consider the following selection criteria:

  • The type: city bike, folding bike, mountain bike, cross-country bike
  • Frame material: aluminum, alloy, carbon
  • Frame length: 0.66 multiplied by leg length, 54-66 cm for women; 51 – 61 cm for men
  • Motorization
  • The quality and autonomy of the battery
  • The maximum speed
  • The braking system: hand brakes or back-pedal braking
  • The type of brakes: disc or pad brakes
  • The type of transmission
  • Suspension: front fork, rear fork with the frame, under the seat
  • The tire and wheel types: 26, 27.5 or 29 inches; tubeless, tubetype, tubular
  • The level of comfort: size of the saddle, shape and length of the handlebars
  • Choose the right model and category

    Once the needs are well known, it will be necessary to consider the choice of the model while determining the right category. To do so, it is recommended to consider the main elements such as: size, performance and characteristics that correspond to the expressed needs. In general, there are two types of mountain bikes.

    On the one hand, models without suspension are called “semi-rigid models”. The advantage ? They are sufficient for a large majority of practices. On the other hand, the “full suspension” models which are equipped with suspension. They are intended for more intense use.

    As for the category of mountain bike, it is best to define the type of terrain desired. Is it a forest road ? A rough terrain ? A bike park ? A resort ? It is therefore essential to make sure that the model and category of bike chosen are suitable for both possibilities and follow the recommended standards and regulations.

    Store and ask questions

    When considering the purchase of a bicycle, it is most beneficial to visit several dealerships. Afterwards, examine the models and ask questions. If possible, it would be more appropriate to ask to try the models to see the size, the seat and the optimal comfort.

    Also, the best way to get an idea of the best bike is to store around. To do this, you need to compare prices, options, performance and features. Why not shop around with as many dealers as possible before deciding ? That would be a great idea.

    Details not to be overlooked

    When buying a good bike, some details can be important. Checking them will ensure the quality of the product. This can be very useful for an electric rocky mountain. These are:

  • Speed control
  • Attachment systems
  • The presence of the saddle, skate or disc brakes
  • The size of the wheels
  • The type of material used (steel or aluminum frame)
  • The Rocky Mountain bikes: versatility and power

    For the past 40 years, Rocky Mountain has been designing bikes with one goal in mind: to help riders enjoy their favorite sport. So there are many models available. All kinds of people can use the extraordinary power and mobility of the bikes. Ride fast, faster, further…

    The road has no more secrets for the rocky mountain bike. Very comfortable, it is suitable for all practices. Quiet, ecological and economical, the bikes offered by Rocky Mountain will ensure daily travel. Yes, the rider can use the bike of his dreams!

    Buying a Rocky Mountains bike: the available aids

    July 29, 2021 was the day of the overtaking, humanity had exhausted all the resources of the Earth. As part of the fight to reduce the ecological cost of transport, the French government has provided a system of assistance to anyone wishing to purchase an electric bicycle. Some conditions are attached to this offer:

  • The bicycle must be purchased new
  • The bicycle must not be sold the year after its acquisition
  • It must be an electrically assisted bicycle
  • The bike must not be equipped with a lead battery
  • The user is of age and is domiciled on French territory
  • The user’s tax reference income per unit is below 18,489 euros
  • The aid for the purchase of a bicycle is offered by the State or the municipality. In addition, it is also subject to conditions of ceilings that vary according to the region or city. For example, the amount of aid is between 150 and 600 euros. All this, without exceeding 50% of the purchase cost of the bike, for example in France for the Ile-de-France, Corsica, Occitania and Pays-de-la-Loire.

    In Paris, the ceiling is 400 euros and 600 euros respectively for the purchase of electric bike and cargo bike. How to benefit from this aid ? The whole procedure is described on the website of your municipality, your region or the government. Do not hesitate to consult it.


    The Rocky Mountains bike brand offers products designed and thought for a particular sport. Indeed, whether you practice freeride, enduro, trail, cross country, gravel or whether you appreciate fat bikes, adventure bikes and Rocky mountain e bikes, you will find your happiness at Rocky bike. Both robust and qualitative, they will bring you the comfort, safety and performance you would expect.

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