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The folding bike Wayscral Takeaway E100

Getting around the city, yes, but with the right product! In the urban environment, you usually need a compact, practical and comfortable product. That’s why we’re offering you our review of the Wayscral Takeaway E100 folding electric bike.

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Introducing the Wayscral Takeaway E100

This product is offered by the French company NORAUTO, which until now has been active in the automotive field.

This last one thus launches out in the green mobility. In the last few days we have allowed you to discover an electric city bike and a mountain bike offered for sale by the company. Today, we would like to highlight the folding electric bike of the firm, the Wayscral Takeaway E100.

At first glance

The electric bike Wayscral Takeaway E100 is the most compact product offered by the French company. Indeed, it has a fast and efficient folding system. This allows you not only to transport it easily in the trunk of your car but also to store it in an optimal way in your apartment for example.

The Wayscral Takeaway E100 against the competition

There is no good review without going through the competition. The Wayscral Takeaway E100 electric bike has some fierce competition that can put it to shame.


According to our team, these folding electric bikes are the best on the market. Indeed, their quality of manufacture and finish but also their price, the platform marketing them were important factors to take into account.

Wayscral Takeaway E100 : Technical Specifications

Power and operation

This bike is equipped with a motor of 250W directly implanted at the level of the rear wheel. This in order to make the product as manageable as possible. Thanks to this mode of transport you will be able to enjoy 3 levels of assistance, which will help you to face the small daily challenges.


The Wayscral Takeaway E100 is equipped with a 36 V / 7.8 Ah lithium cell battery from SAMSUNG. It weighs about 2.2 kg and has a life span of 500 charging cycles.

The time of load of the latter is included between 3 and 4 hours. So, no stress at the end of your working day. If you need to charge the battery of your electric bike, it will be charged before the end of your day. This one will provide you an electric assistance up to 25km/h and that on a distance from 25 to 40 kms.

Be careful, these data are calculated in optimal conditions, so you will have to take into account a certain number of criteria likely to reduce the autonomy of your means of transport.


The weight from the Wayscral Takeaway e100

In terms of weight, expect to carry 22kg. That’s quite a lot, especially if you want to lift it regularly, on public transport, in your personal vehicle or simply bring it up into your apartment. However, it can support a maximum load of up to 130kg.

Equipment and lighting

The tricolored sign, offers you a product rich in equipment. First of all and as announced a little earlier, this one has several levels of electric assistance, allowing you to face the everyday life without being afraid of the challenges which accompany it.

A kickstand, a bell, a luggage rack and front and rear mudguards complete this bike. In our opinion, the Wayscral Takeaway E100 will win points for its LED lights. This means that you will have better visibility than with “classic” lights.

In addition, it is equipped with an LED box located directly on the handlebars. This last one will allow you to visualize the level of electric assistance selected but also the level of battery of your companion of road.

Comfort and safety

For your safety, NORAUTO has installed on this electric bike Vbrake type brakes at the front and rear. We find quite standard materials and accessories, like the tires for example. Nevertheless, the pedals are folding!

The Wayscral Takeaway E100 has an aluminum frame for strength. In addition, the frame is low to the ground, making it easy for the user to step over.

The price

The price of this means of transport is definitely a big positive point. Indeed, the French firm displays the Wayscral Takeaway E100 at a price of 799€. When we know the market prices, we can say that this is a real opportunity to invest in green mobility without breaking the bank.


To conclude

In our opinion, the Wayscral Takeaway E100 electric bike is a great product. Indeed, it is proposed at a very interesting price and can answer a real problem of mobility in town. However, the reduction of its weight or the installation of some additional equipment could be necessary.

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