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Moma bikes: what you can expect


Are you thinking of buying a new bike, and wondering which model or brand to choose? What if you choose the Moma bikes ? Available in most specialized and general stores, these bikes are among the best selling bikes in France. In addition, the brand has more than 15 years of experience and works with more than 200 stores worldwide. So, want to know more about the Moma e bike ? Discover in this guide the essential to know about these two wheels.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Moma bikes.


Today, users and future users of bicycles are faced with a market offering more and more possibilities. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to choose from this array of opportunities. Some external elements can influence this trend.

In some countries, such as France, subsidies have been put in place to facilitate the acquisition of cargo and electric bikes. Thus, a French household could benefit from a national aid, a regional aid and in some cases a municipal aid. Some of them can even be combined.

Secondly, households want to reduce their impact on the environment by limiting the production of greenhouse gases. So what better way to do this than to switch to alternative means of transportation.

What are the bikes in the Moma bikes range ?

Moma bicycles offers a wide range of bike models in different aspects and uses. We have among others :

Moma folding bikes First Class and Folding Park

This Moma bikes folding bike is a first class range. It has many advantages, including space saving and a weight of only 11 kg. This Moma First Class bike has received very good reviews from users in Spain, the brand’s home country.

They often praise the sturdiness, lightness and design of this model, although this last point is entirely subjective.

Equinox mountain bikes

The Equinox range of mountain bikes is part of the catalog of this Catalan brand. These are downhill mountain bikes, mainly for beginners. The Moma Equinox is both inexpensive and of good quality. If you are a beginner or occasional user, the Moma Equinox will do the trick.

The Moma Fat Bike

Fats bikes are the feeling of the moment for mountain bikers. Their main asset is their balance, which makes them true trail machines. The Moma fat bike is no exception. Thanks to its price and good value for money, you can have a well-made fat bike.

This bike has 26 x 4 inch tires and an aluminum frame. Offering 21 speeds, the derailleur and shifter are Shimano.

The Moma e bike

Moma e bike is designed for urban use. They are the best value for money of the Spanish brand. With lithium batteries and folding or walking versions, they are a credible option for those who want to travel long distances or if the urban landscape is somewhat flat.

What is the background analysis of the Moma bikes ?

Moma folding, electric and classic bikes are some of the best selling and highest rated bikes on Amazon: value for money is an area that Moma bicycle wants to strengthen. A quality bike that even the tightest budgets can afford. The price is really attractive.

Among users, some think that Moma bicycles are only suitable for beginners, especially the mountain bike models. Among these opinions, we have distinguished two categories. People who have never tried a Moma bike, but who believe in the brand and tend to go for the big names in cycling.

Those who have actually tried the brand, without trying to give their opinion on the reasons for their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

We have only included reviews from people who have actually said they have purchased a Moma bicycle and have given detailed opinions on its performance or shortcomings.

The result is clear: Moma folding, electric or classic bikes are good quality and perform well. However, the recurring problem is the Spanish after-sales service, which makes it difficult for French, for example, customers to obtain bikes.

What is the value for money of Moma bikes ?

Moma bikes is a company that produces high quality bikes at low prices. Moma bikes main competitors are BH and Orbea. Moma’s service department is based in Spain.  When problems arise, user feedback on the Moma service experience is not always convincing.

The Moma catalog includes city bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, stationary bikes, fitness bikes and moma e bike. A complete range of bikes that will interest enthusiasts and beginners looking for a cheap bike.

In order to reduce production costs, Moma bicycles controls the entire assembly line from initial design to final product. We recommend that you buy your Moma bike model on online sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay or on the official Moma bikes website in Europe.

What are the features of the best folding Moma e bike ?

The Moma bikes remains a safe bet in this market, very popular because of the many versions available. The price range is also very wide, you can find some rare stones that cost almost 1000 euros, others oscillate around 400/500 or even 600 euros.

To know if this price corresponds to your expectations, you must compare all references. Here are some very important characteristics, especially for folding Moma e bike.

  1. The construction must be solid, especially if you have to fold it several times during the day. Aluminum is very sturdy, as is the case with Moma bicycles France.
  2. Multiple gears are welcome, allowing you to control your speed without necessarily pushing on the pedals.
  3.  Before you decide, check out the Moma bike reviews, especially those related to range, which should be as high as possible.
  4. In addition to range, you need a fairly comfortable top speed.

Generally speaking, this speed is a purchase criterion not to be neglected. With such an Moma e bike you can reach almost 35 km/h using the highest speed. Indeed, as for the Moma e bike, you can have several modes.

One mode allows you to ride in the gears you change at the handlebars and another mode allows you to ride in the conventional way without using the gas pedal.

What is the transmission of Moma bikes ?

The drivetrain system contains all the components and mechanisms that transform pedaling force into motion. This group includes front and rear derailleurs, sprockets, chains and cranks. The opinions of many professionals and manufacturers converge on one point: Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram drivetrains are still the most efficient.

Moma bikes are equipped with Shimano drivetrains, complemented by Zoom and Kenda parts. Although Kenda does not have the same reputation as Shimano and Campagnolo, the equipment offered by these brands is known for its quality. In any case, consumers recognize the smooth pedaling and easy shifting of a Moma bicycle.

What should I know about Moma bikes?

Since its creation in 2003, Moma bikes has penetrated the European bicycle market with its EU-made products. It is a Spanish brand that specializes in the production of bicycles and has a lot of experience.

From its workshops in Barcelona, Spain, the Mona Bikes brand offers a catalog of no less than 40 different bikes for different uses. They are designed for approximately 50,000 units per year; units that comply with European standards of safety, performance and quality.

The company has chosen to use Shimano equipment and other well-known brands like Zoom and Kenda. Moma bicycles are innovative and incorporate the latest technology as well as state-of-the-art components and machinery. The brand highlights these aspects on its website.

Moma bikes have received a lot of positive feedback from those who have tried them, both in the city and on sport bikes. So far, the Moma folding bike has been rated and liked better than the mountain bikes.

What are Moma bikes for ?

Moma bikes are available in several types for different uses. For everyday use, the brand offers city bikes, mountain bikes for commuting and folding bikes for those who need to use public transportation.

Moma bicycles are also designed for amateur and professional athletes. In this respect, the brand offers a wide range of Moma mountain bikes, trekking bikes, fat bikes and BMX bikes.

The absence of road bikes is obvious in the 40 or so catalogs offered by Moma Bicycles. At least the brand makes up for it by designing typically feminine or masculine models. Of course, Moma Bicycles also offers bikes for children.

Depending on your wishes, you can find mechanical Moma bikes or Moma ebike versions. For the latter, caution is advised with batteries and switches, as these components are not fully sealed. Many consumers have seen battery life cut in half by exposure to moisture.

What is the braking system of Moma bicycle ?

Moma ebike are generally equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, mechanical disc brakes. The top of the line models have V-brakes. The V-brake mechanism is universally praised for its efficiency.

However, the same cannot be said of mechanical disc brakes, which tend to squeak after the first few uses. Sometimes lubrication is enough to solve the problem, other times a mechanic is needed to make minor repairs. In very rare cases, there is no solution.

In summary, the V-brake is appreciated for its precision and smoothness when making planned stops. The hydraulic disc brakes on Moma bikes offer a decent result.

What are the comfort features of Moma bike ?

If there’s one thing Moma bikes don’t compromise on, it’s rider comfort. This is reflected in the quality of the saddle, which is usually equipped with telescopic bars for better fit.

Moma women’s bikes have lowered frames, baskets and/or racks. City bikes have lights and warning systems. Moma ebike is all about comfort.

How to choose your Moma ebike ?

In order to make the right choice of your Moma bicycle, several criteria must be taken into account.

Use and type of Moma bike

There are different types of Moma bikes. Each type has a specific purpose. The Moma bikes city bike is designed for everyday use: commuting, shopping, walking in the park, etc. When folded, it can be used for public transportation or in the trunk of your car.

The Moma bikes mountain bike is designed for sporty use. Equipped with dual suspensions, it will take you into the wilderness and up the hills. Finally, the Moma bikes BMX is designed for thrill seekers. The competition and freestyle bikes are available with wheels from 16 to 24 inches.

The Moma bikes Size

Every bike must be adapted to the cyclist’s size, it is a question of comfort. In principle, there are two dimensions to consider: the height of the frame and the height of the saddle.

To find the right frame height, measure the distance from your groin to the ground when you are standing. If you want a mountain bike, multiply that by 0.21, if you want a road bike, multiply that by 0.665. If you’re considering a Moma ebike for your daily commute, simply adjust the seat height to your leg length.

To do this, put one of the pedals down, sit on the saddle and adjust its height so that your leg is straight and comfortable on the pedal. You should not feel any tension behind your knees.


Some Moma ebikes are equipped with very practical accessories to make the ride more comfortable. These may include a front and/or rear light system, a horn or a bell. It can also be a rear luggage rack and/or a basket attached to the handlebars.

The most elaborate models include holders for multimedia devices or phones, a useful accessory for those who like to ride and listen to music.

Transmission and braking

The best Moma ebikes are already equipped with Shimano transmissions, so you just need to decide how many gears you want. Generally speaking, you should choose between 7 and 24 speed transmissions, depending on the type of cycling you plan to do and the cadence you like to take when you ride.

As far as braking systems are concerned, we highly recommend the V-brake, which combines precision, flexibility and responsiveness. Hydraulic disc brakes are also a good choice, but conventional disc brakes should be avoided, especially if you live in a rainy area.


When it comes to choosing an aid for your Moma bike, it all depends on your preference: do you want to pedal by muscle power alone, or do you want an electric aid ?

Moma mechanical bikes are very affordable in terms of price. Moma e bike is more expensive, but you spend less energy on the pedals and get more out of it.

If you have chosen the Moma ebike, you must take care of the battery and make sure that it is not exposed to any moisture. The same goes for the switch that turns on the electric assistance. You can also opt for a waterproof cover to place over the battery to protect it.

Why should I buy a Moma bicycle ?

If you’re still on the fence about getting a Moma bike, here are some of the main reasons why you should change your mind.

A Moma bikes for the price

If you check out the various comparisons and browse the sports shopping sites, you will find that Moma bikes are among the cheapest bikes on the market. If you don’t have a big budget to invest in a bike, this is the brand to choose, as value for money comes first.

For performance

Moma bikes offer good performance, whether they are mechanically or electrically assisted. In most cases, they are equipped with Shimano gearboxes, with the number of gears varying according to the model.

With this equipment, you can reduce your pedaling effort without compromising speed. This is especially true when you also have electric assistance: you don’t need to make any effort.

A Moma bikes to participate in an ecological approach

As you know, the government is currently encouraging the use of less polluting means of transportation, such as the Moma ebike. Even if you only use a bicycle occasionally, you are already helping to reduce air pollution. By cycling, you are not emitting CO2 and you are helping to conserve energy resources.

To exercise

With the stresses of work and life, you need to burn off energy to stay fit and entertained. By cycling, you can work all your muscles and clear your mind: you have everything you need to have a good time. Dare to brave nature’s trails and combine exercise with a moment of personal rejuvenation with Moma bikes.

A Moma bikes to support European trade

Moma bicycles are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, and are therefore located in the European Union. They meet the safety and quality standards required by the EU and are generally sold on the Old Continent. By choosing a bike from this brand, you are supporting European trade and the European market.


As you can see, Moma ebike and classic bikes are very good products. They will leave a special mark in the minds of users. Indeed, they will be able to enjoy companions of road adapted to each of the possible practices.

Thus, you will not have any bad surprises, they will know how to answer present in all circumstances. However, if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact consultants or experts in the field. You should be able to lift the veil on all the elements that hold you back in order to make a reasoned and reasonable choice.

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