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Opinions Beeper Lite FX1L4


Urban mobility has never had a more important place than it does today. And if we presented you an electric scooter Made In France at a reasonable price. Here is our opinion on the Beeper Lite FX1L4.

Presentation of the Beeper Lite FX1L4

The French company IXIT has launched the design of electric scooters and has created the brand Beeper, high-end green mobility. The latter manages to surprise us with this product that responds to the budgetary problems faced by most households. This electric scooter will be your daily ally.


Our opinion on the electric scooter Beeper Lite FX1L4

At first glance

The Beeper Lite FX1L4 is a rather classic scooter. But don’t be fooled by appearances, it will be there for all your journeys, with French quality to boot!

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Technical specifications from the Beeper lite FX1L4

Power and operation

The electric scooter Beeper Lite FX1L4 is equipped with a 250 Watts brushless motor. You will be able to enjoy 3 speeds and reach the maximum speed of 23km/h – speed respecting the French standard.



This means of transport is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery of 25,2 V / 4 Ah. This one will allow you to make between 6 and 8 kms on average – between 2h and 2h30 of use approximately.

The electric scooter Beeper Lite FX1L4 is therefore ideal for urban use and short trips such as home – work for example. You will be able to recharge it very quickly. Indeed, you will only need between 2h and 3h10 to make a complete recharge.

You will have to take into account the fact that the autonomy of your electric scooter can vary according to several external elements. Indeed, it will be necessary to take into account the weight of the user and his equipment, the type of driving adopted and the weather conditions for example.

Beeper lite FX1L4 : its weight

In our opinion, the electric scooter will seduce you with its light weight. Indeed, this one displays only 8,4 kg on the scale. I might as well tell you right away, this is an ultra-light product that is very easy to transport thanks to its secure and quick folding.

You will be able to move around town without having to wonder if you will be able to support the weight of your means of transport. In addition, the Beeper Lite FX1L4 is able to support a maximum load of 95 kg.


Equipment and lighting

With the Beeper Lite FX1L4 you will have at your disposal a multifunction LCD screen directly integrated at the handlebar. This screen will allow you to consult a certain number of information such as the level of charge of your battery or the chosen level of speed, the number of kilometers covered or your instantaneous speed.

In terms of lighting, you can count on the best. Indeed, the manufacturer has equipped it with LED lights at the front and rear. The front light is completely removable because it is not directly integrated into the electric scooter. What better for your urban travel than the best possible equipment in terms of visibility.

The LED allows you to better see potential obstacles and to be better perceived by other road users. This means of transportation also has a side stand and folding and a bell.

Comfort and safety

The French quality is well present in this electric scooter Beeper Lite FX1L4! Indeed, it is equipped with an electric brake with trigger and mechanical foot, handles and a non-slip platform. It has solid tires not inflated so no risk of puncture and a front suspension to improve the comfort of driving.

In our opinion, the Beeper Lite FX1L4 adult electric scooter meets the basic needs of its users. It perfectly combines basic equipment with French quality. You can therefore count on a scooter equipped with a speed regulator and adjustable handlebar height.

The price

In terms of price, the electric scooter Beeper Lite FX1L4 remains ultra competitive with a price tag of 199€. If however, this is an amount that you would not be ready to pay, you should know that the French government and local authorities have set up aids to help you to start using ecological means of transport.

To conclude

The electric scooter Beeper Lite FX1L4 is in our opinion a winning combination. Indeed, it will literally bend to your needs in terms of urban mobility. It will ensure you safety and driving comfort on a daily basis. We can say that the French quality is really present through this product!

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