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Yeti bikes: can we say that it is a good product ?


Some of the most successful companies are those that don’t just push the envelope, but go beyond it. These companies are bold, innovative, risk-taking and fun-loving. These characteristics perfectly describe the world-class mountain bike company Yeti cycle. Yeti cycles is the manufacturer of top of the line mountain bikes. Come and learn more about Yeti bikes.

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Yeti bikes and the competition

The Yeti bikes brand doesn’t just make amazing mountain bikes. It also makes some of the highest quality mountain bike clothing. Yeti Cycles is one of the few mountain bike manufacturers to have its own clothing line.

In 2021, the company plans to focus on developing its apparel business. And that’s by launching three distinct collections: Range, Race and Turq.

Their Turq collection apparel is designed for high performance while being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Worldwide Cyclery is an official distributor of Yeti cycles.

The improvements to Yeti cycles’ website will undoubtedly allow the bike company to be more precise in its marketing. But also to explore new channels to support their apparel business.

If you have any questions about their products you can either contact them directly or approach dealers so that they can give you the answers you need.

The different Yeti mountain bikes

The brand offers six Yeti mountain bike models. They each offer riders many options to suit their particular style or terrain. Yeti does not produce road or gravel bikes (although they have made a cyclocross bike in the past). It is a small company that chooses to focus solely on its passion: mountain bikes.

All Yeti models are made of carbon and all but one are equipped with full suspension. Yeti’s current full-suspension bikes are designated “SB” for “Super Bike”, followed by a number indicating the rear travel in millimeters.

Yeti SB115 bike

The Yeti SB115 bike is designed to win the toughest cross-country races. A quick look at the SB115’s key features reveals its performance. They are incredibly fast and efficient on the climbs, flats and downhills.

Yeti’s famous Switch Infinity suspension system has been updated to be lighter on this model. The smooth 115mm rear travel allows riders to give hardtails a run for their money.

Especially when the course turns downhill. A flat, high anti-squat curve at the beginning of the travel allows your pedal stroke to be very effective. Even more so when you need to put the hammer down.

In addition to being an XC racing weapon, you can still have fun on rough trails with this Yeti mountain bike. Likewise, it’s a great performer and fun to ride when gravity gets in the way. This Yeti bike is perfect for cross-country riders who like to have fun on their days off.

Yeti SB130 bike

Yeti knows that it’s impossible to create a single bike that excels in all aspects of aggressive mountain biking. But that hasn’t stopped them from trying. The Yeti SB130 may not be the bike for every situation, but it certainly is for most.

With the SB130, Yeti has introduced a medium-travel trail-destroying instrument that holds its own. No matter where you are on the mountain. The frame’s 130mm of rear travel makes it feel much more efficient thanks to Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension design. It’s progressive enough to give you great flexibility.

But also good tracking ability when you’re going over rocks and roots. All while keeping your feet from getting sore on the way down the slopes.

The 150mm fork offers plenty of damping for big hits, and its progressive geometry gives you agility, climbing ability and downhill capability. It’s not easy to find the mountain bike that does it all. It may not be possible, but the Yeti SB130 mountain bike does.

Whether you’re looking for an enduro bike that climbs fast or a trail bike that can compete with the best, you’ll enjoy this bike.

The Yeti SB140 bike

The Yeti SB140 mountain bike is a bike built solely for the pleasure of riding. Of course, it can be used for racing, but racing is another matter. The overall goal of this Yeti bike is to maximize fun rather than speed.

With smaller, more playful 27.5″ wheels and moderate travel (160mm), the SB140 is designed to be easier to maneuver on the ground and at altitude.

If you spend your days on the trail looking for obstacles to overcome and opportunities to take off, this is the bike for you. The lively handling derived from playful geometry makes descents very enjoyable. Small features like rocks and roots become fun excuses for jumps and leaps.

For those who like to show their skills and style on the track, the SB140 will be the best companion on the road. This Yeti bike is mainly for the fun-loving cyclist.

Or those who are less focused on speed and more interested in a nimble, high performance bike. This bike should allow them to attack the downhill with style.

Yeti SB150 bike

The brand presents the Yeti SB150 mountain bike as a pure enduro race bike. With 170mm of travel in the front and 150 in the back, this trail grinder has all the suspension you need to tackle the toughest courses.

The frame is built to Yeti’s downhill standards. As such, it gives you a level of ruggedness that will meet the demands of any trail.

The Switch Infinity system plays a huge role in how well this bike is able to conquer terrain. All while still pedaling efficiently and making changes with speed.

The 29″ fast-rolling wheels make their way over the roughest terrain and maintain the superior traction levels needed for the most demanding competitions.

This bike is built to win races. The SB150 is Yeti’s enduro race machine, ridden by its Enduro World Series racing team.

Yeti SB165 bike

The SB165 is built to take on the toughest trails. It’s an all-powerful trail bike that’s equally at home on enduro courses. It’s backed by Yeti’s Downhill standards, which are among the company’s most stringent.

This bike has many features that make it the perfect bike for big terrain. The steering angle keeps the geometry long and smooth for tackling hills.

With 180mm of travel in the front and 165mm in the back, this Yeti mountain bike is ready to take on anything you’re brave enough to try. The Switch Infinity suspension system allows for plenty of freedom of movement while keeping the shock responsive to small obstacles.

The 27.5-inch wheels offer plenty of durability and stability on the toughest terrain. So don’t let that stop you from going wild.

The Yeti 160E electric mountain bike

The Yeti 160E is the fastest electric mountain bike on the market. It’s designed for the toughest enduro races in the world. Whether your goal is to win a mountain bike race, or you’re looking to push the limits of what’s possible on a bike, the 160E will give you the power and confidence to go further and ride harder than ever.

The Yeti 160E has been years in the making, and they found a way to modify their legendary Switch Infinity suspension system to fit a high-end electric mountain bike.

Yeti ARC bike

The Yeti ARC is back with a new vision of what a hardtail mountain bike can do. This is the brand’s semi-rigid model. It’s perfect for rough single tracks, smooth pump tracks and epic bike packing adventures. Unless you’re riding the toughest trails and enduro routes, there’s almost nothing the ARC can’t handle.

It’s a very efficient climber with the downhill capabilities of a Yeti bikes. This Yeti bike responds to inputs faster than any full-suspension bike, giving it an agile and lively feel that’s a joy to maneuver.

It’s ideal for those not yet ready to make the jump to the brand’s full-suspension bikes and for hardtail enthusiasts.

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How to choose the right Yeti mountain bike ?

To choose the right Yeti mountain bike, you need to consider a few criteria.

The size of the Yeti bikes

To get the most out of your Yeti bikes when you’re hitting the trails, you need to make sure you’re the right size. A small or overly responsive bike won’t give you the stability you need to perform jumps.

Likewise, a very large bike will make you less effective at doing tricks. However, you should know that there are several frame sizes. It is up to you to make the right choice.

The choice of the framework

Yeti carbon fiber frames come in two categories, the standard Carbon series and the high-end TURQ series. TURQ models are more expensive than Carbon models because they use higher modulus carbon fiber to optimize weight and stiffness.

In addition, TURQ frames generally weigh less than Carbon Series frames, depending on the model, and are often stiffer. Racers and competitors will choose TURQ frames for the performance gains.

If cost is a minor concern, and you want the best of the best, then go with TURQ models. However, most riders probably won’t notice the difference in weight and stiffness, and the suspension design will be the same.

The Carbon frames are still very capable and will satisfy the vast majority of riders. Both frames are incredible, but choose what works best for you.


Cross-country, Hardtail, Trail or Enduro ?

The cross-country mountain bike is lightweight. This type of bike is fast and easy to handle. It is suitable for the competitive rider and those who like to ride uphill. The cross-country bike can be a good option if you like speed on climbs and descents.

The hardtail mountain bike is appreciated by all-mountain and cross-country racers. It allows for more effective shock absorption and stability on rough terrain.

The Trail mountain bike provides stability and control on rough terrain. It absorbs shock better on descents. If you like to climb and want to have fun on the way down, this bike is for you.

The Enduro mountain bike is ideal for you if you like to go downhill at full speed. In fact, this type of bike is designed to offer excellent performance when riding long distances. Comfort, stability, control, you have everything you need to master the downhill.


Yeti bikes : a passion for mountain bikes since 1985

The Yeti cycle was founded in 1985 by John Parker in California as mountain biking was gaining popularity. For over 35 years, the brand has been creating some of the most innovative mountain bikes in the world.

As you can imagine, the company’s name is inspired by the mythical “abominable snowman”. The brand’s road to success has not been an easy one. Before becoming the designer of Yeti mountain bikes, John Parker was a welder working in Hollywood.

Later, he became a mountain bike racer. Racing quickly became the mainstay of the company. It has been an important part of Yeti’s evolution and legacy since its inception. And it still is today.

The first World Mountain Bike Championships were held in Durango, Colorado in 1990. The following year, Parker moved the Yeti cycle factory from California to Durango. To be closer to the scene.

The company manufactures a whole range of mountain bikes. But it was best known at the time for its turquoise FRO (For Racing Only) models. Early sponsored racers included John Tomac and Juli Furtado.

In addition, some of the fastest and most iconic racers of all time, such as Richie Rude, were involved in the development of Yeti bikes. This has allowed the brand to design some of the most advanced cross country, trail, enduro and downhill bikes. And that’s for riders all over the world.


How to afford a Yeti e bike without breaking the bank ?

If money is an obstacle to the purchase of a Yeti electric mountain bike, you should know that it is possible to get help to finance the purchase of a bike.

Indeed, to encourage most people to turn to a non-polluting mode of transportation, some European Union countries as well as local authorities have set up financial aid for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle (electric bike). This financial aid for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle is granted under certain conditions.

Local aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle

Local government assistance varies from one community to another. So, first of all, check with your local council to see if a subsidy scheme has been set up in your area. Also, the conditions to be eligible differ from one region to another.

For example, if you live in Paris, the only condition to apply is to live in Paris. Thus, you can benefit from an aid fixed at 33% of the purchase price excluding tax within the limit of 400 €.

On the other hand, if you live in Marseille, the Bouches-du-Rhône department can also grant you aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

For this, you must be of age and have your main residence in the Bouches-du-Rhône department. There is no means test to benefit from this aid which corresponds to 25% of the purchase price of the electric bike, capped at 400 euros.

State aid for the purchase of a electric bike

The State also offers assistance to those who wish to purchase a new electric bicycle. To benefit from this aid, you must have already received a first aid granted by the local authority or the group of local authorities for the purchase of this electric bicycle.

The amount of aid granted by the State cannot exceed 200 €. However, it can be cumulated with an aid granted by the local authority. However, the state aid cannot exceed that granted by the local authority.

To be able to apply for this aid, you must be of age, be domiciled in France and have a reference tax income per unit less than or equal to €13,489. The aid is only valid if the bicycle purchased is new and uses a lead-free battery, equipped with a pedal-assist cycle as defined by the highway code.

Finally, the beneficiary must agree not to sell the bicycle within one year of its acquisition. The application is only done online on the ASP website.


Yeti bikes are a product finely elaborated for a very particular sport practice. Thus, challenges in the mountains or on rough trails will no longer hold any secrets for you. Go on an adventure with confidence! They are aesthetic and reliable in all circumstances.

However, if you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact an expert in the field, either in a store or directly online.

To guide you in your choice the OnMyBike team works daily on electric and classic bikes