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Xiaomi electric scooter : Chinese technology


You move in the city or wish to find a qualitative and practical means of transportation. Then discover all the items offered by the Chinese brand known worldwide. Today, we propose you to learn more about the latter and the Xiaomi electric scooter that it offers for sale.

The context

The green mobility knows today a certain enthusiasm several reasons are the cause. We can mention in particular the aids distributed by the government, the regions or even certain agglomerations.

In order to benefit from this aid, future buyers must meet a certain number of criteria. These bonuses are not negligible since they can allow you to acquire a more efficient model or perhaps a little more expensive.

Secondly, more and more households want to take part in the protection of the environment. And that by using more respectful means of locomotion towards our planet. Thus, they wish to reduce the use of their vehicles running on fossil energy. In favor of cleaner transportation and running on green energy.

What is the best electric scooter on the market ?

Our team of experts has selected just for you the best electric scooters currently available on the green mobility market. Because one model does not make the other. But also, because your needs are not those of others. We suggest you discover the references preferred by the general public.


The place of Xiaomi scooter on the market

Quality products at fair prices, that’s what Xiomi electric scooter offers. This is what distinguishes it from its many competitors. Like the creators of the Ninebot, Segway or Wispeed for example. Xiaomi is a Chinese company whose main activity is electronics. The company is present in more than 100 countries and regions.

In addition, it was hailed as the world’s most valuable tech startup back in 2014. Xiaomi currently ranks 70th in Kantar BrandZ’s ranking of the 100 most valuable global brands in 2021.

Xiaomi mobiles have also gained a lot of popularity in India, which is only growing year by year. More recently, the brand has entered the world of scooters and has in fact released ultra-efficient electric versions.

The company tops the list of best-selling phones in India. Xiaomi India even entered the “GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS” by building the world’s largest light mosaic (logo).

This record was set by placing 9,690 bulbs. And this momentous work is located on the terrace of Xiaomi’s headquarters in Bengaluru.

The history of Xiaomi

Xiaomi is an electronics company based in Beijing, China. Founded by Lei Jun in April 2010, Xiaomi was, as of 2014, the largest smartphone company in China. To date, Xiaomi’s products are among the top 5 selling smartphones in the world.

Xiaomi’s smartphones include different series such as Mi Series, Mi Note Series, Mi Max Series, Mi Mix Series, Mi NoteBook Series, Redmi Series, Blackshark, and Pocophone.

Xiaomi’s active user base for its MIUI updates is about 291.6 million. In addition, the company also offers laptops, mobile applications, mobile accessories, wearables, home appliances, smart-home devices, electric bikes, and of course electric scooter Xiaomi .

Which Xiaomi scooter to choose from ?

Discover the electric scooter that the brand Xiaomi offers.

Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter

The Xiaomi Scooter Pro 2 has many of the same features as its predecessor. These include motor power (300W), battery size and life (446 Wh, 45 kms), maximum speed (25 km/h) and maximum driver weight (100 kg).

Headlights and reflectors

On the other hand, some improvements have been made to the Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter version. This scooter has larger and brighter headlights. Additional reflectors and a rigid strap that connects the fender to the scooter at the rear axle.

This device has two advantages. The first is to prevent the fender from flapping, the second is to prevent riders from accidentally using the fender as a rear brake. Quality and comfort are the key words for this new standard.

Reflectors replace the red stripes on the sides of the wheel frame. In addition, the fender is stronger and covers the tire more than on the M365 Pro. The front light is also slightly larger, more powerful (2W) than its predecessor (1.1W) and brighter. Now illuminating up to ten meters in front of you.

The battery also recharges faster than the M365 Pro’s, in 30 minutes. You connect the charger via a port that is located under a small flap under the deck, near the front tire.

Most European countries and others further afield allow the Xiaomi electric scooter or another brand to be used (a few exceptions prevail in the UK at the moment).

Folding and transport

The Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter is very easy to handle. After unfolding it to an upright position, you insert the handlebars into the stem. All you have to do is fix it with the bolts and the Allen key provided.

Pure Electric also includes a spare tire and a pump adapter. But also a manual and an electric adapter when you buy it from them.

However, if you wish, you can make your purchase in a store or on the online sales site Amazon. The latter are full of all kinds of scooter offers.

Once assembled, the Pro 2 doesn’t look much different from the 1S or the M365 Pro. The matte black finish is sleek without being garish. With the red brake cables from the M365 Pro on the handlebars and the tire frames now black. Giving the whole thing a more elegant and attractive look.

Acceleration and braking

The right handle is equipped with a throttle lever. While the brake lever is attached to the left handle. In the middle of the handlebars you will find the bell, which has a latch underneath that secures the stem to the rear fender when folded. The LED display on the stem shows your current speed, riding mode and remaining battery capacity.

The Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter is easy to push and light enough to carry for short periods of time. But, at 14.2 kg, it’s not something you want to carry around for too long.

This weight puts a certain dent in your mobility. When folded, this scooter is 1.13 m long. This allows it to fit in most car trunks. The brand’s trademark remains intact as it once again offers this item in a sober color – black. While keeping a sporty look.

You can find this model directly online either on the manufacturer’s website, in stores or on online sales platforms such as Amazon for example. You will simply have to check that the chosen item is available.

Xiaomi Electric 3 scooter : E scooter 3

Since this is the brand’s newest item, it’s actually quite tricky to directly compare the Mi Electric Scooter 3 with the rest of the lineup. The M365 scooter was Xiaomi’s best-selling personal electric scooter in the world. It was replaced by the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter a short time ago.

The 1S is a similar product with some much needed upgrades, including an LED display and three riding modes that enhance the overall riding experience.

Similarly, the Xiaomi M365 Pro scooter was touted as the upgrade to the M365 – a larger, more powerful and more expensive electric scooter with longer range, until last year’s Pro 2 replaced it once again with useful incremental improvements.

Power and autonomy

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 is equipped with a powerful 300W motor that goes up to 600W to provide extra power on hills. This means it can handle inclines of up to 16%, which puts it in the higher category than the 1 S and on par with the Pro 2.

It also comes with 8.5 inch tires, a powerful 2W headlight and a 30k range, plus a useful app that includes a remote engine lock function.

It’s easy to assemble. After unfolding the scooter, you insert the handlebar onto the stem and secure it in place with the included bolts and allen wrench.

The new quick-lock bracket has a safety catch that you have to push before unfolding it into position and locking it. As with all Xiaomi scooter models, installation is quick, with the entire process taking less than 10 minutes.


This Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 is sleek and stylish. The blue brake cables protrude from each end of the stem, but they are firmly fixed in place and look great. The aluminum stem of the scooter is slim and the platform is compact, but more than enough for you to rest both feet comfortably while riding.

There again the sobriety is of setting with this product gray black. As for all the items offered by the brand, you can make your purchase directly from their website. Or by visiting online sales sites such as Amazon. However, you will have to check that the desired item is available.

Xiaomi Essential Scooter

The Essential electric Scooter is a foldable Xiaomi electric scooter designed by the Chinese technology giant. Essential has the usual foldable design of electric scooter Xiaomi. A range of 20 km, a maximum speed of 20 km / h, a weight of 12 kg and tires.

This scooter is also equipped with a cruise control. But also front and rear lights, E-ABS brakes and a phone app. The frame is basically the same as the M365.

The handlebar height is not adjustable due to the folding system (part of the bell hooks to the rear fender). It comes in a custom brown box (weight: 16 kg) and requires a little self-assembly, as you have to insert the handlebar and screw four screws to fix it (to avoid a too big box for transportation). There is no spare tire included.

Xiaomi 1S electric scooter

This scooter weighs 12.5 kg, has a top speed of 15.5 mph, a range of 30 kms, a maximum driver weight of 100 kg and 8.5 inch tires that we prefer to solid tires. The biggest improvement of the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter is its LED display and three driving modes.

While the M365 has only two driving modes and four battery indication points. The 1S also seems to have solved the Bluetooth connectivity problems that sometimes encountered with the M365.

Battery and folding

The Xiaomi Scooter 1S is equipped with a 42V rechargeable lithium-ion battery that takes about 5.5 hours to fully charge from an empty battery. The scooter’s charging port is hidden under a red rubber flap located under the front wheel. Simply plug the included power adapter into this port, which turns green when fully charged.

To fold the Xiaomi electric scooter, slide the latch attachment lever onto the head tube, pull the latch until the head tube starts to fold, then secure it in place by attaching the bell lever to the protrusion of the rear fender.

Again, this is fairly simple to do without even consulting the manual and you can fold or unfold the e-scooter in less than five seconds once you get the hang of it.


The Xiaomi Scooter 1S is equipped with a mechanical brake and bell within reach of the left handle and an acceleration handle just below the right handle. It also has front and rear lights, and orange reflectors on both sides (left and right) of the tires.

A tiny, but remarkable new feature unique to this product is that the rear fender is attached to the base of the electric scooter. This prevents the fender from vibrating when riding on uneven surfaces, but more importantly, it prevents riders from stepping on the rear fender to use it as a brake.

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter: a first for Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a name commonly associated with smartphones. However, as the Chinese company expands its repertoire, it is also becoming famous for its electric scooters.

The Xiaomi M365 scooter, which enjoys great popularity, is the main reason for this. Initially, a defect affected the locking mechanism of the scooter, which folded unintentionally, but Xiaomi quickly issued a recall and newer models no longer have this problem.

Electric scooter: a solution that solves many problems

The Xiaomi electric scooter solves many interesting problems. We will discover some of them.

Using the Xiaomi electric scooter for local trips

Let’s say you work in a busy part of town. You will spend a lot of time in traffic jams, have trouble finding a parking space nearby, etc. If you have an electric scooter, your problem can be solved. Just drive to a nearby point that is not crowded near your work.

Then, take the electric scooter out of your trunk and drive the last 1 or 2 kilometers. This way, you will avoid traffic jams and parking problems.

Use the electric scooter mi for the whole trip

You can also use them to commute to work or school, but there are a few limitations to that. The first limitation is the range of your riding companion. If you need to travel more than 5 to 6 kilometers to get to work, you will need a more capable scooter.

The battery is the most expensive part of an electric scooter. You need a good one to get more than 20 miles of range.

However, if you have the ability to charge your scooter when you arrive at work, then a few miles of range may be sufficient. In the past, scooters were powered by gas (petrol), but today they are mainly powered by batteries, which are quieter, more energy efficient and require much less maintenance than their predecessors.


The advantages of electric scooters

The benefits of using these new alternative means of transportation are numerous. Here are a few things we can share with you to give you an overview of them.

Lightness and practicality

Electric scooters are designed to be lighter and more convenient than the bicycle. If you buy a Xiaomi foldable electric scooter, you will find it very convenient.

You can fold and unfold it in 3 seconds, and it will fit under your desk, which is not necessarily the case with the folding bike. You can take it with you to work or school, and you don’t have to leave it outside.

Does not require much maintenance

An electric scooter does not require much maintenance, in fact, almost none. You need to make sure the screws are tight once a month and lubricate it if necessary.

But that’s it, unless some parts break. Even if you have to change a broken wheel, light, tire or fender, it’s nothing compared to the cost of owning a car or some bicycle models.

Cars require a lot of maintenance, but we usually only calculate the price of gas. That’s not true! Cars involve changing oil, tires, brake pads, fuel filters and fixing broken parts. All of these items can add to the cost per mile, as car parts are expensive and difficult to change yourself.

Much easier to acquire a scooter than a car. Indeed, it remains easy to find the model that suits you on several platforms like Alltricks or Amazon.

General information about Xiaomi electric scooter

There are currently more than 4 models in the Xiaomi electric scooter range. Starting with the best value entry-level product, the Essential version, which sits alongside the mid-range 1S, and then the one we think is the most powerful, the top-of-the-line Pro 2 scooter.

Engine and autonomy

The powerful electric motor has been completely modernized. It incorporates an intelligent Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), coupled with a green energy efficiency system.

This converts the kinetic energy generated during braking and coasting into recycled electrical energy. This improves the scooter’s range and reduces the amount of electricity needed to recharge the battery.

The Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter is equipped with a powerful 600W electric motor for high-end performance and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. It has three speed modes to easily adapt your speed to your environment. It’s powerful when it needs to be, safe when it needs to be.

The 1S and Essential scooters have an almost equally powerful 500W motor and each can take you on a long ride, from 30 to 45 km depending on the product you choose.


Accessories and transport

Xiaomi electric scooter has also improved the design of the central controls. And that’s to enhance the riding experience with the multi-functional dashboard and responsive hand throttle. You also have the option to connect your riding experience to the Mi Home app of Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter scooter.

To track your driving statistics. But also the state of charge of your road companion and a quick and easy way to update the firmware.

While each of Xiaomi’s scooters is great for fun, they are also perfect for carrying on public transportation or storing in the trunk of your car. So you gain mobility. The scooter can be folded in seconds at the touch of a button. Each product is lightweight, weighing only 12 to 14 kg, depending on the model.

Even though the scooter is lightweight, it is still strong and sturdy. All references are made of low-density, high-strength, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy.

How to recharge your battery ?

Nothing could be easier! All you need to do is to take its power cable and connect it directly to the battery of your means of transport. The recharging time to be taken into account remains reasonable since it is lower than the time of presence in company. Thus, you will be able to go to your place of work in the morning.

Put your travel companion on charge. It will have a complete autonomy after a few hours of connection. So you can go home in the evening without wondering if it will let you down on your return journey.

Where to buy an electric scooter ?

Knowing which product is best suited to your situation is one thing. But also knowing where to find it is another. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice.

Making a purchase on the internet

By going on the internet and different sites of online sales, you will be able to compare a multitude of products and references. This may be more tedious than going to a store. But you can choose the best scooter at the best price.

Moreover, you will receive your companion of road directly at home. You don’t have to go to the store anymore. You can make your choice from anywhere.

Find your travel companion in store

This is a question that many people have to ask themselves. Where to find my electric scooter. It is quite legitimate. Well, it will depend on the product you want to buy. Indeed, it will be possible for you to go to a large store or to a smaller one in order to see and touch the different products available.

However, you should keep in mind that the references in the store represent only a small part of all the opportunities in the mobility market.

What are the best brands on the green mobility market ?

In reality, there are many brands of scooters and bikes. It is difficult to say about each of them. Even so, we can confirm that the xiaomi mi electric scooter offered by the group are of high quality and will give you complete satisfaction.

Nevertheless, you will have to consult guides, such as the one we offer, in order to make the most suitable choice according to your situation.

You will have to take stock of your needs in order to determine if the products you want to move towards, the Xiomi electric scooter for example, meet your mobility issues. Do you travel in specific areas requiring protection against dust for example.

Or do you want to benefit from an automatic sleep mode. Finally, you will have to check whether or not you need to take out insurance in case of damage.


Whether you choose a high-end product or its entry-level version, you should find what you’re looking for. Whether in stores, on the manufacturer’s website or directly on Amazon. We advise you to read our test on these different models. In order to consult all the details present on the product sheet.

In some cases, going through the manufacturer’s website or through a big retailer like Amazon can allow you to benefit from a significant discount (in percentage or in euros). Considering the speed and especially the size, we can undoubtedly tell you that the items offered by this brand are not suitable for a child’s use.

To help you make the right purchase, our team OnMyBike regularly publishes articles on electric scooters


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