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Origine bike: is it really a good choice ?


The success of the electric bicycle today is enormous. This means of locomotion is distinguished by its motor and assistance that accompany the cyclist throughout his journey. Praised for its performance and comfort, the electric bike is a real option for a healthier world. It is also a real companion on the road. Follow us to learn more about the Origine bike.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Origine bikes.

Presentation of the Origine bike brand

Origine appeared about ten years ago and thanks to its expertise, it has managed to make its way in the bike world. The ecological option and its configurator have helped a lot.

Each bike in the range is a real concentrate of technology, benefiting from technological advances from their research department. They allow you to combine without artifice the notions of performance, comfort, tolerance and reliability.

At Origine, it is not you who must adapt to the bike, but the bike that adapts to you, whatever your level and your requirements.

Creation and development of the Origine brand

Origine is a French brand that was born in 2012 with its headquarters in Bordeaux and a workshop in Somain, near Douai. It is in 2013 that the adventure really started, because it is during this year that the first Origine bikes were marketed.

This brand is the result of the genius of three bicycle enthusiasts, in search of new means of locomotion. Yves Amiel, Pierre Henri Morel and Pierre Lefèvre, as they are, wanted to position themselves on the high-end cycling market, while offering prices that defy all competition.

Today, the Origine cycles are recognized in all France, and even outside. The components of the Origine mountain bikes, with the exception of the frames, are manufactured on French soil.

Moreover, everything related to design, assembly or painting is done by hand, bike after bike, in the northern workshops. In fact, it is possible to say that originality is the order of the day here.

The founders of the brand Origine, always in their optics to offer the best, selected references of components recognized to equip the frames of the bikes. You will find Campagnolo, Ritchey, Shimano, Prymalh, Sella Italia…

Ecological option

Origine, as a member of the WWF’s “Doing Business for the Planet” program, places particular emphasis on the choice of quality products that are respectful of ecological standards. The water-soluble paint and recyclable packaging are proof of this.

Origine cycles are above all about performance. In this context, they are tested and approved by cyclists. Efficiency and high quality are mixed for a classic look.

The Origine bike configurator

The great innovation of the brand Origine concerns the configurator set up. It allows you to create your ideal bike. Isn’t it great? You have the possibility to build your own two-wheeler with compatible elements.

To do this, you just have to take into account your budget and your desires. You can even choose your favorite color with the “Colors on demand” feature. So are you ready for new adventures on your Origine cycles ?

Competitive environment

Before discussing the competitive environment, it is important to say that the bicycle market is booming. Well established for several years, the strike, the health crisis and the search for an alternative to public transport have considerably strengthened the sector.

In 2019, a jump of 19% was noted and the cycle market soared by 15% in value during the year 2020 to exceed 2.6 billion euros.

Electric bike market

Yet sales of bicycles, parts and accessories have been slowed by supply and production difficulties. However, the bicycle market is expected to grow 9% per year in value by 2023, boosted by sales of electric bikes.

It is this market boom that is attracting interest at all levels of the industry, from manufacturing to distribution to bike-related services. The competition is mainly concentrated in assembly.

Intersport, which is one of the leaders in the production of assembled bicycles, has become the leader through its factory, La Manufacture française du cycle. Other producers such as Accell, Decathlon or Grimaldi Industri are no less important. New players such as Angell are also trying to make their way.

The distribution

It is mainly dominated by specialty stores and the signs also seduces. The pure players of the bicycle resulting from the Web open stores and brands of bicycles such as ThirtyOne bet on the direct sale.

In order to keep their market share, the usual distributors are making more efforts. They are therefore extending their territorial coverage, developing an omnichannel offer or positioning themselves as bike prescribers.

However, new operators with innovative business models are not taking it lying down. That’s how Cyclofix is growing, for example. In the field of LDD, competition is very tough.

The Dutch company Swapfiets, a specialist in long-term rental, has entered the Paris region. The manufacturer Bridgestone has launched Mobeflex. Decathlon is also actively involved.

Origine bike marketed

The Origine cycles is marketed in many ranges that all combine comfort, performance and ease of use. You have in particular the road bike, the Gravel bike, the mountain bike and the Flatbar bike. Each of these ranges is declined in models and sub-models.

Road bikes

The Origine road bikes are the first range proposed by the brand. Whether you are a cyclotourist, a competitor, a cyclosportif or even an ultra-distance enthusiast, they are perfect for you.

In fact, these bikes are the result of expert work on high-end aluminum alloys and high modulus carbon fibers. Thus, they meet with satisfaction the various expectations.

After choosing your road bike, you can use the Origine configurator to equip it according to your taste, with the best components on the market. Tires, handlebars, saddle, you have the possibility to create your own bike. The Origine road bike range is made up of two models: road bikes with skates and road bikes with discs.

Road bikes with skids give you rim braking. If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight, high-performance, affordable bike, then this is the bike for you. Here you will find different sub-models.



Let’s start with the Axxome RS Evo, a bike with pure, unadulterated performance. With a bit of radicalism, its geometry, its internal UML molding and its CCT rear triangle make it tolerant. With this Origine bike, precision and safety are assured. These two advantages are reinforced by its oversized steering column and its Aero fork.

The Axxome 350 is another sub-model of road bike with skates. It adapts to you, no matter what your riding style, skill level or conditions. In the field, it delivers performance that no rider can ignore.

This is possible thanks to the high modulus fibers with which it is equipped. A perfect companion for different rides, it optimizes your ride by reducing vibrations.

The Axxome 250 is easy and comfortable to ride, and it’s a stable model that gives you the opportunity to train safely. Above all, it benefits from the expertise acquired on the top models. As a result, it delivers performance like no other.


Tuxedo is the latest model of road bike with skates. With its aluminum frame, it ensures incomparable rigidity and lightness. Made from 6061 aluminum, variable thickness tubes and benefiting from a double T4T6 heat treatment, this Origine mountain bike offers a high level of performance and riding precision.

Bicycle with disc brakes

Origine road bikes with discs have a powerful braking system that works in all conditions. Competitors at heart, Ultra Distance enthusiasts or demanding amateurs will love this gem. The sub-models available are the Axxome GTR Evo, Axxome GTR Evo Ultra, Axxome GT, Axxome GT Ultra and Axxome GTS.

Apart from being disc bikes, the Axxome GTR Evo, Axxome GT and Axxome GTS sub-models have the same properties as the Axxome RS Evo, Axxome 350 and Axxome 250 skate road bikes respectively. This electric bike combines comfort, performance, versatility and speed. Above all, it is super fast and can last for long distances.

The main advantage of the Origine Axxome GT Ultra bike is its ability to accept tire sections up to 32. Also, always keeping your comfort in mind, it offers a slightly raised riding position. All of this is guaranteed in addition to the fork mounting inserts allowing you to take advantage of the many different carrying options.

Gravel Bikes

Also known as Swiss Army knives, the Origine Gravel line of bikes is a blend of comfort and performance. The two models available, Trail and Graxx, adapt beautifully to your character. Whether you’re a sportsman or an adventurer, these bikes will give you an unmistakable feeling.

It is a pleasure to ride the Graxx model, because it offers a real comfort no matter if you ride on the road or on a path. Also, it has an ultra-technological carbon frame that allows it to filter out irregularities without difficulty.

Moreover, it is compatible with a 650 B or 700 C mounting, which allows it to accept tire sections up to 47. Finally, note that it is equipped with the Dynamic Response concept that ensures a nervous behavior and a superior performance.

The second Trail model is a cocktail of simplicity and efficiency. It is the ideal partner for your walks or trips, but also for your daily commute. With tire sections up to 42, it defies the terrain in style. You don’t have to worry about the equipment. The numerous carrying loops ensure that you will be able to carry it with you.


Mountain bike, Cross-country and Trail bike

The Origine mountain bikes offer a compromise between riding sensation and performance level. They are perfect for both uphill and downhill riding. Above all, they are designed with innovative technologies that are sure to make you have fun. Here you will find two models: Cross-country and Trail bikes.

Cross-country mountain bikes are much more suitable for competitions. However, they are also accessible and meet the expectations of XC circuit addicts, pleasure riders and long-distance marathoners.


Théorème GTR 29″

The first sub-model available is the Origine Theorem GTR 29″ mountain bike. Super fast, it is cut in all its power for high level competitions. In one bike, you have a good dose of nervousness accompanied by an incomparable piloting precision, and all this, provided by a carbon fiber Textreme.

This makes it a formidable weapon for pulverizing XC courses. In addition, it features XRD technology, Dynamic Response Concept and EPS Molding. Simply put, it’s a marvel.

Théorème GT 29″

As for the Origine GT 29″ mountain bike, it adapts to all conditions. Performing and comfortable, you will not see the time spent for your fun and fast rides at the handlebars of this electric bike. Right from the start, it is designed as an ultra versatile model. In this frame, it has been provided with a CCT+ rear triangle and an EPS molding that attenuates vibrations.

Like the other Origine cycles, it is completely customizable. So design it to your image with a 120mm fork or a telescopic seatpost for example. In fact, you have a multitude of possibilities.

The Origine Trail mountain bikes are terrific pedalers and efficient on any incline. Their design is based on the use of advanced suspension kinematics coupled with a shock setting made in collaboration with RockShox®. With all these technologies, you can spend hours on your bike without getting bored.


Two sub-models are available: Naja 120/120 and Naja 130/120. As robust as it is aesthetic, the Naja 120/120 is prepared for small and large shocks. You can take full advantage of its virtual pivot point suspension.

Moreover, it is built with high quality 6061 aluminum and tubes obtained through the Triple Butted process. Also, it benefits from a T4T6 heat treatment.

The Naja 130/120 can handle anything. Curves, upsweeps, jumps, overhangs and mountainous singletrack are its playgrounds. It is thought essentially to give you a maximum of sensations. This Origine mountain bike is efficient in recovery and at ease in the air, and thus allows you to turn the pedals with the greatest pleasure.

Origine bike Flatbar

Flatbar bikes, also known as fitness bikes, are adapted to the practices of each cyclist. They offer a more upright position on lightweight, high-performance road frames. Above all, they benefit from advanced technology and complete customization.

These Origine cycles offer you original riding sensations, maximum pleasure and optimal comfort. They are available as Flatbar skate bikes, Flatbar disc bikes and Flatbar Gravel bikes.

The available sub-models have more or less the same characteristics as those already presented. You will find the Origine bike Axxome 350, Axxome 250, Tuxedo, Axxome GT, Axxome GT Ultra, Axxome GTS, Graxx Flatbar and Trail Flatbar.


Aid available for the purchase of an Origine cycles

The regulations in force on the French territory allow you to benefit from a subsidy when you buy an electric bicycle. As the Origine bike is a electric bike, its purchase entitles you to a subsidy. There are two possible types of subsidies for the purchase of an Origine electric bicycle.

First of all, you have the electric bike subsidy from the State introduced in 2017 and which is still valid. Then, you have the aid and subsidies of local authorities and municipalities. However, it is impossible to combine the two subsidies. You must choose the one that suits you best.

The amount of state aid is set at 20% of the acquisition cost, excluding options, all taxes included, but not exceeding 200 €. This aid can only be paid once, even if you have purchased several electric bikes. To benefit from this grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Buy a new electric bicycle that is not equipped with a lead-acid battery, exactly Origine
  • Not be taxable in the year n-1
  • Be a natural person of age and be domiciled in France
  • To have benefited beforehand from an aid of the local authority of which you are a member
  • If you prefer to take advantage of the subsidy provided by your municipality, simply contact the town hall before purchasing the Origine cycles. Generally, municipalities are generous, granting subsidies of up to €500.

    How to choose your Origine bike ?

    Choosing one model or another is not an obvious thing. It seems then necessary to have some keys to make an enlightened choice and in adequacy with you and your way of life.

    Analysis of your needs

    First, you will need to define your needs in terms of mobility. Indeed, you will have to determine if you need a city bike, a mountain bike or a mountain bike. So how do you know? Well, you will have to define the reasons why you need a new means of transportation.

    Is it to go to work, to do your shopping, to pick up the kids or take them to school, for sports or for mountain biking?

    You will need to be able to choose clearly among all these options. This is the natural and logical place to start your search. Your needs are an important source of information that should not be overlooked.

    Comfort and equipment

    Then, you will have to ask yourself the question of comfort and equipment. Indeed, will you rather opt for high-end equipment or conversely opt for an optimal level of comfort. There are several things to consider, including the size of your bike.

    If you find a bike that is the right size, then you won’t have to worry about it. However, if you are between 2 sizes, things will start to get tougher. You will have to make a choice between comfort and performance.

    If you are looking for a comfortable way to get around, then we advise you to take the size below which will allow you to have a more upright posture and therefore more pleasant in the long term, especially for your back.

    On the other hand, if you want to choose performance, you can choose the size above. The position you will adopt will be more elongated and will avoid too much friction with the air and will therefore increase your performance.

    The price of the Origine bike

    Price is a central consideration. Whether you want to go with one model or another, you will need to estimate your budget and stick to it. You should not focus on overpriced products and focus on those that you are sure you can afford.

    As explained earlier, some means of transportation give you the opportunity to obtain subsidies and bonuses for the purchase. You will need to find out if you are eligible.

    Finally, if you have any doubts or persistent questions, do not hesitate to contact advisors or experts in the field, both in stores and on online sales sites for example. They will be happy to inform you.


    The Origine bike is absolutely the one for you. You can already create your own model with the configurator at your disposal. For the design, the best components found on the market are used.

    These bikes guarantee you comfort, ease, performance and efficiency for pleasant rides or even more sensational competitions. So are you ready to buy your Origine bikes ?

    In order to accompany you in your purchase, OnMyBike publishes every day articles on electric and traditional bikes