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Wayscral ebike: the 5 key points before buying


City bike, mountain bike, folding bike… Today, everything can be converted to electric power. Many brands are present on the market to offer the best of ebike. Wayscral is one of them and it is one of the most influential brands of the moment. Thanks to its numerous ranges, you should undoubtedly find the Wayscral ebike that meets your needs.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Wayscral electric bikes.

Competitive environment

Established in a very competitive market, the Wayscral group is perfectly integrated thanks to its specificity. Indeed, it offers products with a very good quality/price ratio. Moreover, the amount you have to pay for these products is very reasonable, especially when you see the prices currently applied.

In order to make the right choice and to make a reasonable purchase, we can give you some advice. First of all, don’t hesitate to find out about the brands and groups that market the products. Then, you will have to take stock of your own needs in terms of mobility.

Do you need an ebike for your daily commute to work? Or do you need this means of locomotion for hiking in the mountains or on more rugged trails? Your needs in either situation will not be the same.

Finally, you will have to compare the products, the quality of the materials used to make the frame for example. You will be able to compare the different equipment and accessories integrated. This way, you will understand why some means of transportation are more expensive than others. You will need to know what is most important to you in terms of equipment.


The Wayscral ebike range

Wayscral’s main objective is to provide high quality products for all needs. For this reason, the brand offers different ranges called universes, each of which brings equally pleasant models.

The universe of “My last mile”

This range brings together models of bikes from the latest technologies to make them even more practical. You can find folding electric bikes that make your life easier. Because nowadays it is difficult to escape from traffic jams, the best option is to adopt a Wayscral folding bike. One of the best models is the Wayscral Takeaway E200 20″.

The Waysrcal folding bike also has a removable pedal that can be folded easily. This prevents damage during storage, but also makes your bike even more compact. This range offers perfect bikes for students, mobile workers, but also for vacations.

The “My city, my walks” universe

Very easy to ride and very agile, the bikes in this universe offer the opportunity to weave in and out of traffic, especially in traffic jams. As you can see, this range offers electric city bikes. These are among the most practical and resistant, unlike conventional bikes.

The brand offers several models of bikes adapted for urban use. A Wayscral bike can also make it easier for you to get to work or to run errands, with a means of transportation that does not require fuel and that allows you to avoid the hell of traffic jams. You can take advantage of a Wayscral Everyway electric city bike, one of the most efficient.


The “My mountain, my adventures” universe

Bringing together mountain bikes and all roads bikes, this universe is reserved for the most adventurous. Indeed, even the rides in the mountains or in remote places have never been so pleasant. Note that the arrival of the new Wayscral mountain bikes is a moment of pure happiness for lovers of bike rides.

With a rigid frame, powerful braking, durable battery, and lockable suspension, Wayscral’s all roads bikes and mountain bikes are made for you, not to mention their good looks and state-of-the-art features. One of the best in this line is the Wayscral Anyway electric mountain bike, but there are other models as interesting as the others.

About Wayscral

The world of two wheels has never been so practical thanks to Wayscral and other well-known brands such as Decathlon or Moustache. Regarding the first one, it is one of the most requested brands of electric bikes.

It is particularly appreciated for offering products with the best quality-price ratio defying all competition. The Wayscral electric bike is therefore one of the most popular means of two-wheeled locomotion on the market today.

The brand has been in existence for more than ten years and is based in Lille. It is a brand of the Mobivia group. It was first a classic bike brand.

Then, after a few years of research, the first Wayscral electric bike model was developed in collaboration with the Michelin Group in 2018. This cooperation had an amazing result. It was able to give the brand a big edge over its competitors. Now Wayscral is one of the most influential brands in the electric bike market.

For your information, Mobivia promotes the development of electric vehicles. This is the reason why Wayscral is part of this group. Today, this group gathers 9 brands and 24 startups. Wayscral is also one of the brands registered by Norauto. The brand now offers electric means of transportation, whether it is bikes, scooters or scooters.

In addition, the tricolored brand is made up of a team of engineers who are constantly improving the capabilities and realization of electric bikes. But always at unbeatable prices and meeting all the needs of future users.

Wayscral ebike services

In addition to offering a wide range of electric bikes, Wayscral also offers other services related to this alternative means of transportation.


No one is immune to the unexpected, and a breakdown can be one of them. That’s why Wayscral offers repair services. It is important to put your electric bike in the hands of a professional in the field. It will be safer than doing it yourself.

Furthermore, as a designer, the Wayscral team is the best placed to know all the technical details to repair your bike in an optimal way. In addition, we offer assistance in the event of a flat tire.

Maintenance of the Wayscral ebike

Although you know how to maintain your Wayscral electric bicycle, the best way is to leave it to the manufacturer. Indeed, it is important to take care of your bike. Thanks to the brand’s services, you can clean, grease, adjust the brakes, inflate the tires or any other maintenance operation.

However, the brand offers tutorials to help you maintain your bike yourself. In addition, the team remains at your disposal for home visits or for customer service by chat or phone.

Sale of accessories

You will probably need accessories to go with your Wayscral electric bike. The brand offers a wide range of accessories, including helmets, gloves, lighting, luggage, baskets, anti-theft systems and many others.

You can also take advantage of reflective vests or panniers at a reduced price. Maintenance and repair equipment is also available such as bike pumps, inner tubes, cabling…

The rental

This is one of the biggest advantages of the Wayscral electric bike brand. You can test the brand’s electric bikes for a few hours or even a few days.

This gives you a taste of what it’s like to ride a Wayscral bike. Once you get the hang of it, you can rent one if you don’t have the budget to buy your own Wayscral electric bike.

Insurance and purchase

Benefit from insurance in case of breakage and especially theft. Remember that your future Wayscral bike can be your first and only means of transportation, just like a car. It is therefore essential to insure it in order to live serenely.

In addition, by insuring your Wayscral electric bicycle, you will benefit from permanent assistance in case of unforeseen circumstances and wherever you are.

If you don’t have enough money to buy an electric bike, Wayscral can provide you with the necessary financing to make your dreams come true. This way, you can spread out your payments to reduce your expenses.

Resale and recycling

If you want to change your old ebike for a new one, Wayscral can help you sell it. This way, in addition to recovering part of the purchase price of your old bike, you only have to add a small amount to get a new one.

And the most interesting thing, according to us, is the recycling of your bike that the brand offers. This way, you will be able to resell it at a better price. In addition to this, a certificate issued by the brand to guarantee the authenticity and good condition of the equipment of your bike.

The advantages of the Wayscral electric bike

Indeed, the Wayscral electric bike is known to offer a better quality-price ratio. But that’s not all, several other advantages make this product a star.

The Wayscral ebike is a great way to have fun. Unlike the classic bike, it requires less effort on your part to pedal. This means you can enjoy a leisurely ride. Furthermore, doctors recommend cycling regularly for more than 30 minutes a day.

This helps to fight against cardiovascular disease. The Wayscral ebike is the best way to stay in shape by using it for walks or to travel to work or to the mountains.

When you say electric, you say ecological. It is therefore important to mention that the use of an electric bicycle contributes enormously to the preservation of the environment. And don’t forget that an electric bike allows you to make huge savings by freeing you from buying fuel for a car.

The main features of the Wayscral electric bike

Wayscral’s electric bikes are known to be among the best on the market. And they deserve it, because they are equipped with high-end features and equipment without being overpriced.

Note that the brand’s electric bikes are usually unisex and are available in different sizes. They can also carry loads of more than a hundred kilos.

The power of the engine

Most of Wayscral’s electric bikes are equipped with a Bosch central motor. The latter is very well known for offering the best performances of the moment, especially in the equipment of electric machines.

The particularity of the Bosch system is that it allows the cyclist to assist him/her without having to make the minimum effort. This allows the motor’s performance to be optimized according to the path taken by the cyclist.

The propulsion system

This technology is especially present in the hybrid bike that the brand has created in collaboration with Michelin. This system is not present in almost any other bike of the competition, which makes the Wayscral ebike one of the best of the range.

It consists of creating a lateral pressure and at the back of the tire thanks to the roller of the motor to ensure a better propulsion. It requires almost no effort for the cyclist.


In addition to having a powerful motor, the Wayscral bike’s battery offers an impressive autonomy. In fact, it can cover a distance of up to 80 km, depending on the route and steepness of the terrain, but also on the range.

Most of Wayscral’s bike models are equipped with devices that allow you to know the battery level in real time. So, take advantage of a machine that allows you to travel a long distance with peace of mind.

Wayscral electric bike charging

Like any other electric bike, the Wayscral ebike can be recharged in a short period of time using a special charger that is included in the delivery. Typically, a charge can last up to three hours, but this varies depending on the charge of the battery.

You can therefore recharge your bike at home or directly on the bike. However, the brand’s technicians recommend charging it flat for better performance.

For your information, most electric bikes have a light that indicates if they are being charged or if the battery is full. In terms of charging time, you should know that for most models, you can count on a recharge in a few hours.

In fact, sometimes a simple working day of 7h-8h will be enough to take advantage of the full capacity of the battery. Thus, you put your battery to recharge as soon as you arrive at the office. And at the end of your day, it will be fully charged.

The tire

In general, the tires of Wayscral bikes provide safety and comfort worthy of a high-end product. It is therefore important to highlight their performance. In addition, with Wayscral’s collaboration with Michelin, the hybrid model is equipped with ultra-high performance tires that always ensure optimal efficiency, regardless of the season.

In fact, even in the middle of winter, Wayscral’s tires can’t slip thanks to the bike’s propulsion system. But other tires from other brands are no less efficient. And this can be especially noticeable on the Wayscral folding bike.

Weight and height

Wayscral’s bikes come in different sizes, so they fit both men and women. And since the weight is very important for a bike, it is a characteristic not to be neglected. Indeed, the heavier the electric bike, the more effort it requires from the battery, which could quickly influence its autonomy and its performance.

The Wayscral electric bike is generally of a reasonable weight, not exceeding 25 kg. Some models can even weigh as little as 18 kg, which means better performance.


When choosing an electric bicycle model, one of the choices of users is certainly its practicality. For a Wayscral ebike, there is no reason to doubt its practicality. With an aluminum frame, usually equipped with a multi-speed transmission, as well as other features such as a kickstand, mudguards and a luggage rack, you’ll be seduced.

Some models are even equipped with features such as USB connections, an LED display that informs you of your route as well as the necessary information related to the performance of your bike in real time.

Others, will bring you even more by proposing to you to store them in an ultra compact way. Indeed, some models are foldable. Thus, you will no longer be confronted with the problem of storage. This means of locomotion fits very easily into the smallest homes. Moreover, to get around town and combine bike travel with public transportation, these folding ebikes are the perfect partners.


The price of the Wayscral electric bike

As mentioned above, the Wayscral electric bike is available with a best value that defies the market. The electric folding bikes from the “My Last Mile” universe are the cheapest of all the ranges. They are priced from 499 to 999 €. As for the electric city bikes which are notably in the “My city, my rides” range, their price varies between 599 and 2 399 €.

Finally, the “My mountain, my adventures” universe offers different models with prices ranging from 1 049 to 3 199 €. Note that the price of each Wayscral ebike depends mainly on its performance, its equipment and its features.

To conclude

Wayscral electric bikes are products that are aimed at a large part of the population. Indeed, the price of these products makes them accessible to many French households. The future users will be able to count on good quality products with a refined design. They are known for their excellent quality/price ratio.

Thus, no bad surprise at the time of purchase, you know what you are getting into. They have been specially designed and manufactured to provide you with maximum comfort and peace of mind when using them. The on-board equipment and accessories offered are of good quality and will allow you to make the most of your new means of locomotion.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles about classic and electric bikes