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Our opinion on the Weebike Le Road folding electric bike

Are you looking for an ecological and economical means of transportation ? You want to take the step to green mobility ? But also want to find a product that is suitable for urban use ? Then why not check out our review of the Weebike Le Road electric bike.

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Presentation of the Weebike Le Road

The electric bike Weebike Le Road is a product designed for the urban world. It is a folding product offered for sale by the platform Today, you are going to discover a compact, practical, qualitative, economic and especially ecological product.

Our opinion on the Weebike Le Road

The Weebike Le Road electric bicycle is a product specially designed for the urban world. It will respond to mobility issues related to this environment. It offers its users a unique experience.

This bike seems to be the answer to your questions. It meets your needs in terms of ecology, economy and practicality. It is the most practical electric bike in the Weebike range.

The Weebike Le Road against the competition

This electric bike faces a very important competitive offer. Many brands are present on the sector like the French group Decathlon which proposes only one copy at a price defying any competition.

Go Sport is also part of the race for the best bike by offering a variety of brands. Unlike Decathlon and its Btwin Tilt 500e, Go Sport acts here as a retailer.


Technical characteristics of the Weebike Le Road

Power and operation

The Weebike Le Road is equipped with a 250 Watts Brushless motor from XOFO DGW-07. Moreover, this means of locomotion has a pedaling sensor. This one allows to adapt the power delivered by the motor to the rotation speed of the pedals.

So the faster I pedal, the more power I have. You can also enjoy 5 modes of electric assistance and a pedestrian mode – ride alone at 6km/h.


With this means of locomotion you will benefit from a removable battery Lithium-Ion of 36V / 10,4 Ah of the brand SAMSUNG. For the recharge of this last one, you will have to count between 4h and 6 hours. Might as well say it, it is more than reasonable, especially since it represents a duration lower than that of a working day.

So, you can put the battery to recharge during your day and take advantage of its full autonomy for your evening trip. You should be able to ride between 50 and 70 kms thanks to the SAMSUNG battery with which the Weebike Le Road electric bike is equipped.

Attention, the autonomy of your means of locomotion can vary under certain conditions. Thus, it will be necessary to take into account the weight of the user and that of all his equipment, the type of driving, the mode of electric assistance chosen or the difficulty of the approached ground.

Its weight

The weight of the Weebike Le Road electric bike is, according to us, the small shadow in the picture. Indeed, it displays 23 kg on the scale. This is a bit high for a transport of this type. It will thus be necessary to take that into account especially if you fold it in order to carry it in the public transport for example.

On the other hand, this same weight remains totally reasonable for a product running on green energy. Other electric bikes associated to an urban use are sometimes close to 25 kg and even reach 26 kg.


Equipment and lighting

With the Weebike Le Road electric bicycle, you will benefit from an LCD screen directly integrated into the handlebars.

It will allow you to read a set of data related to the use of your means of transport. You will be able to consult the battery level of your travelling companion, the chosen electric assistance mode, the instantaneous speed or the number of kilometers covered.

In addition, right next to it you will have a button that allows you to change the assistance mode or turn it off / on with a simple button.

In terms of lighting, the Weebike Le Road is equipped with a light at the front so that you can see obstacles in your path at night. At the back, there are no lights but there is a reflector to be seen by other road users. This reflector is located just under the seat of the vehicle.

Comfort and safety

In our opinion, the Weebike Le Road electric bike has arguments that will seduce you in terms of comfort and safety. Indeed, it is equipped with disc brakes in the front and rear of my brand TEKTRO. They will ensure you a powerful and effective braking in all circumstances on your favorite ground.

Then, for your comfort, this road companion is equipped with a suspension fork in the front and shock absorbers in the rear.

You can also count on a very comfortable Royal City A120D saddle and 20-inch tires. They will ensure you a good holding but also a comfort of road additional. To complete the set, you should know that this electric bike is guaranteed for 2 years. However, its battery is only guaranteed for 1 year.

The price

Let’s talk about the price of this road companion. Well, don’t worry, because quality doesn’t necessarily rhyme with excessive price and the Weebot Le Road electric bike proves it again. Indeed, it is now proposed by the online sales platform at a price of 1390€.

Moreover, in order not to spoil the pleasure of investing in a means of locomotion running on green energy, you should know that aids have been put in place by some communities as well as the government. You can, depending on the situation, receive up to 500€ of premiums.

You are still hesitating to go for an electric bike ? Then we recommend the Rockrider 520 from Decathlon. Ordinary mountain bike but of very good quality.


The Weebot concept

Weebot is a French company founded in late 2014 by two young entrepreneurs with a clear goal: Revolutionize urban transportation. In the city, the proportion of pedestrian and cycling areas is exploding. Tomorrow’s transportation will be ecological thanks to electric means of transport.

The Weebot collection will change the way you get around with ease, while ensuring optimal safety. Everyday journeys are now just a wheel’s reach away. Whether it’s for business or personal use.

Their team has made it a point of honor to select the most reliable components, in order to offer you superior quality products at the right price.


To conclude

The Weebike Le Road electric bike is a complete and practical product. It is a road companion totally adapted to an urban use, it folds up and is easily stored. Despite its compactness, it is equipped with undeniable comfort and safety features. It is a product with a very good quality/price ratio.

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