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Passat GTE, a typically German vehicle


The automotive market is currently facing some changes. These have a direct impact on our travel habits and our way of thinking. New restrictions have added complexity to this market, which was already being tossed from side to side. Manufacturers must therefore adapt by offering innovative and more environmentally friendly models. Discover the Volkswagen Passat GTE.

The context

Most automakers are increasingly considering purely electric vehicles in their product lines. But until this becomes a reality, hybrid vehicles remain the most advantageous alternative. Their performance outperforms that of internal combustion cars, especially in terms of air pollution.

As a result, sales of hybrid cars have increased significantly over the course of 2021. For example, in the third quarter, nearly 20.7 percent of new cars sold were non-plug-in hybrids and 9.1 percent were plug-in hybrids.

These are statistics that show that consumers are starting to take an interest in these little gems. Some hybrid car models stand out from the crowd. For example, the Toyota C-HR, a very sporty SUV, or the Hyundai Kona from the South Korean manufacturer.

So it’s a surprise to see that Volkswagen is holding its own against these big names with its new hybrid sedan. You guessed it, it’s the Passat SW GTE (2020)!

Functional, stylish and efficient, this vehicle has all the characteristics to become the ideal hybrid car. In this article, we take you on a tour of this amazing German car!

Volkswagen, the journey of the people’s car  

Before being an international brand, Volkswagen is above all the name given to a historical car. In 1930, Adolph Hitler was concerned about the fact that the German highways were not used very much. To remedy this, the Führer set himself the goal of equipping every German citizen with a car. But not just any car!

Among other things, Hitler demanded that this car be able to reach 100 km/h, not be heavy and not consume more than 7 liters per kilometer. Against all odds, the engineer Ferdinand Porsche accepted the challenge. Seven years later, he created the very first Volkswagen, the price of which was 1,000 Reichsmarks.

This car, as you may have guessed, is none other than the famous Beetle! It was a national success and more than 380,000 were sold. The “people’s car” had just passed its first gear on the road to glory.

The arrival of the war will reduce the production of Volkswagen cars. However, thanks to the will of the English, the factory rose from its ashes and its products gained international recognition. The Beetle was a major contributor to this recognition.

Thus, little by little, the products of the German brand became a reference in terms of quality, power, solidity and innovation. Today, Volkswagen is a group that owns a dozen famous and luxurious brands such as Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini. It alone employs nearly 665,000 people.

In 2018, the brand achieved a turnover of 235,849 million euros. And it does not intend to stop there! Volkswagen is currently focusing on hybrid and electric vehicles with the goal of surpassing Toyota to become the world’s No.1.

Passat GTE (2020): a new look for better possibilities

Electricity is increasingly being used as a fuel to power cars. Thus, hybrid vehicles are paving the way for future 100% electric cars and allow you to experience the pleasures of this driving style. The Volkswagen Passat GTE SW was designed in this generous and noble spirit.

For the record, Volkswagen had already released a first Passat GTE variant model in 2014. Although it was very functional, this car faced some criticism, especially related to its battery life. Thus, the Passat SW GTE (2020) is a much nicer and more capable version of its big sister. Let’s discover its qualities.

Attractive design and comfortable life on board

The first criterion on which a car is judged is the care given to its dress or its exterior aesthetics. On this point, the Volkswagen Passat GTE convinced us with its elegant and clear curves.

The blue border on the hood, the double trapezoidal exhaust pipe and the C-shaped LED daytime running lights complete the industrial, sporty and modern design.

At first glance, you are immediately won over! The interior of the German car confirms this impression. At first glance, it seems more spacious and welcoming thanks to the horizontal strips on the dashboard and the transitions at the doors.

In addition to the heated seats, the dashboard is austere, but still qualitative and bright. The vw Passat GTE is thus perfectly balanced between elegance and functionality.

Good range for the Passat GTE variant

The real appeal of getting a Passat SW GTE is that it has a pretty good range. Its 13 kWh battery allows it to store 31 percent more electricity than the 2014 Volkswagen Passat.

This new capacity significantly increases the sedan’s electric range. Switching to purely electric mode, you can drive 55 km according to the WLTP standard – 70 km according to the NEDC.

So after each charge, you’ll have a good distance to go before you need to refuel. With your Passat SW GTE, you’ll have fun running errands, commuting or just taking a ride around town! Every morning, start by filling up your car with electric energy.

Just plug into an external power source and let the technology do the rest. It will take you 4.5 hours on a mains socket or 2.5 hours on a Wallbox.

Hybrid and high performance engine

Now let’s take a look at what the Volkswagen Passat GTE variant SW has under the hood. The hybrid power of this German car combines the qualities of a turbocharged gasoline engine with a surprisingly responsive electric motor.

The former is a 1.4-liter four-cylinder thermal engine that offers 156 horsepower from 5,000 to 6,000 rpm. It also has a torque of 250 Nm between 1500 and 2500 rpm with a 6-speed DSG transmission. As for the electric motor, it offers 85 or 115 horsepower associated with a 13 kWh battery. But it doesn’t stop there.

Indeed, when using both drive modes, the sedan can develop up to 218 horsepower with 400 Nm. It beats the Golf GTE with 204 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. Volkswagen, by increasing the characteristics of the hybrid powertrain in this way, seeks to create a sportier and more responsive car.

The Passat SW GTE can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.4 seconds and can reach a maximum of 222 km/h. Such data is quite remarkable for a hybrid vehicle. So, it’s safe to say that the performance is there.

Three driving modes for the Passat GTE

The ergonomics of the Volkswagen Passat GTE are quite impressive. To meet your needs, it has several driving modes. We told you about the first one, the purely electric mode or E-mode.

In addition to this, the car has a very agile GTE mode that allows you to use the combined maximum power of the TSI and the electric motor. Thanks to this, the German car becomes very dynamic and moves with ease in traffic.

Driving a vw Passat GTE variant is a very pleasant experience. You can switch from one mode to another using dedicated buttons. The transition is done naturally and quietly because the gasoline engine is so quiet.

It can also be done automatically thanks to the Hybrid mode. It allows you to switch from one engine to the other depending on the situation and the demands of the road.

Driving assistance with intuitive technology

The Wolfsburg-based automaker offers IQ Drive on most of its models. This name refers to a set of intelligent systems that assist the driver. The driver can rely on this technology for safer handling.

The Passat SW GTE is of course equipped with the intelligent IQ Drive systems. One of these, “Travel Assist”, takes partial responsibility for your driving.

For example, this system can regulate your lane and speed on well-marked highways and country roads. It can also initiate a lane change when you activate the turn signal and the lane is clear. Volkswagen didn’t stop there. The brand also equipped the German sedan with a system called “Front Assist”.

It can be seen as a kind of sixth sense. In fact, its role is to monitor the area around the car to detect pedestrians or obstacles on the road. The system has an automatic emergency braking function to avoid collisions in traffic. It’s kind of like a super radar.

Direct access to vw Passat GTE streaming services

The Volkswagen Passat has great connectivity. It allows you to enjoy your favorite services, even while driving. For example, you can access streaming services from your dashboard screen and listen to your favorite podcasts, audiobooks or music.

With such an environment, the journey will seem shorter and more enjoyable. How do you get these services? It’s easy: you only have to log in once with your valid login details.

The navigation system of your German car will keep track of this login and give you free access to these services. You won’t even need to use an external device.

Voice control and smartphone interface for more freedom

The final feature of the Passat GTE variant SW is its voice control. It’s a great feature to use, especially when you have your eyes on the road. You can ask the voice control to play your favorite music, set your route or many other things.

This experience will add to your comfort and driving pleasure. Finally, those who like to have relaxed conversations while driving will be pleased with the “Comfort” telephone interface. The interior of the car includes a storage area with inductive charging and connection to the external antenna via induction.

It’s a bit complex, but remember that it’s so quiet that it won’t interfere with your calls. From the multifunction display, the multifunction steering wheel or the audio system’s touch screen, you’ll be able to control this interface.

The seven features you’ve just discovered are the strengths of the Passat SW GTE. They make this German car stand out from other hybrids and models of the same brand.

It will allow you to get around in an economical and safe way. During our tests, we noticed that the consumption was around 5 to 5.5 L/km. That’s a pretty remarkable result for a vehicle of this type.

Buying a hybrid vehicle: what criteria to consider

Hybrid vehicles have much more to offer consumers than models that run solely on gasoline or diesel. The strengths of the Volkswagen Passat GTE clearly illustrate this.

They’ve probably motivated you to buy a hybrid vehicle. It’s a good decision, but first you need to know what criteria to consider. Here are a few of them.

The use

What roads do you usually drive on? How often do you plan to use this car? These are all questions you should ask yourself before buying a vehicle. Your intended use is the first consideration. Not all hybrids will meet your needs. Also, at higher speeds, some hybrids can’t operate in electric mode.

They automatically switch to the combustion engine. Such cars are not made for heavy duty. Therefore, the hybrid car is more recommended for short trips on city roads. On long distances, the hybrid consumes enough fuel, because it must migrate to thermal mode because of the speed at which you drive.

The type of system

In addition to usage, those who wish to purchase a hybrid car must also consider the type of system it is equipped with. This varies greatly depending on the models available on the market. There are plug-in hybrids like the Volkswagen Passat GTE variant SW and non-plug-in hybrids like the Toyota Plus.

The choice you make will influence the autonomy time of your car. That’s when you’ll know exactly what to do with it. Ideally, we recommend the Passat SW GTE, since it is plug-in.

The price to acquire a Passat GTE

Hybrid cars are fairly new to the automotive market. For this reason, their prices are significantly higher than those of combustion engine cars. Therefore, consider their purchase as a long-term investment. It will save you a lot of money on fuel.

Finally, in each sales location, you will find competent and knowledgeable professionals who will advise you on which model is best for you. Their help can make your choice easier. In addition, there are several grants available for the purchase of a hybrid vehicle. They are the subject of the last part of this article.


Assistance available for the purchase of a new hybrid vehicle

According to statistics, private cars are responsible for almost 60% of total CO2 emissions from road transport in Europe. Faced with this fact, the authorities are encouraging citizens to acquire less polluting vehicles to reduce air pollution. Hybrid cars are part of this eco-responsible category.

This means that you can benefit from financial aid to support the purchase of your vw Passat GTE variant. This way, the bill will be much smaller and easier for you to bear. We’re talking about two main types of assistance: the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus.

The conversion premium

By definition, the aim of the conversion bonus is to help all French people, whether private individuals or professionals, to buy a new or second-hand vehicle. In exchange, they must scrap their old polluting vehicle. If they meet this condition, they can receive up to 5,000 euros in aid for the purchase of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

What’s interesting is that there are no limitations on power or mileage. On the other hand, you must meet strict conditions. For example, your annual reference tax income must be between €6,300 and €13,489.

Also, the old vehicle must be classified in the Crit’Air 3 category or lower. To learn more, visit the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The ecological bonus for the Volkswagen Passat GTE

The ecological bonus is an aid, just like the conversion bonus. It aims to help every French person to buy or lease a new or used electric or hydrogen vehicle or a rechargeable hybrid vehicle. Thus, its amount is capped at 6,000 € for a car against 7,000 € for a van.

The amount of aid is determined by the price of the vehicle and the type of applicant – legal entity or individual. The geographical location of the beneficiary will also be taken into account.

For example, the ecological bonus will be increased by €1,000 if you live overseas. All in all, the Volkswagen Passat GTE variant SW is a hybrid car that has several qualities that make it very pleasant to drive. Its range promises up to 70 km of travel, which will be enough for your trips in town.

Moreover, this German car is economical and environmentally friendly. It is therefore eligible for government financial aid. So don’t hesitate to apply for any of these grants to finance the purchase of your vw Passat GTE.


When you choose the Volkswagen Passat GTE variant SW, you choose comfort, safety and technology. The elements that allow you to drive with complete peace of mind are a big plus. Indeed, the “front assist” is a technology that is important to underline.

This means you can drive without worrying about safety distances. This technology will make you slow down if you have to get too close to the vehicle in front of you. As you can see, many accessories and elements are at the service of the user.

To make the right investment, the OnMyBike team works daily to offer you all kinds of hybrid and electric cars


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