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Reviews of Beeper Lite FX1L5 scooter


Made in France now occupies a privileged place in the hearts of the French. Urban mobility is no exception with the appearance of electric scooters made in France. Let us give you our opinion on the Beeper Lite FX1L5.

Presentation of the Beeper Lite FX1L5

First of all, it is necessary to know that Beeper is a 100% French brand imagined and created by a French company named IXIT. It is placed in the production and creation of high-end electric scooters.

Even if this is usually synonymous with high costs, the brand has developed this range so that households with lower incomes can enjoy a quality product within their reach.

Even households with lower incomes will find this novelty a quality product that is within their budget. This electric scooter will be your daily ally!

Our opinion on the Beeper Lite FX1L5

At first glance

The Beeper Lite FX1L5 is a simple and innovative solution for getting to your workplace. It is practical, easy to handle, light and compact. What to adapt to your needs then do not wait any more!

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Technical specifications of the Beeper Lite FX1L5

Power and operation

The electric scooter Beeper Lite FX1L5 is equipped with a 250W motor that will allow you to choose between 2 operating speeds. This ensures that you will be able to adapt to any situation!


This means of transport is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery of 25,2V / 5,2 Ah. This last one allows its user to make 8 to 10 kms, that is to say approximately 2h to 2h30 of use. Moreover, the manufacturer announces a complete refill in 3 hours only.

Be careful, however, the autonomy of your road companion depends on several elements. Thus, you must take into account the user and his weight, the weather conditions, the quality of the road and the difficulty of the terrain to be tackled or the type of driving adopted by the user.

We talked about it before, the Beeper Lite+ FX1L5 has 2 operating speeds. The first one allows you to reach up to 6km/h and the second one up to 23 km/h.

Its weight

No lighter than its little sister FX1L4, the Beeper Lite FX1L5 weighs only 7,8kg. An aluminum frame allows it to be ultra light, making it more easily transportable. Very practical especially if you need to carry it occasionally by hand, to use public transport, to enter your office premises or simply to go home.

It can support a maximum load of 95kg (user + equipment). This is really interesting if you compare it to electric bikes, which usually support up to 120-130kg. It has nothing to be ashamed of because it offers services adapted to the general public.

Equipment and lighting

In our opinion, the main strengths of the Beeper Lite FX1L5 lie in the equipment it carries. Indeed, it has a multi-function black and white LCD screen. This last one will allow you to consult the battery level, the number of kilometers traveled or the speed at which you circulate in real time.

Moreover, this means of locomotion is equipped with an audible warning more precisely a bell and a folding side stand. As for the lighting of this electric scooter, you can count on LED lights at the front and rear. The front one is removable.

Comfort and safety

Once again the French quality is not lacking with this brand and especially the Beeper Lite FX1L5. Indeed, we can count on innumerable options, namely, an electric trigger brake and mechanical foot brake, non-slip handles and platform.

For your comfort, you can adjust the height of the handlebars to fit your height. Then, this means of transport is equipped with front suspension to limit the unpleasant sensations related to the type of road taken.

Beeper Lite FX1L5 : the price

In terms of investment, you will not have to pay astronomical sums to be able to enjoy the Beeper Lite FX1L5. Indeed, you will have to pay 279€ in all. This is a very reasonable amount when you know that it is a complete and high quality product.

To conclude

The electric scooter Beeper Lite FX1L5 is a product that really responds to the problem of urban mobility. It perfectly combines lightness and quality equipment. It offers benefits to make some of its competitors pale in comparison.

And not to spoil anything, it is guaranteed for 2 years! So don’t wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by this Made In France product, which will surprise you day after day.

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