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Giant Reign E+: a solid ally in all circumstances !


Do you like to ride your bike on a nice summer day? Or are you a cyclist looking for the latest in cycling gear? The Giant Reign E+ will satisfy all your needs. An electrically assisted bike that combines comfort, finesse and riding pleasure. Want to know more? So strap on your helmets and let’s get to know this unique two-wheeled transportation system.

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The Giant brand: a reference

Originally from Taiwan, Giant is a brand specialized in the manufacture of bicycles and cycling equipment since 1972. Technical and technological, Giant bikes are for adventure seekers who want to go beyond their limits.

Giant has become the world’s leading bicycle manufacturer and has quickly earned its reputation for high-quality mountain bikes, bicross bikes, mountain bikes and other equipment used in international competitions. Its objective?

To combine craftsmanship, technology and design. All of this to create equipment that improves athletic performance, like the Giant Reign E+ bike.

Today, the brand has become an unrivalled reference in cycling and cycling accessories. It is present in more than 50 countries and has sponsored a selection of professional cycling teams for some time.

To learn more about the brand and the products it markets, we invite you to read our dedicated article.

Introducing the Giant Reign E+

Whether you’re a bike enthusiast or a layman, it’s easy to be seduced by the harmonious, straight lines of this bike, dominated by deep black and chameleon green.

The e-TRX carbon wheels are very sensitive to the structure of the terrain. You can count on a solid handlebar for an easy grip, and a very comfortable size.

But the magic of this machine is in the SyncDrive Pro motor, and the EnergyPak battery it is equipped with. A true balance between comfort and elegance!

Features of the Giant Reign E+ 0 pro

A powerful and convenient bike

Even if you’re an avid cyclist, pedaling can be very strenuous, especially on steep hills and trails. Giant’s electric bike takes that effort out of the equation because every time you pedal, the internal system calculates how much force the SyncDrive Pro motor needs to sustain you.

That’s up to 360 percent of the force you put out, giving the bike a tremendous boost, so you can move with ease. With 170 mm of travel at the front and 160 mm at the rear, it provides exceptional control on long trips.

The geometry of the Giant Reign E+ 0 pro is adjustable thanks to a “Flip Chip” located on the upper composite linkage. A system of reversible wedges varies the geometry in two positions. The “high” and “low” positions vary the seat angle and the steering angle by +/- 0.8° and the height of the frame by +/- 10mm.

In the high position, the Reign E+ is lively and maneuverable, perfectly suited for technical terrain, and winding singletrack at slow speeds. In the low position, the Reign E+ becomes a rocket, stable and fast, it will cross any obstacle at the speed of light.

With the Giant electric bike, cycling will become an enjoyable adventure, without you feeling exhausted. This highly engineered electric mountain bike features an Energy Park Smart 625 battery that gives it up to 190 km of range. A single charge allows riders to ride up hills and down steep descents.

Autonomy of the Giant reign e+

The location of the battery in the down tube provides more stability and allows the rider to be comfortable during long rides. Thanks to the Fast Charge 6A charger, the battery reaches 80% of its charge in only 3h, 5h50 for 100% charge, and an automatic 60% charge mode to store the battery in optimal conditions.

Which is pretty fast if you are in a hurry to get back on the road. It will allow you to ride up to 190km, whether your activity is intense or ideal. Enough to make the pleasure last!

Giant Reign E+ features automatic driving

If you have a car with an automatic transmission, you may have appreciated the help provided by the automatic assist. The Giant Reign E+ 0 pro accomplishes the feat of giving the rider this mode by installing an accelerometer and an engine rotation sensor.

This is the Giant Smart Assist. It supports the cyclist by providing an automatic power supply, depending on the terrain where it is.

It’s natural, but it’s also very pleasant. Switching to Giant Smart Assist mode provides simple, intelligent assistance that even regulates the pedaling pace needed for the situation. But more than that, this mode allows the rider to focus on the trajectory and enjoy the riding experience.

The effort is smooth and gentle, almost natural: it will allow you to enjoy the landscape you are riding through, especially on a beautiful sunny day.

Light, comfortable and secure

Despite being heavier than a conventional bike, the Giant Reign E+ is not weighed down by its arsenal. The materials were chosen to make the bike smooth, dynamic and fast, so it weighs just 24.3 kg. So it can easily be stored at home, in the garage or against a wall.

Worried that you won’t find a Giant electric bike in your size? At Giant, we’ve thought of that detail, and offer our wonder in four different sizes: S, M, L, XL. No matter who the rider is, there’s sure to be something for them.

We once experienced, while cycling, that unpleasant sensation of not being seated comfortably, especially when crossing a rough terrain. The solution is to try our Giant Reign E+0 pro. Its 160mm Maestro suspension system absorbs shocks smoothly without affecting the rider.

Even the position of the saddle, frame and pedals were designed to the millimeter, giving the rider a comfortable posture while working the muscles.


In terms of equipment, Giant’s electric mountain bike has nothing to envy to other sport bikes. It comes with a RideControl ONE console: a connected tool that controls its options and lets you use the Giant Ride Control App.

This console also functions as a trip computer to record rides, display speeds or simply activate the bike’s assistance modes. It is also used to adjust technical statistics, such as navigation options, training, etc.

How much does a Giant electric bike cost ?

If you’re going to buy an electric bike, it might as well be a Giant electric bike, a trusted and recognized brand. And to satisfy all tastes, the Giant Reign E+ is available in four versions with unique features.

The first three are the Reign E+ 2 PRO, the Reign E+ 1 PRO and the Reign E+ 1 PRO – 625 Wh, available for €4,850, €5,550 and €5,950 respectively.

The latest model in this line is without a doubt the most advanced and technologically advantageous. The Giant Reign E+ 0 pro is available for €7,450 for those who want it. All of these products can be found in any of the 12,000 Giant retail stores. Or on online sales platforms.

And why not a purchase aid ?

Are you afraid of spending a lot of money at once? Or do you lack the money to pick up your electric bike ? Once again, Giant has found the solution!

In some European Union countries, such as France, you can benefit from financial assistance at a fixed annual percentage rate (APR) of 0%, applicable on a number of 5 to 10 monthly payments. This offer is valid for any purchase between €150 and €10,000.

In addition, the French government and local authorities offer grants to finance this type of transportation. Contact your local authorities to find out if you are eligible. Do not hesitate to contact your local authorities to find out how much aid is available and how to apply for it.

To conclude

It is equipped with an electromechanical system and intelligent sensors. Thus, it helps you to move your bike without the intense physical effort of conventional bikes.

Between elegance and power, the Giant electric bike makes it easy to get around in heavy traffic in complete safety. It’s an environmentally friendly solution that will improve your health by working most of your muscles. The Giant Reign E+ 0 pro is the transportation of the future at your fingertips.

Like other electric bikes, this bike is an economical alternative to cars for getting around safely. Try it, and you’ll surely end up adopting it!

To help you make the right choice, our OnMyBike team regularly writes tests and reviews on various traditional and electric bikes.


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