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Rose bikes : go to the next level


Bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular means of transportation for many people. Much more than a simple means of transportation, the bicycle reflects a lifestyle. Very practical and fast, the bicycle has known important evolutions and improvements. The Rose Bikes brand, a pioneer in mairose bikesl-order sales, has been offering practical, comfortable and versatile bicycles for over 100 years. Let’s discover the history of this brand and the bikes it offers.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Rose Bike bikes.

Competitive Context

Today, the bicycle takes a more and more important place. This is mainly due to several elements. Citizens are looking for ways to move without emitting greenhouse gases and therefore to pollute as little as possible to protect our fragile environment.

In addition to this, the government wants to accentuate this aspect by proposing aids to make alternative means of locomotion accessible to all.

Initially, these bonuses were intended for people wishing to invest in electric cars. Now, they also apply to people who want to travel by electric bicycle or cargo bike. As you can see, all these aspects have allowed the bicycle market to grow and reach a larger number of people.

At Rose Bikes there is a bike for everyone

Cycling is a very sensitive subject for many people. It even represents a very personal lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why Rosebikes core values are functionality, simplicity and very customer-oriented services.

The brand offers a wide range of all categories of bicycles to meet the needs of everyone. Thus, you can find a safe Rose bike that seduces with its superior quality and fully meets your requirements in terms of design and technology.

Mountain bike

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, Rose Bikes allow you to ride off-road and on paved roads. The mountain bike is perfect to ride on any type of terrain (mountain, forest, slope, rough terrain…).

For everyday use, you will appreciate the agility of the Rose Bikes mountain bike, which you can use in the city as well as in the countryside. For leisure or competition, it guarantees a lot of riding pleasure. The bikes in this category (Cross-Country, Trail/Enduro, Free ride, Rose dirt bike) are distinguished by their lightness, intensity and technicality.

With their rugged construction, big tires, hard braking and proper suspension, you’ll be able to tackle demanding trails. If you love high speed and adventure, then these are for you.

Road bike

Rose Bikes road bikes are designed for racing and endurance. With lightweight, fast, aerodynamic wheels, the racing bikes give you a huge advantage in events, whether you’re training or competing.

With disc brakes or skate brakes, these bikes help you achieve the best performance or reach the best records. Lightweight, comfortable and versatile, Rose racing bikes allow for smooth, fast rides.

Endurance bikes are perfect for long-distance riding. With their sleek, high-end design, they allow you to speed through narrow, winding roads in complete safety. The stability, lightweight frames and versatility of ROSE endurance bikes allow you to master the longest distances while maintaining a taut, aerodynamic riding position.


Gravel bike

If you want to ride on roads that a traditional road bike won’t, then the Rose gravel bike is ideal. Thanks to its stability and safety on the terrain, it offers you more freedom in choosing your route. The Rose gravel bike rides on various terrains (gravel, asphalt, Rose dirt bike…). It is therefore the ideal choice for those who want to ride on difficult terrain.

The frames and components of this bike are designed to provide great comfort to the rider even when riding a long distance. This type of bike offers a more relaxed position and a better view while riding. The Rose Gravel’s wider tires provide a stable ride on forest roads or even on rocks.

For added safety, the bike is equipped with reliable disc brakes that allow you to ride even when the weather is bad. The Gravel is a versatile ally with which you can ride in any region.


The cyclo-cross bike is perfectly suited for riding at any speed whether it’s snowing, raining or muddy. Its wheels and braking system offer more ease and maneuverability on mixed courses. It is therefore designed to attack soft ground, even in extreme conditions: Rose dirt bike, mud, snow, rain, jumps, carries, etc.

Cross-country bike

The mountain bike is ideal for touring on roads, trails and marked routes. The touring bike is built to meet high standards, hence its versatility. So whether you’re commuting, touring or traveling, you’ll find the right bike for you.

Rose Bikes offers in this category the multistreet and multisport trekking bike for faster rides. Thanks to their reinforced frame, trekking bikes are particularly resistant. There is also the urban touring bike which is suitable for daily commuting. The tires of these bikes are usually designed narrow. This allows you to ride even on paved roads.

Fitness bike

Rosebikes fitness bikes allow you to work out on the road. They are versatile, beautiful and suitable for your different fitness programs. These bikes are at home anywhere, whether they are used as fitness machines or as transportation.


Rose Bikes : Travel bike

This range of Rose Bikes is suitable for travelers with a passion for adventure. They are the perfect companion for backpacking trips. These bikes are usually equipped with rear racks so you can carry your panniers. Among the brand’s travel bikes is an electrified and versatile model.

City bike

City bikes or urban bikes are particularly designed to allow you to ride in the hectic traffic of big cities. However, they are also suitable for cycling in the countryside or in the mountains. In order to fulfill their function, these models of bicycles are equipped with brakes, wheels and tires that make the bikes as comfortable as they are easy to handle.

The electric models in this range allow you to ride with elegance, but also with power without making much effort. They are equipped with a luggage rack system that allows you to attach your panniers while traveling. The set of mudguards protects you from any water or mud projection.

Rose Bikes : Electric bike

Rose Bikes electric bicycles are the perfect way to get around town for hours on end. Equipped with battery-powered motors, they offer optimal comfort, regardless of the type of road you ride on.

In addition to offering speed, they allow the cyclist to make less effort during the ride. Thus, the efforts are reduced, while the speed increases.

Versatile and comfortable, the brand’s various electric bikes are suitable for both leisure and daily use. Adventure travelers and electric fitness enthusiasts will also find something to suit them.

The best electric bike on the market

Our team of cycling experts has selected just for you the best electrically assisted mountain bikes. Discover the direct competitors of the Rose Bikes brand.

And discover other electric bikes :


How to choose the ideal Rose Bikes ?

When considering purchasing a Rose bike from a physical store or online, it is helpful to know a few criteria that will make your purchase easier.

Determine what you want

Before you choose your Rose bike, first determine what your goal is. Why do you want to ride a bike? There are many different types of bikes and once you determine your true purpose, you can narrow your search remarkably.

Determine your budget

This is usually the first step. However, you can set your budget once you know what you want. So once you know what your goal is, you need to set your budget. Be smart and add a 10% margin to what you have planned.

Determine the type of bike you need

Are you going to ride on dirt roads or forest roads ? Or will you be riding on asphalt instead ? For example, for riding on rough terrain or in the forest, mountain bikes are more suitable.

For riding on rough terrain, you can opt for a Rose gravel bike. For long-distance cycling on daily roads, a mountain bike is a good compromise.

In addition to these criteria, there are other factors to consider when making your purchase. These are the various components of the bike that impact your riding experience:

  • The front suspension
  • The brakes
  • The frames
  • Also make sure you choose the right frame size. There are different frame sizes for different heights. If you’re buying from a physical store, it’s a good idea to test ride the bike so you can choose what really suits you.

    Rose Bikes : a traditional company turned digital leader

    Rose Bikes is a German bicycle and equipment manufacturer. At the beginning of the 20th century, Heinrich Rose founded the first bicycle store in the city of Bocholt, Westphalia. In 1932, his son took over the business. Since its founding in 1907, Rosebikes has grown from a small bicycle retailer to an omnichannel company.

    With its award-winning stores and showrooms, the company specializes in the manufacture of customized bikes. All bikes are designed at the headquarters in Bocholt, Germany, assembled by hand and delivered worldwide.

    From retail to online sales

    The brand ROSE Bikes, which began its distribution with a retail business, became a sales platform. Thus, in the late 90s, the first online store of the brand was launched.

    This gives customers access to a much wider, but carefully selected, range of bicycle-related products. And manufacturers have a reliable partner at their disposal that offers them considerable visibility. ROQQIO Commerce Cloud works in the background to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

    A customer-focused digital strategy

    Sales platforms are all the rage. Family-owned Rose Bikes has gone from being a small bicycle retailer to an omnichannel retailer. It has also integrated an e-commerce offering into its business strategy.

    The focus is clearly on the customer and services: the brand wants to offer a seamless shopping experience and become the number 1 in the cycling and bicycle lifestyle.

    The company relies on the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, the powerful SaaS platform for omnichannel commerce, which automates and standardizes all relevant e-commerce processes and connects them to stationary commerce systems, enabling flexible processes for the end customer.


    Rose Bikes keeps its dynamism

    Many people are now choosing bicycles as a means of transportation for local mobility. The bicycle market has thus experienced a major boost, particularly because of the health crisis. To meet the explosion in demand, players are forced to get into battle.

    At a time when the competition continues to intensify, the Rosebikes brand is still trying to make its way, especially through its production capacities, but also its initiatives in the field of digital and related services. In addition to the versatility that is the watchword of this regional company, the Rose bike brand always puts the customer at the center of its concerns.

    To this end, it offers its customers everything they need for cycling: bicycles, bicycle clothing, components, spare parts, accessories, etc. In addition, the brand is working to reduce its CO2 emissions to zero by 2025. This climate-friendly approach to sustainability is something that many of those who use the Rose bike are excited about.

    Are there any incentives for purchasing a Rose Bikes electric bike ?

    To encourage as many people as possible to opt for a non-polluting mode of transport, there are now many grants for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle (electric bike). Thus, for the purchase of an electric bike Rose Bikes, you can benefit from a help. To give you an overview, we will take the example of aid in France.

    What assistance is available ?

    The State and local authorities offer various forms of financial assistance for the purchase of an electric bicycle. In particular, there are two forms of subsidies for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

    On the one hand, there is the ecological bonus granted by the State to people with a modest income. This bonus cannot exceed an amount of 200 euros and can only be paid in addition to the territorial subsidies in order to allow the beneficiaries to obtain a more interesting amount.

    In addition, the amount of the ecological bonus cannot exceed the subsidy received from the local authorities.

    On the other hand, there are the subsidies for the purchase of an electric bicycle granted by the local authorities. The amounts of local grants are set by the local authorities and can be paid by the municipality, the department or the region.

    It should be noted that they can exceed the amount of 200 €. These two forms of financial aid can be combined.

    We also distinguish the conversion premium that now concerns electric bikes. So, if you want to replace your vehicle and switch to a electric bike, you can get help. The electric bike bonus and the conversion bonus are aids that can be cumulated.

    To obtain the payment of both aids, you must submit a single request for payment. The amount of the aid is fixed at 40% of the acquisition price up to a limit of 1500 €.


    Who is eligible for assistance in purchasing an electric bicycle ?

    Whether they come from local authorities or the State, subsidies for the purchase of an electric bike are an excellent opportunity for users. However, to obtain them, certain conditions must be met.

    Let’s take France as an example. To finance the purchase of your electric bicycle, you must be of age and reside in France.

    You must also have a reference tax income (RFR) per unit that does not exceed or is equal to €13,489 and that you have benefited from aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle granted by the local authority or group of local authorities.

    In addition, the bike purchased must be new and must not use a lead battery. In addition, according to article R.311-1 of the Highway Code, the motor must not exceed a maximum power of 0.25 kW and the bike must not be sold within a year of purchase. Please note that you can only receive assistance for the purchase of your electric bicycle once.

    How do I get a subsidy to buy an electric Rose Bikes ?

    The amount of money granted by local authorities varies from one city to another. To obtain a subsidy for the purchase of an electric bicycle, you must apply for assistance using a specific form.

    This form is available on the website of the Agence de services et de paiement (ASP). The application must be made no later than 6 months after the date of invoice of the bike.

    Once you have completed the form, you send it to the regional office of the ASP Grand Est, along with the following supporting documents:

  • A copy of your valid identity card, passport or residence permit
  • A copy of a proof of address less than 3 months old
  • A copy of the invoice for the purchase of the bicycle
  • A copy of the tax notice for the year preceding the purchase
  • A copy of the proof of payment of the aid granted by the local authority for the purchase of the bicycle
  • Your bank statement
  • Conclusion

    There are many reasons to ride a bike. Whether you want a road bike for training, or a mountain bike for challenging trails, you will always find a Rose Bikes bike to satisfy you. Comfort, handling, stability, versatility, Rosebikes have it all.

    To make your choice easier, the OnMyBike team offers daily articles on electric and traditional bikes


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