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Wayscral Takeaway E200: Is this folding electric bike really that practical ?

The Wayscral Takeaway E200 folding electric bike is part of the new generation of bikes that combines the characteristics of a classic bike with the performance of technological evolution. It is a product of the Wayscral brand among a whole range of bicycles, offered by Norauto, the European elite in car maintenance and equipment.

The 3 best folding ebikes of the market

Discover the best folding electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Wayscral folding electric bikes.

What is Wayscral ?

The bicycle is a safe, fast and inexpensive means of transportation. That’s why thousands of people around the world have adopted it in their daily lives, not only for transportation, but also for sports activities. But with time, the needs of these cyclists evolve and are influenced by technological progress.

They are now more attracted to electric bikes for comfort and efficiency. That’s why Wayscral has decided to create a range of modern electric bikes perfectly adapted to the needs of users.

Created more than 45 years ago, Wayscral is a brand of the Mobivia group. Specialized in the automotive field, it listens and analyzes the needs of its clients in order to respond promptly and efficiently. It is made up of a dynamic and experienced team that puts its know-how to work in order to create the optimal conditions for the mobility of its clients.

To this end, Wayscral has teamed up with Norauto to offer a wide range of electric bikes adapted to all types of needs. Among these last generation devices, we find :

  • Electric city bikes
  • Electric mountain an cross-country bikes
  • Electric folding bikes
  • The 3 best electric bike of the moment

    We have made just for you a pre-selection of the 3 best electric bikes on the market. Come and discover the direct competitors of the electric bike Wayscral Takeaway E200 :

    TILT 500E

    Presentation of the folding electric bike Wayscral Takeaway E200

    The Wayscral Takeaway E200 has been specially designed to satisfy all tastes. Indeed, its all-black design makes it a trendy and stylish bike. Its sober and sophisticated color is perfect for both men and women.

    It has an aluminum frame with the brand name on it. Its shiny appearance reflects the quality of the bike. Solid and resistant, it is equipped with wheels of 20 inches conferring a more than satisfactory stability to him. In addition, its solid metal spokes join the rims and hubs nicely.

    Moreover, its handlebars are made of a flat handlebar slightly curved towards the back allowing the rider to control the bike and to channel efficiently his pedaling effort. Its straight stem in harmony with the shape of the bike adds a touch of elegance.

    The Norauto electric bike is equipped with beautiful pedals connected to a robust, but rather discreet transmission system. All this forms a sophisticated and trendy whole.

    The Norauto electric bicycle is a modern means of transportation equipped with various features specially designed to optimize its capabilities. It has a multitude of features designed to seduce cycling fans.

    Power and operation

    The Norauto electric bicycle has a power to proof thanks to its rear motor of 250 W and 32 Nm of torque in accordance with the European legislation. Indeed, it is placed on the rear hub.

    This avoids the risk of skidding and is suitable for riding the bike on any terrain. Also, this motor is silent and avoids the cyclist to provide too much effort to advance.

    When the rider starts the bike, the LED display lights up and shows the three levels of assistance and the battery level. The assistance cuts out when the cyclist’s speed reaches 25 km/h or when he/she brakes. As far as the motor is concerned, it starts when the cyclist starts pedaling.

    The handlebars of the Wayscral Takeaway E200 are equipped with a Shimano TX50 gear shift lever connected to the rear derailleur. This last one allows to move the chain when the speed changes. The Norauto bike is equipped with a powerful braking system that guarantees the safety of the cyclist.

    Autonomy of the Wayscral Takeaway E200

    The Wayscral Takeaway E200 is equipped with a solid lithium cell battery. Lithium batteries are known to store a greater amount of energy than other batteries. Therefore, they have a greater autonomy.

    For example, the electric bicycle sold by Norauto has a range of up to 40 km. Its battery is full after only 4 to 5 hours of recharging. It is of optimal quality and has a relatively long life. Let us also underline the fact that the charger is delivered with the bike.

    Comfort and safety

    Its seat, slightly tilted towards the back, completes the trendy look of the Wayscral Takeaway E200. The icing on the cake is the LED display that informs the user about the battery level and the electric assistance. Moreover, the battery is positioned behind the seat. This is very aesthetic and space-saving. Thus, the user will not be disturbed during the practice.

    The Wayscral Takeaway E200 has a mechanical disc brake system. Its front and rear brakes are mechanical discs and operate through a cable control. This gives it a powerful braking, easy to control and therefore an optimal safety.

    Equipment of the electric bike Wayscral Takeaway E200

    The Wayscral Takeaway E200 has a seat that is halfway up the handlebars. This is ideal to give you a good posture and protect your back from pain or twisting.

    Moreover, the saddle is slightly inclined towards the back to allow you to pedal without much effort. It is soft and adapts perfectly to your posterior. This bike is equipped with a smooth transmission system and avoids you to spend too much energy while pedaling.

    Moreover, the handlebars are equipped with comfortable rubbers for your hands and avoid discomfort when you hold them for a long time. The Norauto electric bicycle is equipped with a modern and discreet front light, with a rather long range. It is also equipped with two small rear lights to allow you to remain visible at night on the road.

    Its front and rear fenders are in keeping with the theme of the bike. They are strong and wide enough to effectively protect the rider from mud, water and rocks that may be thrown by the wheels as they rotate. They remain light and discreet.

    The luggage rack is solidly positioned at the back of the vehicle and can support up to 15 kg of luggage. The Wayscral Takeaway E200 is equipped with a solid side stand. It keeps it upright with stability when stopped and its length is perfectly adapted to the size of the bike. It is easily folded and unfolded.

    In addition, this bike is equipped with a 7-speed “shimano tourney” transmission system consisting of a crankset, cranks, chainrings, cassette, derailleurs and chain. They have been designed with quality materials to allow cyclists to keep control of the bike’s speed.

    Weight and size

    The Wayscral Takeaway E200 is 173 cm long, 60 cm wide and 103 cm high. It is therefore perfectly suited for cyclists measuring between 150 cm and 175 cm. It can support up to 130 kg of weight and weighs 29 kg itself. The Wayscral Takeaway E200 is therefore relatively light and easily transportable, even when folded.

    Quality/price ratio

    The Wayscral Takeaway E200 is the result of combining the experience of experts with quality materials. It is a modern equipment specially designed to meet the needs of comfort, performance and aesthetics of its users.

    Wayscral, with the aim of offering a good quality/price ratio to its customers, offers this revolutionary product at an affordable price. Something for electric bike fans to enjoy.

    In conclusion, the Wayscral Takeaway E200 folding electric bike is carefully designed to meet the expectations of cyclists. It combines comfort, strength, performance, safety, elegance and sophistication to delight the hearts of cycling fans.

    In addition to being foldable, it is easily transportable due to its size and weight. It is suitable for all genders and ages. Moreover, it offers a more than satisfactory quality/price ratio. So treat yourself!

    If you are still looking for another type of electric bike, we can advise you to get closer to the Decathlon brand. This brand offers products with a very good quality/price ratio and nice designs. It is known by everyone and its reputation is well established. By choosing a bike of the tricolor brand, you choose a quality product.

    Help to buy an electric bike Wayscral Takeaway E200

    In some European Union countries, several aids and subsidies have been set up in order to respond to the problems linked to the financing of these new means of transport. There are 3 in total. Let’s see what they correspond to and who can access them.

    The different aids

    You can claim different aids and as previously explained there are 3 of them. Let’s start with the subsidy paid by the French State. It can reach up to 200€ and cannot exceed 20% of the total purchase price.

    Then, you should know that you can also receive help from your region and your municipality. These 2 bonuses are found in the fact that the amounts vary from one region to another and from one municipality to another.

    As for the regional aid, it can vary from simple to double or even more, going from 150€ to 600€. In addition, you should know that the municipal aid is not spread to all cities, however, some large cities extend their aid to the surrounding towns.

    Under what conditions ?

    To be able to access it, you will have to meet a certain number of criteria. Thus, your means of locomotion must be new and its battery must not be made of lead. It must meet the definition of an electrically assisted cycle as defined in the Highway Code. Finally, it cannot be transferred or sold during its first year of acquisition.

    The future owner will have to meet certain conditions in order to receive the various aids available. It is necessary that he is major and domiciled in France. The reference tax income per unit can in no case exceed 13 489€ the year before the acquisition of the electric bicycle.

    Finally, he/she must not have benefited from any aid with the same purpose granted by a local authority. Do not hesitate to contact the institutions to learn more about the grants and the steps to take.

    The advantages of this Wayscral Takeaway E200

    One of the main advantages of the Wayscral Takeaway E200 is that it is foldable. In fact, thanks to the meticulous know-how of its designers, it is made of quality materials and is designed to be easily stored after use so that it can be transported to different places.

    When folded, it is 95 cm long, 51 cm wide and 73 cm high. So you can easily carry it with you around your house, on the street, and even on the plane.

    It also has the advantage of being usable on all terrains. From the smooth asphalt of the city, to the grasses of the countryside, through more uneven terrain, it will be your faithful companion on the road. Moreover, it is relatively light and its aluminum frame is not susceptible to rust.


    Besides being an efficient means of transportation, theWayscral Takeaway E200 is modern and sophisticated. It automatically adds style and charisma to its user. The preservation of the environment is nowadays a matter of great concern for the whole world.

    Thanks to its constitution, the Norauto electric bicycle does not emit greenhouse gases and participates in the protection of the environment. In short, you can own an electric bike at a totally reasonable price and suitable for urban use.

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