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Rockrider E ST 100 : The entry level of Decathlon

The best electric mountain bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

The range of Decathlon electric mountain bikes is wide and it is often difficult to find the right product for your needs. That’s why we decided to guide you by giving you our opinion following the test of the entry level of the brand, the Rockrider e st 100.

Discover the electric Rockrider range from Decathlon

The following electric bikes make up the Decathlon electric mountain bike range. Each of them is manufactured with the greatest rigor and are different only in their composition and equipment.

Introducing the electric Rockrider 100

This electric mountain bike is designed for off-road riding. With this electric mountain bike Rockrider e st 100, live or relive your first mountain bike sensations. The intelligent assistance associated with the cadence sensor and a screen helps you find your rhythm.

Motorization of the Rockrider e st 100

The new 250 W 36 V hub motor with 35 Nm torque is slightly more efficient than the Elops 500e, which makes the daily use of the Elops 120e more comfortable. It can easily reach the top speed of 25 km/h on the plain and even cross short hills (2-3%) without forcing at a moderate speed.

Help the engine on steeper slopes by choosing a shorter gear. We were able to reach the Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre (130 m altitude) without suffering too much. It’s obvious that we’re still miles away from the driving pleasure offered by an engine with a central position and torque sensor.

In fact, this hub motor works in binary mode. Shortly after you start the pedal, the assistance starts at maximum power until the selected speed is reached (15 km/h in eco mode, 21 km/h in normal mode and 25 km/h in sport mode). Shortly after stopping or as soon as you brake, the assistance is interrupted.

This prevents you, for example, from following a cyclist who is riding at a different speed (in our case, 23 km/h). This is also a problem on bike paths if you are following someone who is slower and forces you to stop pedaling regularly to reduce your speed.

This type of situation does not occur with pedal motors equipped with a torque sensor that adjusts the motor’s power according to the force exerted on the pedals.

Rockrider E ST 100 : The battery

Thanks to its 380 Wh, the autonomy of the battery allows you to ride on average 2h15 in mountain bike, that is to say according to the hazards of the ground and the modes of assistance which you use. Our battery is equipped with Samsung SDI cells, known for their high level of reliability and safety.

A single minute is enough to (un)lock your battery. To do this, you just have to lift the lever, which allows you to position or remove your battery simply and quickly. Child’s play! Thanks to this system, the battery is well kept in place during your mountain bike rides. To prevent theft, the battery can be locked with a key.

Rockrider e st 100 Transmission

The 6-speed gearbox from the electric st 100 Rockrider is more than sufficient to go up to 25 km/h in town and to cope with small hills. We only regret that Decathlon replaced the Elops 500e’s revoshift with a slightly less precise Microshift model. The entry-level Tourney front derailleur is neither fast nor very precise, but it is robust and requires little maintenance.

Control of the electric Rockrider 100 assistance

On the handlebars of your st 100 Rockrider electric, you will find a very discreet LCD screen. Managing your assistance from your handlebars becomes very simple. This screen allows you to manage your assistance mode, for this you just have to activate the walking assistance by pressing and holding the mode button.

  • Mode 0 – Assistance disabled : The battery is not in use.
  • Mode 1 – from 20 to 100 W : Extend your outings while preserving your battery. Ideal as a boost to tackle small hills.
  • Mode 2 – from 80 to 175 W : This is the most versatile mode. Climb your first climbs, without getting too tired while keeping a reasonable consumption.
  • Mode 3 – from 150 to 250 W : Get the most out of your bike in the most demanding situations

This assistance also allows you to activate the integrated lighting, track your battery level, speed, range and much more.

The Rockrider e st 100 braking system

The braking is ensured by quite powerful V-brakes, which allowed us to stop the electric bike in less than 3 m. In itself, this is not much considering the weight of the machine. The slightly wider tires than those of the Elops 500e probably explain this better result.

The battery in the carrier and the hub motor in the rear also improve rear braking efficiency. So in dry weather there is nothing to report. In the rain, the situation is even worse, because V-brakes are much less efficient than disc brakes.

In fact, they must first evacuate the water on the rim before they can brake effectively. So you need to go around the wheel before braking, which is a little more than 2 meters on a 28″ wheel, as it is the case here. Another weakness of V-brakes on an electric bike is the fast wear.

Indeed, a bike with assistance reaches a cruising speed of 25 km/h faster, while it is heavier than a mechanical bike, which leads to a rapid aging of the brake pads. The manufacturer recommends replacement every 400 km in case of intensive use (heavy load, sandy road, etc.).

In the absence of a suspension and a suspended seatpost, comfort is spartan. Fortunately, the tires have enough air volume to absorb small shocks. Likewise, the seat is very welcoming. In the city, this is not too much of a problem overall, except on cobblestones, where it quickly becomes uncomfortable.

Weight and size of the Rockrider e st 100

For the Rockrider ST 100 several size are available :

  • S: between 1.50 m and 1.64 m
  • M : between 1.65 m and 1.74 m
  • L : between 1.75 m and 1.84 m
  • XL : between 1,85 m and 2,00 m

If you are at the border between 2 sizes, take the lower size, to privilege the phases of piloting (bike easier to handle) and comfort (back more straightened).

Take the superior size to privilege the phases of pedaling with a more lengthened position (position more adequate to the output). The weight of the Rockrider e st 100 is 22,5kg

The price

Previously at decathlon, the E-ST500 was their only electric mountain bike option available for less than 1000 euros, but now there is an even cheaper model, the Rockrider e st 100. It is offered at a price of 999 euros

To conclude

The Rockrider e st 100 is a very good electric bike for an entry level. It is of very good invoice and proposes services of quality. Notably due to the quality of manufacture but also to the equipment which composes it. This electric Rockrider 100 will be an excellent choice if you are only an amateur hiker. If not, look at the Rockrider E-ST 900 or even the Stilus Decathlon.

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