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Wayscral Everyway E200 : an electric city bike by Norauto

The Wayscral Everyway E200 electric bicycle is one of the most interesting means of locomotion of its generation. Get all the details about this electric bike model by reading this article until the ewand.

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The Competitive Environment

In recent years, cycling has become more and more fashionable. Moreover, the fight against pollution, the incentive to reduce energy costs as well as the encouragement of physical activities have pushed this craze even further.

In order to follow this trend, technology has once again brought a great revolution with the appearance of the electrically assisted bicycle or electric bike on the market. It is a particularly practical means of transportation that is simply perfect for getting around on a daily basis or even going on a hike.

Unlike a conventional bike, the electric bike allows you to spend less energy and enjoy a much more pleasant riding experience. That’s why many brands and retailers have embarked on this great adventure of green mobility through cycling.

However, this makes the choice more difficult for the consumer. Indeed, he is now facing a real jungle where groups are fighting a merciless war. Nevertheless, it is possible to compare a phenomenal quantity of products and to make a choice among many references.

The 3 best electric bike of the moment


The Wayscral bike brand and the Norauto group

Wayscral is a French brand specialized in the creation of innovative and electric devices for sustainable mobility.

The manufacturer Wayscral

Its main objective is to optimize individual means of transportation other than the car. To do this, it uses new technology to offer mobility products that are perfectly in tune with the times. The idea is to get around easily, while reducing one’s ecological impact and making considerable savings.

For the record, the Wayscral brand was registered by the Norauto company, in collaboration with the Mobivia group. This company works especially in the field of alternative transportation. It is a company that is especially known for its large collection of electric bikes and scooters.

The Norauto brand

The Norauto company offers a wide range of electric bikes. Its collection includes electric city bikes, specially designed for daily commuting. The company has also established itself on the market of electric mountain bikes. These are perfect for hiking and other sports trips.

Norauto also offers all-terrain electric bikes or cross-country bikes which are appreciated for their versatility and comfort. The team has even introduced a line of folding electric bikes, designed for short daily trips. Whatever the case, a Norauto electric bike will always be recognized for its practical, durable and modern aspects.

Wayscral is one of Norauto’s most famous bicycle brands. This brand has focused on accessibility so that everyone can enjoy a reliable, robust and innovative electric bike. In fact, Wayscral has been anticipating the needs of users for almost 10 years with ultra-light and powerful models like the Wayscral Everyway E200.

Norauto offers this brand in order to meet the needs of users of all practices. Nevertheless, the products it markets are perfectly adapted to the novice cyclist. They are affordable but lack the innovative technologies that are sometimes necessary for more advanced cycling.

If you want to acquire a more qualitative means of transport with more technologies, we can advise you to look at the products marketed by Decathlon.


Introducing the Wayscral Everyway E200

The Wayscral Everyway E200 is an electrically assisted bicycle based on the latest technology. This high-performance electric bike is designed for reliability and comfort. In fact, it is considered one of the most comfortable bikes in the entire range. It is a perfect model for all profiles and all levels.

Its design and equipment make it more efficient than many bikes. With the Wayscral Everyway E200 24, you’ll be able to get around more easily on a daily basis, whether you’re going to work or running a few errands. You can also take it with you on vacation or for a family outing on the weekend.

It is a model that takes into account the needs of each user, adapting to all types of morphology and riding styles. With a Wayscral Everyway E200 24, the most important thing is to be perfectly comfortable and to enjoy cycling.

Features of the Wayscral Everyway E200

Power and operation

The Wayscral Everyway E200 takes advantage of the latest technology to give you all the performance you expect from an electric assist bike. This model is equipped with an electric motor from Mxus. The motor is located at the rear wheel and is rated at 250 Watts and 34 Nm of torque.

This motor is also equipped with a cadence sensor that controls the level of assistance of the bike. This can have an influence on the battery life. In any case, the motor of this electric bike has plenty of power to accompany you on your daily adventures.

This electronically assisted bike is also equipped with a 7-speed “Shimano Altus” external transmission to enhance your riding experience.


This electronically assisted bike is equipped with a 36 V 13 Ah 468 Wh SAMSUNG lithium cell battery. This one will enable you to carry out between 60 and 80 km during one day. You will be able to benefit from the assistance until the threshold of 25 km/h.

To recharge the battery to full capacity, it will take between 5 and 6 hours. Thus, you can completely recharge your electric bike during the night to be able to roll in all peace the day.

Of course, your bike will be delivered with a suitable charger. The battery is located on the rear rack. It fits perfectly with the whole design. Attention however, the announced autonomy is only an estimate.

Indeed, it will vary according to several determining criteria. It will be necessary to take into account the difficulty of the terrain (path, road, trail), the difference in altitude, weather conditions, the weight of the user and many others.

The weight and size of the Wayscral Everyway E200

The Wayscral Everyway E200 is a very light model. In fact, it weighs only 24 kilos, which makes it totally manageable. With a length of 160 cm, a width of 60 cm and a height of 100 cm, this electrically-assisted bike is perfect for all body types. This bike is designed for a cyclist of minimum 1.50 m and maximum 1.70 m. There are no different sizes.

Indeed, if you wish to invest in this type of transport, it will be necessary that your size fits perfectly with the size of the bike itself. The maximum load supported is 130 kg. This includes the weight of the user, the bike and the accessories on board.


The equipment

This electric bike has a number of accessories and equipment. First of all, you will find a kickstand. A luggage rack is also at your disposal for your small errands or for your documents to take to work for example.

The Wayscral Everyway E200 is also equipped with a rear mudguard, an integral chain guard and a front mudguard. These protect both the chain and the user from dirt that may be thrown up by the tires during use.

This electric bike has an aluminum frame, ensuring robustness but also and especially lightness. It is also equipped with an LCD screen to facilitate the management of assistance levels and mileage functions.

It can also allow you to monitor the battery level. In other words, it will allow you to consult all the data related to your driving and the functioning of your means of locomotion.

The safety and comfort of the Wayscral Everyway E200

It is a particularly reliable model of electric bike. It is equipped with a telescopic suspension fork and an adjustable stem. This kind of equipment allows to optimize your comfort during the ride. In addition, it is designed specifically for city riding.

The Wayscral Everyway E200 is equipped with various safety features such as lights and V-brakes. It is also equipped with a bell so you can ride in peace. We can’t remind you enough that the most important thing, especially in the city, is visibility.

Indeed, it is absolutely necessary that the user can correctly visualize the roadway. But it is also necessary that it can be visible by the other users in order to avoid any danger related to the driving of one or the other.

The bell is a plus, because in addition to the visual aspect, the manufacturer has added an audible aspect. Thus, the user has several elements to make him understand that he is present on the road.

If you’re more comfortable being closer to the ground, this electric bike has 24-inch wheels. Alternatively, you can choose the 28-inch wheels for a higher riding position.

The price of the Wayscral Everyway E200

The Wayscral Everyway E200 is offered by the French company Norauto at a price of 899 euros, payable in several installments. This is particularly interesting as far as the quality/price ratio is concerned. And even better! Know that you can claim a help coming from the State by buying a electric bike.

Purchase assistance

As announced in the previous section, aids have been put in place to make the acquisition of this type of locomotion accessible. For this topic, we take the example of aid in France.

Conditions of access

Thus, you will be able to claim this aid under certain conditions. The conditions relating to theBedingungen für den Zugangelectric bicycle itself are the following: it must be new and its battery must not contain lead.

The bike must meet the definition of an electrically assisted bicycle as defined in the Highway Code. And finally, it cannot be transferred during the first year of acquisition.

You can claim these bonuses if you meet certain criteria. Indeed, you must be of age and living in France. Your reference tax income per unit must be less than or equal to 13 489€. And finally, you cannot have benefited from an aid having the same object as that of the State.

The different aids

When buying your electric bike, you should know that there are 3 types of aid :

  • The National assistance
  • The Regional assistance
  • The Communal assistance
  • The national and communal aid can be cumulated and is at most equal to the lower of the two amounts: either 20% of the cost TTC of the electric bicycle, or equal to 200€.

    The amount of regional aid varies from one region to another. We can nevertheless give you a range. Indeed, it is between 150€ and 600€. The communal aid, as for it, works a little on the same principle as the regional aid. That is to say that it varies according to the city.

    So if we take the example of Paris, for the purchase of a cargo bike, you could receive 600€ and for a electric bike 400€.

    The advantages of the Wayscral Everyway E200

    With this means of locomotion, you could count on a powerful and powerful electric bicycle Norauto whose motor is integrated at the back so as not to alter the driving and the comfort of the user. Its autonomy is interesting in particular thanks to its battery in Lithium-Ion. You can count on a comfortable braking due to the V-Brake.

    Finally, if you take a look at the cycling market, you will notice that the Wayscral Everyway E200 electric bicycle is one of the cheapest.


    In short, the Wayscral Everyway E200 is perfect for those who are new to cycling and want to ride a light, comfortable and affordable electric bike. It will be your best ally on a daily basis. You won’t be able to do without it!

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