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Giant Talon E+: an all-terrain ally

The Giant brand was born in Taiwan in 1972. It began by producing products and materials for other major bicycle brands. Until the day it started producing its own bikes. It has always been recognized for the quality of the products it sells and manufactures. Always looking for new innovative technologies, it starts to produce robust, design and cutting edge electric bikes. It creates products adapted for competitors, nature lovers and fans of sprinting in the great outdoors. We invite you to discover one of Giant’s electric bikes, the Giant Talon E+.

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Giant’s electric bikes

You want to buy an electric bike but don’t know which brand to choose? Well, rest assured that if you choose a Giant electric bike, you’re opting for craftsmanship, strength and design. Giant is known for its quality products, as evidenced by its positive customer feedback and wide range of products for all types of cycling.

So, whether your practice is rather sporty or rather daily city, there is inevitably a bike which is appropriate for you.

To learn more about this, we invite you to read our article dedicated to Giant.

Introducing the Giant Talon E+

The Giant Talon E+ electric bike is a device with a powerful new motor that allows it to overcome the most difficult gradients. Its lightness and sturdiness, along with its 100mm suspension, provide maximum comfort during rides.

In addition, its natural assistance allows you to pedal comfortably on all types of terrain. Its high quality motor and battery give it more power and performance than ever before. Lightweight, cyclists can ride effortlessly on adventure trails. The further they ride, the easier it is to ride the Giant electric bike.

The Giant Talon is designed for a variety of users: for racers, nature lovers and fans of open-air sprinting. To make the Giant talon E+ a bike at the cutting edge of innovation, the brand has given it 5 different technologies, namely SyncDrive Core, RideControl One, Hybrid Cycling Technology, Aluxx Aluminum SL and Smart Assist.

This combination of technologies makes Giant’s electric bike easier to use and significantly more efficient. These technological assets allow riders to ride the terrain in a whole new way.

The Giant Talon E+ versus the competition

It goes without saying that the electric bicycle market has developed very significantly in recent years. As a result, we can get “lost” in the ever-increasing number of offerings and products. Fortunately, despite the omnipresent competition on this market, certain elements allow the Giant Talon E+ to stand out from the rest.

Indeed, the design, finishes and quality of this product allow it to stand out from its competitors. Our teams will soon make a comparison of the best electric mountain bikes on the market.

Technical specifications of the Giant Talon E+

The Giant electric bicycle is distinguished by its high technology, which allows it to offer all the most popular features of the moment. Here are some additional features that make it a top-of-the-line, high-performance device.

Power and operation

The motor on this Giant electric bike is a far cry from the motor on other conventional e-bikes. In fact, equipped with SyncDrive Core technology, this motor provides all the power the bike needs. At the heart of SyncDrive Core technology are six sensors.

Their role is to adapt the bike to the type of terrain and riding. Thanks to the accelerometer and the slope sensor, the motor works intuitively to make life much easier for the rider. The rider is no longer forced to set the bike to a certain level, as the motor provides the power needed to ride naturally.

This same motor also has the advantage of being silent regardless of the power delivered by the bike. In fact, it makes no noise at all, even though the power output can be more than 300% higher than normal. Beyond this quality, the Giant talon E+ motor is both compact and light. This makes it ideal for all types of riding, from city trips to daily commutes to logging road races.


After the motor, the Giant electric bike reveals a 36V battery with EnergyPak side release technology. It is placed on the side of the down tube, which facilitates its attachment and removal for charging. The advantage of this battery is that it can be charged anywhere, even in the forest. Just use a 4A Smart Charger and the battery gets all the charge it needs.

However, its autonomy is not fixed. It depends on several criteria, such as the weight of the cyclist, the weight of the luggage carried on the bike, the type and surface of the terrain to be crossed, the temperatures, the difficulties on the trails, etc. A single load can therefore allow you to travel between 55 km and 150 km, depending on the conditions mentioned above.

In addition, it is equipped with a Shimano Alivio M3100 transmission, 9 speeds offering you precise and fast gear changes, possible directly from your handlebar lever.

Weight and size

In terms of weight, the Giant Talon E+ reaches 22.10 kg. It has nothing to envy to its competitors. Despite its weight, the more it advances, the easier the Giant electric bike is to ride.

Moreover, if you are interested in this model, you should know that it comes in several sizes to fit your size. And at the same time provide you with greater comfort when driving: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The size guide is as follows:

  • S corresponds to a user whose height is between 163 cm and 172 cm;
  • M corresponds to a user whose height is between 169 cm and 179 cm ;
  • L corresponds to a user whose height is between 176 cm and 186 cm;
  • XL corresponds to a user whose height is between 186 cm and 193 cm;
  • XXL corresponds to a user whose height is between 190 cm and 200 cm;
  • The equipment

    With this mode of transportation, you could have access to a Giant RideControl ONE. It’s an optional box that sits directly on the handlebars.

    Safety and comfort

    The Giant talon E+ has several strengths, including its smoothness, riding comfort and balance. It has two large 29-inch wheels that make it very smooth to pedal. In addition to this, its 100 mm front suspension offers more balance and comfort.

    The combination of these two elements guarantees a better crossing capacity. Whether you’re riding on a beaten path or on a bike path, the bike easily crosses all obstacles.

    In addition, its Smart Assist technology regulates the electrical assistance to suit the user’s needs. The system’s integrated data collectors are closely linked to the motor.

    Thus, Smart Assist intervenes either to activate the maximum power of the motor or to deliver a medium power. At the same time, the battery maintains a high level of autonomy for all power levels offered by the bike.

    In terms of braking, you can count on Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes. These will ensure a powerful braking to ensure your safety in all circumstances.

    The price for the Giant Talon E+

    The Giant Talon E+ is marketed by the brand at a price of 2 200€. This amount may seem high. But when you take stock of the technologies on board and the overall quality of the product, you’ll understand. It is part of the best electric bike available on the market and it is very difficult to do better.

    Nevertheless, you should know that it is possible to ask for a help for the purchase of this mode of transport. You can also pay in installments or take advantage of special offers.

    Consumer Reviews

    Generally, the Giant electric bicycle receives positive reviews from consumers. Most say the bike is easy to handle, thanks to its light weight and equipment. Many users are also impressed with its modern design.

    Unbeatable value for money

    First e-bike and I’m really happy


    This means of locomotion does not require any particular maintenance. However, a service is useful, especially if you do not use it for a long time. For a good functioning of your bike, make sure to have it serviced by a specialist.

    Do I need insurance ?

    It is important to underline that for electric bicycles like this one, i.e. with an assistance limited to 25 km/h, it is not necessary to subscribe a specific insurance.

    However, in case of damage to a third party, you are strongly advised to opt for a civil liability guarantee. Thus, you will not have to pay a single cent for the damage caused.

    The advantages of the Giant Talon E+

    To make the Giant talon E+ a cutting-edge bike, the brand has assigned five different technologies to it, namely SyncDrive Core, RideControl One, Hybrid Cycling Technology, Aluxx Aluminum SL and Smart Assist. This combination of technologies makes the Giant electric bike easier to use and more efficient.

    These technological advantages allow riders to ride the terrain in a whole new way. From its suspension to its electric assist to its wheels, the bike offers a high level of riding convenience. The cyclist can cover long distances regardless of the conditions. He enjoys total freedom without making great efforts.

    The Giant Talon stands out from other bike models with its impeccable design and premium quality construction. Its rounded lines are a testament to the brand’s expertise, and give the bike a more modern look.

    Moreover, its “ash blue” color is an undeniable asset. It gives a more sober touch and a very trendy visual set. Regarding its design, this bike is equipped with a frame incorporating Aluxx Aluminum SL technology. Thanks to this system, this structure benefits from a very great lightness and an optimal resistance.

    Its 6061 alloy composition also reinforces all the tubes. Thus, in the presence of false flats, slopes or hills, this frame will allow the cyclist to go even further.

    Is there any help for the purchase ?

    A purchase of this kind is a real investment. That is why it should not be taken lightly. It is important to first compare the products on the market. All this, with the aim of finding the product which corresponds to you and your needs.

    In addition, you should know that in some countries of the European Union, the states and local authorities try to make the acquisition of these means of transport more accessible by proposing plans of aid to the purchase. These aids are not negligible.

    Indeed, even if the purchase amount can be important, the proposed aids can represent a large amount of the basic investment. For example, in the Ile-de-France region, depending on the type of bike purchased, buyers can benefit from up to 500 euros of aid on the total price of the bike. We will talk to you about this in an article very soon.

    To conclude

    This all-terrain bike is capable of riding on all types of terrain. Plus, with its electric power assist, it’s easy to get through the rough stuff on the trails. For individuals, the Giant talon can be used as a daily means of transportation: to go to the office, to run errands or to walk around town.

    For nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, this bike is ideal for any trail, including XC trails and cross-country forest roads. Its strength and power give it all the necessary capacity to overcome obstacles (rocks, roots…)

    To help you make the right choice, OnMyBike writes daily articles on traditional and electric bikes


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