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Review Wayscral Anyway E200 electric mountain bike

Do you think green mobility is too expensive? But you still think about investing in an electric mountain bike? But you don’t know which one? You feel lost? Let us guide you and present you our opinion about the Wayscral Anyway E200 proposed by Norauto.

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Introducing the Wayscral Anyway E200

With this electric bike, the French company seeks to place itself on the market of the mountain bike running on green energy. A big bet for this company which was specialized in cars until now. You will have understood it thus, it is an electric VTT that we propose you to discover.

At first glance

With the electric bike Wayscral Anyway E200, Norauto offers you a product perfectly adapted to the all terrain environment. This bike will be ideal for long outings in the forest alone or with the family.

It will undoubtedly convince you thanks to its performance and reliability in everyday life. It is both a sporty and economical product. We’ll tell you a little more about it in this article.

The Wayscral Anyway E200 and its fierce competition

Decathlon and its electric Rockrider range

According to our team, these electric bikes are the best on the market. Indeed, their quality of manufacture and finish but also their price, the platform marketing them were important factors to take into account.


Technical specifications from the Wayscral Anyway E200

Power and operation

The Wayscral Anyway E200 electric bike has a 250W motor located on the rear wheel. Not 3, 4 or even 5 but 6 modes of assistance are offered with this model. What to provide you an assistance to all tests.


We can’t repeat it enough, the battery of an electric bike is a central element, if not the most important. It is essential to pay attention to it!

To come back to the Wayscral Anyway E200, you will notice the presence of a battery in lithum of the brand SAMSUNG with the following characteristics: 36V / 13 Ah. Its weight is about 3kg. The recharge of this battery is done in 5 or 6 hours.

Thanks to this one, you will be able to benefit from an electric assistance until 25km/h on a distance of approximately 60 to 80kms.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the external elements that can impact the battery autonomy (temperature, user’s weight, bad weather…). Last important point, Norauto is committed with this bike on a battery life of 500 recharge cycles.

Its weight

In our opinion, the Wayscral Anyway E200 electric bike has nothing to envy to its competitors in terms of weight. In fact, it is quite good and is in the average range with 23kg on the counter. However, in terms of maximum load, you will have to be careful not to exceed the 130kg allowed (user, equipment,…).

Equipment and lighting

Let’s go to the equipment and lighting part of this electric bike offered by the French company. As announced a little earlier, with the Wayscral Anyway E200 you can enjoy several levels of electric assistance. There are 6 of them, which allows the French product to offer you the best possible experience.

It will adapt to your different playgrounds and will help you to brave the difficulty. It is equipped with several elements such as a kickstand and a bell.

In terms of lighting, you can count on an LED system. Thus, no more problem of luminosity, you will see perfectly well. To perfect the whole, an LCD display is located at the handlebar.

This last will allow you to manage the various levels of assistance, to visualize your instantaneous speed or your level of load. The big plus of this one is the possibility of connecting a smartphone or a GPS via a USB plug directly integrated.

Comfort and safety

Let’s start, first of all, with the safety equipment that this electric bike offers. It is a very important element and that the French sign understood it well. Indeed, it equips this product with disc brakes type PROMAX. This is what ensures powerful and efficient braking in all circumstances.

As far as comfort is concerned, in our opinion the Wayscral Anyway E200 could do more! Indeed, despite the presence of a suspended fork, we find aluminum pedals and standard tires.

Wayscral Anyway E200 : the price

What about the price of the Wayscral Anyway E200? Well, it’s in the low middle range since it’s proposed by the tricolored sign at the price of 1049€. This is a quite honorable amount when you know that the price of an electric bike can sometimes reach 5 000€!

It is in the same category as the Rockrider e st 500 from Decathlon as well as many electric mountain bikes sold by Alltricks, even if the latter offers more advanced services.

To conclude

The Wayscral Anyway E200 electric mountain bike is an interesting product with many qualities. Its price remains correct even if complementary equipment would be appreciated by the users. It answers present for your excursions in forests and your long rides.

However, for a little more comfort equipment, you will certainly have to redirect yourself towards another model or another brand.

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