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Scott ebike: is it a good compromise?


Your project to buy an ebike is imminent. However, you are hesitating as to which one to choose. Indeed, with the plethora of brands that exist on the market, you don’t know which one to choose. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a professional, you will certainly find the Scott ebike that will delight you. This article gives you all the information about the brand, as well as the complete range to help you make your decision.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Scott electric bikes.

The competitive context of the Scott ebike

It is important to know that in some countries of the European Union, financial aid has been put in place to help households invest in alternative means of transportation and using green energy.

Indeed, its objective is simple, to promote cleaner modes of transportation with less impact on the environment. We can say that it is a success. The number of electric cars sold has never been as high as since the implementation of these subsidies.

Drive green

We can see that the same is true for Scott e bike and other brands. Go on a bike path, just in the city or on bike trails and you will see that these new means of locomotion are more and more numerous. They are establishing themselves in an already very competitive market.

Nowadays, you need to have a whole range of information in order to make the right choice. The number of products and brands being consequent, it seems appropriate to take stock. You will have to define your needs in terms of mobility.

Will you need an electric bike for everyday use to go to work or to do your shopping? Or on the contrary, maybe you simply need a road companion to follow you in your mountain trips.

There are also elements to take into account, such as comfort and the quality of materials. One of the criteria on which most people focus is the price. However, even if it is a determining factor, you should know that there are aids available to ease your wallet.

They can be substantial, so don’t wait any longer to find out all the details about them. We advise you to get in touch with your town hall or your region in order to have a clear and precise idea of the steps to take.

Don’t hesitate to get detailed information about the brands on the market, such as Decathlon, as well as about the products they sell. You must have all the cards in hand in order to make the choice that corresponds to your needs. You should be able to start acquiring this type of alternative means of transportation with peace of mind.

The different types of Scott ebike

The Scott brand offers a range of models depending on the use you wish to make of it as a cyclist. So, whether it is a junior bike, a city bike, a road bike, a cyclocross bike or a mountain ebike, you will find the Scott bike that fits your profile.

The electrically assisted road bike

With this type of bike, you will be able to take on the biggest mountain passes. It has many possibilities that will allow you to extend your outings at will. The ebike is the perfect means of locomotion to get you to ride faster, higher and further.

It is actually a racing machine designed to maintain or improve your performance. Scott is designing a road ebike in the Addict eRide line.

We’re talking about a very high-end machine, which is the first fully integrated and lightest electric bike. It is designed for professionals and cycling enthusiasts. The company offers 4 electric road models of the said range:

  • Addict eRide 10
  • Addict eRide 20
  • Contessa Addict eRide 10
  • Addict eRide Premium

The Urban/trekking E bike Scott

For your leisure time or daily commute, don’t hesitate to turn to the electric city or urban bike! This model is also suitable for people who wish to acquire their first electric bicycle. Indeed, the urban model is similar to the classic and therefore easy to handle.

As for the trekking electric bike, it is ideal for all your adventures. You can use it to commute to work, go for a ride in the city, take a short walk in the woods, or go on a multi-day trip.

This multifunctional bike is designed to cover long distances while providing a comfortable ride. This is thanks to its powerful motor and its geometry designed for this purpose.

It is also equipped with headlights, multiple gears, luggage rack and mudguards, everything you need for a proper trek. However, you can also use it for your city trips.

With the E-Urban/E-trekking range, Scott e bike combine versatility and safety, for your greatest happiness. Plus, they allow you to get around easily, quickly and comfortably.

The Scott electric mountain bike

We are now talking about the Scott e bike, whose performance has been proven. This type of bike has been created for sports on all types of terrain, but it can also be used for your trips in the city. The electric mountain bike is a perfect ally for the realization of various disciplines such as :

  • Trekking
  • Freeride
  • All-Mountain
  • Enduro
  • Cross-Country

You will then have to make a choice taking into account the use you want to make of it. Scott’s ebikes are made to make you enjoy your rides, your difficult climbs, without forgetting the descents.

They offer several models of Scott ebike that are popular with many top cyclists around the world. Many of them have won international victories, a great success for the brand that does not rest on its laurels.

In addition, the best mountain bikes on the market are offered by the brand. The brand not only designs electronic devices for professionals, but also for any beginner or cycling enthusiast. This range includes :

The MTB XC Cross-Country for a sporting practice

It is organized since 1996, an Olympic discipline called Cross-Country. It is a sport of mountain biking that is practiced on hilly or mountainous tracks. With the climbs and descents that follow one another, it will be necessary to provide enough effort and endurance to overcome the endless changes of pace.

That’s why Scott offers consumers a wide range of high-performance cross-country bikes. However, your choice must be adapted to your type of riding. The choice to make as a simple amateur will not be the same as that of a sportsman who competes.

The Scott ebike from the Cross-Country line is designed with a 29-inch wheel size. This ensures good bike rigidity and makes obstacle-filled passages easier. Also, the Cross-Country has equipment and accessories such as:

  • Shock absorber
  • Derailleur
  • The brakes
  • The transmission

Always for the well-being and comfort of the public, Scott is also setting up a “Women’s XC mountain bike” range.

Trail bikes

Trail biking also refers to a complete and varied sport discipline. This sport is mainly practiced in mountainous regions and requires physical and technical abilities during the climbing phases and a lot of concentration during the descents.

When choosing your trail bike, you need to consider lightness, strength, and of course performance, which should be the best possible. To meet these criteria, Scott designs Genius (men’s mountain bikes) and Genius Contessa (women’s mountain bikes) models with lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon. You will also find “Spark” models in the Trail range.

Like the Cross-Country, the Genius has a 29-inch wheel size that improves performance and climbing ability. They also provide real comfort on descents. So you can just hop on your mountain bike and go for a ride and enjoy the nature around you. The more you venture out, the more you will be tempted by longer rides, with much more hilly trails.

Women’s mountain bike

Because women are increasingly practicing mountain biking, the company has developed frames with a geometry adapted to women. We recognize this range thanks to its name Contessa. All the models of the range are thought to give a better comfort and a maximum of safety to all the practising women.

The wheels of these models are 27.5 and 29 inches. The former are more manageable, while the latter offer a better performance. Your choice will therefore depend on the practice. Opt for a semi-rigid bike when you want to go for leisurely rides or cross-country! However, a full-suspension bike is best suited for trail riding or all-mountain use.

Downhill Mountain Bike

Notice to speed and thrill seekers! Still called DH (DownHill), the downhill mountain bike is practiced most of the time in a bike park. Scott offers full-suspension mountain bikes with a geometry that meets the requirements of the terrain. For safety reasons, you will also need a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and back protectors.

Enduro MTB

Technical innovations in bicycles have given rise to many mountain biking activities, including enduro biking. This activity is suitable for all those who have stamina and love thrills. You can participate whether you are an amateur or a professional.

Since each bike has its own purpose, you will also need to find the right mountain bike for the event. A well-equipped full-suspension mountain bike will do the trick. The brand has Ransom mountain bikes that it has chosen to equip with 170 mm forks and shocks, always to improve performance, during the activity.

Scott’s leisure mountain bike range

The mountain bike is not only designed for competitions. It is first of all a means of locomotion that allows you to discover your environment and new landscapes. You can organize bike rides to share good moments with friends or family.

Scott offers semi-rigid recreational mountain bikes for the whole family to make it easier to ride on rough roads. They come in many colors and sizes. From size XS to XL frame size, you will certainly find what suits you. Also, the brand offers a range of mountain bikes for children, so they can join you for the rides.

Why buy a Scott E bike

Considered as one of the most performing and resistant bikes on the market, the e bike Scott is very appreciated by consumers. It is famous because of the quality of the materials used for its manufacture and the numerous innovations brought by the brand for a better result.

A robust and powerful engine

Scott ebike are equipped with a powerful motor. Indeed, the brand is in close collaboration with the electronics giant Bosch, which provides a motorization, whose quality is no longer to be proven.

Thanks to this collaboration, Scott becomes, in 2011, the number 1 for having developed the system of electric mountain bike which combines the design and the practicality. Since then, the brand has continued to create high-end, high-performance machines with models as original as each other.

In addition to the motor, the battery is also a major component that determines the performance of a e bike scott or Scott electric mountain bike. In fact, it is the battery that provides the autonomy that helps you travel many kilometers without stopping.

Optimal security

Equipped with a Shimano brake and derailleur, the Scott ebike guarantees optimal safety. It is a priority for Scott to reassure all the cyclists, by bringing them a maximum safety.

This is why you also have at your disposal all the essential equipment to ensure optimal safety, whatever the model of Scott e bike chosen.

Elegant design of the Scott ebike

Apart from the elegance, the e bike Scott also provides you with unbelievable comfort. Whether it’s a Scott electric mountain bike or another range, all have ergonomic saddles that will allow you to spend long hours on the road without any discomfort.

To ensure a good balance during the ride, the brand has chosen to install the battery of the bikes under the luggage rack. As for the frames and wheels, they are designed to give you a very good stability. Each bicycle is actually equipped with a light frame and stable wheels, for optimal comfort during your rides.

A high-end machine

The appearance of the first mountain bike of the brand in 1986 has generated a boom in the world of cycling, which gives it a great reputation in the field of cycling. Indeed, the brand provides all these customers with a range of choices of light, versatile and very comfortable bikes.

The models offered are for everyone without exception. Men, women and children can therefore spend pleasant moments with their families, during a walk in the mountains or in the countryside.

Help for the purchase of an e bike Scott

If there is one thing that prevents some people from switching to an electric bike, it is the cost. Indeed, these machines are much more expensive than the classic ones.

To this end, in France for example, the government has been committed for some years to subsidizing all those who wish to take the plunge. This decision was taken in order to protect the environment. And to achieve this, it will be necessary to change consumption patterns.

It is therefore important to use an electric bicycle to avoid the use of fuel, which is a factor harmful to the environment.

However, there are a number of conditions attached to this grant. The main ones are age and place of residence. In addition, you must be of legal age and a resident of France to qualify.

In addition, there are other conditions that are communicated in each local office. You will get the complete information and the amount of money you are entitled to at the local office. This is usually around €500. However, it varies according to each community in your city of residence.

Origin of the Scott sign

The brand was founded in the United States by engineer Ed Scott. At the time, it was not yet producing bicycles, but ski and motorcycle equipment and accessories.

The engineer was, in fact, the author of the first ski pole made of quality materials, including aluminum. Since then, this equipment has revolutionized the world of skiing to the detriment of the old models designed in steel and bamboo.

Scott Brand History

The history of the brand begins in 1958, with ski poles and motocross accessories. Since then, Scott has continued to surprise the world with its many innovations. These include the creation of the first motorcycle mask in 1970 and the first aerodynamic handlebar in 1989.

Considered as one of the most important innovations in the world of cycling, this handlebar will allow the American Greg Lemon to become the winner of the Tour de France the same year.

In the same spirit of innovation, Scott designed his first carbon mountain bike in 1995, followed by an improved version of the all-suspended bike. In 2011, he launched the electric bike range in collaboration with the international equipment manufacturer Bosch.

Scott Sports has been based in Switzerland since 1978 and has a new line of E-bikes with Bosch and Shimano Steps crank drive systems. It is now enhancing the electrically assisted bicycle industry. In particular the “urban” range and the mountain bikes, by elaborating a very intelligent range.

To conclude

In the end, a Scott ebike is well worth it! You get all the benefits of an electric bike. But you also get a level of comfort you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for a way to get around town for your daily commute to work or just to run errands. Or whether you want to do something in the mountains or on rough trails, you will find the e bike Scott that suits you.

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