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Tilt 500 : Our opinion on the folding electric bike made in Decathlon

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Discover the best folding electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Tilt folding electric bikes.

The electric bicycle has become more and more popular in recent years. Our cities are seeing more and more two-wheelers on the bike paths. You already know the Decathlon brand and its multiple electric bikes. But have you ever heard of the Tilt 500e folding electric bike that the company offers? Well, it’s a good thing because we are going to present it to you today! You will know our opinion on the Tilt 500 electric version.

Presentation of the Tilt 500 from Decathlon

In an effort to respond ever more and ever better to the transportation problems encountered by many people, Decathlon has decided to create a range of products using green energy, namely electricity.

The sole purpose is to provide daily assistance but also comfort and safety to users! Who has never been confronted with the sweat and fatigue of riding a bike? Imagine yourself in this same situation when you go to work. An unpleasant situation solved thanks to the electric assistance.

The electric assistance is not there to make you stop this physical activity. As we know, practicing sports on a daily basis has significant health benefits. On the contrary, this assistance will allow you to move more easily and longer by avoiding certain inconveniences.

The electric bicycle appeared as the solution to multiple problems. But it was still cumbersome and difficult to transport on public transport. That’s why Decathlon decided to create the Tilt 500 electric.

The btwin Tilt 500 in electric version will be your daily ally! It is compact, easy to transport and very versatile. Everything you need for your daily urban travel.

Our opinion on the Btwin Tilt 500

The Tilt 500 electric bike from Decathlon is the solution to your urban transportation problems! It combines compactness and comfort! It’s enough to make you forget about any other means of transportation already in existence! In our opinion, the Decathlon Tilt 500 has many advantages that are not to be underestimated.

The Decathlon Tilt 500 against the competition

It is important in a review such as that of the btwin Tilt 500 to talk about the competition that faces it. Indeed, the electric bike market is growing exponentially and many competitors have emerged to counter the Decathlon group’s offer. That’s why our team, after having analyzed the folding electric bike market, has selected the 3 best folding electric bikes on the market today.

Technical specifications

Power and operation

The Decathlon folding electric bike is equipped with a 250W motor for a torque of 26 Nm. The latter is integrated into the rear wheel for a better handling of the steering. Its power is not expressed in km/h but rather in autonomy thanks to the use of 3 operating modes. We will develop this in the next part.


The battery life depends on a number of factors. Indeed, you will have to take into account the tire pressure, the terrain, the conditions of use or the weight of the user. However, you will note that you can ride up to 35 km with the electric assistance of your Decathlon folding bike in economy mode, 25 km in normal mode and 20 km in sport mode.

In addition, the 24V / 7.8Ah battery is guaranteed for 2 years and has a life span of 350 to 500 cycles. It is directly integrated into the Decathlon folding bike frame. Finally, the electric assistance is directly managed by pedaling sensor. Thus, you will not need to concentrate on the box present on your handlebars and will be able to benefit fully and serenely from your displacements and rides!


In terms of weight, in our opinion the btwin Tilt 500 electric version has nothing to envy to its competitors! Indeed, for a classic electric bike, you should generally count between 23 and 25 kg. While this folding bike proposed by Decathlon is only 18.6 kg!

Equipment and lighting

To continue, we propose to review the equipment of the Decathlon folding electric bike. It will be equipped with front and rear lighting to better see and be seen by other users! The set will be powered by the battery and controlled directly from the handlebars. A box is present on the handlebar to allow you to choose the operating mode and to check the battery level.

Comfort and safety

Many elements have been put in place in our opinion on the Decathlon Tilt 500 electric to ensure the safety and comfort of the user! For your safety, Decathlon has equipped this electric bicycle with aluminum V-Brakes for powerful and progressive braking. It is important that you also note that the braking automatically cuts the electric assistance!

Many components, such as the brake levers, stem, handlebars and seatpost, are made of aluminum to ensure maximum comfort. In addition, the btwin Tilt 500 electric is equipped with puncture resistant tires developed by Decathlon to ensure lightness and performance. The tires are smaller, which makes them easier to handle and more comfortable to ride!

Finally, the frame, stem and handlebars are guaranteed for life! The Decathlon folding bike also has a saddle, ergonomic handles and a height adjustable stem. It offers 6 speeds that you can enjoy thanks to the Shimano twist grip on the handlebars.

However, this DECATHLON electric bicycle cannot support a load of more than 100 kg. Nevertheless, you should know that it offers you a speed of folding of 15 seconds, for a bicycle which is very appreciable!

The price

This folding bike offered by Decathlon is priced at 800€. Which is an extremely reasonable price when you know that of its main rivals.

A purchase that I was afraid would be a bit of a gimmick, but it actually does me a lot of good when I travel to another city. I park easily and use it to get around. Its orange color makes it very visible to motorists. It is light and rides well (given the size of the wheels, of course). It allows you to get some exercise when you do this kind of travel. The Btwin Tilt 500 folds up nicely and can be stored in the trunk.

Compact, sturdy, comfortable and easy-to-fold bike for occasional use, all at an affordable price

What we liked about the Decathlon Tilt 500

This folding electric bike is a simple bike! Like the first one of the name, the Tilt 500, in traditional version (thus not electrically assisted). This bike gets the bare minimum in terms of equipment. This justifies its price too, which is also very small compared to its competition. It will be a very good means of transportation to ride for miles without too much effort.

We also really liked its quality. Indeed it is not expensive but we feel immediately the Decathlon quality once mounted on the handlebars. Compact and folded in no time it is an ultra versatile bike.

If you are willing to give up the lcd display found on many electric bikes then this Btwin Tilt 500 is for you.

Where to buy the Tilt 500 ?

Buying in store is not easy when you know the numerous out-of-stock situations that the stores of the brand have encountered. The Tilt 500 is available online on their own website.

When you buy online, you get the same guarantees as when you buy in store, except that the bike will be delivered to your home. No need to travel, the Decathlon Tilt 500 e comes to you !

Take advantage of the du Tilt 500e purchase aid

The Btwin Tilt 500e, like all other electric bicycles, benefits from considerable financial aid. In fact, there are financial aids in place in several European Union countries. In some cases, this aid can reach up to 500 euros, to be deducted from the total price of the electric bicycle.

For example, in France, the government has been offering a bonus for the purchase of an electric bike for several years now. This bonus also depends on your locality because it is granted by the local authorities.

The latter have carte blanche to define the amount of the aid. Some regions such as Ile de France offer this aid up to 500 euros. For this, nothing could be simpler than to have previously purchased an electric bicycle, to have the invoice and to fill in the form provided by the community.

Buying an electric bike can be, in addition to being economical in the long run, advantageous in terms of its total price. These aids are not eternal and will be removed depending on the amount paid during the year.

To find out if you can benefit from this financial aid, we advise you to contact your local authorities

To conclude

In our opinion, with the Decathlon Tilt 500 electric bike, the company wants to meet the mobility needs of people living in urban areas. And the French group has succeeded very well! It has managed to combine several important elements. Starting with the comfort of riding with its light, ergonomic and adjustable accessories. And then with its accessories ensuring the safety of users and the compactness of the product!

To help you in your choice, our OnMyBike team offers daily articles on electric and traditional bikes.


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