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Giant Trance : a Taiwanese electric mountain bike

Looking for a high-quality, comfortable electric mountain bike with high-quality components? The Giant Trance makes a grand entrance into the world of electric mountain biking ! With 29-inch wheels, smooth suspension, a progressive frame geometry and a powerful motor, this is the new Giant Trance. This new mountain electric bike is the ideal ally, it adapts to all terrains, and promises you even more freedom and fun.

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The Giant brand

Giant is a Taiwanese bicycle brand established in 1972, producing a wide range of bikes: mountain bikes (Cross-Country, Downhill, Freeride etc.), bicross, mountain bikes, road bikes, as well as electric bikes.

The objective of this brand is to liberate the potential of every cyclist. This means helping each cyclist to reach his or her goal by making bikes and equipment that give the feeling of being fully free, without constraints.

Giant’s history has always been tied to innovation. In fact, the brand was one of the first to break new ground by producing and adding new materials such as lighter, stronger aluminum frames at a time when the industry standard was steel.

But also, lighter and stronger aluminum frames at a time when industry standards were based on steel. The Giant brand has developed a wide range of interesting, comfortable, and practical bicycles to meet the different needs of cyclists.

To learn more about the brand and the products it markets, we invite you to consult our dedicated article.

The Giant electric bike lines

Today, Giant offers a wide range of models for both amateurs and pros. There are mountain bikes, bicross, mountain bikes, road bikes, as well as electric bikes and mountain electric bikes. And since 2017, Giant has further expanded its catalog by launching the LIV brand, which specializes in electric bikes for women.

Giant Hybrid and City Series

This category includes the Escape bike with flat handlebars. It’s more versatile, the more speed-oriented Rapid and FastRoad models, and Giant’s folding bike called Expressway, which has full fenders and a rear rack.

Britain’s favorite folding bike, the Brompton S2L, sells for $1,160. First of all, it has this neat trick that allows it to fold into a small package. Once fully folded, the Brompton can either be carried like a suitcase or moved around on three small luggage wheels.

Giant Road Bikes

Giant’s road bike lineup includes aerodynamic race bikes like the Propel, lightweight race bikes like the TCR Advanced, endurance-oriented models like the Defy Advanced, entry-level all-arounders like the Content and triathlon-TT models like the Trinity Advanced.

One of the brand’s most notable road bikes is the Giant TCR Advanced SL. This bike has a lightweight frame that weighs 2,210 grams when complete.

Subtract the weight of two 300g tires and you’re left with 1610g, and that’s before you factor in the cassette, tubeless sealant, valves and spindles.

Acceleration on the TCR is as easy as it is blistering, and no exit was ever hampered by a wheel performance flaw. Its rims are 30mm deep and 23mm wide on the outside, reducing the tire width from 25mm to 24mm.

Giant Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikers have plenty of options. Competitive cross-country riders will be interested in the Anthem full-suspension XC models and XTC hardtails, while trail riders will want to look at the Giant Trance and Stance lines of full-suspension bikes or the Fathom hardtails. Downhillers can also choose from the Reign and Glory bikes.

The Giant Reign 1 has 160mm of travel in the rear, matched by the front for a balanced ride. In addition, its Maestro suspension is controlled by a RockShox Monarch Plus Debonair RC3 shock. This is a high-end model that performs very well.

The piggyback design gives more consistent control on extended descents because there’s more oil volume to absorb heat gain, while the larger Debonair air provides better flex and mid-stroke support.

Introducing the Giant Trance electric bicycle

In this part of the article, we will go through the characteristics of the electric bike trance. The new Giant Trance electric bike gives you the freedom to ride the way you want. You can choose full power to reduce pedaling force. Or you can adjust it less aggressively to increase force.

With the help of Maestro fluid suspension, it can produce 140mm of rear travel, 150mm of front travel and progressive frame geometry designed for 29-inch wheels, which is a new way to handle small diameters.

Features of the Giant Trance

Power and operation

Up to 80 Nm can generate the Giant SyncDrive Pro motor. At the same time increase your power tenfold by adding 360% assistance. SmartAssist mode provides the correct level of assistance in all situations to achieve a natural and smooth pedaling.

Giant Flip-Chip technology allows you to adjust the geometry based on several criteria. Your riding situation, terrain or riding style.

If you press the BTR button twice, you can change the caster angle, seat tube tilt and bottom bracket height to change the performance of the bike. In the “LOW” position (65.8 / 76.0 wheels / foot tube ) the saddle and BB Down 30 mm to get a gravity guidance. In position “HIGH” (66.5 / 76.7 rail / seat tube and 20 mm dr.

The new mountain electric bike Giant Trance blue is equipped with a battery of 625Wh for longer rides. Possibility of adding the battery for a record range. With a travel of 150 in front and 140 in the rear with fork and shock FOX, this all-mountain bike will go everywhere without difficulty. The Shimano XT 1×12 speed transmission guarantees a very good reliability.


As far as the battery is concerned, the Giant Trance is equipped with the EnergyPak system. This is currently the most innovative technology on the market, as it is fully integrated into the bike’s frame.

What’s more, its autonomy is impressive, since on a full charge you can ride about 180 km without having to plug in your battery. Finally, the EnergyPak system charges very quickly, and in less than two and a half hours, the bike recovers 80% of its energy. 

Weight and size

The Giant Trance electric bike comes in four sizes XS, S, M, L. If your size is between :

  • 1m63 and 1m74 the size XS fits you
  • 1m71 and 1m82 the size S fits you
  • 1m79 and 1m90 the size M fits you
  • 1m87 and 1m99 the size L fits you

In addition, the Trance is available in several colors including black and blue. As for its weight, thanks to its ultra-light components, the Giant Trance has a very classic weight for an mountain bike, since it weighs 25.12 kg.

Equipment of the Giant Trance

The great evolution brought by the Trance comes in particular from its frame with variable geometry. Indeed, this mountain electric bike is equipped with the Flip-Chip system, which allows you to modify the seat tube inclination, the caster angle and the bottom bracket height.

With just a couple of turns of the BTR key, you can change the bike’s behavior by choosing one of the two following configurations:

  • The “low” position, which allows you to lower the bottom bracket to have an ideal position for downhill riding.
  • The “high” position, which raises the level of the bottom bracket to climb or ride in the best conditions.

Giant Flip-Chip technology is a great feature of this Giant electric bike. It allows you to adjust the geometry of the bike according to your ride, the terrain or your riding style.

Maestro’s 140mm rear suspension is optimized for 29″ wheels. It’s paired with 150mm front wheels. All of this allows you to fly over the most demanding terrain, the most chaotic climbs and the toughest descents.

Safety and comfort

When it comes to comfort, control and safety, it’s clear that the Maestro rear suspension makes all the difference! No matter what trail you ride on, it will help you get the most out of your efforts. Vibrations, shocks and big impacts are totally absorbed. So you can stay focused on your ride without losing control.



Like all electric mountain bikes, the Trance requires regular maintenance. Indeed, we advise you to clean it with soapy water after each ride, and to store its battery in a dry and temperate place.

The advantages of the Giant Trance

The Giant Trance is equipped with several comfort features. Its aluminum frame and fork make for an even more comfortable experience.

Opting for an electric mountain bike may seem contrary to the practice of sport. However, you will still have to put in just as much effort, because your rides will be longer and your desire to excel even greater!

The price

The Giant Trance bike from Giant costs about 6.350 € TTC, which is quite understandable considering the quality of its equipment. It is one of the best of the series.

Purchase assistance

There is no doubt that a purchase of this type is a real investment. It may seem out of reach for some people. This is why some countries in the European Union have set up financial aid.

For example, in France, the French government as well as some local authorities have set up financial aid to facilitate the acquisition of these means of transportation. Don’t hesitate to contact your local authorities to find out all the details.

To conclude

Reliable, innovative, comfortable and powerful… this electric mountain bike with adjustable geometry offers you a new way to consider your outings on demanding terrain. Its state-of-the-art motor, 29-inch wheels and long-travel suspension allow you to fly over any obstacle. They are the promise of even more freedom and adventure.

To help you make the right purchase, our OnMyBike team writes daily tests and reviews of many traditional and electric bikes.

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