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Electric scooter 2022 : which model to choose ?

Nowadays, the electric scooter 2022 is one of the most used means of travel. There are many brands that offer different models of electric scooters. The company Zosh offers several models of scooters for adults with large wheels of very good quality, which adapts to both urban and outdoor environments. Each model has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. It is up to you to take all these parameters into account before deciding.

The Ninebot G30 Max

The Ninebot G30 Max is an exceptional electric scooter. It is very popular with customers. In addition to its robustness, it is also waterproof.

This is a much sought-after feature that allows customers to enjoy their scooter in rainy weather and on many types of roads. It has a 350 watt motor which allows it to reach a speed of about 20 km/h. 

In terms of autonomy, this scooter has great performance, as it can run for 55 km before recharging. It is equipped with 10-inch tubeless tires that cannot suffer from punctures. The Ninebot G30 Max weighs only 18.7 kg. Its front braking system is magnetic. At the front, it is equipped with drums.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential electric scooter

The Xiaomi Mi scooter Essential is one of the best electric scooters available on the market. It has all the characteristics sought after in this type of machine. Indeed, it weighs only 12 kg and has the particularity of being foldable.

Thanks to this parameter, the customer is able to bring it everywhere he wants. He can also transport it when he is in an environment where he cannot drive it. 

In addition to its solid tires, which are available as an option, the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential has a 250-watt motor that allows it to reach a speed of 20 km/h. As far as autonomy is concerned, it can run for 15 km before its battery runs out. To all this, we must add its price which is very affordable. It is available at 350 euros.

E-Twow GT Premium SE electric scooter

If you are looking for a scooter that will be both reliable and compact, then look no further, the E-Twow GT Premium SE is designed for you. It is an ultra-compact scooter that weighs only 13 kg on the scale.

It has handlebars that can be folded and a column that has the particularity of being adjustable. The E-Twow GT Premium SE is equipped with a powerful motor that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. 

It has tires that resist punctures. The comfort at the level of the obstacles is ensured by suspensions of spartan mark. These are installed both at the front and rear of the scooter. As for braking, the E-Twow GT Premium SE has a drum brake at the rear and a magnetic system at the front.

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