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Rockrider ST 120: can we talk about performance ?

The best mountain bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

You may already know that the Decathlon group is the forerunner in the field of sports equipment retailing. It is true that the latter has taken advantage of the absence of specialized brands in this field to establish itself as such. Thus, you can find products for the realization of physical and sports activities or outdoor activities. Its notoriety is amplified thanks to the production and marketing of its range of Rockrider mountain bikes. That’s why we offer you to discover one of the many models offered by the company, the Rockrider ST 120. You will have the opportunity to learn more about this model, as well as its technical specifications. But we’ll also tell you about the whole range of electrically assisted bicycles that come with it.

Rockrider in electric version

The Decathlon brand has been a real interest since its establishment on the market of mass distribution of sports equipment for the general public. This is mainly due to the different products that the group markets. And especially the bicycles of the latter.

So, whether you are looking for a city model, a mountain bike, an all-terrain bike or a children’s bike, you will certainly find the right companion for you.

In addition, the company also offers models with electric assistance so that you can enjoy your excursions even longer. The electrically assisted bicycles are a means of locomotion that is flooding our cities and countryside. Practical, robust and adapted to your practice, they have literally everything to please !

The electric version of the Rockrider mountain bike is a winning combination. Indeed, it benefits from an assistance associated with the excellence of the more classic Rockrider. The goal is to give the consumer the benefit of a well-made bike with excellent finishings. All this combined with a powerful electric assistance. There’s no doubt that this is a perfect combo !

Let’s talk Rockrider : what is it ?

Before we talk about a particular model, it’s worth telling you about the range in general. Since 2019, customers have been able to find their way around the different Decathlon bike ranges in a much easier way.

The range of Rockrider bikes corresponds to the all-terrain models of the brand. You had certainly heard of it previously under the name of Btwin Rockrider ST 120 for example. Consumers can be reassured that the name has changed a little but the quality of the products is not altered.

The new signatures

As explained a little above, since 2019 the Decathlon group has decided to simplify the life of its customers by renaming its different ranges of bikes. The goal is to simplify the task for consumers by allowing them to better distinguish the different ranges.

Thus, the operation will be clearer. People will be able to easily find the category of bike that corresponds to their practice, namely, mountain bike, cross-country, urban or road bike.

Beforehand, all the ranges were difficult to distinguish because they all began with the same name, namely B’twin. This made it difficult for consumers to tell the difference between the different ranges.

Nevertheless, future consumers should keep in mind that even if the names change, the quality of the products remains the same. This should reassure everyone. Because it must be said that B’twin is the best seller of the group in terms of sales and has been for years.

It is associated with the image of a cheap bike, with an elegant design and quality services. This explains why it is important for the brand to keep this confidence linked to the success of the name.

Let’s identify them

From now on, it would be easier to target the product that suits you or at least the range associated with your practice. Let us show you how this process has been simplified by the three-colored brand. Indeed, you will see for yourself, there are no less than 4 major ranges divided as follows:

The Rockrider range : Mountain bike
The Riverside range : Cross-country bike
The Triban range : Road bike
The Elops range : City bike

As you can see, the Rockrider bike range is specifically dedicated to off-road bikes. This range of mountain bikes is made up of both classic models and models with electric assistance.

Presentation of the Rockrider ST 120

One of the most common mistakes is to confuse the Decathlon Rockrider ST 120 model with the Rockrider ST 100 or its electric version E ST 100. Indeed, the options and equipment are not the same from one model to another. This is why you should take the time to pay attention to the product reference.

From now on, it’s no secret that the Rockrider ST 120 mountain bike is part of the Decathlon brand’s mountain bike range. This model has a number of special qualities and features that you will no doubt appreciate.

Technical specifications of the Rockrider ST 120 mountain bike

The Rockrider ST 120 mountain bike is an all-around great companion. It is a perfect combination of complexity and simplicity. Complex for the set of materials used for an optimal rendering, comfortable, aesthetic and offering a maximum safety.

Simple in its use by the future consumer. Everything has been studied to bring you an unforgettable and unique driving experience. But also and above all in order to adapt perfectly to the specific needs of the practice and of each user.

Available in several sizes

The Decathlon Rockrider ST 120 is available in several sizes. This is an element emphasized by the brand in order to make this product accessible by people of all sizes. Moreover, this will provide them with an optimal and pleasant riding experience :

  • S : 150-164 cm for 15,1 kg
  • M : 165-174 cm for 15,2 kg
  • L : 175-184 cm for 15,3 kg
  • XL : 185-200 cm for 15,5 kg

A light and mixed frame

The Rockrider ST 120 features a 100% aluminum CGF (Comfort Geometry Frame) that is both comfortable and easy to handle.

Its inclination has been studied to keep the user’s back more upright while the rear chainstays are shortened to ensure a better agility of the bike in turns. Any seat movement on this Rockrider mountain bike is prevented by a welded seat mount.

Front suspension

This Decathlon Rockrider ST 120 bike has an 80 mm front suspension. This last one allows you to cross your obstacles in all peace on the slightly uneven paths. You can easily adjust the hardness thanks to the U-FIT technology. You will simply have to adjust the number corresponding to your weight directly by the wheel on the fork (from 55 kg to 105 kg).

Unfortunately, there is no rear suspension. This is a semi-rigid mountain bike, ideal for starting off-roading and your first mountain bike rides. If we were to compare it to a full-suspension mountain bike, we would notice that the latter is heavier and therefore more energy consuming.

Derailleur and Transmission

This model has a 9 speed single chainring. The transmission of the ST 120 Rockrider will allow you to accelerate on the flat but also to tackle the climbs easily and without fear. To modify the speed of your bike, you will simply have to “play” with the right-hand lever located on the handlebars.

Saddle and Brakes of the Rockrider ST 120

For your comfort, you can count on an exclusive Ergofit saddle, wider, more comfortable with a hammock-like profile. You will be able to adjust its height thanks to a FLEX saddle post of 350 mm or 400 mm in length depending on the size of the model.

For your safety, you can enjoy mechanical aluminum disc brakes. The dual 160mm disc brakes of the Tektro TKD 68 type provide powerful and progressive braking at both the front and rear.

27.5″ wheels and tires

The Rockrider ST 120 mountain bike features forgiving and sturdy 27.5-inch wheels with 28-spoke double walls. You can also count on DRY tires suitable for dry terrain rides. They have an optimized performance thanks to a very rolling central part and side lugs to ensure a good grip in the turns.

Equipment and Warranty of the Rockrider ST 120

The products marketed by the Decathlon group meet the specific needs of their customers. The goal is to offer road companions with very good characteristics.

The materials used for the manufacture of the means of locomotion as well as the equipment and accessories integrated. But also by the possible additions or the guarantee of the product itself.

We could think that the ST 120 Rockrider is a simplistic product with such a basic performance. In fact, when we go into the details of its characteristics, we can see that we should not trust appearances. It is a rather light model.

This bike has flat pedals made of hard resin for lightness and safety. This Rockrider ST 120 mountain bike comes with a bell, lights and wheel reflectors. The frame is also compatible with a center stand, a bottle cage, a mudguard kit, a saddle bag, a luggage rack and a baby seat.

To make matters worse, the frame, stem and handlebars are guaranteed for life. Moreover, spare parts are available within 2 years.

Maintenance and storage

Decathlon advises its customers to regularly maintain their ST 120 Rockrider bike in order to get the most out of it in the long run. Moreover, to be able to remove or mount the front wheel easily in order to transport your road companion in your vehicle, you should know that there is a quick release system.

Nevertheless, the group advises you to opt for a bike carrier, which will allow you to transport this bike without dirtying your car.

Then, after washing it, don’t hesitate to wipe it with a dry cloth to remove all traces of moisture. You should store it in a dry and temperate place. And especially away from any corrosive product and any saline atmosphere.

The Rockrider ST 120 mountain bike versus the competition

To have an informed opinion, it is necessary to compare the elements and compare different products. Thus, to be able to say with affirmation if a product is good or not, it is necessary to compare it to the competition.

That’s why our experts have decided to give you their opinion about the ST 120 Rockrider. That’s why they have selected the products that compete directly with the model proposed by the French group.

The Rockrider ST 120 is just one of the many models in the already large family of Rockrider bikes. Many of them have already been reviewed by our experts. You will find the Rockrider 340, the 540, the 520, the Rockrider XC 900: is it really the best of the range ? XC 900 or the XC 500. You can see for yourself the range of models offered by Decathlon.

Now that we have done the tour of the accessories and features of the Decathlon Rockrider ST 120, can we really say that the ST 120 Rockrider is a good product and a good compromise? Can’t we find better products on the market? We propose you to discover it during the next part.

Is the Rockrider ST 120 a bad compromise ?

So why have we been touting the benefits and fantastic features of this model if in the end we are telling you that it is a bad choice? Well, actually, we are not going to tell you that it is a bad choice but rather a bad compromise.

We will explain the nuance. Just because we say that the Decathlon Rockrider ST 120 is not a good compromise does not mean that it is not a good choice.

The Rockrider ST 120: an entry-level mountain bike

You should definitely keep in mind that this is an entry-level bike. It is not the best in its category but it meets the needs of an off-road use. The ST 120 Rockrider is a product accessible to all budgets and this is its great quality.

Moreover, it has several slots allowing the customization of it (additional accessories). This is a big plus for the user who wants to take with him all the necessary equipment for the practice.

The electric trend is on the rise

If we are not clear-cut, it is primarily because the world of electric mobility is growing. We can see this in the cities. Indeed, electric bicycles are totally flooding the urban environment. They blend in perfectly with traffic, while avoiding traffic jams and the constraints of conventional transport (pollution, public transport pass for example).

This trend is also visible among manufacturers and retailers of bicycles such as Decathlon for example. It is true that the latter markets a large number of electrically assisted bicycle to meet this growing demand. This is why, today, we find electric models in each range of the tricolored brand.

Opting for a bicycle of this type has a number of advantages. The practice is lengthened, the fatigue of the user is less important and especially the state, the regions and certain communes provide a help for any purchase of a means of locomotion of this type.

Purchase subsidies for electric bikes

Thus, some states wish to encourage this craze by offering French people aid to acquire this type of means of locomotion. At first, it was about providing a bonus to buy an electric car, today the range has been opened to electrically assisted bicycles.

These aids have made it possible to increase awareness among households on important issues such as environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas production (and therefore pollution).

As far as the process is concerned, it is rather simple since each French person can apply for a grant directly online or at his or her town hall. For any request, an opinion will be given, whether it is favorable or unfavorable.

The latter will depend on the respect of a certain number of criteria that you will have to take into account even before acquiring a new means of locomotion of this type. You will need to know if you are eligible for government, regional and municipal aid.

The subsidy received is not negligible. It is important to make some inquiries before searching for the bike of your dreams. The amount of aid can surprise you and help you finance a product that you might think is out of reach.

Let’s take the example of certain bonuses that can reach 500 euros as in Paris. As explained before, this help is not negligible considering the price of an electric bike. The Decathlon group markets many references of electric mountain bikes from entry-level to high-end.

In our opinion, the electric version of the Rockrider is a much better compromise, especially if you combine the various purchase subsidies.

Presentation of the electric Rockrider

As explained earlier, by now you know that electrically assisted Rockrider bikes are nothing more or less than classic Rockrider mountain bikes with electric assistance. However, in reality, things are not that simple. Indeed, the implementation of an electric assistance requires a certain expertise.

However, the Decathlon group wants to reassure by keeping the look and design of the classic Rockrider mountain bikes. Thus, the materials used for the classic and electric bikes are of the same quality. The only thing that changes is the electrical input from a battery and a motor.

It should be remembered that the Rockrider is above all a mountain bike for the general public. It also knows how to adapt to a more professional audience thanks to more high-end versions.

A very good quality finish

The performance of an electric bike is visible at a glance. That’s why, if at first you’re not convinced, you can see for yourself during practice or a test ride. The product is elegant and stylish and the quality is always there. The one that particularly caught our attention is the Rockrider e-st 500, which is a beautiful and successful product.

It was born from a nice mix of several models. Elegant and robust, the engineers have made it a must-have on the off-road. In addition, the company’s engineers have succeeded brilliantly in integrating the battery into the frame of this model. This makes the whole thing much more fluid and aesthetic.

Intelligent assistants

As mentioned earlier, electric assist has a number of advantages. But one of the most important is the torque sensor. This type of assistance allows the means of locomotion to adapt the force of its assistance according to the force exerted by the user.

In other words, the greater the force exerted by the user, the greater the electrical assistance provided. The sensor measures the user’s force in order to adjust the electric assistance according to it.

An important autonomy

There are several things to consider when choosing one model over another. But one of the main ones not to be neglected is of course the autonomy of your travelling companion. Indeed, an electric bike is heavier than a classic bike.

It is therefore necessary to be able to carry out rides and excursions without worrying about the consequences of a weight to be carried in case of a breakdown. Decathlon is not a bad example, on the contrary. It offers its customers an autonomy of up to 100 km on certain models.

This information must be considered at its true value, especially since the autonomy tests are carried out under optimal conditions. This means that external elements and criteria can vary the autonomy.

We can mention in particular the weight of the user, the weather conditions, the type of terrain faced and many other elements. Nevertheless, we can tell you that with an electric Rockrider you will be able to ride longer than with a traditional mountain bike.

Rockrider ST 120 : Conclusion

The Rockrider ST 120 mountain bike is an entry-level road companion for the beginner off-roader. It is a product within the reach of all budgets. It is relatively light, elegant and robust. The aluminum used for the realization of its frame comes to reinforce lightness and this robustness. It is a comfortable companion on the road.

You will be able to add comfort elements and accessories for an optimal practice. However, despite these great qualities, we believe that the Rockrider electric bikes are a better compromise and therefore a better investment. They will make you benefit from an electric assistance delivered thanks to a torque sensor.

In order to make the right purchase, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on electric and traditional bikes


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