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Cannondale e bike: is it a good product ?


Since its inception, Cannondale has sought to break the norms of cycling. Driven by a passion to produce innovative and iconic bikes, the Cannondale team has developed incredible technologies, like the iconic Lefty and its unique front fork. The bike brand has built a reputation for reliability and durability. Want to know more about this American brand ? How to choose a Cannondale e bike ? Which model to choose according to your use ? Let’s find out everything about this brand.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

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Competitive environment

The bicycle market and the electric bicycle market is experiencing a real craze. Many companies and brands are fighting a merciless war to promote their products. This makes things particularly complicated for the future user. The choice and the options are multiple. So why is there so much interest in these modes of transportation ?

Well, the answer is quite simple. For example, in France, the regions and some municipalities support the development of these alternative means of transportation by offering subsidies for their purchase.

Thus, for the purchase of an electric bike or a cargo bike, users can take advantage of a bonus paid by the government, the regions or the municipalities. To do so, you will have to find out the conditions of eligibility and access. It will also be necessary to know if your region or your municipality has set up such a system.

Presentation of the Cannondale bikes brand

Cannondale Bicycle Company will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021. It was in 1971 that the company was born in Wilton, Connecticut. For the record, the premises were located across from the Cannondale train station, from which the brand takes its name.

Originally, its creator, Joseph S. Montgomery, created accessories for bicycles and camping in 1972. One of his first commercial products was a children’s bike trailer.

The first bike was launched in 1983. It was the ST500 model, an aluminum oriented bike, which, thanks to its price, made it accessible to the masses, thus upsetting the steel model. It was an immediate success, with a turnover of 6 million dollars that year.

Following this success, Cannondale expanded its line with the launch of its first racing bike. It is the SR900, and its first Cannondale mountain bike, the SM500. 

For those who like old newspapers, there are cannondale bike catalogs from the era online. It is very interesting to see the sleeping bags and water bottles, the bike mackintos and the first bikes. Since then, Cannondale has never stopped working on new processes to gain power and speed. In 1988, just 11 years after its inception, the brand was unveiled at the Seoul Olympics.

The following year, cannondale bikes were launched on the world scene. The American manufacturer made a big impression in 2000 with the launch of its famous Lefty fork, a single-arm system that has since evolved but is still found on cannondale bikes.

Technologies developed by Cannondale 

Cannondale engineers work hard year after year to optimize components by making them work together. Hence the integration of the SI system in the new bikes offered by Cannondale. Whether it’s the Lefty fork, the Hollowgram crankset or the AI drivetrain, each module works in tandem to give you better performance.

Asymmetric AI integration

Thanks to the AI invention, shortening the rear chainstay is possible on the Cannondale. The idea is to move the drivetrain and hub 6mm outwards. This allows the use of wider tires and dual chainrings if necessary. The result is Cannondale road and mountain bikes that are stiffer and more responsive.

Ballistec Carbon

Like many bike manufacturers, Cannondale has not escaped the rules by making its own variety of carbon fiber. Ballistec carbon was designed to offer strength and stiffness. Several levels of quality have been studied, including the top of the line Hi-MOD version. This Cannondale Hi-MOD bike is notably lighter, but more expensive.

CAAD Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum is treated with care in the Cannondale laboratory. Despite the carbon fiber boom, aluminum is still omnipresent in the Cannondale lineup. This process, called CAAD (Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design), allows to produce very reactive and performing bikes without spending a fortune.

Save on suspension technology

Cannondale engineers took a close look at vibration and shock absorption. The result is SAVE technology, which is found on the fork and seat tube. The manufacturer claims that comfort has increased by 40% over other devices.

Frontline Office

On your Cannondale mountain bike, you want stability and agility, and Cannondale understands this with the geometry of its Outfront steerer tube. Even at high speeds, the head tube angle stays open thanks to the long travel of the fork.

The wheel then moves further forward, stabilizing the position while maintaining the necessary tension for the mountain bike.

Presentation of the different Cannondale bikes

The Cannondale brand offers these users several bike models, each corresponding to a discipline.

The versatile racing bike: SuperSix Evo

For a competitive Cannondale road bike, the SuperSix Evo is a versatile and efficient bike. It’s a lightweight, comfortable and agile Cannondale mountain bike. The SuperSix Evo is not only comfortable on flat roads, but also in the mountains. At 48 km/h, it gains 30 watts of power over the previous model. The weight of the top model of this beautiful machine is 7.3 kg.

Thanks to the SAVE concept, even the SystemBar HollowGram handlebar can absorb shocks. This module can be adjusted up to 8°. Cannondale SuperSix Evo bikes are available for men and women, with disc brakes or pads, in standard carbon or Hi-MOD. They are high end, light and stiff.

To complete the range, the brand has designed a Cannondale e bike (the name Neo refers to the electric bike range). The SuperSix Evo Neo is equipped with an electric motor in the rear hub and an ebikemotion battery perfectly integrated into the frame.

Cannondale aerodynamic bike : SystemSix

For TT racers or enthusiasts looking for an ultra-fast bike with uncompromising aerodynamics, check out the Cannondale SystemSix aero bike. It claims to be the fastest Cannondale road bike in the world, while maintaining UCI certification. 

Cannondale claims a 10% improvement over its predecessor. The SystemSix is excellent on flat roads, even with a few bumps, but its high-speed performance-oriented geometry and 8kg weight put some strain on it on hills.

To achieve such results, Cannondale engineers had to work on six specific areas at the same time. These include the frame, fork, suspension, gallows, seat and wheels. 

The Cannondale SystemSix racing bike has a built-in wheel sensor. Your performance is then tracked with the Cannondale app, developed in collaboration with Garmin.

Endurance range: Synapse racing bikes

Cannondale’s signature model, the Synapse has evolved from the beginning. It is a bike that can be ridden for long periods of time. Its geometry is more upright than a race bike for optimal comfort. But it’s still light, fast and able to keep up with you if you pick up the pace.

The Synapse is also equipped with the SAVE micro-suspension kit. The Cannondale Synapse endurance bike is available with a Ballistec carbon fiber frame (standard or Hi-MOD), while previous versions were available with an aluminum frame.

Among its many variants, you will find a female version of this model with a Synapse. There is also a version of Cannondale e bike: the Cannondale Synapse Neo. 

Cannondale aluminum racing bike : CAAD

It was Mario Cipollini who introduced the CAAD at the end of the 1990s, when it was the third and fourth versions. The Optimo (with carbon fork) is the entry-level model. The Cannondale CAAD 13 is a high performance aluminum competition model.

When it comes to value for money, you’ll be a big winner. The Cannondale CAAD is the bike for beginners. You’ll be riding a sturdy, yet fast and agile bike that you’ll keep for a long time. The Cannondale CAAD 13 road bike is also an aerodynamic bike thanks to its tubular geometry. It follows in the footsteps of its big brother, the SuperSix Evo.

As for the CAAD Optimo race bike, its carbon fork absorbs road irregularities without moving.  It’s at home on bumps or in the city, racing as if it were a bike at work. 

Cannondale gravel bike: Topstone

At Cannondale, you’ll find a gravel collection still known by the code name: Topstone. With this bike, you can go anywhere, especially if you mount 42mm tires for better grip. In addition, this Topstone Cannondale gravel bike is equipped with an ultra-light KingPin rear suspension. 

If you really want to go all over the place, you can turn to the left-handed version. It offers 30 mm of travel on all hills. This single-link suspension offers more aggressiveness on uneven surfaces and comfort on the road.

The aluminum version is still lightweight and comfortable. The Topstone aluminum Cannondale gravel bike features Outfront steering geometry, which places the wheels further forward. This Cannondale Topstone is a sporty model, but also an ally for casual rides. A version of the Cannondale e bike with the NEO label is also available.

Cannondale mountain bikes: Super X and CAADX

For the CX competition, the brand has developed 2 Cannondale mountain bike models: SuperX and CAADX.

Super X model

The Cannondale Super X is a racing bike. Thanks to the AI (Asymmetric Integration) concept, it is easy to handle and performs well on climbs. For the passage of fat sections, 40 mm tires are available if necessary. For downhill riding the Outfront geometry dominates. In short, the SuperX is the perfect bike for riders looking to save time.

CAADX model 

The Cannondale bike for exploring dirt roads and starting off on off-road races is called the CAADX. At an affordable price, you can ride on difficult terrain while remaining stable and maneuverable.

The Cannondale CAADX cyclocross mountain bike features a SmartForm frame, 55mm fork offset and SAVE technology in the rear triangle. What is Cannondale Urban and Recreational Cycling ? For this last point, the group focused on Cannondale bikes that are easy to use in everyday life.

Multifunctional bike : Quick

Do you like to spend weekends with your family and ride around town ? Choose a bike, the Cannondale Quick, that combines comfort and lightness. It includes all the essentials for multiple use. The Cannondale Quick CX is a slightly sportier mountain bike with a telescopic fork and wider knurled tires.

Cannondale City Bike: Treadwell

The Cannondale Treadwell City Bike, available in mechanical and Cannondale e bike, is the ideal two-wheeler for urban use, for a ride or for shopping.

With its crossbars for easy straddling and light weight, you’ll easily adopt this vintage bike for two-wheel touring.

The Urban Pioneer Cycle: Bad Boys

This Cannondale Bad Boy city bike has a lot of style. It’s built to be ridden fast on any surface and in any weather. The Cannondale Bad Boy is equipped with 650b wheels and fat tires: nothing stops it. 

In addition, this city bike features a Lefty LightPipe single-arm fork for increased precision and stiffness. The LED lighting system built into the fork and seatpost keeps you visible around town. And that, along with its clean look, is appreciated.

Cannondale touring bike: Tesoro

Touring bike or city bike ? Touring bike or leisure bike ? The Cannondale Tesoro can do it all: it’s a real chameleon. It’s a sporty bike that allows you to ride in touring mode. It’s also great for smooth commuting. Tesoro Adventure Bikes also offers a Tesoro Neo version of the e-bike. These are the urban Cannondale e bike Canvas Neo and Mavaro Neo.

For a quick ride through town in quality gear and style, choose the Cannondale e bike Canvas Neo city. Its sporty look will excite you. If you like a more classically styled bike that allows you to get on and off easily while riding, then the Cannondale Mavaro Neo is the perfect choice for you.

The Cannondale brand of bicycles offers cyclists a wide range of options. You’ll find Cannondale bikes for the whole family, their quality is unquestionable and their style will stand out from other two-wheeled bikes.

Where to buy a Cannondale bike

Whether you are looking for a Cannondale e bike, a Cannondale e mountain bike or a Cannondale road bike, there are many outlets where you can buy them. Indeed, you will find sellers in shops or online sales sites. All of them are known and recognised by the brand to redistribute their products. If you have any doubts, we advise you to consult the list of distributors of the brand.

Criteria to buy the right Cannondale bike 

Whether it’s for relaxation, running or commuting, there are many reasons to ride a bike. That’s why buying one can be a complicated activity. However, in order to make the right choice, there are certain criteria to consider.

There are five lines of road bikes: performance bikes, endurance bikes, aerodynamic bikes, gravel bikes and Cannondale e bike. Each one is designed for the activity you want to do with it.

High performance road bikes

Cannondale high performance road bikes are racing bikes. Thanks to their rigid frame, these models have two strong points: their weight and their speed. The materials used for the frame will determine the weight of the bike, while the lowered handlebars will allow for an ideal position to get up to speed. Models in this category include the Cannondale Supersix Evo, the Argon 18 Gallium Pro and the Devinci Silverstone.

Endurance road bikes

Cannondale endurance road bikes are designed for long distances. In this case, the designer is concerned with the stability of the rider and a more comfortable position on the saddle. To limit the feeling of road vibrations, the frame of an endurance bike is always softer.

If you’re looking for this type of bike, you’ll find the Synapse from Cannondale, the Krypton from the Argon 18 catalog, and the Leo model from Devinci.

Aerodynamic road bike Airborne

For experienced athletes, there are Cannondale road bikes dedicated to speed. With their unique frame and handlebar design, they are designed for athletes who want to save microseconds by making the most of aerodynamics. In this category, your choice might be the Cannondale SystemSix.

Gravel road and cross-country bikes

Off-road racing has led to specially adapted bikes with a wider wheelbase that makes it easier to balance in various positions. In addition to their exciting appearance and compensated tires, these special bikes offer a gear range ideal for cross-country racing.

On a less competitive note, the Cannondale gravel bike features a wider tread, making it easy to cover miles on unpaved roads. Based on an Endurance-inspired frame, Gravel bikes offer a good compromise between the comfort of the road and the unfathomable nature of the off-road. For these types of bikes, consider Cannondale’s CAADX.

Parts and components for road bikes

The components of a Cannondale road bike are numerous. The main parts of a road bike are the frame and the wheels. These two elements work together to make your bike comfortable and balanced. But other components, such as the derailleur and brakes, also need your attention.

What material should the frame of your Cannondale bike be made of ?

For your bike frame, the main choice is between aluminum and carbon. Steel frames were the original material of choice and have almost disappeared due to their weight. In general, aluminum is used for most road bikes because of its light weight and stiffness, which limits energy loss.

Given its attractive price, aluminum is the ideal material for entry-level and mid-range road bikes. In terms of comfort, given its stiffness, it clearly reproduces all the roughness of the road. High-performance models like Cannondale’s CAAD line use aluminum for their frames. They are very light and efficient bikes.

Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is just as light and more comfortable, offering many advantages, even though it is inherently more fragile. Its high price makes it a reference material at the highest level.

For the sake of completeness, we should also mention titanium, which offers a good compromise between the rigidity of steel and the low weight of aluminum. Its much higher price is the main reason why it is not so widely used. 

Which wheels to choose for your Cannondale bike ?

As many experienced cyclists will tell you, the wheels are half the fun of a bike. Depending on their quality and design, they really determine how your machine handles. Depending on whether you choose high or low rims and the type of spokes, you can improve the weight, aerodynamics and speed of your Cannondale road bike.

This is a very specialized section, and depending on your use and desired performance, the advice of your bike specialist will be invaluable.

Which transmissions, gearboxes and pedals to choose ?

In order for the power of your pedaling to reach the rear wheel correctly, everything is done through the transmission. The various components of the drivetrain (cranks, chains, derailleurs, gearboxes) require your attention when purchasing and your vigilance when maintaining.

As technological advances flood the bicycle market, electric drive systems are becoming more common. Catalogs from specialty brands such as Shimano and Sram will give you an idea of what you’re dealing with. Shimano offers Di2 derailleurs and Sram offers the E-Tap range.

Wheel and disc brakes: which one to choose ?

To ensure the braking of your Cannondale road bike, you have two options. Either you choose to brake in the traditional way, that is to say with rim brakes with lateral control or you use disc brakes. Give disc brakes a try.

They use a mechanical or hydraulic system that acts directly on the hub, similar to the braking system used on motorcycles. Disc brakes are much less affected by road or weather conditions. In fact, whether it’s rain, dust or mud, disc brakes perform well.

To conclude

As you can see, the cycling market still has a long way to go. European households really want to reduce the impact of their travel by using alternative means of transportation. This is why they are now turning to bicycles in their classic or electric version. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Cannondale bike brand has found its place perfectly on this ultra-competitive market.

Indeed, it offers quality products, robust and elegant design. The latter will certainly not leave you indifferent. The road companions offered by the group are incomparable. They are perfectly adapted to the practice which is intended to them.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles about electric and traditional bikes


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