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Our opinion on the Weebike Le Cross

Looking for a powerful electric bike ? Able to follow you in your adventures in the forest ? Or rough roads ? and difficult to access ? Look no further than our review of the Weebike Le Cross electric mountain bike. This one is definitely made for you.

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Presentation of the Weebike Le Cross

As previously mentioned, the Weebike Le Cross is a mountain bike adapted for use in forests or rough and difficult to access roads. This one has been specially designed for this type of use. The designers made it short and strong enough to withstand all the shocks.

It is offered by the French platform The latter also offers you the opportunity to equip yourself with accessories related to this activity, such as helmets for example.

Small presentation tour of this electric bike in video

Our opinion on the Weebike Le Cross

The Weebike Le Cross electric mountain bike is an ideal travel companion. It will convince you by its many qualities. With this product, the designers have really put a set of equipment at the disposal of users.

All of them will promote the safety and sturdiness of the means of transportation without neglecting the comfort! To learn more, we invite you to continue reading.


The Weebike Le Cross against the competition

Present in the mountain bike sector, the big groups such as Decathlon is overshadowing the Weebike range. Decathlon on its side offers quality bikes, at least for the general public. Its range is its own and therefore offers quality bikes but also a top customer service.


Technical specifications from the Weebike Le Cross

Power and operation

The electric bike proposed by the platform is equipped with a 250 Watts Brushless motor. You will be able to easily, smoothly and directly change gears because this road companion is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano derailleur.

This reinforces the comfort of driving and the flexibility of use. Moreover, it offers its user a pedestrian mode, so you do not need to support all its weight, it runs alone at 6km / h.



Before talking about the autonomy of this means of transport, it is advisable to see together which is the type of embarked battery. Indeed, it is about a li-ion battery Samsung of 48 V / 10,4 Ah (500Wh). This last one allows its user to make between 50 and 70 kms with the help of the electric assistance.

The maximum speed that it will be possible to reach with the assistance is 25km/h. Another important element is that the battery is removable. Thus, you will be able to recharge it easily or to change it during your walks in forest for example, if you have another one in your backpack.

However, the autonomy and the number of kilometers that you will be able to cover will depend on several elements external to the characteristics of the electric bicycle itself. Indeed, you should be aware that the weight of the user, the outside temperature, the weather conditions or the difficulty of the terrain will have an impact.

Its weight

The weight of an electric bicycle is an important element to take into consideration. Indeed, the lighter it is, the easier it is for you to carry it. As this is a mountain bike with a pedestrian mode, this point is relatively negligible.

However, you should expect to have to carry a 26 kg product (bike plus battery). This is not what you would call a featherweight, on the contrary. But the latter can be explained by the equipment it carries.

Equipment and lighting

In our opinion, the Weebike Le Cross electric bike sets the bar high with its on-board equipment. Indeed, it is equipped with an LCD box directly located on the handlebars.

This will allow you to consult the data necessary for your practice, such as the number of kilometers traveled, the assistance mode or the level of charge of your battery.

As far as lighting is concerned, this means of transportation is devoid of it. It is not necessary to have lights on this type of electric bicycle because it is strongly advised not to ride at night on paths or rough roads. So, you will have to take advantage of the daylight to carry out your cycling activities.


Comfort and safety

For this type of electric bike, you will need comfort but also and especially safety! So, what better than disc brakes at the front and rear to ensure powerful and efficient braking.

For your comfort, the Weebike Le Cross is equipped with a fork with suspensions, wide tires of 26 inches (stability reinforcement). Moreover, it is equipped with a Royal City type saddle allowing you to have a comfort of seat to any test.

Another important thing to know is that this product has an integrated pedal sensor. This allows you to adapt the power delivered by your motor through the rotation of the pedals. Thus, the faster you pedal, the more power you will have.

The price

Now let’s talk about the price of the Weebike Le Cross electric bike. Currently on promotion, it is offered by the platform at the price of 1790€. This amount is certainly not insignificant but does not differ from those applied on the market. It is even in the average.

Especially since it offers and embeds a number of significant elements! If, however, this amount scares you, you should know that there is help for the purchase that the government and the cities provide. These can go up to 500€!

To conclude

Users of the Weebike Le Cross can feel privileged to use such a complete product with such interesting features. It has equipment that will undoubtedly convince you. In addition, its price, currently on promotion, as well as the purchase subsidies should help you take the step to green mobility.

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